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File 133310504290.png - (105.64KB , 800x600 , I CAN SEE FOREVER.png )
50784 No. 50784 ID: 4abc95

Hey guys, I'm that guy that does Minion Quest. Got any questions? Feedback? A combination of the two? Neither? Something entirely different, but relevant to Minion Quest? This is the thread for that. Right here.

I really hope you all are enjoying it so far.
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No. 50785 ID: 0a166b

I like your quest
No. 50812 ID: 27d278

Nope, you're doing a better job than me, people are actually hooked... I'm hooked.
No. 50813 ID: 27d278

And by that "Nope" mean, I'm enjoying the quest...
No. 50825 ID: a1e324

this quest is great
No. 50827 ID: 54103e

best quest.

Between Oblitus, this, and Lago's quests, the board is wonderful again~!
No. 50856 ID: 4abc95
File 133329073116.png - (4.99KB , 356x331 , Chillin\'.png )


Thanks bro, I really appreciate that.


Haha, wow really? Damn, thanks bro! The advice at the top of the page really helped out a lot. I advise reading it highly.


Woah, man. All this praise. I sure hope this doesn't go to my head! I don't even know what to do with it, so I went and made this little doodle. Have some Grunt and Minnie in a chest. They're playing "Let's pretend this container is a submarine and make silly noises".
No. 50857 ID: 365adf

Grunt: I like your scarf.
No. 50859 ID: 4abc95
File 133329455009.png - (5.52KB , 392x265 , Needs a wash.png )


I like it too. I'm glad we agree.

A little girl put it on me about six and a half years ago and I never really thought to take it off. To be honest, it's kinda grown on me. Wouldn't know what to do without it, really. Kinda feel like something was missing, ya' know?

It still needs a wash, though. Look at this thing. Nasty.
No. 50860 ID: b85f8c

Nah, it's cool. We just need to get more colors for it. Maybe some toxic slime for green.
No. 50878 ID: 8ffedb

Grunt's faces are priceless.
No. 50885 ID: b84f3f

is there a genitals upgrade?
No. 50887 ID: 4abc95


Haha, nope!
No. 50894 ID: ed57e8

none... offcially. :3c
No. 50899 ID: b84f3f

I just wish our disck wasn't so floppy

I couldn't resist sorry
No. 51427 ID: 4abc95

Hey guys, I'm back. Got my shit ruined, but I'm back in action. Lots of IRL shit, blah blah, real life, blah blah. We're good now.
No. 51428 ID: a43a6c

Glad you're back!
No. 51449 ID: 27d278

No. 51536 ID: 4abc95

Wow, that took me forever to draw!

I just wish I were a bit more consistent with Grunt's size and arms. Sorry guys, I'll make more of an effort in future attempts!

Actually, I haven't really got a height chart down. I think I'll do that sometime soon, because I know for a fact, Grunt isn't that bloody huge.

I hope you look past my errors and enjoy the comic, regardless of glaring faults and inconsistencies in updates and character size.

And thanks for welcoming me back! I appreciate that a ton!
No. 51576 ID: 5ff573

Enjoying the quest a lot. I sincerely hope Sergeant Grenado survives long enough to get another promotion.
No. 54999 ID: 4abc95
File 133750689646.png - (19.92KB , 789x556 , UNUSED STUFF.png )

Hey guys, thought you all might want to know that I've been very busy trying to move back to the other side of the earth. It's quite an exhausting expedition, and I've so many things to do before I make my departure! I'll try and squeeze in a few updates when I can, but I'm doing a lot of running around and not knowing really what the ever-loving fuck I'm accomplishing lately, which is all really, really dumb.

Also Dark Souls and XCom eat up a lot of my freetime (granted, a lot less now) because I'm retarded and can't manage time. As an apology for my shitty work ethic, I offer you quest updates (which will be along shortly) and some junk I decided not to use(???) in Minion Quest, explained a bit.

The Water Construct was originally supposed to be a familiar to the cleric (due to some weird story stuff that may make sense later if I ever get the chance to explain) and dickbutt around with the currently unknown healer, but I decided that it looked fucking retarded and made another, fairly smaller one.

