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File 131018876759.jpg - (141.69KB , 756x540 , Contest1.jpg )
39463 No. 39463 ID: e1c562

the Astranian dogs out match us in every field!
so it falls apon you to aid us in evening the playing field

we need concept designs for new infantry equipement of any sort, an army is built on it's people!
we need concept designs for new vehicle types, to surprise the enemy and support our fighting men and women!
we need concept designs for new aircraft/starships, the enemies strength lies in thier airforce, this is a strength we must try to match!

the best design in each of these three fields will be well rewarded.
be sure to provide a detailed discription of the design's purpose an functions
if you have any further inquiries let them be made known
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No. 39464 ID: e1c562
File 131018882243.jpg - (77.41KB , 756x540 , Contest2.jpg )

now go forth and impress me, the fate of the Solar Militia may very well depend upon it!
No. 39465 ID: e1c562

I will draw a picture for each of the three winning designs, the winning designers will choose what they want me to draw

yes nudity is allowed

no this does not include porn

No. 39466 ID: b6ca92

It appears you are revealing to us the fact you have not, in fact, previously fleshed out the Solar's military before hand.

This amuses and saddens me. I will return with stolen artwork to assist your idea creation process soon.
No. 39467 ID: e1c562

don't expect to win with stolen designs

all the races had a basic setup to begin with, later insperation resulted fleshing out certain races more then others.

sadly the solar's have fallen a bit behind, I do have ideas, this is more just to help them catch up with the Astranians
No. 39476 ID: 43f5a7

No. 39477 ID: 453e62

those are awesome but impractical machines rand. nice.
No. 39479 ID: 15b51b

The canon solar tanks we saw were pretty wacky.
No. 39487 ID: 8f32a4

Looks straight out of Metal Slug. I like it!
No. 39494 ID: 197650
File 131022446249.jpg - (96.19KB , 1871x801 , jump tank.jpg )

Designed with ambushing in mind, this tank jumps from a covered ditch and fires all its weapons at the same time to destroy everything around it. It takes a while to reload, but the idea is that the enemyis neutralised before it has it.
Rapid fire cannons for infantry and light vehicles, missles against tanks and aircrafts.

The top can spin around to deliver damage in a 360 degree angle.
No. 39507 ID: cb8f62
File 131023992536.png - (421.01KB , 900x630 , FU-70 Vextus.png )

Representing Orison Industrial Interests
No. 39508 ID: 197650
File 131023994183.gif - (129.08KB , 550x400 , surprise.gif )

No. 39511 ID: 178c80
File 131024421789.png - (19.23KB , 395x458 , solar_ship_1b.png )

Representing T-Systems here!

You want air-superiority, yes? Let's throw orbit-superiority as a bonus!
ALOHO-MF is capable of fucking your enemies' shit up in air and orbit!

ALOHO-MF is fast and agile vehicle packing quite bit of firepower. It is equipped two tracking hell of guns designed to eat shielded bitches for breakfast! Tail also sports few automated guns to deal with any bastards trying to attack you from behind.
It can be also fitted with a smaller gatling-gun to deal with some pesky ground-infantry. Handling missiles is no problem.

It can advance in any direction you can think of. Forward, backward, left, right, up, down, turnways, whatever! This vehicle also works perfectly in large amount of atmospheres.
See that spotlight? It's almost useless. ALOHO-MF is fitted with many sophisticated sensors that will aid pilot a hell of a lot!

Aircraft is coated with chromogenic material. Basically, when it is exposed to intense laser, it chances colour!
This increases defenses against monochromatic lasers with wavelength of 640-750 nm!

They can also be programmed to fly unmanned! Isn't that awesome?
No. 39512 ID: 178c80
File 131024469870.png - (13.12KB , 370x352 , solar_tank_1.png )

Okay, not enough for you?

Solar Military, meet SUA-MT. You can call her Sue.
I don't want to have SUA-MT to introduce herself to you. This tank is a beast.
Chain-cannon makes sure that even tough targets get pulverized! Minigun ensures that everyone at close range will die.
Missiles will guarantee that annoying air-targets get shit all over.

Sounds quite promising, yes? This is a tough tank. A tough motherfucker. It takes punishment like a man. While ensuring unsafety of any enemy around, it ensures safety of any crew-member inside!
No. 39514 ID: 178c80
File 131024573815.png - (30.38KB , 590x501 , solar_walking_fortress.png )

Now we are getting very serious!
See this?

This is a walking fortress. It doesn't fuck around.
Think about it. You are minding your astranian shitty business, when suddenly you see something in the horizon. It is a spidermech, a mountain or-?
It is a fucking fortress. On legs. Strong legs. Coming to fuck your shit up totally.
It is equipped with several heavy missile-pads, long-mid range cannons, mortars, anti-personnel machine-guns, mine-laying-system, extremely thick armor designed against energy-weapons such as lasers and particle-weapons as well as conventional weapons and a fucking huge-ass cannon. It can fire nukes. Big nukes.
You cannot absolutely imagine how huge this beast is. It is fucking enormous. Despite looking bit clumsy, this thing is capable of treading even more difficult terrains.
Oh, I can read minds! I can see your next question; 'how big crew does it require'.
Crew of five. Or if you are really adventurous, you can dump those four buddies and ride it all alone!

It is one our more expensive weapons, but man, you should get it. You are no gentleman if you do not have one.
No. 39521 ID: 197650
File 131025217568.gif - (115.69KB , 550x400 , surprise2.gif )

Useful in the field as a constant barrage of fire. When not ambushing, it's possible to reload the batteries before the whole top has turned fully. Allowing for a none stop bombardment of missles.
No. 39557 ID: f5fe2f

Let's get some info here. What are you looking for? Only serious purpose-built military ware as suggested thus far? What about awesome shit? Like a flying motorcycle?
And although I admit I don't follow this setting as closely as some (I haven't even read many of your quests, to be quite honest) I do understand that the humans are not exactly at a huge advantage in this war. Thus there should logically be a fair bit of civilian vehicles and gear pressed into service.

tl;dr: Tell me what you want.

Also if you use something I design, I'm not going to demand bangles pseudopenis. Just throwing that out there.
No. 39567 ID: 049dfa
File 131028437854.png - (131.39KB , 500x1000 , Penetrator.png )

Well, down at the WarTech Industries labs we've been keeping this one under wraps for a few reasons, but if it's an emergency you might find some use for it despite its shortcomings.

