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File 130915647879.png - (69.58KB , 757x659 , naptime.png )
38696 No. 38696 ID: 8a1253

A pure young mono-eyed boy's quest to complete a Monomyth.

>take 5 month hiatus
>disregard running series, create new quest
man you guys I am the best quest author ever
PQ will kick back up soon! Perhaps soon.

If you have any questions (like about the setting, anatomical features of various races, etc.), shoot!
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No. 38700 ID: 862b40

Wait what? I have to 5 months for this to continue on. D:
No. 38704 ID: 8a1253

I have no idea what you're saying or if you misread but here's a big ranty post explaining why I didn't just hop right back onto PQ!

At the time I was having issue with storywriting (which I was never good at) and the tri-line of Maria, Walter, and the narrator with that weird wizard kid.
MonoMyth is my cooldown, getting into the update groove while running a story that is extremely rigid and organized with flat nameless characters that develop easily and an open situation that can write out without obstacles with a simple suggestion to goals.
Princess Quest has the story and characters write goals out, completely out of the reader's control. The only influence is how they choose to go about it, and also to antagonize the heroes because that's the fun of quests.

It's likely PQ will continue on within a week or two, though.
No. 38706 ID: 07416a

I better get on reading princess quest then. I read the first chapter and loved it and then didn't continue because I got distracted by something shiny or whatever.


No. 38713 ID: 9a34be

>>Anatomical questions
What do centaurs do with their arms when they run anyway? Do they swing them like bipeds or just cross them across their chest or what?
No. 38714 ID: a6008c
File 130916229175.png - (19.58KB , 666x558 , GnomeCantDrawHorses.png )

They strike gallant poses.
No. 38715 ID: 8a1253

Normally they have very firm backs and just sort of tilt forward and extend the arms slightly.

Younger centaurs (as seen in thread picture) wear harnesses because their backs are not as well-built. The strap across the breast is for halting, and the rings around the chest are for grabbing when galloping.

Similarly, the silver rings around the neck are supports to keep the neck from snapping.
No. 38716 ID: f5fe2f

They lean forward and extend their arms like superman.
No. 38717 ID: 8a1253
File 130916448139.png - (34.81KB , 936x597 , DESPERADO love.png )

More like like a penguin, really.

I drew quite a bit of MonoMyth stuff previously actually hey let's post it

This one was from a translation snafu; my Japanese friend was commenting on her affection for monster people. The kanji for that is "people" and "outside", normally used together to mean "fugitive" (literally meaning "inhuman").

She translated it as "desperado".
No. 38718 ID: 35e1a0

AHAHAHAHA. that is both funny and awesome.
No. 38783 ID: 1444d5

>monster people
>kanji for that is "people" and "outside", normally used together to mean "fugitive" (literally meaning "inhuman")
No. 39262 ID: 633ab8
File 131000915520.png - (562.54KB , 600x800 , the gentle soul.png )

Sorry for the week-long jump, internet disconnected because we didn't get the money because of a mail strike.

Anyway as per usual with each update, extra art!

I'll save the pic of Noce in single-lens shutter shades being a Jersey-Shore-grade ridiculous douche for a faster day when I have exhausted my MonoMyth art reservoir.

Discussion continues, with such important questions as "why is Noce's nose so damn pink?" (it's very sensitive) and "are centaur dicks the size of horse dicks" (yes).
No. 40000 ID: 633ab8
File 131079191613.png - (6.07KB , 155x278 , sigh.png )

Now is as good a time as any to note that during pacing periods (rounds where it's impossible to make good suggestions) you should just talk to Noce. They shouldn't take longer than 3 rounds, so I hope that's worth the luxury of story pacing.

Here's Night's image ripped from the panel because I liked her design.
No. 40005 ID: 40cb26

>liked her design.
That's one way to put it... Hey I know she's brand new and all, but I'd like to recommend you put her in the chest day thread. Get the most out of that design you like so much~
No. 40117 ID: 2eac65

Hi! I'd like to say it's been a really cute and fun quest so far. I'm enjoying reading it.

