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No. 5069 ID: de913c

Greetings. My name is Lucien. I am an Artificial Construct. I am here to answer any questions you might have concerning systems and data about the current situation.

I have taken control of this terminal in order to provide a more complete picture of what is recorded. I also now have access to the Union Standardized Network, which surprisingly has a plethora of data to work from.

Please input query:

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No. 5070 ID: de913c

Oh, and before I forget myself, allow me to also introduce the aspect of how to influence the events in Among the Stars!

There are a few ways you may do this. One is, of course, offering an idea, an action, an emotion, or anything else that may come to your mind. But there are other ways, too! The Protagonist is receptive to numerous stimuli, including images, flash animations, .gif animations, and even music! Anything you may offer will affect the story in one way or another.

You may also directly converse with me! I may not know exactly how yet, but I'm sure I can open up a channel and talk the protagonist somehow!

But now I'm just blathering. Please, ask any question you'd like.

No. 5559 ID: 836378

As a note:

I would like to state that I have failed to mention one more thing. Due to the nature of... biological needs beyond my control, I won't be able to update as per a standard quest schedule.

Instead, I will update once every night, Usually from 8PM to 2AM EST. If the post is made earlier, and I have sufficient data to work with from the subroutines, then I will be inclined to consider and possibly executing two posts (Or more) depending on the situation. Right now, consider the quest to be like something out of a 1930's era radio show, with bits and pieces shown a little at a time.

Note that Plot critical posts (Such as the Introduction of myself and the introduction of an As yet to be named program) will not be included in this, as they are what you would call a "Cutscene"

Oh, and for those who are a little confused as to what is happening in Among the Stars? Don't worry. In the coming updates, I will catalog critical points in this discussion thread for those who are confused. I haven't really had an opportunity in the story to get the protagonist to sit down and question anyone as of yet, so this will hopefully answer a few questions.

And remember! Any questions may be asked here about species, ships, and any other knowledge, feel free to ask me about here! I will answer them when I get back to the computer.

In the mean time, thank you!
No. 5965 ID: 836378

Daruis' log. Entry 312.

I hate this fucking ship. The Rahdei are beginning to get on my nerves with their constantly positive attitude. Not to mention that the fuzzies underneath of them have been working double shifts to keep the god damn piece of shit they call a ship together. I suppose I shouldn't complain. This is a rather unusual request for Geheru, and I think she's looking forward to the challenge. Sick, twisted creatures, these Rahdei. And our only god damn allies besides the Plate Bears. Not that they're much help, though.

I had to talk with Geheru again today. She's an alright sort. Loves to fight, proud of her daughter and her son for being with her on the ship, beats the ever loving fuck out of this one bird like thing that gets underfoot sometimes. Nothing I can really do to stop it. Our conversation was odd. Seems she wanted me to talk about why I was this far from home. Another Galaxy and a half away. Probably more. The Old Gates were never really accurate when it came to such things as “Distance” and “Realistic Proportions.”

“I've told you a thousand times,” I'd said, “That the reason we're out here is because there have been reports from the PB's that there are humans being raised or captured out here. I don't exactly know what it means, but it could be that the Union's raisin' 'em Void Born. We could catch 'em, and bring 'em in under their own laws.” I had laughed then, “Or we could try and start takin' 'em back to Vaars or one of her Colonies.”

“And you think that these humans will be any different than the last? Your track record for finding ones with sentience has not been great.” She was sipping some kind of tea. Narcotic, judging from her eyes. Then again, they had a different reaction to it than us. Maybe it was a sedative. “Hey, those were still humans. They were just still at a Stone Age Level.”

“Oh yes, it was quite nice being worshipped as a goddess, there,” she shot quickly, placing the cup down. “I rather enjoyed the mass of trinkets and spindly legs they offered. Frankly, I'm starting to wonder if Vaars isn't just desperate to seek other sentient humans!”

“You're just mad because you got your asses handed to you and our Battlecruiser rescued your General. Now shut up and drink your tea.” I added 'you worthless drug addict.' under my breath.

I wandered the halls a while, bumping into Gheru's daughter Forva again. I ignored the fact that her head spun back to try and meet my gaze in apology, but I knew her game. I left her there while I made my way back to my room. I'll make a full report after my shower, but even that may get interrupted. The damn girl is knocking on my door again. What the fuck is it going to take to show that I'm not interested?

No. 6806 ID: 146b47
File 12596110608.jpg - (213.51KB , 970x835 , Blue Moon Video Feed 023-005.jpg )

>Establishing Connection with Blue Moon. Standby

>Connection established.

>Establishing connection to Eldgene Ego Matrix.

>Connection established.

>W.S. Intel Reflections

Hello again. I'm sure you have a lot of questions about my mission on the Green Moon. I will detail my works as best I can. I'm afraid we don't have much time left.

I've been growing more and more concerned about the recent influx of Other ships approaching the Green Moon. Satellite and Blue Moon Monitoring Stations have picked up several small craft leaving the world. I'm afraid that they're taking them away.

