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File 130879636078.png - (24.65KB , 719x669 , Discussion.png )
38451 No. 38451 ID: 2ae337

It seems I am a bit vague in my quest's backstory, and is evident from the current debate on my thread that it may lead to a derail. So I'll just add a little Fam Biz canon here and update as questions are asked. Those who are debating can continue to do so as they please, just I don't want to wasted thread space answering questions when I could be progressing the plot.
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No. 38452 ID: 2ae337
File 130879687781.png - (43.07KB , 895x889 , Rezan.png )

First off Rezan look similar to humans in that well...they look like humans with a uniform hair color. But there are a number of key differences between them and humans in the Biz-verse. First off, they are very sensitive to magic, much like elves, dorfs, and stuff. Second, magic acts differently around them(i.e only they have the ability to solidify it). And there are few pureblood Rezans. Because of some affliction steeped in superstition, Rezan interbreeding has a chance of making a Gorod offspring instead of a normal Rezan child.

And a whole bunch of other stuff that I'll answer if someone asks.
No. 38453 ID: 2ae337
File 130879703774.png - (21.64KB , 719x669 , Gorod.png )

A Gorod is...well this. A deformed, gorilla-like parody of a Rezan. It's intelligence is limited, it walks on all fours, and is barely capable of understanding complex commands. Rezans use them as mounts in their homeland, and when fighting abroad thanks to their claws letting them scale walls and steep inclines.

Most Rezan riders ride their siblings, as a family bond makes the Gorod more inclined to not topple it's rider and eat him.
No. 38454 ID: 44766a

That is kinda ... fucked up.
No. 38455 ID: 2ae337

Yeah that's another reason why Rezans keep slaves from other lands around. It helps thin the blood.
No. 38456 ID: 1854db

What's your opinion on the constant shipping of the main character and the princess?
No. 38457 ID: 2ae337

I'm sorry I'm still not aware of some terms. Shipping?
No. 38459 ID: 35e1a0

it's not shipping if you actually have some degree of control over it.

and shipping is basically a fan wanting two characters to be together. like... in avatar last airbender people wanted katara to be with zuko, those people are shippers. but in this, despite the fact we wanted the princess to be with him, we could actually make that happen.
No. 38462 ID: 2ae337
File 130880187945.jpg - (9.06KB , 150x146 , obama_just_as_planned.jpg )

Oh in that case (See pic). I was planning on a relationship, not that one but it's good enough. And he can have more than one being Rezan. After all he can't focus on politics with a shitty home life.

Though I do hope this doesn't continue with every female NPC down the line...
No. 38463 ID: 35e1a0

only SOME of them.
No. 38465 ID: 2cee53

Why not? What's wrong with having all the bitches?
No. 38468 ID: 2ae337

Some of them are already taken by men who have the power to kill you for just LOOKIN at em, some just don't swing that way, and some are kinda...dead.
No. 38470 ID: 2ae337
File 130880460404.png - (20.15KB , 719x669 , The Birther.png )

Since someone asked, the Birther is a perverted god who was forever banished from the pantheon because he kept spying on all the goddesses naked. That didn't stop him from spying on mortals though. Rezans believe he watches every, single Rezan when they make love, and given his voyeuristic tendencies, he likes it to be exotic. If the lovemaking is exotic enough, he will bless them with a child, whether they want it or not, and make sure it ISN'T a Gorod.
No. 38471 ID: 35e1a0

oh, then yes i see how he thinks the birther will make she she is preggo. he is probably laughing his ass off.
No. 38472 ID: 252e1b


Oh yeah, Birther has got to be smiling.
No. 38473 ID: 00d3d5

>Rezan interbreeding has a chance of making a Gorod

This typo confused me until I read the rest of the thread. Antonyms, FTW!
No. 38478 ID: 4816c3

Well I say interbreeding as the chances are relatively the same regardless of Rezan heritage. A half-elf Rezan from the Makag breeding with a half-gobbo Rezan from Gamin is just as likely to make a Gorod as two full blooded Rokofs getting it on.
No. 38532 ID: 2ae337
File 130895242827.png - (17.91KB , 719x669 , families.png )

Before the quest grinds to a halt with questions on Rezan politics.

Originally there were six ruling families in Makag. One was destroyed during a war between them and Rokof, and two others we're absorbed into Makag and Gamin receptively. Chazo has recently escalated to ruling status for their abundance of magic users.

