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File 131205523908.png - (61.34KB , 500x500 , cirrquestdis.png )
40905 No. 40905 ID: 89de88

This is the general "say a thing at Cirr in relation to quests" thread now, so if you have any comments, criticisms, complaints or otherwise let me know here.

The World Is Mine: >>346287
Defective: >>326221

OLD THREAD: >>331563
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No. 125947 ID: b1b4f3

Man it worked don't complain.
>shouting distance
>digging is noisy
Not really?
>displace a lot of soil, camouflage
I think Calliope was in charge of that, and she is exceptionally talented at engineering.
>the pursuers were tracking
Yeah and the trail vanished suddenly, or they were pursuing by sight and this was the last spot they were seen at. Because of this, they spread out in a search pattern.

I don't think this quest leans far enough in that direction to expect everything to go wrong.
No. 125948 ID: 575ec0

I thought it bizarre myself. I was expecting an encounter with zealots.

It bothers me that he people hunting these two seem to only half-heartedly pursuing them, while also appearing to be religious wackjobs. Doesn't really fit.

Of course, perhaps we were spotted and these two were allowed to escape and corralled to us. Maybe sacrificing people to ichor creatures is a thing. Maybe they wanted to see whether we were friendly or vicious, and just so happened to have two heathens on hand.

Or maybe Cirr just wants to do some story instead of jumping into another fight immediately. Who knows.
No. 125950 ID: 7f3357

Enough people made it clear that they wanted to avoid conflict that I took the statted up conflict I had and threw it away, lest I be accused of railroading

jesus christ i literally can't win with you people
No. 125951 ID: ad51b8

I wouldn't have minded a fight, I just wanted to hide because we had two noncombatants with us and I don't know anything about what was chasing those 2. If it came to a fight I would have just shrugged and winged it.

I don't mind the outcome we got either way and look forward to see what happens next.
No. 125952 ID: 06fdc0

oh no, i hope my post in the disc thread here didn't stress you out, Cirr!
No. 125954 ID: afdebc

I thought it was nice to have a plan go unexpectedly right. That's not usually the way things go!
No. 125956 ID: 575ec0

>Tries telling story
>Alters story to appease readers

That's a bad enough idea as it is (You literally can't win), but doesn't that also partially defeat the spirit of quest? Our actions are supposed to have consequences. If you go throwing those consequences out, doesn't that diminish the gravity of both our previous and all future decisions?

You presented us with a dark gritty fantasy and we went full hug-quest in classic tgchan style. That should throw us straight into hardmode.

I mean we just picked up a full-on Kill or be killed lunatic and basically told him FUCK THE POLICE OUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY NO MATTER WHAT. Which means now we don't have a choice but to help literally everyone, lest he gets it in his head that we are merely powerful people acting about our whims, causing him to stick to his worldview and either leave or murder us in our sleep.

We have decided to FIGHT AGAINST THE WORLD FUCKING ORDER. Zu doesn't exist in a vacuum, this world presumably shaped him, so logically this same world has shaped infinitely more monsters like him. If we get away with bullshit like this, that weakens both Zu's character and the world as a whole.

We went full retard, Cirr. Please, give us the chance to experience what that really means. It could make for a great story.

In the meantime, we can just chalk this last update to dumb luck and move on.
No. 125957 ID: afdebc

The story being altered by player choices is the entire point of collaborative storytelling.

It seems disingenuous in the extreme to criticize an author for adapting to his player's decision ("they're attempting to hide, so...") and then go on to say how he should have adapted to his player's decision ("they spared Zu so...").

There's not a lack of consequences- you just didn't get your preferred or expected consequences yet. That's not defeating the spirit of a quest as an interactive medium, that's just not getting what you wanted.
No. 125958 ID: 7efe6b

I know. I could easily see that you had planned for an interesting battle. But suggesters... look, they will always try to avoid conflict. This is standard for /quest/. You already know this.

You're the GM. The quest author. You set the rules, and you should enforce them when necessary. Write the quest the way you want to.