The astranians have a significant battlefield advantage in their ability to produce and utilize shield generators capable of stopping even high explosives. Our infantry are sorely outmatched, lacking any way to deal with heavily entrenched positions without heavy armored backup. We have been trying to research captured astranian technology, but we still haven't been able to figure out exactly how to make the shields work, or even the full details of their functionality. That technology remains beyond us today, and we'll need to keep working into tomorrow. However, research has yielded significant advancements in energy storage and transferral technology. And in that we have found a potential solution to the astonishing durability of astranian targets.

Presenting the WT-X7 'Penetrator' man-portable railgun system. The weapon itself is a marvel of engineering, Firing High-Density rods of currently classified alloys at incredible speeds. There haven't been any field tests, but the current theory is that these rods should be able to punch through astranian shielding with raw ballistic force, ideally taking down the shield and dealing significant damage to any furs or structures seeking shelter behind them.

There are a number of problems that have yet to be worked out, though. Cooling is an issue, trying to fire more than 2 rounds per minute will almost certainly foul the chamber within 4 minutes, and the time only extends to 10 minutes of theoretical combat operation (17 minutes of continuous fire at 1 RpM have been accomplished in laboratory conditions) at 1 RpM. Fouling the barrel will necessitate the complete replacement of the acceleration units as well as the barrel itself. The gun is also fairly useless for sniping operations, as it makes one hell of a racket and produces what is affectionately referred to among the researches as 'the five-mile muzzle flash,' as the friction from the rod flying through a typical earth-like atmosphere will ignite the air around it. However, the weapon remains (in theory) a very effective (if situational) heavy weapon for use by well-trained troops. The only problem in that regard is the considerable recoil and weight of the weapon, but that's where the next part of the system comes in.

The real beauty of the system isn't the gun itself, it's the powered endoskeleton system that comes with it. The ES contains a fully-integrated mechanical support system which will allow a soldier to both carry more weight than a normal soldier as well as march and fight for longer periods without succumbing to exhaustion. The suit also contains various apparatuses used to connect to the WT-X7 rail gun, allowing it to absorb a significant majority of the shock produced by firing it. It still kicks like a mule, but with the suit it doesn't kick like a 300 foot mule.

With some minor modifications to the standard designs, Body Armor can be equipped over the majority of the endoskeleton (the Recoil Reduction harnesses will need to be exposed in order to be used, which requires further modification to the suit). Further, many standard heavy weapons, including those mounted on light vehicles, can be modified to fit the RRH's hookups and carried into combat by the troops, increasing the potential firepower of an equipped soldier dramatically. Even without the RRH, the suit's powered systems have been theorized to increase the functional combat-capable time of a soldier by as much as 115% by reducing the stress and exertion upon their bodies. It is expensive, and requires the modification of any body armor the troops would be wearing, but it should be a worthy addition to our forces.

Ideally this equipment should give our boys and girls on the ground a better chance at fighting the stranners at an equal footing. The technology still is not perfect, but great strides are being made every day at WTI. With the funding gained from a full military contract, along with the field testing (which should be more like field-proving) that can be gained by putting our products into service in at least a limited regard, it will only improve.
No. 39571 ID: f5fe2f
File 131028715073.png - (298.30KB , 1500x900 , flyingmotorbike.png )


Flying motorcycles. With guns and whatnot. Control scheme is purely handled by the integrated HUD which you can see this pilot is wearing.
No. 39601 ID: 271a3e
File 131034448243.png - (503.64KB , 900x630 , Assets Agent.png )

"Representing Orison Industrial Interests
Gentlemen, the Pneumatic Assisted Assets Agent."
No. 39602 ID: 0d095c
File 131034552413.jpg - (49.80KB , 830x638 , 830px-Metal_Gear_RAY.jpg )

Gentlemen, I have a proposal... What do you think of a hyper-mobile, low profile, (kinda)cheap, Anti-EVERYTHING platform equipped with a super high power cutting beam, AT missile launchers, and capable of kicking our enemies to death? Also, it's amphibious, and as it's partially organic it is capable of Jumping, and other extremely useful navigational feats.
No. 39604 ID: e74e93

No. 39606 ID: f5fe2f
File 131034916275.jpg - (65.14KB , 1500x900 , batmen.jpg )

Behold, the "batsuit" controlled descent parachute.

It includes powered wing-control for steering as. Although versions of this available since dawn of third millennium, the frailty of human body prevented wing-struts of sufficient length for useful control and for landing without an additional parachute of more usual design.

It is used heavily by paratroopers.
No. 39607 ID: 3416ec


No. 39608 ID: f5fe2f

So uh
What if the astranians just push it over?
No. 39619 ID: f5fe2f
File 131035582556.jpg - (89.83KB , 1500x900 , spacetruck.jpg )

When you're pressed for resources, you turn anything into a war machine that possibly can be one.
No. 39632 ID: 221021
File 131036356769.jpg - (65.52KB , 555x334 , PierceFireTruck2007.jpg )

How to disable all enemy weapons using existing technology:
No. 39639 ID: 15b51b

I want to participate, but since the pinkskins basically have modern tech, it seems more straightforward to just post IRL weapons and prototypes they should be using. I realize I won't win any contest this way, but these guys really need artillery and grenade launchers!

PS: I'm not trying to turn this into a gun porn thread.

Most importantly:
Some kind of:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MLRS
Firing some kind of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DPICM

How do shaped charges work vs shields?

I'm assuming Explosively Formed Penetrators are good versus shields. Solid shot weapons are "medium" at penetrating shields, implying they can be penetrated at all. If EFPs can't do it, nothing (short of maybe saboted tank guns) can do it.
No. 39650 ID: 0d095c

That's the beauty of it! It's so durable, it won't be damaged by a fall like that, AND it's dextrous enough that it can simply get back up, and continue ravaging our enemies!