All hold equal status to each other and it is through agreements between the families that policies and laws are passed and enforced throughout the nation.
No. 38533 ID: 2ae337
File 130895260251.png - (15.10KB , 591x474 , Servant Families.png )

Each family has a number of 'servant' families that have declared loyalty to their patron family. As such they enjoy the protection and fortune of the patron family while in turn all assets the servant family own are also property of the patron family.

For example if Makag went to war, they could draw on the soldiers held in reserve from all it's servant families to expand their ranks, and these armies would have the Makag family banner instead of their own.
No. 38535 ID: b1f0e2

>Chazo has recently escalated to ruling status for their abundance of magic users.

So, you can rise to ruling status merely by being powerful enough... mmm. So these are not set in stone, there are only 4 ruling families right now and you two are basically next in line of the ruler-ship of one of each.

That should in theory give you guys a lot of power in regards to laws. Well, once you are the actual leaders.
There is always the possibility of forming a new unified house. Makagamin?
If the rokof and chazo go to war with each other, then after the war starts Makag and Gamin unify into Makagamin. When one of them is disadvantage (say the chozo?), then you can take them on as a vassal. This essentially leaves only two great houses TECHNICALLY... but in reality its one superpower vs one weakened by war. You could end up being the king and queen of your entire people.

You and Nietch can co-rule and your children who would take over here. While the children of you and gyoji can be placed back on the throne of her native country. Yes there is much potential here. Of course Nietch needs to also be interested in the whole thing.
No. 38546 ID: 2ae337

Just so you guys know I'm gonna be out next week so I can't really update...seeing as my lappy's busted...
No. 38566 ID: b1f0e2

sorry to hear that. good luck getting it fixed
No. 39756 ID: 2ae337
File 131053401947.png - (53.94KB , 1401x659 , lifts.png )

Veni's city is called Reza, silly I know.

Each level is free floating held by magic carved into those large black blocks. Which is actually millions of smaller runes formed in a way to shape one giant rune to exponentially increase its effectiveness.

Anyway the lowermost level is the trade/industrial level, and that's usually where the slaves of the lower classes work, and new slaves are usually sold/indoctrinated on this level.
The second level is the merchant level, which houses the actual merchant families. It also bridges the city to the rest of the country.

And the top most level belongs to the noble families.

Those pillars with the 'blobs' are the elevators that move people to each level. Anyone can use them, provided they can pay for it.
No. 39833 ID: b6ca92

It looks like a stiff breeze could knock it over.
Just how much magic does it take to sustain it? Are they using magical contragravity to hold up the layers rather than using the pillars for support? Is there some sort of undergrond magical reactor providing all the energy needed, or is it something else like a city-wide magical leeching program?
No. 39835 ID: 830984
File 131062073725.jpg - (40.48KB , 500x400 , facepalmBEAR.jpg )

>Author:"Each level is free floating held by magic carved into those large black blocks."

>Anon:Are they using magical contragravity to hold up the layers rather than using the pillars for support?
No. 39857 ID: b1f0e2

Shows of opulence and wealth are ALWAYS "stupid"
Yet for some reason people are awfully impressed by the pyramids, the great wall, las vegas, the sistine chapel, the hanging gardens, etc
No. 39858 ID: b1f0e2

also the "white pillars" are not pillars, they are buildings. No way they would be able to hold such weight
No. 39869 ID: 830984

My point was that some of the questions that he asked were answered in the post immediately above it, which had been there all day.

Anyway, people find the pyramids impressive for the same reason that Dorfs build megaprojects. That reason is that awesomeness and stupidity are not at all mutually exclusive. (And because giant stuff is simply more awesome than not-giant stuff.)
No. 40014 ID: 74a0ae

Yeah it fills multiple purposes to cram as many people into as little land as possible, but to also awe foreigners to their wealth and mastery over...stuff.
No. 40019 ID: b1f0e2

oh yea, and for all we know using magic in such a way could be cheaper, safer, and more reliable then steel reinforced concrete skyscrapers.
No. 40333 ID: 2ae337
File 131119479279.png - (11.17KB , 633x546 , Mark.png )