You want to keep suggesters happy, right? Let me give you a tip. The only thing suggesters want... is to be included. As long as you demonstrate that their suggestions were considered, that's more than enough to disprove any accusations of railroading. When a suggestion breaks logic, here's two options you can do:
A) Explain why their suggestion is illogical or why it might result in an extremely bad outcome. For instance, "The party considered hiding, but the pursuers were too close to be able to dig a hole in time."
B) Try to go with suggestion anyway, but have it fail for obvious reasons. For instance, "The party started digging a hole, but the pursuers caught them in action. Prepare to fight."

I think option B would usually be better. Unless there's missing information, in which case option A would be better together with presenting this missing information.
No. 125959 ID: 0d45a9

Sometimes the suggestor collective goes against you, if you want certain actions advocate for them in suggestions better, instead of complaining that you didn't get what you wanted. This is collaborative, remember.

The quest is still getting started. I highly recommend you wait, and wait to see the effects of our actions play out in full instead of blaming the author because the immediate effects weren't to your personal liking.

Our actions so far may have consequences further down the line, Zu may turn on us, the two bird we picked up may cause issues, etc, etc. Avoiding a fight now does not mean avoiding consequences altogether.
No. 125960 ID: 575ec0

>The story being altered by player choices is the entire point of collaborative storytelling.

You misunderstand.
Yes, that is the point of collaborative storytelling, In-quest. His decision was an external one though. The events that took place were based on our reactions as readers/players instead of the choices our characters made.

I'm not complaining that things didn't go my way. I think the collective made sub-optimal choices, but that's fine. Sub-optimal choices are Fun. They make for fantastic stories later.

The purpose of my post was to urge the author not to allow the heart of the story to be broken by the tyranny of the collective. I am all for being part of the story, but I don't think parts of it should be bent or sacrificed to satisfy our whims.
No. 125962 ID: 0d45a9

"heart of the story" & "tyranny of the collective", we're one combat and three(I think) decision points in, are you seriously arguing this? There simply isn't enough data yet to determine what the supposed heart of the story is from the updates so far, and two decisions to be friendly isn't enough to conclude any theoretical tyranny either.

To go onto the quest itself rather than harping on: We're resource limited and vastly out numbered, conflict avoidance here, esp options that gets us resources and allies, isn't just conflict avoidance for conflict avoidance's sake. Conflict expends resources that are limited to us and not to them, so it's playing smart. Even a temporary ally can do work that lets us get set up and a base established easier.
No. 125963 ID: 575ec0

It's not about the details of the quest itself righ-
Sigh. Fine. I'll drop the pretext.

>Enough people made it clear that they wanted to avoid conflict that I took the statted up conflict I had and threw it away, lest I be accused of railroading
>Enough people made it clear, lest I be accused of railroading

Is what I'm angry about. Not the goddamn quest itself.

Do you remember mid-game Coxxwette? When RML was publicly considering abandoning it because it had drifted so far from her vision that it wasn't fun for her anymore?
I do.
I also remember a big fuck-all wall of belligerence aimed at her by non-other than our beloved author right here. It was a big deal. Not only was he banned but it affected him such that he was moved to sincerely apologize later.

Thing is, the thing RML did to get herself in that situation, is the same exact thing Cirr just did. If he continues, he'll probably end up in that situation himself.
Cirr, more than anyone else, should fucking know better.

Cirr's one of my favorite authors here. I very much enjoy his quests. Likewise, If I happen to be invested in one of his quests and it just stops, it feels extra shitty.

I fear that if
becomes a pattern, then this will quest will just end up as another extra shitty day.
No. 125964 ID: 395c02

the thing is that your current posting in this thread is much more likely to bring about a sudden abandonment of the quest than the suggester collective doing something different from what cirr hoped for
No. 125965 ID: b1b4f3

Probably shouldn't stat out a combat until the combat is guaranteed to happen IMO.
No. 125966 ID: b67388

You've never run a game before.
You have to account for everything the players may or may not do. Otherwise you're left with nothing prepared for whatever they do that you weren't expecting.

This, very much. Not all consequences are immediate, be they positive or negative. naileD needs to stop complaining when things don't go as he expects.
No. 125967 ID: b1b4f3

I understand what you mean, but this isn't a tabletop. You can wait until it's time to write the update to hash out the details, like combat stats.
No. 125970 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's get some shit in this thread that isn't just criticism. I'm gonna do my best to analyze Zu's abilities in the context of him being our ally.

Passive: Predator: Always know which enemy target has the lowest health.
Redundant with Scanner 3 present.