Where, I do not know. All I know is that I should probably hasten my search for the one to unify this world.
No. 6807 ID: 146b47
File 125961112611.jpg - (9.13KB , 235x288 , Holy Imagery.jpg )

>W.S. Intel Archive: Previous attempts

The first attempt was a complete disaster. As per the Eldgene's orders, I was sent in a small corvette sized pod, to be discovered by their descendants at a later date. Internal clocks had me in standby mode for several thousand years until a hermit found me. He spoke of Gods in the Mountains, flashing lights, and Angels in the sky. I had not yet established a connection with Blue Moon Database 1, so I relied on several smaller routines. I attempted to convince him that the world would unite through his words and actions. I used several images of 'Godly wrath' to inspire the man.
No. 6808 ID: 146b47
File 125961115582.jpg - (59.88KB , 747x500 , Devastation of several Tribal areas.jpg )

I watched as he burned half the continent.
No. 6809 ID: 146b47
File 125961117938.jpg - (72.95KB , 500x375 , MARC firing-Salvo 1.jpg )

I was forced to use one of Blue Moons Magnetically Assisted Rail Cannons in order to put a stop to his rampage.
No. 6810 ID: 146b47
File 125961121725.jpg - (72.52KB , 321x409 , Thomas Relief.jpg )

The second attempt met with much more success. I was discovered by a wandering knight. He gave me a name this time instead of pleading to be no one. Thomas. His understanding of what he must do was complete and unwavering. He possessed a metal blade, and I asked if I might coat the blade with a special solvent. I did not tell him that I would be giving myself a way to watch him. I was able to successfully bond a limited number of Nanodevices to the blade itself – Replicators, Monitors, Repair Drones, Stun Voltage among others. His campaign showed greater progress, and a further push into the surrounding regions. However, it seems he lacked a critical trait needed to unify this world.
No. 6811 ID: 146b47
File 125961125963.jpg - (213.05KB , 400x400 , Weapon of the Assassin.jpg )

He was far too noble. He did not use every available asset in order to achieve victory. It cost him his life, and the world fell to pieces once more. His squire returned the blade to a resting place in the pod. He struck it in an 'alter' that had been erected near the main controls.
No. 6812 ID: 146b47
File 125961130454.jpg - (39.00KB , 322x310 , Early Recordings.jpg )

Two failures, and little has changed in how the world works. These descendents are flawed by design, but they are easily led to reasoning.

The problem is finding the proper guidance. A 'messiah', that not only is a capable military leader, but one who can manage to grip the people with his voice and actions.
No. 6813 ID: 146b47
File 12596113338.jpg - (20.57KB , 250x252 , Etrian Heartlands L120W224.jpg )

Recently, I have detected that there have been several groups of descendants nearby. I have sent a special pulse that will alert those who possess the Eldgene genetic structure. I am willing to bet that the gene has now spread throughout the entire contigency of descendents throughout the continent. Perhaps the world. Never the less, my goal remains the same. Unite them under any means nessacary.
No. 6814 ID: 146b47
File 125961139955.gif - (31.27KB , 400x350 , Relic Weaponry.gif )

I am prepared for war.
No. 6870 ID: 1831fc
File 125964467274.jpg - (494.59KB , 1076x700 , Argannis.jpg )

Establishing connection to Azelhaedra satellite network.

Please stand by.
No. 7413 ID: 1831fc


There have been increasing rumors amongst the fighter pilots that their ships are haunted. They don't seem too terribly worried about it, though. In fact, they rather like the idea. I asked one of the rookies what he thought, and he commented that he saw the damned thing. He let me have his testimony on this recording:

"Yeah, it was really scary going out for the first time, you know? I've been trained and run through the sims about a hundred times, but you still get the shakes. Even the takeoff was a hassle this time around. I thought I'd be dead by the time I cleared the dock. The minute I took off, the damn sky was alight with every kind of projectile you can think of and then some. I dove and weaved and nearly got my wings clipped half a dozen times in the span of a second before one of the vet pilots started to pull them off of me. One of them told me to get it together and try and loop around for a pass at one of the fighters. I slammed the damn thing into full tilt and booked while I tried to gather my senses, you know? I dunno why, but I suddenly looked left, and there through the lasers was a ship I'd never seen before. It looked like something straight out of an archeologist's text book - the thing was this tiny little craft of blue and silver, with a big red and black target on it's hull. I could actually see the pilot inside, wearing the most ridiculous get up. And then he turned to me, and the comm chatter cleared as the man started to talk to me. 'Alright Joe, we're going to do this nice and easy like. Just follow my lead and I'll see ya get through this.' So I followed him. I dunno why, but something in his voice just made me lose all the nerves that had been causing me to shake and want to puke. I followed his tiny little craft, which nimbly turned and flew right back into the fight. I saw ghostly cannons open up, peppering enemy fighters with uncanny accuracy as I flew on his tail, joining my firepower with his. I know I got two registered kills that day, and our little manuevering broke up half a dozen fighters and we picked them off easily. The minute I got into drydock I ran to my flight officer and told him what happened. He just smiled and clapped me on the shoulder before he said, 'Well son, sounds like you had a Blazing Angel looking over you for that fight. Make sure you leave a shot a whiskey by your bird before you turn in to thank 'im.'"