Since It just came up, the Marker is in charge of putting the Mark of Submission on new slaves. It basically dulls the recipients 'free will' so to speak while leaving the rest of the person's psyche untouched. In turn the person becomes more accepting of their new role in Rezan society. It naturally wears off after several years, but it is expected by that time that the slave in question has fully embraced Rezan society and is ready to apply for citizenship. The scribbles in the middle, while look random, are actually unique to each slave, and need to be carefully written depending on the race, gender, age, and size of the recipient. If the wrong mark is put on, the person could be anything from a raging lunatic to a mindwiped idiot.
No. 40334 ID: 35e1a0

ah. but should we mark her? she apparently get off on being submissive. and making her like that ALL the time would be...
No. 40335 ID: 5aac32

Her natural submissiveness doesn't mean she won't act up. Hell, she's already doing that. And if she acts up, it likely reflects poorly on her master.
No. 40336 ID: 35e1a0

nono, i mean make her horny all the time as a indirect result of it.
No. 40337 ID: b1f0e2

Is it absolutely required that all new slaves receive it?
For example, you have with you a dragon general who saved your life, you said that grants him automatic citizenship. Is he expected to receive one? (I would guess not).
No. 40339 ID: 2ae337

Honestly I haven't thought that far, that's up to the readers to decide.
No. 40341 ID: b1f0e2

>Players decide
For both of them or just the general?
No. 40342 ID: b1f0e2

How severe a personality shift are we talking about here?
Can the mark be removed early safely?
If a mark is misapplied, is the damage irreversible?
How often does a mark get misapplied?
No. 40343 ID: 2ae337

In any case. The situation will probably arise again depending on where the quest goes, and I want the readers to decide how stringent the rules should be.

In order:
1)Anywhere from mood swings to psychotic.
2)No, once applied it needs to run its course.
3)Not quite. More severe stuff is permanent while the milder cases will wear off over time. But it's hard to break a habit you've had for years.
4)Enough times that Markers make damn sure they don't futz it up.
No. 40344 ID: b1f0e2

4) well, I am just worried on whether this is an "acceptable risk" for most slaves but one we don't want to take with her. My guess is that if a slave here or there gets their brain cooked a little by the mark... eh, part of doing business.

Which would suggest that more traditional methods of ensuring loyalty are employed for slaves where you do not want to risk that.
No. 68131 ID: 47a120

I can't help but noticed that sergei in family traditions is a half northern sergal and that those have just been encountered for the first time in family business (apparently after being from another dimension).

This seems to indicate to me that family traditions is set in the future compared to family business (that or that they have been around but not well knonwn?). Could Vivian thus be a future daughter of venian and Gyoji?
No. 90602 ID: 92a0df
File 143009261695.jpg - (295.67KB , 1525x900 , rezsubcultures.jpg )

So over spring break, I had a lot of time to dick around but no internet to dick with. I decided to do some world building for this setting, and post it here so I can remember it all when I eventually edit the wiki. Most of it's only half done but yeah. Here we go.

There are two groups of Rezan cultures that dominate the majority of Rezan society: the Rezruton, and the Resilkem
However, the Rezruton hold their larger majority, and hence their language is the adopted standard for naming all the other peoples.
There are several subcultures that exist in Rezo however that cling to their old lifestyle despite the incursion of Rezruton.

The most notable cultures on Rezo are as follows:

The Rezruton("Us, the People): The largest ethnic group/culture on Rezo. The originated around the southern plains, where plentiful food and warm climates saw them reproduce exponentially. They quickly began to outgrow their home, and thus expanded outwards. Being Rezans, they expanded with military force, subjugating other clans and groups and absorbing them into their own. This however ensured their population would continuously be too large for their current territory to support, and fueled numerous campaigns to take even more land. This is basically the same as the Rezilkem, but the notable difference between them and the Rezruton is ingenuity. Rezruton leaders were constantly looking for new ideas and inventions that would give them an edge. Many of these new inventions they stumbled upon by accident when trying to find a solution for something else. When magic started appearing with more abundance among Rezans, the Rezruton sought new ways to calm these violent minds. What they got instead was Glyph Karving. Gouging these magic sensitive glyphs on the heads of captured slaves dulled specific parts of the mind, making them more docile and easy to control while still allowing the slaves to have control of other mental faculties. This system allowed Rezruton to support a massive slave population without the risk of rebellion and revolt. This in turn made them an economic powerhouse in early Rezan society, that accepted slaves as an alternative to coin. When the Pariah ended the continuous conflicts between the clans, it was the Rezruton that emerged dominant at the end, and they lead at the front of the allied clans to unite all of Rezo through military might. Though many clans have since adopted this culture, the ruling families of Makag and Gamin trace their lineage back to the original Rezruton clan.