Passive: Shardbearer: Immune to chaos attacks, treated as friendly by mindless chaos units.
I kindof doubt we're going to face any chaos units, but their absence from Scanner's territory listing *is* strange. Maybe the Soroi won their war somehow, and the smarter ones managed to infiltrate other territories?

Passive: Unending: When ichor falls to 0, if ambient ichor available, heal up to 10 ichor pulling from the unclaimed stock at any range.
Could be useful, but like I said in the thread we'd like to avoid dying whenever possible.

Active: Shape: Create a new minion for 5 ichor, to be placed within 2 hexes. (1 action)
Definitely useful. Could be used to block enemy paths or set up a fighting force, and though the minions involved kinda suck they are effectively free since they leave their ichor behind when "killed", which can be reabsorbed. That is something very important so I'll reiterate: minions are expendable unlike all of our other units, and the ichor spent on them is recovered after death unless an enemy ichor unit absorbs it instead.

Active: Consume: Deal 3 damage, and restore ichor equal to damage dealt. Double this damage if used on allies. Can target up to 3 adjacent units. Can only be used on ichor units. (1 action)
Only useful to reclaim minions imo. Zu will not want to bite his allies, and we're not likely to be facing very many ichor units from here on.

Active: Shaping Pull: Can force-move any ichor creature up to 5 hexes. Can force-move through own units, but not through enemy units. (1 action)
Still a very useful ability, despite ichor-based enemies being rarer in the grasslands. We could use this to shove Render into an enemy formation to wreck face(though not through enemy units still), or pull an injured unit out of danger. We might even be able to push Barriers around? I wonder if he could use this on himself to move faster? Oh, and he could use this to move his minions around faster. If we DO wind up fighting more ichor-based enemies this is fucking OP as hell. Any unit within 10 hexes can be brought into range of all our other units' attacks. On the first turn, using one of Scanner 3's turns to mark the target, that's 14+8+4=26 damage. It just gets worse if we can summon some minions ahead of time and Scanner can double attack on that round. Or if the enemy is 5 hexes away, Zu might get in a hit as well for another 8 damage.

Speaking of which, he is also a capable melee unit, with more single target damage than Render on a double attack round, and a huge health pool. Sadly he doesn't have anything similar to Render's sprintslash.
No. 125972 ID: 0d45a9

Blimey, I hadn't considered all that. No wonder Zu was effective as a lone unit for so long.
No. 125973 ID: ad51b8

>Active: Consume: Deal 3 damage, and restore ichor equal to damage dealt. Double this damage if used on allies. Can target up to 3 adjacent units. Can only be used on ichor units. (1 action)
>Only useful to reclaim minions imo. Zu will not want to bite his allies, and we're not likely to be facing very many ichor units from here on.
he could us it on barriers as well if needed.
No. 125980 ID: b67388

Can it also restore ichor to heal Zu, up to his normal max health, even if the target is not ichor?
No. 125982 ID: b1b4f3

>use it on barriers
Hmm, barriers cost 1 ichor and have 10 hp. Calliope's healing ability already smells of infinite ichor, this is just another thing like that huh? I guess maybe Calliope is subconsciously able to draw on ambient ichor.
No. 125990 ID: 9bb347

It would only cause damage, I imagine. The ichor gain comes from material removed from the target, maybe it would be useful on Chaos creatures if a way of excluding colours could be found?

Given the behaviour the bubbles had on Zu's minions and the fact that they are well, bubbles of ichor, they probably contain very high pressure air.
Because of this the barriers must be getting part of their strength from the counter-force of all that air. Maybe the barrier ichor would also rather flow to other bubbles than an ichor tool strong enough to puncture it?
If we find some tubes a blowgun could also be made for Calliope, in case we encounter something that can resist an ichor bubble popping or isn't a target we want to paint the ground with.

Hit points in this smell of safety margins to me, self-healing must be a result of manipulating non-structural material. Given that Scanner and Zu can both work at a distance we have some basis to develop external ichor manipulation.
No. 125991 ID: b1b4f3

Excluding colors? Are you implying ichor is merely chaos material that's been purified?
No. 125994 ID: b67388

No, we encountered chaos creatures in Reformation that had corrupted ichor and were mixed in with it.
No. 126012 ID: 7efe6b
File 153946851884.png - (29.97KB , 642x676 , sprintslash.png )

I'd like to suggest an update to Render's Sprintslash skill.