But I'm not gonna win anyway, so I'm simply going to go with Test Pattern and leave this here:
No. 39654 ID: 1444d5
File 131039208691.jpg - (144.21KB , 1296x720 , v28953_US nuke Project Pluto SLAM by Ling-Temco-Vo.jpg )

Why not go all-out?
Yes, this is a real thing (the SLAM, developed under the name Project Pluto). Yes, that is a nuclear ramjet. Yes, the ramjet portion was built and tested, and worked very well.
No. 39664 ID: b6ca92

Good question. How does raytech or shields react to getting wet?
No. 39665 ID: b6ca92

>Yes, the ramjet portion was built and tested, and worked very well.
If memory serves, it worked so well that in theory it could simply keep flying non-stop at a constant rate of acceleration.
This freaked the DOD because that meant if they lost contact with one of these, there would be no telling where it would end up, thus cancelling the project.
No. 39685 ID: 15b51b

They burn out.
No. 39691 ID: 0d095c

In that case, arm all of our forces with WATER BALLOONSGRENADES, RIOT HOSES, and CLOUD SEEDERS. If our enemies stomp us in the light, WE SHALL FIGHT IN THE RAIN. Because seriously, what kind of dumbass doesn't waterproof technology?

No. 39702 ID: 55c4cf
File 131044747785.png - (30.75KB , 333x333 , antiraytech.png )

some early prototypes of the anti-raytech technologies.

looking to expand
No. 39706 ID: 9c538a
File 131045394524.jpg - (30.66KB , 249x224 , oh god what.jpg )

No. 39719 ID: 2563d4
File 131047692954.png - (42.84KB , 640x480 , ULTIMATE_WEPON.png )

It was also an air-cooled unshielded nuclear reactor flying around. It's the kind of complete "fuck you" weapon that can only exist in a MAD scenario because ultimately you've built an autonomous low-altitude jet-powered nuclear bomber (note it's carrying bombs, not is one itself!) that leaves a nice little trail of fallout (and supersonic shockwaves) in its wake. A mid-'50s nuclear^2 bomber UAV. Truly bonkers.

Obviously the Solars would need to adapt it as illustrated to take on the Astranaian Menace.
No. 39741 ID: 0d9cc4

All this talk about water got me thinking about practical uses for it. You could actually create a layer of reactive armor against laser weapons by simply attaching water containers to the sides of vehicles. When hit, the laser would cause the water to change to steam and explode outward from the vehicle. The steam cloud would then scatter the light from the laser and make it much less effective, hopefully to the point where it's no longer a threat to the "normal" armor underneath the reactive water armor.

Actually if scattering the laser beams from Astranian weapons is effective smoke grenades and smoke projectors should be standard equipment for Solar forces.
No. 39742 ID: b6ca92

The best armor versus lasers is the personnel armor from Halo, which used ablative layers of ceramic alloys that evaporate away when hit rather than allowing the target to be broiled, and it also removes some of the punch of the kinetic force as well.

In terms of shorting out Raytech with water based weaponry...

No. 39744 ID: e1c562

I'll be announcing the Winner of the vehicle section within the next two days

if someone is working on a design and needs more time, let me know so I can extend this time frame
No. 39747 ID: 049dfa

The problem with all of this WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE suggestions is that they're just going to pull a Paradim and start seran-wrapping their weapons.
No. 39786 ID: 0d095c

Fool! Ceran Wrap just keeps water from escaping!
No. 39788 ID: 830984

It might not actually be possible to waterproof raytech guns. To completely seal them, they would need to cover the part where the laser comes out, and that would require a material that can stop water while being transparent to (and completely unharmed by) powerful lasers. [And if the Astranians had such a material, they would be foolish not to use much more of it for other purposes, like bulletproof panes that they can shoot through but humans can't.]
No. 39789 ID: c02d82

I intend to have something posted for vehicles. I can probably get it up tonight.
No. 39790 ID: e1c562

awsome! I will hold off on choosing a winner
No. 39793 ID: 986fd2
File 131056893163.png - (19.09KB , 800x600 , robo.png )

Someone needs to make a giant robot; it'd be wrong if there wasn't one. I'm gonna have a go here, but I'm pretty terrible at designing mechanical things.

The Reversible Ordinance and Bombardment Outwork is not terribly effective as a practical engine of war, but none of our technology matches the astranians in that field: few things can match the humanoid mecha, however, as a monument for raw morale-boosting power, and in this we can truly exceed our enemies! Sheer size is a very basic instinctual force, not only to bolster allies but to terrify enemies; against the puny astranians, this psychological aspect shall only be even more effective. The design, as you can see here, is blocky and solid for stability; it's purpose, basically, is as a mobile defensive emplacement for defending bases and interrupting supply lines. Its heavy armour is spotted with gun turrets for antiaircraft and point defense, with large arm-mounted weapons for picking off vehicles and vessels. All entry points can be sealed off to become water- and air-tight, allowing the ROBO to wade into rivers and lakes for additional defense, and an onboard lifesupport system even allows it to submerge and travel underwater. Some essential maintenance will be required after such missions. These same systems allow the ROBO to deploy on hostile worlds. It can support its normal crew compliment of 20 for several weeks, and its minimal crew of 5 for up to three months.

The ROBO's arms and head can be removed and swapped in modular fashion, as can the chest/shoulder mounted launchers, for versatility against different forces; the entire machine is built in modular fashion for swift replacement of parts and future customization opportunities.
No. 39803 ID: f5fe2f

You know, there's no reason you couldn't just use all of these. They occupy a pretty wide variety of combat roles.
No. 39820 ID: c02d82
File 131060619882.png - (108.42KB , 500x500 , observertanksquad.png )

The Mobile Tower family of designs currently in use as heavy police vehicles across many Solar worlds offer a significant advantage in terms of battlefield reconnaissance, but are likewise highly visible, and unfortunately top-heavy when traversing steep terrain. They have seen limited military deployment, but their disadvantages have too often outweighed their usefulness in a combat role.

The Mk1 Arbalest G32 and accompanying UA-3 'Dragonfly' drone, currently in final testing by the military R&D division of Roun-Disbess Technologies, attempts to provide superior reconnaissance capability in a more combat-capable armored vehicle. The full Arbalest system is a potent scout vehicle and light artillery tank.

The heart of the system is undoubtedly the UA-3 Dragonfly, a tethered, counter-rotating UAV with a full suite of visual and EM sensing equipment. Most of the sensors are mounted in its pair of widely set binocular "eyes" to improve the drone's rangefinding capability. The Dragonfly has no onboard fuel supply, reducing the system's weight and size. Power for the electric motor is provided by the parent tank via the umbilical tether. All observation data and control input are likewise relayed to and from the parent tank via this hard-linked umbilical cable, reducing the likelihood of the system being tracked by RF monitoring, and almost completely removing the possibility of signal jamming. The Dragonfly can be stowed for transport, and requires two soldiers approximately four minutes to assemble. Its operator can direct a Dragonfly to move along with the parent vehicle, but the maximum recommended speed for such an operation is only that of a brisk run.