The pilot continues with how he came back the next morning to find the shotglass and the bottle of whiskey completely empty. Who knows? Perhaps there is a Blazing Angel who guides the younger pilots into the battle...

Another pilot has claimed that the Angel saved his life. While on a recon mission, this pilot was hit by a raiding squadron. He narrowly missed the first volley of fire, but the second damaged his wing, forcing him to weave towards the cover of the dust clouds. The young man figured he was done for, and began to pray for a quick and painless end. He knew that he'd not survive the second pass, and the small craft shuddered as he tried to pass into the cloud. It was there, in that small cloud, that a fireball erupted from within, and a small, silver, slender craft swiftly set upon the pursuers, wings blazing fire and brimstone into their formation. The pilot claimed he heard a whoop of joy on the comm channel, though it sounded a bit grainy. The distraction - and the subsequent loss of two in their raiding party, gave the pilot an oppurtunity to fly his damaged class back to the carrier.

Here is his account: "It was nothing out of the ordinary. There and back, lightest load I could carry save fuel and the wieght of the thing. I would rely on speed and speed alone. I had actually just come out of that dust cloud when the raiding party smacked right into me. I hadn't even been given a service pistol to fight them if they had taken my craft! Damn cheap bastards... Anyway, the bastards just opened up as soon as I turned. I felt the entire ship shudder as she took one on the wing. That was going to make getting away a hell of a lot harder, that was for sure. I figured I was dead at that point. Started saying my prayers out one side of my mouth while signalling my old fashioned S.o.S.. I'd started to turn and burn into the cloud when it just blew up! Well, part of it did. The thing just flowered and out comes this silver devil, just firing and spinning and wheeling towards the bandits. I heard my comm crackle to life, and there was this great cry of joy sounding clear before the thing started breaking up. I think he said "Whoo hoo hoo! We'll watch your back Joe! Go on, gitcher self back to the carrier!" I didn't need to told twice. I watched my sensors as - stunningly - the silver devil took down two of the bastards and scattered 'em.

Still other reports don't even come from the pilots. Several ground troops have reported a silver apparition strafing a column that had attacked them or showed the position of a sniper. This Arcturian Regular gave his interpretation:

"Hell of a time in the desert. Supply chain was shitty, the chance to bathe was non-existant. Hell, when they finally did show up, we were welcoming the fact that we might die. It was a hellhole of a world, and the enemy looked liked it was straight from one of the many hells back on earth. Big horns, jaws with razor sharp teeth - We opened up on 'em with everything we had set up, and we were still dragging other things into position. Our air support wouldn't be ready for twenty minutes (Damn crews didn't fuel the birds, not expecting an attack at least for the next five weeks.) Well, I grab a few of my buds and we take cover in a nest we'd dug out and grabbed two of the ammo crates in with us. One of my buddies' comm started acting funny - Think it was Daryls - and we thought it might have been the fact that we thought the fuckers were using EMP charges. I didn't hear a word out of the damn thing, but he just sort of looked up puzzled, looking to the new guy, Joe. Apperantly, Daryl says, Joe's got an angel above. Now the rest of us are laughing and firin' and laughin' and prayin'. Then Vince sticks his head out to look for a target - I swear I thought his head had popped when I heard him scream - But it wasn't so. Instead, he was whooping for joy, scrambling out of the nest and firing his rifle as he went. *Subject takes a sip of water before continuing* Seems Joe did have a guardian up there. Silver and blue streaked across the sky as these tiny little atmospheric craft strafed the hell out of the advancing line, giving time for the bigger guns to set up and our actual air support to get off the ground. I never saw anything like it, sir. The way they moved, the slow turns and the hum or what sounded like rotary blades... And the crack of that gunfire! I'd gotten to the top of a dune when I saw a few of the aliens hit with 'em - Tore 'em open and made paste of one of them who was the most unlucky s.o.b. I think I ever had the displeasure of watching die. And the odd thing? There were four of 'em up there. Least ways, I counted four. Now, whether they were a secret weapon or something spiritual, I can't tell you. What I can tell you is that they were the reason we now own that Sandy hell. Those things are the reason I'm alive, I think. And I'm honestly glad for it."
No. 7415 ID: 1831fc
File 126048707368.jpg - (52.23KB , 640x423 , Skyfire - An Angel sows death.jpg )


>Retrieving picture...
No. 10869 ID: 575aa9

This is a post to notify those who have gained interest in Among the Stars. Due to unforseen events, the quest was put on a temporary Hiatus. The Author was subjected to various sorts of mental trauma (Skiing (p), Family(p/n), Holidays(p/n), Construction on room(p/NO SLEEP), Death in the family(n)), but rest assured, there will be more of this quest.

Please look for it in the immediate future to update. Thank you for showing interest. I hope to continue it as long as possible.
No. 10941 ID: c32d51

Fuck Year!

Can't wait to see what's next.
No. 12059 ID: 0abb50

Apologies for the continued delay. Sickness has lead to downtime. Expect a double update within the near future.
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