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File 133527235306.png - (6.49KB , 450x400 , lets talk.png )
51674 No. 51674 ID: 78c391

the people in my stream suggested I should do this :I
I don't, really like this idea but whatever.
No. 51675 ID: ed57e8

No. 51676 ID: 78c391

I do a Join.Me Everyday. drawing requests or art trades and the extremely rare commissions. but lately decided to try out doing this Questing thing. Idk.
No. 51677 ID: 99c568

you remind me of myself when I was in fourth grade. those were happy times. I hope you're happy.
No. 51678 ID: bdb3f8

are the umbrellas important?
No. 51679 ID: f2c010

How'd you come across tgchan?
No. 51680 ID: 78c391

I just wanted to make my name Stand out, eh.


I saw this place a really long time ago after... of course I saw Weaver's stuff, But I felt nervous and did a Quest somewhere else to practice. I have a track record for being weird about image boards.
No. 51681 ID: ed57e8

give us your other quest. we have a person who made a quest somewhere else too. slinkoboy.
No. 51682 ID: 78c391


Im not sure about showing you this. But ohwell.
No. 51689 ID: bccf7b


Oh lawdy, is d'at sum art, or is d'at sum art!

... I'm reading this, now. BRB.
No. 51699 ID: eba9b6

Do you have an FA or deviantart gallery?
No. 51710 ID: 78c391

My FA name is Tesusu
My dA name is Indigoblooded
No. 51711 ID: b9e291

I like platformasaur. And I love the umbrellas! You seem to change the plot dramatically when anxious about it, so instead don't worry and let things flow. If you don't know what to do next, just do what the characters would do!
No. 51712 ID: 7c31d2

How do you type the umbrellas?
No. 51713 ID: 78c391

Everthing is fine, no need for me to panic, I always carry my umbrellas.
No. 51729 ID: b85f8c

I think the quest is extremely silly and entertaining but I didn't see much weight put on suggestions. Were you initially planning to make us plot out paths? I noticed there was a post where you said "use your tablet" but nobody responded with an image or anything.
No. 51735 ID: 78c391

Yes you can plot paths, it's a game, if mistakes happen don't worry.
but sometimes maybe I like to do things that is the opposite of the suggestion. because I'm mean and silly like that.
Grey lines are normal and red lines are attack directions
No. 51927 ID: 78c391

I decided to put this thing on fast forward because fuck doing 4 threads of this
No. 51933 ID: b9e291

╔══════════════════════════════════════════╗ ║ In GTK (Firefox) you ought to be able to ║ ║ press Ctrl+Shift+u and then the numerals ║ ║ "2602". 0x2602 is the Unicode code point ║ ║ for "UMBRELLA (rainy weather)"           ║ ╚══════════════════════════════════════════╝  ╱╲ ╱╲╱╲ I use the GTK program "gucharmap" to explore the Unicode character table.
No. 51981 ID: 78c391

jefus, it's like that last guy knew exactly want I wanted to do.
No. 52083 ID: fa9f7e


Is porn tiems?
No. 52084 ID: 78c391

I dear god hope so
No. 52103 ID: 78c391

Haha I just read anon44 SUPER JUMP GUY QUEST accidently just now.
No. 52104 ID: b9e291


how do you accidentally read a quest
No. 52113 ID: 210977


he made something other than june quest??
No. 52119 ID: 78c391

just minding my business oh no what are these words going into my mind oh gosh oh golly im seeing all these pictures oh no this is recognizable what am i reading words stop going into my brain and making sentences oh boy im enjoying this though gosh i have a word boner maybe i should continue reading this looks fun i orgasmed paragraphs.
No. 52141 ID: 210977


sounds like someone is off his/her medications.
No. 52170 ID: b9e291


That happened to me like three times last week.
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