The other half of the system is the tank designed to work with this recon drone. On its own, the Arbalest is, for the most part, a fairly standard modern light tank. Thirty-two tons, crew of three, and a cramped rear compartment capable of carrying 5 additional soldiers. Its main gun is capable of firing three shells in ten seconds, and its auto-loader can support a sustained fire rate of 6 rounds per minute. The turret is capable of 240 degrees of rotation and a high ballistic arc. The Arbalest is relatively lightly armored for a tank of its size, letting it utilize oversized tires instead of a more traditional "tank tread" and still maintain reasonable mobility in rough terrain. The advantage of this design is its greatly increased speed over smooth terrain compared with more heavily armored vehicles.

The true strength of the system however, is the data link between tank and drone. The dragonfly offers unprecedented battlespace mapping capability, allowing the tank to fire on targets indirectly from behind cover. In sufficiently open terrain, the targeting computer is even capable of calculating multiple firing arcs, allowing a stationary tank to fire its full three round hopper at a distant target, and have all three shells impact the area at the same time. The Arbalest also comes equipped with shielded data jacks on either side of its hull, allowing up to five tanks to be wired together to run off of the same drone and targeting system. This means a full squadron is capable of impacting up to fifteen shells on a distant target area in less than a second, utterly devastating unsuspecting enemy emplacements. Of course, such tactics require significant set-up time and suitable terrain, and the light tanks are ill-suited to sustained combat, rendering a chance to execute this tactic only a rare treat.

Of course, despite its narrow profile, a canny enemy may eventually learn to spot a hovering Dragonfly and launch an attack while the Arbalest is vulnerable. Enemies tend to be especially wary of such things after a barrage of shells has just impacted their immediate surroundings. Fortunately, a Dragonfly can also be deployed to run off of a moderately sized generator or battery, and activated either via time delay circuit or radio transponder, opening up a whole world of decoy tactics to the cunning general.

We hope you have enjoyed this presentation. Please consider placing an order for a production run of Arbalest tanks in the near future. A Roun-Disbess representative will be waiting in the back to answer any questions.
No. 39834 ID: b6ca92

I was under the impression that the Astranians do not fully understand Raytech, only that they inherited it after defeating the previous superpower in the sector?
Well, either that or Raytech is just that fragile due to the quantum-scale of its workings, but it doesn't make sense that Astranians don't depend on some more reliable homebrew technology, don't you think?
No. 39839 ID: e1c562

I've considered accepting second places, but the prizes would have to be more limiting for those

Astranians invented and constantly develop Raytech they have an excellent understanding of how it works
No. 39844 ID: f5fe2f

Regardless of prize policy, you can certainly feel free to use everything.
No. 39851 ID: e1c562

I will only be using winning design, and have absolutely no intention/desire to use none winning designs

if I do desire more designs I will simply announce further contests, or declare additional winners from existing designs and award additional prizes accordingly
No. 39868 ID: 652afa
File 131068815954.png - (135.07KB , 800x600 , TankFront3.png )

Just a simple tank, not as crazy or complex as all of the others.
No. 39914 ID: e1c562

I'll probably be ending the vehicle section late today or early tomorrow

if someone is working on a design and needs more time, let me know so I can extend this time frame
No. 39923 ID: 4183c9
File 131076097469.png - (118.11KB , 870x570 , k2-hh.png )

K2 Heavy Hunter!

Two independently swiveling 150mm recoilless cannon with autoloaders!

Engage multiple targets simultaneously! Outnumbering the K2 2-to-1 means nothing! The enemy's field reports will greatly exaggerate your numbers!

Bring full firepower to bear on extra-hard targets with devastating one-two combos! Hard cover no longer diminishes the effectiveness of your attacks: destroy hard cover with armor piercing or bunkerbuster warheads and follow up with antipersonnel punishment!
With special warheads you can even disable active protection systems and with two cannon at your disposal it takes no time to fire the second K.O. shot!
Magazine capacity 25 shells per cannon.

Highly advanced gunsight optics provide high-resolution thermal imaging! Onboard ballistics computers feed real-time data to the gunner's screen, ensuring pinpoint accuracy at maximum range!

A warhead for every situation! Tandem charge, bunkerbuster, sabot, high explosive, canister, shaped-charge, thermobaric and semi-guided munitions are available.

Commander's optics and antipersonnel weapons in a high-sitting turret guarantees maximum situational awareness and 360° close protection against enemy infantry!
40mm grenade machinegun and 12,7mm heavy machinegun provide both indirect and direct fire against infantry!

Low-sitting hull provides inceased armor strenght per square inch and a smaller target to the enemy! K2's low profile is easy to hide for ambush operations! With the dozer blade you can dig the K2 into a solid position and with the easily accessible camouflage netting you can vanish out of sight in no time! Several camouflage hardpoints placed along the hull make the use of vegetation and shape-disrupting implements easy and quick! The enemy'll never know what hit them!

Optional components include:
Slat armor for engine air intake and exhaust! Grenades, improvised handheld munitions and handheld launchers won't stop you, even aimed at the weakest part of the K2! Our high-quality slat armor additionally works as a Faraday cage and can even dissipate some energy-based attacks!
Extra armor modules! If you're expecting trouble, easy-to-install add-on armor can increase your odds of survival almost exponentially (warranty of suspension system and engine void if add-on weight exceeds specifications)!
Advanced drive optics! Replace the driver's standard viewport with an advanced armored camera module and high-defition displays! Greatly increases your driver's field of view and safety!
Commander's turret can be replaced by:
Advanced laser targeting system, for use with both guided munitions for the 150mm recoilless cannon and artillery, air or orbital strikes!
Advanced command-and-control equipment, for increased communications capacity and higher-scale situational awareness. Ideal for the fighting field commander!
Interchangeable turret and mounting for 25mm, 30mm and 40mm chainguns (weapons sold separately), for the times when you just need more gun! As an added bonus, without the turret housing the standardized mounting can be used with many different existing as well as future prototype systems!