The skill currently has an elaborate description of how you can move up to 5 hexes with each hex dealing more damage. But if you can just move back and forth, then you can pretty much always guarantee a 5 hex move, no matter where the enemy stands, and it would be the same if the skill just dealt static 10 damage.

So to make the skill a bit more situational, I'd like to propose the following penalty:
When moving with Sprintslash, consecutive turns and turns for more than 60 degrees reduce the bonus damage.

This would be logical considering Render needs to build up speed for maximum damage, while sharp or consecutive turns reduce speed.

Attached some damage examples.
No. 126014 ID: b1b4f3

Render could be surrounded or some other obstacle in the way preventing the 5-hex move.
I kindof agree though, him being able to "sprint" in a tight circle like that is weird.

It didn't matter at all during the fight since when he did it he would've been perfectly capable of attacking twice, for MORE damage even.
No. 126791 ID: b70ae2

Considering Formation is supposed to be a NSFW quest, are there any guidelines / restrictions in regards to making lewd suggestions?
No. 126803 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's the first time I've seen a quest thread get locked without any announcement.
No. 128988 ID: 317977

this ancient thread is still the dumping ground for all misc Cirr quests including Station

you're welcome, >>/quest/928847
No. 130989 ID: c4002e

Thus confirming my desire to update TLoF stems from sickness of some kind, I'm now in a hospital ward with suspected appendicitis.
Sporadic updates to return hopefully sometime in the near future. Lemme know which of my one thousand quests you'd rather see updates to!!
No. 130990 ID: 18e3d4

No. 130992 ID: b1b4f3

Formation or Reformation.
No. 130993 ID: 8d4593

I for one was enjoying Another Island.
Even if the current next things to do were fairly obvious.

Also, Salikai would be nice.
The main character had finally become jaded enough to just drop whatever melodrama fell on her and call the instigator retarded. It's great. Someone get Sisirri some cigarettes. Like a lot of cigarettes. I want to be able to read her voice in the same timbre as my long dead, but very emphysemic grandmother.
No. 130995 ID: 0fae41

Station or Salikai so you can pull more cameos out of the fridge
No. 130996 ID: 422cea

I'd like us to return to the original Defective storyline. I want more cyborg salamander things.
No. 130998 ID: f2f490

Salikai and Another Island for me.
No. 130999 ID: 864e49

Vessel, Another Island, Atoll, Salikai, The World Is Mine
No. 131000 ID: 91ee5f

>Lemme know which of my one thousand quests you'd rather see updates to!!
Reformation, Formation, Catalysis, Salikai, and Another Island.
No. 131002 ID: e6f10c

While I would like The Limits of Flesh to continue, since I have to choose otherwise I’d pick Atoll or Station.
No. 131003 ID: c4002e

Hospital update: it's not appendicitis but diverticulitis. I knew shunning the sun was a bad move.
I'll run through the feedback properly when I get out of the hospital. It's looking most like Formation or Another Island are the ones that gel both with what people want more and what if be most interested in continuing.
No. 131004 ID: 2df440

I’d actually vote for salikai or station
No. 131006 ID: c4002e

Hospital update: being discharged with antibiotics to rest up and heal at home, no surgery required thank god.
Not sure when quest updates will resume (but hey what's new 🙃), thank you all for your unbelievable patience with me.
No. 131026 ID: 8d4593

I wish your ass a timely recovery.
May your bowels never burn again.
No. 131649 ID: ba56e6
File 157630595020.png - (111.90KB , 680x454 , 1575599071554.png )

No. 131652 ID: 2aa5f0

I am legitimately confused on what this is from.
No. 131655 ID: 7dcd1e

Bug Fables, came out the other week
No. 131658 ID: ba56e6

Saw Cirr was also a backer in the credits. Thought I'd give a shoutout.
No. 131659 ID: 9842dc

Well I did really love the game and totally forgot I backed it for some reason so it was a very nice surprise.
also whee nice fanart
No. 131662 ID: ba56e6

Not my fanart, of course.

Sure hoping a sequel isn't out of the picture, considering the stuff I've heard about the publisher screwing over the devs.
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