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File 124954385622.png - (160.50KB , 1000x1000 , 1249529426651.png )
460 No. 460 ID: 6faa8c

Good art? Strong dramatic sense? Heady story lines? Internal consistency? Strong characterization?

Or just pic related?
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No. 463 ID: 227d44

No. 465 ID: 4b96a7

The audience/players.
No. 466 ID: 099247

No. 467 ID: 1afd58

Everything about a quest can make it popular, or ruin it.

If the art is absolutely awful, people will have a hard time imagining the characters as real, and the quest suffers.

If the writing is absolutely awful, the quest's story isn't fun, and no one will enjoy it.

If the game world makes no sense and isn't consistent, no one will know the results of any action and no one will have fun.

If the characters are flat and boring, no one will care about them, and the quest suffers.

You can't really neglect any part of it if you are aiming for something with the popularity of RubyQuest or MudyQuest or whatever.

That said, you can have partially crap art and mediocre writing with fairly boring characters and people will still play for lack of anything better to do.

I will anyway.
No. 469 ID: 227d44

Well, I try to entertain people as well as have fun drawing and creating a plot. I try to(or cannot help but) keep my drawings simple so I can update at a decent speed; however, I like slow paced quests. Then again, I'm the one who should be asking for advice, not giving any out...
No. 475 ID: 2abfb1

I would say interesting characters, above all else. Of all the quests so far, what does everyone always focus on? The characters, and particularly how they relate to each other.
No. 896 ID: 119488

I like that picture
No. 898 ID: 9e9b47

Part of what makes a good quest are people that aren't jackasses. Some people don't want to tell the character what to do, they want to argue and get the characters to do stupid shit.

Besides the PCs, I'd say at least halfway decent art and an engaging story.
No. 915 ID: 6c1d5f

No. 919 ID: 9a71e2
File 12498403126.jpg - (92.89KB , 450x666 , jiglob.jpg )

You aren't... a Nazi, are you?
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