So how many races are known to the "civilized" races, and how do they interact?

Also, what's the general geography of the area we're in?

And how does magic work here?
No. 40792 ID: 37c25a
File 131181929614.png - (259.48KB , 480x900 , archipelago.png )

Did someone inquire about world building because I think someone inquired about world building!!

First, the map;
The story takes place in a small archipelago called Hilswo (hills-woe). Noce doesn't know this because Noce is Noce.
Red dots with blue circles are towns, blue dots with red circles are abandoned towns, and black spots are areas Noce will avoid at all costs. The bigger areas of any importance are labeled.
Due to the less than impressive size of Hilswo, the Capital of the country is the only place with a castle.
The lower half of the country is considered the "smaller" one because most of it is just choked with mountains and trees.
Ports are named for their position. There is no east port because Baseport is best accessed from the east side and there is no north port because mountains.
The climate is moderate, and the archipelago sits a little ways north from the equator.

As for races;
Humans, cyclops, centaurs, satyrs, ningyo, and cursed.

-Humans live in flatlands and treat races as they've been treated, forever. Cyclops are spit upon and they don't oft care about pretty much anyone else.
-Cyclops live in northern areas with moderate weather. They are generally fair-looking. Basically fantasy Scandinavians. Viking theme is already obvious in Noce's design.
-Centaurs are true neutral and the only think they're willing to bend for is purity. In Autumn's village, having no self control is considered bad and there's a lot of urban legends about guys falling hard for pure things and going absolutely apeshit and killing everyone who threatens their precious creature and it's pretty scary stuff. They live in secluded areas like forests, mountains, and cave networks.
-Satyrs are like centaurs mini. Pretty close on the biological tree. They're internationally friendly and are culturally steeped in music. Unlike centaurs, they only live in forestry. This includes jungles, temperate rainforests, tropical rainforests, woods, etc...if there are trees, there will probably be satyrs.
-Ningyo are fishmonkeys that speak above water through whistles. They're friendly beasts and arguably sapient. They can communicate with people, if that is enough. It's rumored some ningyo have the ability to turn human. Ningyo are saltwater fish.
-Cursed are people in the bipedal side of the evolutionary tree (humans, cyclops) that have been cursed or are the children of cursed people. They can manipulate their bodies, replace body parts with objects, and use hides as a tool to transform into animals. Only the last can be passed down to children.

And of course, magic. Magic is almost entirely manipulation of objects, so besides making shit hot or cold there is no elemental magic. Magic is basically all about altering shape. Humans and cyclops cannot cast magic. Cursed are people who can only cast magic on themselves.

-Compared to most centaurs, Autumn has shit self-control. Blood pressure skyrocketing is the first aspect trained out of foals (because no one likes an irl HNNNNGH) but he can't even keep that down.

-Noce is not a Cursed, despite the hide.
No. 40793 ID: 7aedd2

Update more. I miss your quest
No. 40982 ID: 37c25a
File 131218325733.png - (153.08KB , 329x475 , oh.png )

can't be tamed

(posting atm!)
No. 41289 ID: 37c25a
File 131293185308.png - (217.84KB , 768x1024 , pattern.png )

P5 updating on a regular schedule is like P5 running a story without a character sporting gradient hair

you think it's going to happen but nope there's the slow transition of colour in their luscious locks
No. 41290 ID: 7aedd2

No. 41298 ID: 37c25a
File 131293751106.png - (449.84KB , 1024x768 , rouge.png )

We're just about at the end of chapter so I'll be posting all night don't worry

have some area concept art you guys like concept art right sure you do
No. 41934 ID: a6008c

Princess Quest has kicked back up:
No. 61791 ID: cc5490

No. 61829 ID: 97486c

You're like a year late to that party
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