Rezruton are 'average', about as tall as the average human, with a frame about the same as an average human. Maybe it was the heat of their native home, or maybe it was their ancestors' reverence of the Breeder, but Rezruton are very frisky. They relieve stress with sex as often as fighting or bloodletting, which has led to a very open clan regarding relationships. It is no surprise that the Makag and Gamin families are so large when compared to the others. Not just through client families, but the main house has many more members than other families; and Makag and Gamin maintain VERY friendly relations with each other. Their casual wear can be anywhere from 'revealing' to 'promiscuous' and all their art
at some point or another involves something erotic. However that isn't to say Rezruton are totally hedonistic. They are also brilliant. Dangerously brilliant. They have fewer inhibitions about science and math, always looking for something to improve their life at home or their soldiers on the battlefield. It also leads to those who pursue more violent careers (slavers, soldiers, mercenaries) to train more in exotic weaponry, for the dramatic flair, and it makes it harder for the enemy to anticipate their movements.

The Resilkem("We, People"): The second most dominant culture. Their home is located around the rocky cliffs of the southeastern coast, what they lacked in farming they made up with hunting and fishing. This wouldn't be enough to sustain them however and they moved outward. The Resilkem have earned a treacherous reputation thanks to their more underhanded tactics. Such as attacking allies when they are weakened, launching raids during the agreed truce during the winter season, and generally doing whatever it took to ensure their clans' survival. However, they were honor-bound to look after those they conquered. Over time, other clans that were absorbed and their traditions became incorporated into a giant amalgamation of rites, and customs and hypocrisy.

The Resilkem emerged from the Pariah's Intervention on par with the Rezruton, and for the longest time they were set to simply hold half of Rezo. The decline began when the allied clans united the remaining factions. Many of the smaller clans chose the safety and open attitude of the Rezruton, not quite as many found comfort in the very reserved Resilkem. Today the original clan is survived by most notably, Rokof family, and they still maintain the combined traditions of all the clans their family absorbed.

The most notable aspect of the Resilkem is their body mutilation. Tattoos, piercings, and scarring are commonplace amongst its people as a sign of maturity, or certificates for specific responsibilities. A man without even a single ear piercing will not even be perceived as an adult to the Resilkem; and other clans interpret this attitude as stuck up and haughty. This results in the Resilkem looking down on other clans. How can you trust someone to be competent enough to run a nation if they aren't without the tattoo that says they can?

The Rezmodla(Coastal Clans): These are people that live predominantly on the water. Be it a river, or the sea, the Rezmodla are most comfortable where its wet. Rezans as a whole are naturally war like and aggressive, which is why most of its history is just a stream of skirmishes, wars, and assassinations. Because being near a source of fresh water is vital for a clan to grow(and thus be strong enough to fight other clans) the Rezmodla often found themselves ousted from lakes and rivers, and forced to flee to the Rezan coastlines. Here they rebuilt their lives as fishermen and traders. Their ability at all things boat related made them valuable assets to those who were able to ally with them. It didn't stop them from being targeted by others however and they were still hunted. The Rezmodla eventually scattered into smaller families that found their way to other parts of Rezo. It isn't clear when it happened, but the Rezmodla as a people started becoming more androgynous. Males began to look like females, and females started to lose their
more defining features but still maintaining a feminine figure. This worked both to their advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, they were sought out even more, not just to hire their services as navigators, but for marriage proposals and alliances. This also led to more aggressive clans that couldn't secure either to enslave even more of them, keeping them as trophies for others to gawk at. However the Rezmodla also used this as a way to infiltrate other clans. The slaves would work their way around clan leaders, seducing them with honeyed words and taking over the clan when said leaders mysteriously die. The Gamin family, while originally and still following Rezruton customs, is now predominantly Rezmodla all tracing back to the first slave that seduced the clan's patriarch.

Rezmodla are very mirthful, and this nature is expressed in their culture. Their dialect is almost poetic, even musical. Words softly meld into the next and sentences are spoken like pouring water. They have different slang that they can say cheerfully to each other despite its morbid translation. Where most Rezans may ask "How are you?" Rezmodla ask "You are still alive?", a reflection of their dark history. They are quick to trust despite being the chew toy of more powerful clans, and are very optimistic. To the point it is nauseating.

