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No. 4186 ID: d910d3

Before I go around starting a quest, I figured it would be appropriate to ask the board for a few pointers, ideas, and constructive criticism. In the 'I would love to run...' thread, I had an idea of having the player wake up in the middle of a town square, realizing he'd just murdered a person of high importance (My original idea was a Pope or Archbishop, but seeing as the idea of tying religion into anything is inherently bad, I'll stick with something like an Archmage or a General.) The 'Sword of Virtue' quest and subsequent discussion have reminded me of an old idea I once had in my childhood. The idea of Elemental/Principle weapons, bearing the power of an element that can only be used when one has an unyielding faith in a certain principle. My childhood idea was a balancing of good and evil: Seven weapons per side. I realized this got a little crazy, and consolidated it down to twelve. I know I wrote them down somewhere, but since I can't seem to find them, I thought I'd come to you guys for some input.

The other thing I had been thinking about was, instead of having each weapon represent one principle, I thought I'd introduce a 'dual purpose', incorporating the idea of good and evil into each weapon. So, while I won't discuss the characters or much plot to start, I'd like to see what your thoughts on the 'Principle Weaponry'. I need to sit down and iron out which Elemental Principle fits which weapon, but that's more of a 'Let's wait and see' idea to me. Here we go:

?Void?: Renewal/Destruction

I have nine elements that I remember, and several principles which may or may not reflect a weapon. I'd love to have 12 weapons, but I may cut back to nine if I don't get any ideas started. Thanks to Durandal for the encouragement, and I hope we can finish this bit of lore before I work on the setting and, most importantly, the characters.

And, unfortunately, this would be a textual quest. My MSpaint skills are absolutely atrocious, and I wouldn't want to blind anyone.
No. 4199 ID: a83918

Can't offer you any criticism/advice 'cause I'm so tired, but you have my vote of confidence.
No. 4202 ID: 1bfd27

I find the idea of waking up having killed someone. It creates a situation where the character is both in danger and has a quest/mystery to solve. I'm not sure about waking up in a town square but it could work.

Here are some quick ideas I had about elements and paired morals. It'd be easier to brainstorm if you gave some sort of definitions for the terms used. What qualifies as an element? Do the morals have to be polar opposites or just both pertain to the element? That sort of stuff.

Earth: Steadiness/Inaction (or Sloth)
Ice: Preservation (or Perseverance)/Isolation

Electricity: Enthusiasm/Fear

Mind: Patience/Scheming
Body: Fortitude/Gluttony
Soul: Charity/Greed
No. 4207 ID: de913c


A lot of what I'm going for is loosely based. However, you are on the right track with a Principle being related to an element. Take light for example: Light is often seen as a guide. We follow the light at the end of a dark tunnel, we use it to see in the dark... The uses for guiding us are endless. However, we can become blinded by it. Think of it like staring too long at the sun. You'll see it's beauty just as your corneas start to fry.

Inaction and preservation are just the words I was looking for! For some reason I just couldn't think of them, probably because I was trying to focus on class. One of the big ones I'm concerned about is water. I chose change because of the ability for water to flow in any direction, to take any shape, and be as precise or as blunt as it needs to be. Perhaps there can be a dichotomy, where one is good change, and one is bad? Electricity was another I had thought of, but I could never pin down what sort of principle it would follow. I like the idea of implying it to be two things: There are those who are 'energized' and 'act like lightning'. Then there are those who are 'paralyzed by the storm' of 'terrified of lightning.' I think that'll be in there as well.

As for what qualifies as an element? We're up to ten now, with Electricity. While I do like the idea of basing weapons around the 'big three' spiritual aspects (Body, mind, and soul), I'm not sure how much they would reflect natural things. Mind or soul might have something to do with psions, or psychics or something, and maybe the body would focus on Ki or Chi.


Upon thinking about it, I find myself liking the idea of the Mind being an element. Patience and scheming would be an excellent dual Principle for it to work on.

So! From there, we have:

Light: Guidance/Ignorance

One more to balance things out to twelve, and we should be good. I'll go into a bit of story in the next post, as I fear this is a bit long.
No. 4209 ID: de913c

To respond to the idea of the infamously devilish thing, the plot!

The story is set in a capital city. I can't help but be inspired by several games and settings along the way, but suffice to say that this is the city of Vinci. The players take control of a Knight with no name, who wakes up, bloodied and well, coated in blood and shattered glass. Seems he's just taken a rather nasty fall out of a tower that housed a Great Figure (As stated, the original idea was going to be the Pope: I had hoped it would follow Cultist activity and route out corruption at home and in other lands, and eventually to the heart of the cult itself.). As of now, he is either an Archmage or a General. The cry of murder, excomunicae tratoris, and "The ____ is dead!" ring in your ears as several NPC (Apperantly your group) find and attempt to whisk you to safety. I don't wish to give out any further details just yet, as I hope it won't spoil the surprises that are in store.

So how do the Principle weapons tie into this?


I've honestly no idea yet. Perhaps the cult thing is still an option, and collecting these weapons is supposed to prevent a great catastrophe, or perhaps they are the keys needed for bringing about a turning point in some great war?

The Protaganist will not be sure. All he knows is that he must travel, and that he must find these weapons. It is all he remembers.

That's it so far. Let me know what you think.
No. 4211 ID: 1bfd27

Hmm... another element...