(Custom field-applied paint scheme not included in price.)
No. 40044 ID: 00d3d5
File 131083713899.jpg - (31.91KB , 302x418 , 3025_Rifleman.jpg )

Because fuck Harmony Gold.
No. 40119 ID: e1c562

I shall be revealing the winner later today, so stay tuned

if someone is working on a design and needs more time, let me know so I can extend this time frame
No. 40134 ID: e1c562
File 131093251424.jpg - (70.38KB , 665x475 , Contest3.jpg )

Congratulations Roun-Disbess Technologies! your tank design has excelled beyond all others through our military testing!

indeed, mass production of Arbelests will begin immediately!

the Solar Militia is honored to to have you aboard

An Arbalest support tank, implementing it's dragonfly drone to assist a Guardian artillery tank.

Reason's why chosen:
- Replaces and exceeds the capabilities of the unappealing and poorly designed Dune Tower

- simple effective visual design, and a cool catchy name

- fits well into the Solar vehicles themes, yet is clearly distinguishable from the existing vehicles

- provides now essential support to existing vehicles, and will no doubt prove a huge asset against the Astranian menace.

the runner up announcement will be posted either later today or tomorrow
No. 40169 ID: b6ca92

So the rest of these designs are effectively being ignored?
No. 40173 ID: 9c538a


C'mon, you know the water balloon launcher would totally throw off the game balance.
No. 40231 ID: e1c562

2nd Place: jump tank
Positive features:
-unique concept, design type and function, if seen I've seen it before I've not seen it often
-bug like design appropriate given Solar's association
-attacks from below exploit Astranian weakness
Reasons not chosen:
-Walker type and general shape conflict with Astranian design scheme and specific Astranian vehicles not yet revealed
-tech level pushes on Solar capabilities
-design and function doesn't mesh well with existing Solar strategies

3rd Place:SUA-MT
Positive features:
-Tri-barrel is pretty badass and supports Solar themes
-overall design is incredibly appealing visually
Reasons not chosen:
-role conflicts with existing Guardian Tank
-"Jack of all trades" Methodology implies either unbelievabilty, or that is generally the tank will not excel at any task.

4th place:FU-70 Vextus
Positive features:
-subterranean warfare is a neat and interesting direction for Solar technology to head in
-a safe way to transport troops makes it a viable weapon of war
Reasons not chosen
-bland over all visual concept
-unable to support other solar vehicles/ too much of a solo unit

None of these "runner ups" are winners, and thus will not be used in my quests, but this may not always be the case! there may come a time where the Solars need warmachines once more and these runner ups are all likely to be chosen with out contest!

If anyone has any questions, or want some suggestions on ways to improve your designs feel free to ask

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "ignored", could you rephrase the question?

stay tuned for upcoming announcements, Infantry equipment section will be the next contest to conclude!
No. 40232 ID: b6ca92

by 'ignored I meant that I entirely missed your previous statement:
>I will only be using winning design, and have absolutely no intention/desire to use none winning designs

By the way, do the Solars know about Raytech's fatal weakness to water?
No. 40248 ID: 7aedd2

So when's the word coming out for Infantry and Air/Space-craft?
No. 40262 ID: f2abea
File 131109846177.jpg - (226.29KB , 1875x1784 , infantry equipment.jpg )

Figure 1: the dummy turrent. Able to turn 360 degrees and aim up 45 degrees. Able to equip AA, Anti infantry, anti tank and artillery cannons.
The turret itself is suited with a dummy soldier to let the enemy think they can take out the gunner, and saves lives on not having to actually risk men in these cannons. The Dummy is suited with a few sensor to indicate direct hits. Should the dummy "die", the gunner underground can pretend the gun is disabled, when the enemy advances past it without destroying it, perhaps wanting to salvage the metal, the gunner can turn the turret around and open fire in the back of our enemies. The shield can provide cover for allies and makes it harder for the enemy to see if they hit the dummy or not. The bunker itself also fits as an exit from a possible tunnel network. As long as the tunnel isnt discovered, it can continue to serve as a route for scouts to use to get behind enemy lines. The tunnel itself would be suited with explosives in the case of an emergency.
Possibly it would allow the turret to be hidden underground aswell.

Figure 2: AP round barrage. The device is straight forward, a box of bullets, each row fired with a small electric shock from the battery underneath it. the rounds would be scattered randomly at an angle of 0 to 90 degrees to cause concentrated or spread damage, deppendng on who sets it off. the rounds are filled with lead in such a way that a stream of molten lead punches through armor upon impact. Tanks are usually less armored at the bottem since theyre hard to reach, and robots can only have so much armor on them. The beauty is that every machine only needs 1 fucked up gear or engine piece for it to cease working entirely. Disabling or destroying the insides without risking your men.
The upper design is a longer square, almost entirely a battery. Designed to send out a jamming signal, a magnetic field to fuck with electronics and possibly shields, or a single EMP before the battery is depleted. Particularly useful for an ambush or to fuck up the coordination of enemy reinforcements, making them arrive late. Both are able to be detonated remotely or by proximity. Deppending on what the soldier wants with them.

figure 3: pretty straight forward, a backpack with a shield or stealth field generator meant to protect the whole squard. Its not as advanced as the enemy's, so its larger. To compensate, most of it is a power source meant to make up for the less elegant design.
No. 40264 ID: f2abea
File 131110150225.jpg - (52.82KB , 1172x612 , fig2 part 2.jpg )

Flexibity is the name of the game. Per squad have a heavy weapon specialist using the CuntDestroyerâ„¢, able to use fig2, the AP round barrage as an ammo magazine. It's able to take just about any kind of ammo as long as its not meant for weapons larger than infantry weapons. Able to fire both ammo designed for traditional firearms or electric based ammo like the AP bullet barrage pack.
No. 40367 ID: e1c562

a winner will be declared within the next 24 hours

if someone is working on a design and needs more time, let me know so I can extend this time frame
No. 40378 ID: 4d024e
File 131123460586.png - (114.13KB , 600x600 , Psycho.png )

Hell, why not

Introducing the next step in Solar desperation engineering, the 'Psycho' Aerial Infantry Rocket System!

The sheer firepower our enemies field is forcing us to rethink the way we make war. Simply throwing armies into the meatgrinder is simply not an efficient tactic anymore.

The Psycho System allows infantry to gain great mobility over the battlefield, allowing them to outmaneuver opponents and choose to avoid attacks rather than hide behind cover or hope their armor stands up to enemy firepower.