One of the more notable fashion of the Rezmodla is the throat scarf. Because in the past Rezmodla were vastly separated by their boats, shouting was a requirement for communication. It is believed that to ensure communication, the throat needs to stay warm and safe. The scarf emerged as a form of extra protection against all ailments of the throat, allowing the person to have a perfect voice. The nobility have mostly discarded this tradition, but the Rezmodla who still play their trade on the open water all still wear their colorful throat scarfs.

The Rezkongol (North Mountain Home): These clans live on the windward side of the northern Stormtrap Mountains. An apt name as the snowstorms that would normally pelt Rezo are spent all along the northern side of these mountains. It is here that the Rezkongol make their home. Their history is a mystery as they kept few written records and few clans bothered to seek them out. Even now they are something of an enigma to the rest of Rezo. Their clans are predominately matriarchal, and women fill the roles of hunters, fishers, scouts, and guides. Their small frames allow them to move through narrow passages with ease and their diminutive size keep them from disturbing the thinner portions of ice. The men usually stay at home and fulfill domestic roles cooking, caring for the children, and acting as midwife(or midhusband?) to expecting mothers.

Despite their outward gentile appearance, they are quite blunt and very no-nonsense, coming across as rude to others, but this simply a fact of their life. Talk is cheap, get it out of the way as fast as possible. This is also reflected in their child rearing. Rezkongol mothers are notoriously strict, brooking no error, and treating even slight mistakes as horrible failure. They are slow to reward, and quick to punish, determined to have children that are self reliant at a very early stage. These children often bear several scars as reminders to not make mistakes. None of the major families have direct lineage to Rezkongol culture, but the Makag family has a few members. Such as Venian's mother.
No. 90624 ID: 066a87

I really dig the different costumes and the reasoning behind the cultural differences.
No. 90685 ID: 92a0df
File 143028054541.png - (104.68KB , 2132x2441 , Coinisomething.png )

Thanks. I've been jumping between some stuff for a while. To make a reason for stuff existing. It also will help me remember how some stuff should look.

Also just finished something I scribbled while on the road.

Elves are dicks. They spend of hundreds of years splitting apart, founding new clans, and killing each other. As their civilization grows more advanced, their taste in killing elves diminishes but their need to beat 'that other House' doesn't. This led to uplifting many animals and warping them into soldiers to fight proxy wars for them. Dead elves without actually killing them yourself? Great! When the elves are nearly wiped out, these creations go wild. Even though they have been severely reduced in number and technology, they still spend all their time bickering, fighting, and killing each other.


Omnivorous rabbits uplifted by the Couina elves in the north. Created in response to Dweana House unleashing Dweana'dre upon them. Their small size and speed made them excellent scouts, and their strength was magnified to combat the larger Dweana'dre. Their natural fear of anything bigger was twisted into outrage and battlelust making them excellent shock troops. Bezerkers that charge the enemy line, screaming obscenities and swinging weapons they really shouldn't be able to lift. After the devasation of the elves, the Couina'dok separated into individual clans that fought each other over land and matters of honor. Their short tempers has made them lousy neighbors to other races but their skill in metallurgy is highly valued. Now if only they didn't make their weapons so damned heavy. Fucking elves...
No. 96635 ID: 3663d3

can we talk about how kome really needs to not speak in riddles?
No. 96641 ID: cf91e4

It's Kome. You don't expect their statements to make *any* sense, and it's a miracle when they do. I've just kinda given up on it.
No. 96667 ID: cec4ac

I kinda want Kome to run a quest, just to goggle at the sheer lunacy.
But then I remember he's one of the only people who understood how Notquest worked, and I worry for my own mental state.
No. 96677 ID: ad936f

I choose to believe that kome lives in an alternate universe where all his suggestions make sense, but he ends up posting to our universe's tgchan because shenanigans.
No. 96679 ID: 2fffb5

I like to think that kome lives in all of our hearts.
No. 96680 ID: ad936f

kome is a mystical fairy that lives in the dreams of mentally unstable children.
No. 98359 ID: 2ccbb3

> Dominore

These two are different characters right? Like Mangalo's parents figured their family name was similar to Mongicello so they decided what the heck and named him Dominore?
No. 98364 ID: 3663d3

kome, please don't use "quotation marks" for anything. it is a bad idea, ever.
No. 103234 ID: 3abd97

How closely is The Family Estate supposed to track with Business / Traditions?