A lot of element systems have trees or grass in them. What about the element of:
Life: Joy/Suffering

Water: Adaptability/Weak-willed (or Easily Influenced)
No. 4212 ID: 1bfd27

Sounds like Indigo Prophecy set in fantasy world.

I can't really help you with the plot. That's something you gotta come up with yourself
No. 4213 ID: de913c


>Life: Joy/Suffering
>The Joy, The Sorrow

Last Element unlocked. I'll change Water as well.

My aim is to shy away from Indigo prophecies "Oh yeah, it was actually X." theory, and leave it more amorphous. Plotwise, I figure I'll be fine, since I'm basing it loosely around primary continents from the US, and will add a bit of my own twist to certain things.

Anyway, that will, at this rate, be for Sunday. For now, I'm actually rather tired, and will turn in. I leave this up for anyone else to berate/leave something constructive/hurl ideas out there. I just hope the board can handle two text quests.
No. 4221 ID: 8812a9

Hey, it sounds like an very interesting idea.

I had a similar idea about several principles (maybe I'll make it into a quest, too), but they were different in that there were no Good/Bad ones, and they were more tied into morality.

Anyway - maybe these elements would look better if banded into several groups (of 4, for example)? E.g., Fire-Water-Air-Earth, etc.

Also, isn't Darkness' "bad side" - Fear? Darkness has been a major source of fears for people since time immemorial.
Maybe make something like Chaos: Change/Deceit?

And btw, why is "Cunning" bad?
No. 4225 ID: de913c


There is a great quote that comes to mind, actually, that I took from Outward Bound. "To walk in darkness, to know darkness, then you can truly find peace." I was actually recently inspired by a night hike I did with a few friends. We turned our lights off and, under no moon and very little light pollution, walked in a pitch black for three miles. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I think I've ever had.

Grouping the weapons might work. Main elements (EAFW), Energy based (LDDyV), And then I just have to figure where the rest go (ElIMLi).

For the mind, I can't help but think of all the ways cunning was used 'in the name of good'. Scheming is likewise one of those 'it's a badguy things'. Cunning/Scheming are therefore placeholders until I can figure out a good descriptor to use for the opposite end of the spectrum. A patient mind often is clear of any thought that would hinder it from it's goal, so I would have to find something besides Impatience that might reflect a darker side of the mind. Being cunning or scheming fit this. I'm sure I'll think of something, and it's also the reason I put up this discussion.

As for Chaos? I'll think of something.
No. 4228 ID: 1f52f2

Oh, I think you got me wrong... I have nothing against Darkness' "good" side (Peace) (though I though it's because "night is dark, all is quiet, you sleep, hence: Peace"). I thought "Fear" could replace "Deceit" as Darkness' "bad" side. "Peace" and "Fear" seem to be somewhat opposites, too (if you consider "Peace" as a state of mind/soul, not "no war").

Grouping: maybe, if you add things like Order, Chaos, Death, Life - you know, the standard fantasy stuff - they could group up easily. Things like Ice... once, a long time ago, I was making a RPG magic system. It was based on the 4 elements (FWAE). And each "main" element had a "secondary" element as its opposite. The opposites were chosen as having the same basic qualities, but polar characteristics. So, Fire's opposite wasn't Water, it was Ice (cold against hot). Water's opposite was Poison (gives life / takes life). Air's opposite was Smog, iirc, and Earth's... hm. I forgot. Sand, maybe? Anyway. It's not a suggestion for your setting, it's just an example about different ways to manage such elemental groups.

Maybe give Mind "Deceit" as the "bad" side?

Chaos - well, that was only a suggestion, nothing more.
No. 4229 ID: c16b25

If you wanted to follow his suggestion, you could change Electricity to:
Electricity: Enthusiasm/Recklessness

Then the other changes work:
Darkness: Peace/Fear
Mind: Patience/Deceit
No. 4235 ID: 7e410e


That makes a bit more sense. To >>314028 , thanks for clearing this up. I misunderstood what you meant at first.

So, the order of things now is:


Earth: Steadiness/Inaction


Thus far, I figure there would be three forces controlling each weapon: Those of the Energies, and Those of the World. I may possibly split it further, but that's more of a 'we'll see' stance. Same with Chaos. Upon mentioning the idea of a Chaotic weapon, I've got just the thing in mind for the plot...

Another thing I'd like to open up is to what your ideas of what each weapon would be. I'd like to introduce one or two, but I'm curious to see what the masses would throw out there. Durandal, you've been such a help thus far, and I thank you for that, as well as the rest of the input I've recieved thus far. Everything's slowly coming together in my head, and I expect to pump out the start of a quest by no later than Sunday.
No. 4236 ID: 09d188

I'm glad I could help. I recently went through something similar to this with the Swords of Virtue, so I know what it's like... only I have over 70 Swords thus far. =P

Oh, and here's another possible grouping of elements I thought I'd offer up. I'm not really satisfied with those excess four elements being grouped together. They don't really fit.


Energy (instead of Electricity)


I'll think about the weapons themselves and post in a little bit. Gotta do some art first.
No. 4445 ID: de913c

Alright, I'm going to try and get this thing started in an hour or two. I hope people don't mind a text quest.
No. 4560 ID: de913c

I'm going to bump the quest with a small blurb of what's happening. Perhaps that'll draw some people into taking some risks.
No. 4664 ID: de913c

Oh yeah, and feel free to throw anything out there. Ideas, Criticism, "OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK" things, the usual.
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