The 'Maniac' jetpack, the cornerstone of the system, allows bursts of mostly-controllable flight for periods up to thirty seconds, before needing to recharge. A good Psycho soldier can be an extremely difficult target to hit. Compared to most other crazy-noisy aircraft, the 'Maniac' jetpack is relatively quiet and stealthy, allowing highly mobile sneak attacks to be conducted.

The second part of the system is the 'Derange' jamming antenna, which allows soldiers to confuse lesser enemy scanners and avoid taking damage from many auto-tracking weapons.

The final bit of the Psycho system is the 'Frenzy' balance boots. These boots allow soldiers to land safely (most of the time), even if they are moving into the ground at a high velocity. They also have a toggle-able sticky sole that allows soldiers to walk on ceilings and walls with ease. For the bolder Psycho soldiers, it is possible to use these boots to stomp on an unsuspecting enemy from above, providing temporary protection against shields and releasing enough concussive force to break a man's spine.

(Feel free to change the name if you think it doesn't fit, an alternative I was thinking of would be the 'Jackdaw')
No. 40497 ID: f2abea
File 131137865099.jpg - (174.49KB , 1792x1585 , New canvas.jpg )

Fig I: Just because a single hit from a furre will cripple you for life, if you're lucky. That's no excuse to stop fighting! this new stimulus, carried by every soldier, contains a new drug. Designs to sedate the pain more than morphine, without causing the dull and uncoordinative behavious morphine does. This will keep your men fighting even if they're missing their bottem half.

Fig II: An army marches on its stomach. And without food your army is useless. This baggy is designed to use any kind of water in the field, no matter how filthy, and filter out the paracites and rubbish with a thin filter inside of the bag. The water will then fall into highly concentrated dust containing all the nutrition your men need, aswell as some concentrated taste dusts. Pour the water in, poke a hole in it, bon appetit.

Fig III: worn by either officers of highly guarded tech specialists, this pack is essentially a nuclear reactor strapped to someone's chest. It's used by officers in case shit REALLY hits the fan, and allows a base to self destuct, sparing men from a painful death or keeping whatever secrets the base has, secret. Used by tech specialists to supply emergency power to vital parts of the military if the normal source fails.

Fig IV: A helmet with a visor on it, how original. Purely meant to increase the accuracy for your men's weapons by calculating bullet drop and air direction and speed for the soldier, and showing them a trajectory of the projectile should he fire now. Also comes with a zoom and screenshot function. plays most audio formats but Avi.

Fig V: Why risk you men to begin with? Basicly a remote control gun with a camera. Strap on any gun you like, fire it from a safe distance and never risk losing your men.

Fig VI: In case of an ambush, retreat, or just to fuck with the enemy's head, leave behind a holo projector in the bushes, in a tree, half burried in the ground, and project images of yourself preforming random, prerecorded acts. Anything from pretending to take cover to mooning your foes. Perfect for disorientating the enemy or seeing if any foes are nearby by sending a hologram scout ahead.

Fig VII: A Microwave cannon. Fairly self explanitory.

Fig VIII: A grenade, but not just any grenade: Design to spew out smoke, poisonous gas, radiation, oil, or anything the soldiers can think of to force into the grenade. Just twist the top to let an arrow point to the desired gas and remove the pin and throw. The advantage is that instead of carrying around 3 tear gas grenades, 3 smoke grenades and 3 radiation grenades, you can just carry 9 grenades without being bound to specific situations where one grenade would be useless, and you'd run out of the others.

Fig IX: A new chemical, almost identical to water and very hard to pick up on sensors. The pistols that comes with it is meant for squad leaders and commanders. The chemical is either thrown in a body of water or plentifully spread over the field, when fired upon by the pistol it will detonate by setting off the hyrodgen and ogyxhen particals present in water. This creates a chain reaction in bodies of water, resulting in the entire body detonating. Warning: do not use on oceans.

Fig X: Very big and very heavy, but it might be worth it. This is a heat cannon. Designed to force the oil inside of a robot to combust and render the machine useless. Additionally it can fry someone in a second, but it consumes energy faster than a neckbeard consumes gaming fuel. The actual blast of fire is very concentrated, but luckily for us heat spreads fairly easily when it hits the target. Some reports state they can make cheaper robots plain out melt instead.
No. 40499 ID: eba49f

Fig IX

It seems like it would dilute in water. Why not make the idea more general, and have a liquid, hard to detect explosive that you can lay a puddle of and then shoot as an explosive trap? The Astranians will have even more fear of water!
No. 40500 ID: f2abea

the chemical only contains the detonative element that sets the chain reaction in motion. essentially any liquid containing hydrogen and oxyghen could be detonated with this. With problem with larger bodies of water would be to hit the detonative part of the liquid before it disolves too much to set the chain reaction in motion.
No. 40502 ID: 28e94e

As much as I hate to do this... that wouldn't work, at all. Hydrogen fires produce water.
No. 40505 ID: f2abea

I was going by the idea that hydrogen bombs make big booms and I figured they would have to be useful for making booms. Then I actually read up about it and learned it takes the heat of a nuclear blast to actually get them to do that.

What about the oxyghen reacting then?
No. 40506 ID: eba49f

I think it takes a very high amount of pressure to make stable elements react like that, which is why it only happens in reactors or stars.
No. 40507 ID: f2abea

how about I just slap the laws of nature in the face and suggest the chemical makes water react like nitroglycerin when its hit with the ray gun
No. 40508 ID: eba49f

You are not a wizard. Besides, if it was that easy to make a doomsday weapon (habitable planets need water) than people would run out of worlds rather quickly.
No. 40517 ID: 543aa6
File 131139284571.gif - (7.65KB , 612x606 , outfit.gif )

I think you are all missing a very important point by focusing on the grander and impersonal scales.
No matter how large an army, it is and always will be a collection of individuals. If you tend to those individuals, you tend to the army as a whole. You have to start at the most grassroots level.

That is why I have taken the initiative and designed new military uniforms for all troops. It offers maneuverability, freedom of motion, high visibility to friendly troops to avoid friendly fire, impenetrable camouflage in a beach and/or spring break environment, and of course, a guaranteed and significant morale boost for at least 50% of all troops. Morale is one thing technology can never overcome entirely and it is as valuable a commodity as any in a modern or postmodern army.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the future face of -- wait, this is for the SOLAR army?