Asking because I'm not sure if I should be lumping this thread in the same wiki page with the other two, since it looks like a new character / story.

Obvious options are (a) lump it in with the others (b) lump it, but as sidestory / specthread (c) give it a separate wiki page. Is there an author preference?
No. 107637 ID: ca1cab
File 148412655071.jpg - (1.01MB , 3577x3809 , lore bomb - elves n shit.jpg )

I should probably check this thread more often. I'm just so used to nothing happening here I guess.

I know these are old questions but I'll answer em anyway.
Dominore is a title. Something like a mix between knighthood and getting tenure. It's essentially given to anyone that isn't a noble but is elevated to the same status as nobility for something they did or are doing

Go ahead and lump them together. They're all going to intersect eventually.

Also incoming lore dump about elves and their bullshittery:

Elves had long ago achieved what they called the Linear Lattice - a state of being where they had become intrinsically tied to the very fabric of reality. By adopting a new sense of Self, they could achieve secrets of Sight and Speech that let them literally change the world because they said so.

So they abandoned their old identities, donned the masks, and became one with their new Self. What they Said became truth, what they wanted came to be. The world was theirs to make what they wanted, to fight their wars and live their lives in ultimate hedonism.

Entire races were made because they Said so. Their histories, their names, their power, all came to be as their masters Said so. And they fought each other because their masters Said so. It wasn't enough to be of the Linear Lattice, they had to control it completely over the other houses

Years of conflict would see them disrupt the Lattice until a great calamity destroyed much of their empire, nearly all traces of their earthbound civilization gone. They survive today in the remaining Houses, sequestered within the Lattice where they continue their bickering and fighting undisturbed by the mortal realm, becoming more and more tied to the new Self they created. Others still refuse to be part of the Houses, choosing to abandon all but their connection to the Lattice, to live in the mortal world as a form of penance. These exiles, called 'Low Elves' by the House loyalists, live in isolated clans and families, or choosing to live among mortals, adopting their customs and practices, one part as a form of self punishment for the sins of their ancestors, and another to ensure the other races don't tread down their path. It may certainly explain why they are quick to accept whatever fate befalls them. As observed by Rezans, Elves seem to be most accepting of enslavement of any race they encountered.

They're still huge dicks though.

House Dweane - Formerly House Din and Ane-lin, they had inhabited large land masses that are south of Eastaland. Their exiles chose to live in places the humans seldom live, forming clans of Mountain elves that carve their homes in the icy peaks, and Sea Elves that wander the sea in floating villages. Venian's first wife was a mountain elf. Their creations were the Dweand'dre - now called Dintreh - the blue skinned predators that plague much of the Eastaland territories, going as far as Westerlund, and the Dilinnel - the burrowinng mole folk to combat the dwarfs.

House Dyaine - Formerly House Din before splitting into Dyaine and Din-now-Dweane, they inhabited the northern lands, coming into conflict with House Couina. Exiles of Dyaine choose instead to live among the local human nations, abandoning many of the tenets of the House to live their lives as though they were human, adopting their beliefs and customs. They have done this for so long, few even identify themselves as 'elf' anymore. Unlike Dweane and Couina, Dyaine chose not to Speak new races into existence. Instead they chose to gift tribes of humans with small Whispers, Hints that would become the magic used in the mortal world, and setting these tribesmen against their enemies. A lot of the more destructive powers used in the world are built on the secrets Told to them by Dyaine long ago.

House Couina - A house that contested lands with House Dyaine, and perhaps the largest House at the height of their civilization, their territories stretching across the planet.
Their exiles have taken to the southern wastelands and deserts, working tirelessly to mend the scars that still cover the planet from their downfall. Of all the surviving Houses, Couina Spoke the most and from their Speech, the most races born: the Couina'dok- now called Coinninoch, the Coiunaka'dok - now called the Tsang Naji, and many, many others

House Pesan - Formerly House Pesa and House Creana- Pesan was a House whose territory was in constant flux.
What was once theirs could quickly become property of another House only to be part of Pesana again just as fast.
They Spoke the Pest - once a single race, they had since split and become several different creatures across the world whose primary reason for existing was to harass the other races of the mortal world: Goblins, Yunka, Vintlu, and several others.
No. 128283 ID: 5da03e

Yo Baron, I love the new Gyoji art.
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