Armed Grenades worked something like sticky grenades in halo. You toss it at something, it grabs on for dear life until it's life comes to an end.

The Necrojester was supposed to be a thing in The Spare Parts room, but I decided that the design was really dumb and since have done absolutely nothing to recreate it. The primary purpose of The Necrojester is to be very, very distracting to the point of the protagonist's frustration.

Pelvis Thrauscht. I misspelled his name in the image, whoops. I really wanted to name him "Elvis Goatee Flyingbutts", but that would have been immensely dumb. In fact, the character was immensely dumb and probably not very fun to interact with at all, so he got the axe in the most literal of senses.

Grunt Design. Ah, yes I originally wanted to make Grunt into a no nonsense eyebrow heavy homicidal maniac of a robutt, but then I kinda flubbed up and made his eyes really big instead. I axed it 'cuz it looks far too animoo/mango for my taste and also probably would have been a less enjoyable character as a whole.
No. 55009 ID: d1e9bf

So what I'm getting here is that originally the Cleric was going to be the PC and Grunt was going to be an NPC. Is this right?
No. 55040 ID: 4abc95
File 133757493065.png - (19.93KB , 800x600 , THICK LINES.png )


Thank you very much, Yellow! Sorry for the slowdown. I've been very busy! Don't worry though, I'm nearly always writing for it. I'm still waiting for that to pay off, aha!


Grunt was originally a midboss before I decided that it would be dumb and stupid and scrapped it entirely. You see, there are many different ways to tell this story, depending on the eyes of the body experiencing it.

Or uh, monitor, as this case may be.

I wrote a lot for the story and characters of Minion Quest. So much so, that I could tell the entire story through any of the NPCs, though their telling would be significantly more distorted than through the eyes (I mean monitor) of Grunt, and they probably wouldn't play along nearly as nicely. I grew to like Grunt after a while, and before I knew it, bam! The roles reversed. Don't worry though, you have the option not to hurt her (and better yet, a chance or two to recruit her!), should you so chose.

Though, every mage (full, complete, learned mage) has a familiar that relates to them in their field of magic, due to the world's (aha, this sounds like such a cop-out, but it's gonna sound better explained in the story itself later down the road, as opposed to right here) strange, magical properties. That one armed mage? Has a personal construct. The Necromancer? Many, maaaany summons, but only one construct. They're linked, so if the mage's mortal coil is cut, the construct will still exist, but there's a high chance it will go batshit insane. If the construct expires, the mage loses their ability to use magic. Usually forever.

Ah, but that's probably WAY more than you asked for! Here, have this picture of that red guy that didn't make it in the comic. Maybe Grunt said something funny? He's not very good at one-liners, I bet he goofed up!
No. 56142 ID: 80f13e

Whelp, the worst has happened, which is I'm sort of kinda homeless (living at a buddy's house, his internet doesn't work with my dinoputer) and I lack my credentials due to outlying forces, so I am having a bit of trouble getting a job. If that's the worst of it, I think I'm doing pretty good, because at least I'm in America again.

The bad part about that is, I'm homeless. No internet = No updates. I can try and get /something/ going, but I really think I'd rather be searching for a job than updating my quest.

So, it's on hiatus, but only as long as it takes for me to get a job again and a roof over my head/fancy internet tubes.

With love,
No. 56144 ID: 8d0fee

I love your quest and wish you luck in not becoming a murder hobo.
No. 56146 ID: 9ae051

hope you find a job and a home soon
No. 56147 ID: fa9f7e


Best of luck. Hoping you get a job and house soon.

Wish I could say something more meaningful somehow, but.
No. 56196 ID: 6bc7e6

Thank you. I think I'll be fine in the mental health department, but I must confess that the title "Murder Hobo" sounds... No, it probably wouldn't be a good name for a band. Darn.
Thank you, I am glad that you find enjoyment in my weird little story about weird little robutts.
I appreciate the fact that you took the time to type anything at all. Thank you.

Fear not, during my hiatus, I will continue to work on Minion Quest, both artistically (visually needs work (Hooray, Loomis)) and literately (since I am not always the most clear (rather inconvenient for me, making my own job more difficult)) to hopefully improve the quest overall.

At least, I sure hope I do.
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