Will you all excuse me for just one moment, please?
No. 40518 ID: 543aa6
File 131139294872.gif - (7.78KB , 612x606 , outfit2.gif )

As I was saying. Behold the future of your military might!
No. 40523 ID: f2abea

>you are not a wizard
Or am I?
Honestly though my understanding of how particles work is too limited to salvage this idea. If you have suggestions, please do tell~
No. 40528 ID: 1854db

Oh Dompag.
No. 40529 ID: cded1d

It's probably sad that the first thing I noticed was she was saluting with her left hand :/
No. 40530 ID: eba49f

I still think having an explosive that looks and smells like water would be quite useful (as long as you keep the bottle properly labeled.) You can use it for traps, and once your enemies start catching on you can leave puddles of normal water around as well to screw with their heads.
No. 40553 ID: e1c562

closing later today, unless someone's got another design
No. 40555 ID: 55c4cf

I was considering making a design today, but I am not sure if I can do it in time.
No. 40556 ID: e1c562

if you are working on a design, I shall wait
No. 40570 ID: f2abea
File 131144670557.jpg - (169.18KB , 1784x1594 , New canvas.jpg )

Fig I: Cold Suit, this suit is designed to keep the soldier wearing it nice and cool, while keeping the outside of the suit the same temprature as the rest of the envirement. It comes with a small box one wears on their belt. And it monitors and regulates the tempratures of the suit. Effective for avoiding scanners, and concidering how thing it is, a normal uniform or camo can be worn over it, effectively turning your soldier invisible to the enemy.

Fig II: The Chest High Wall, designed to provide cover to your men in the field, its a limited force field. not as mobile or compact as that for the furres, but its able to bring up a shield that can stop a number of powerful blasts, but without additional power supplies, will not last for more than an hour.
Its possible to hook up the power package for officers and tech specialists to this device, allowing the field to expand and absorb more damage. Perfect for keeping the enemy out of vital locations of your base. For the shield to be taken down when hooked up, it will take the same amount of power the reactor can provide for it to be taken down. Very situational.

Fig III: The breathing mask. a simple and straight forward invention, usually hooked up to a container of compressed air, this is mainly used for snipers and scouts in the field who have to remain (mostly) burried for an extended period of time. It allows them to make up for the lesser amount of air they'd be getting.
It also works as a filter, filtering out common poisons, dusts and other hazardous material. But don't expect it to stop biological weapons or radiation or such.

Fig IV: the breathing pack designed for Fig III

Fig V: The Camo Cloak, it comes with a small package like the cold suit does, it's designed to adapt to the surroundings, adapting the pigment in the material to blend in perfectly. At first sight even the keenest of eye will not notice this cloak is about, but it wont hold up well if someone bumps into it, or knows to look for it while getting close to it.
Effectively it's a camo suit that adopts to the envirement youre in. It would allow you to turn invisible if it didnt need time to calculate the surroundings and make an appropriate pattern on itself.

Fig VI: The dispenser; designed to blow water with high pressure in a cloud, this rifle-mounted cannon is meant to disable shields. Although it has a limited range, it has a large area of effect and can take out the shields of a squad in a single blast. of course it comes with a heavy package with compressed water in it. It can also function to carry around water for the troops, or other desired fluids.
The nuzzle can be adapted to fire a concentrated stream of fluids. should you want to use it to spray other liquids somewhere (napalm, the water explosive, etc)

Fig VII: the uni-jammer. Designed to counter a cancelling effect to any source of scanning known to mankind. Even light, kind of.
It makes everyhing in a certain radius around it virtually invisible for any kind of detecting technolgy, radar, sonar, it jams communication etc.
This device shuts down everything. You can use it to keep the enemy from scanning you, or hide it under an enemy base to completely fuck with all of their communication networks.
No. 40612 ID: e1c562
File 131153802832.jpg - (137.29KB , 998x475 , Contest4.jpg )


Congratulations Orison Industrial Interests! your infantry support design has excelled beyond all others through our military testing!

though we were unable to fully meet the required lighter material, we managed to boosted the suits power to more then compensate, combined with light armor plating the suit enhances speed and reflexes but endurance and strength as well!


I: standard pneumatic spike rifle equipped trooper

II: Trooper with flamethrower rifle variant for added firepower in close quarters

III: heavily armored Gauntlet Equipped trooper (despite discouragement from the development team many of the troopers equipped with what they have dubbed "superman suits" have insisted the a "good punchdown" is the best way to bring down Astranian soldiers. these suits have been adjusted to survive 5 seconds of hostile shielding before injury begins.)

thanks everyone for all the awesome designs so far! you've all done great work.
No. 40613 ID: 55c4cf
File 131154012446.png - (160.10KB , 777x444 , Solars Infantry Concept.png )

Producer: Octary
Protypes Displayed: Eclipse & Flare.

Units Intended to work as team, individual manufacturing is not recommended.


Heavily Armored
Powerful Shielding Unit
Energy Weapon Detection System

Low Mobility
Shielding Makes Firearms Unusable


Weight Management System
High Mobility
Targeting System

Limited Armoring
Limited Close Range Usage

Set Cons
High energy usage.
No stealth applications.
No. 40715 ID: e1c562

aircraft and starships will be the next and last section to close.
No. 40880 ID: e1c562

a winner will be declared within the next 24 hours

if someone is working on a design and needs more time, let me know so I can extend this time frame
No. 41047 ID: 644ca1

So who won aircraft/starships?
No. 41048 ID: eba49f

A new line of stealth aircraft perhaps? :p
No. 41061 ID: e1c562

I'm still deciding, due to lack of intrest there were very few aircraft designs.

I may have to make the final contest winner be a cross category vote
No. 41082 ID: 8bdb6a

I wanted to participate in the air contest, but I had zero ideas.

I'll try again today, but no promises.
No. 41083 ID: 23fb8e

I think aircraft are also more difficult to design than all the others have been. Starships, not so much, so I don't know why there aren't more of them.

oh man I am so tempted to make something based off the thunderbirds
No. 41088 ID: 23fb8e
File 131241904750.png - (214.04KB , 720x1080 , carrier.png )

Ok, I gave in to the temptation. Once again, I'm terrible at drawing techy things, so sorry for this looking like it was drawn in the corner of a book when I was 12.


