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File 131542493057.png - (7.66KB , 400x300 , cast1.png )
42537 No. 42537 ID: a8bba1

Well, let's try.
I mostly put off starting a dis thread due to now wanting to start one too soon after I started, but it seems that it's needed.
Any questions, any at all, lemme know.
Or, y'know, just discuss!
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No. 42623 ID: 1854db

No. 42639 ID: cfa804

Here's a question... What races are common in the world setting and can we get some good detailed info on any nonstandard/unique ones?
No. 42942 ID: a8bba1
File 131607324734.png - (17.17KB , 400x400 , magic.png )

Gah, sorry, I need to get this rolling too.


This is a question that is both simple, and complex.
Let's start with the types of people that use magic, and we'll go from there.

Magic comes in two primary types.

One is the type that borrows from the strength of an outside source. Miracles.
This is generally the type you will see when someone harnesses divine magics that can harm beings not of this world, and heal and save those who are.

The other is personal strength. Aura.
This type of magic is limited only by the caster, and their drive to manipulate things outside of their physical self.

Magic users come in shapes and sizes.
Some wear heavy armors and use Miracles to bolster their effectiveness.
Others study the inner workings of Aura, slowly but surely honing their body and mind to the untapped power they possess.
Still more are able to harness their Aura naturally, using it to enhance their martial prowess, or using their raw power to decimate their foes.

All of these variations of users can also use their techniques to make items of varying degrees of power.
Even someone who does not bother with the finer points of magic will readily use these items to their advantage.

I'd like to elaborate, but it's a large topic. Were you wondering about something more specific?
No. 42945 ID: cfa804

Can it make my penis bigger?
No. 42958 ID: 63f62c


I would like to know this as well.
No. 42960 ID: a8bba1
File 131612468108.png - (9.55KB , 330x320 , SPLOOSH.png )

Can it? Yes. Should you? Probably not.
No. 42962 ID: a8bba1
File 131612542406.png - (16.67KB , 400x400 , Enhancement.png )

In all seriousness though, such a thing would be technically possible from the Enhancement method of magic.
While risky to perform, as you are usually directly changing your own body, it can lead to increased size, speed, stamina, as well as being able to resist damage and other neat things.
This type of magic is usually only done to a mage's own body, due to their familiarity with it, but this can be extended to long time friends and companions as well.
Remember though, mistakes and backfired magic from this method are not to be taken lightly!
No. 42963 ID: b6edd6

>Enhancement method of magic.
Thanks to you guys I will now giggle every time that shows up in the quest.

>Brutal flesh explosion
Can you intentionally use faulty enhancement magic on enemies to make their heads explode (or go for the effect in the picture if you are especially cruel)?
No. 42979 ID: a8bba1
File 131614849433.png - (10.50KB , 400x400 , Enhancement2.png )

>Can you intentionally use faulty enhancement magic on enemies to make their heads explode (or go for the effect in the picture if you are especially cruel)?

Yes, you could.

For an Aura user, it's merely a battle of wills. Your desire to manipulate something against the target's own sense of self.
Needless to say, this is hardly easy to do, unless the person has gone so far to have lost their will to live, or have no self-worth to begin with.

As for a mage that channels Miracles, they have another obstacle, the will of the source they channel their power from.
The source would have to be okay with their power being used to such ends.

I also think it goes without saying that such acts would be considered rather evil by many parties.

(I mean, making their wang explode? Jeez. Dick move.)
No. 42980 ID: 35e1a0

well what if it is a god of feminazis?
No. 42987 ID: cfa804

>Dick Move
I see what you did there.

Seriously though, what about races and species?
No. 42992 ID: 3e683b

calling it now: the Big Bad is totally gonna be a Complete Monster who uses miracles granted to him by a God of Evil. and he's going to leave us impotent.
No. 42999 ID: 35e1a0

just cast regenerate, can fix anything.
No. 43354 ID: a8bba1
File 131689628871.png - (19.46KB , 500x600 , usuran2.png )

>Here's a question... What races are common in the world setting and can we get some good detailed info on any nonstandard/unique ones?

Sorry this took so long. I finally got a drawing I can live with.

There are quite a few races in the world of Saibah.
You have some of your standard fantasy races that exist, with some slight variations.
Our Elves Are Different, and what have you.

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings are some of the more common races that make up the civilized world.
Other races recognized by the civil world include Goblins and Catfolk, as well as to a lesser extent, Kobolds and Usurans.

As for Usurans, there's not too much on the records about them.
They primarily live in small villages in grassland areas, a large amount of them living rather peaceful lives of farming, raising livestock, and primarily wanting to be left alone.
Many Usurans have a natural affinity to magic, however, few act upon this and realize the power they are capable of controlling.
Which is fine for them, as the basics is enough for their simple living.

I'm bad at going into great detail about this sort of thing without asking for specifics.
Anything particular you wanted to know?
No. 43356 ID: b6edd6

Are those claws on the end of her ear or just spiky hair?

With Miracles/Divine Magic, are there demons )(not counting regular gods who happen to be nasty) who grant evil (or maybe even non-evil) miracle-equivalents?
No. 43361 ID: b6edd6

Err, right. I forgot that demons appeared in the quest just today...

What kind of demons are the ones in this quest (if that is not a spoiler)?
Are they:
* Servants of one or more evil gods?
* A species (or group of species) that are always-chaotic-evil?
* A term referring to beings who are dimension travelers and also happen to be evil?
No. 45627 ID: 2d6d07

Do, uh, goatfolk, minotaurs, crabfolk, scorpionfolk, centaurs, sea-goats, and mermaids exist?
Did they? Especially centaurs.
No. 47352 ID: 453e62

so, this dead or you just taking a long break?
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