This would be the Tracy Foundation Orbit To Surface Carrier, designed to deliver whatever needs delivering to wherever it needs to go! More than simply a glorified freighter (as our competitors would have you believe), the non-atmospheric OTS Carrier is equipped with the finest sensor suites, computers and engines to get it as close to a planet as possible from FTL. The ship is equipped only with defensive turrets, but with the loads it can carry, that's all it needs. Thanks to its modular design, the Carrier can be retrofitted with up to three "bays", or reduced to one or even zero if the eventuality should somehow become necessary.

From the OTS Carrier, the crew can swiftly deploy the OTS dropship, an atmospheric VTOL craft that compensates for its unavoidable weight with the largest engines and power systems you'll see on a sublight ship. Once again, the dropship is lightly armed with gunnery turrets for defensive purposes only, its mission being delivery and retrieval. A modified version of the same systems used to deflect micrometeorites in spacecraft are used to create a displacement "bubble" that prevents drag from unaerodynamic loads, and can even soften projectile weapons fire. The dropship is vulnerable when trying to reach escape velocity and return to the Carrier, so it is best accompanied by escort craft - most of which the Carrier can also deliver into combat, along with whatever tanks, aquatic craft, mobile emplacements and troop transport that may be carried by the dropship, which can be easily and swiftly modified to securely carry almost anything up to its own size. It can also carry other aircraft, deliver and retrieve cargo and, of course, drop bombs.

Speaking of massive destruction, the OTS Carrier itself can be equipped with the Heaven's Thunder module, dropping "spears" of dense supermassive material directly from orbit; without any form of internal power, these weapons are hard to detect, hard to stop and impact with kinetic force equivalent to more sophisticated WMDs. The proverbial "big rock" is still a viable weapon of war on any planet with sufficient gravity... though they are, of course, not free.
No. 41091 ID: 0d095c
File 131242352765.png - (52.66KB , 1152x648 , Expendable Drone.png )

Welp, we here at "Attrition Incorporated" know that there's a war on, and that we need to do our darndest with the little we have. That's why we've had our best boys workin' night and day for weeks months on the latest in cheap drone technology.

For pitiful sums, our drones are equipped with a pair of anti-tank missiles and a kamikaze high-yield warhead, targetted by a simple laser designator, allowing them to cause maximal devastation for minimal expenditure. Our boys reckoned it was pretty danged good. So please, consider Attrition Incorporated, for all your expendable needs.
No. 41350 ID: 2563d4
File 131303284417.gif - (12.32KB , 599x380 , pernach.gif )

The massive size and roaring vectored turbofans of the Pernach in motion belie its hybrid airship nature, for much of its volume is dedicated to the lifting gas pockets which allow it to remain on-station for extended periods. While armed with a pair of Guardian turrets repurposed to provide crude anti-air and missile-CIWS capability, her most potent contribution is as a AEW&C platform and airstrike staging ground. A rear-mounted radome and suite of complementary sensors, able to draw power from solar panels covering her top surface, allows the Pernach excellent battlefield surveillance capability and allows her to effectively direct limited Solar forces to make the most of vulnerabilities opened by poor Astranian discipline and short-term shielding technology. Where ground forces are unable to strike in time, a small compliment of Threshal fighter/bombers can be launched from the internal flight deck. Launching at below stall speed and requiring a sharp initial dive to compensate, only the most skilled yet foolhardy of Solar pilots suit the role---and only the downright insane are willing to attempt what is required to be one of the most precise landings in aviation.
No. 41374 ID: b6ca92

Don't Solars have some measure of gravity technology for their ships?
If so, have they expanded it to allow for antigravity?
No. 41375 ID: b6ca92

Come to think of it, Do solars have FTL technology?
No. 41392 ID: eba49f

I think the whole thing about the 'window' means they use portals rather than FTL ships.
No. 41393 ID: e1c562

Solars do have FTL travel, but it is a sketchy and generally unreliable variant of it
No. 41411 ID: b6ca92

>FTL travel, but it is a sketchy and generally unreliable variant of it
Sounds like pre-Astronomicon 40K Warp Travel.
Um, do you have a proper discussion thread where I can ask about these things?
No. 41416 ID: e1c562


this is my current discussion thread for all of my many quests
No. 41437 ID: 8bdb6a
File 131315111356.png - (145.37KB , 800x700 , avalanche.png )

C-57 'Avalanche' Medium Transport VTOL
Manufacturer: Renegade Interrupt

A fast, affordable transport VTOL allowing for rapid insertion and extraction of ground forces. Able to deploy from space to a planet, with the help of jettisoning heat shields over the fans, but not the other way around.

Simple, robust engines allow it to withstand serious damage from debris and fragmentation. Each nacelle can survive the complete loss of main fan without compromising engine compression, allowing for emergency thrust and a powered landing.
No. 41712 ID: e1c562
File 131371857740.jpg - (265.82KB , 1167x720 , Contest5.jpg )

Congratulations Tracy Foundation! your Starship design has impressed all of us here at the development team.

Our Generals have declared the OTS Carrier to be a necessity in our starfleets!

the Solar Militia is eager to bring this weapon to bare against the enemy.

Size comparison between OTS Carrier, OTS dropship, and Guardian Artillary tank

to who ever sent me this design thanks, you didn't leave a name so contact me here or IRC if your interested in the prize
No. 43060 ID: e1c562
File 131630890218.jpg - (512.85KB , 1067x705 , SpaceBrawl.jpg )

Jukashi's Prize:

Maolla and Mitrel attempt to persuade Astranian BlackMerchants, the negotions don't go as smoothly as initially planned . . .
No. 43062 ID: 07416a

Holy shit yes
No. 43063 ID: b6edd6

Hehe such a tiny little stool he us using as a weapon.
No. 43076 ID: a0bb1f


This is even more awesome than I had anticipated. Thanks, LW!
No. 44735 ID: f72f26
File 131946575074.png - (458.80KB , 680x514 , First Contact.png )

MiB's Prize:


" . . . and that's when the little man came out of the shiny flying disc!"

. . .

"I swear father I had nought a drop last night!"
No. 44736 ID: 210977


these prizes are the best prizes.
No. 44744 ID: 49e0ab

I am both pleased and amused.
No. 44746 ID: b6edd6

And the Astranians continue in their eternal search for intelligent life shorter than themselves.
No. 45324 ID: f72f26
File 132029932676.png - (501.74KB , 886x1037 , flamingrabbit.png )

Circle's Prize:

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