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File 130785814564.png - (137.61KB , 800x600 , Eclipse Discussion.png )
37752 No. 37752 ID: fa6e8d

Talking and arts and stuff goes in here.
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No. 37759 ID: 00d3d5

Ragnarode needs to track down hope, corner her, and hug the crap out of her.
No. 37760 ID: 804d70

No. 37761 ID: fa6e8d

I am not Gnome, though I enjoy his work.
No. 37763 ID: ba22fb

No. 37771 ID: fa6e8d

If Ragnarode manages to talk her down to a state of being other than Murderous Rage, or Purification, I'm sure he will. And the Neo Arcadian Central Tower is capable of tracking magical signatures. Needless to say, Hope registers so high it is impossible to miss her.
No. 37772 ID: ba22fb

Good, good, we must endeavor to achieve this.
No. 37774 ID: fa6e8d
File 130791381697.png - (64.63KB , 800x600 , Despair.png )

DEUS EX MACHINA steps out of the mirror.
No. 37777 ID: e95c11
File 130791488327.png - (38.58KB , 200x200 , all-burn.png )

I doodled this to accompany a response I was preparing for the guy freaking out about Hope, but I just barely missed the first thread going into the archives.

I guess it can technically be considered fanart?
No. 37778 ID: f0e3ae

quick! summon 5 plucky teenager humans and build stupid robots that can combine!
No. 37779 ID: fa6e8d

No. 37782 ID: ba22fb

Oh god no. Don't mix my waifu with Rita
No. 37783 ID: ba22fb

...So, Ragna, have you run any other quests?
No. 37785 ID: fa6e8d

No, actually.
I've been reading and looking at other quests, drawing characters, working on stories...
I wanted the first one to be perfect. But then I started posting, and everything just sort of came together.
No. 37787 ID: 1854db

I remember your art from somewhere. Have you posted it here before?
No. 37791 ID: fa6e8d

I do not believe so, no.
No. 37794 ID: e95c11
File 130796671806.png - (99.23KB , 400x400 , the-perfect-wife.png )

> waifu
No. 37803 ID: fa6e8d

There is no correct anwser to that question.
No. 37807 ID: fa6e8d
File 130799429152.png - (99.98KB , 800x600 , pie.png )

No. 37814 ID: 9d7f9f

inb4 glomp tackle
No. 37815 ID: 5f0943

Figure I'd tell you what I think about your quest.

First of, I want to say that I have no fucking idea what is going on with this quest.

The plot seem to jump around all the time and I find the pace of the story rather confusing.
Speaking about the story, there's not much I really find engaging about it.

The art however, is not bad, in fact, it is quite good at times.
You also get kudos for having a VERY fast update speed for an art quest (heck, it's a fast update speed for ANY quest).

Overall it's not too bad, could be better, and I've seen worse.

And that was my subjective opinion.
No. 37816 ID: 9d7f9f

It's not just perfect. It's PERFECTLY perfect.
No. 37817 ID: fa6e8d

Thank you for the criticism, currently working on more PLOT THAT SHOULD MAKE SENSE.
No. 37819 ID: 9d7f9f

Tbh, there's something that's been striking me as odd. Somebody seemed to know Hope from another quest... What's up with that? Was he dramatizing?
No. 37820 ID: fa6e8d

Go read Kara Quest and Apocalyption. Both take place in the Rastin/Vresch continuity, and Hope is one of the major players there.
No. 37822 ID: 9d7f9f

*Reads Kara Quest*

...Whoa, how did she change so much? I'm almost afraid to learn how she changed.

...Right, got it now. But she still seems relatively saner then.

Ragna!Hope > KaraQ!Hope. Not enough Yandere.
No. 37823 ID: fa6e8d

Hope's character is relatively difficult to write, but I'm working on it.
No. 37824 ID: 9d7f9f

No, yours has a sufficient amount of Yandere.
No. 37825 ID: e95c11
File 130800528031.png - (11.13KB , 150x150 , hope-words.png )

>>347619 >>347621
Hope is a character from KaraQuest, along with Rastin (the guy with the huge spiky glasses). I'm the author of KaraQuest, so that technically makes Hope and Rastin my characters. They pop up in other quests from time to time, though, because apparently people really liked them!

Hope is described as an abnormally intelligent little girl who is incredibly bad at planning, and has a powerful affinity for magic.
Without giving too much away, Hope enlists Kara in helping her defeat Rastin, and things go... awry.

KaraQuest was one of the first quests on tgchan, the second one to actually be completed (the first was the original SueQuest), and one of disturbingly few quests to actually be completed. It has pretty godawful art, but you can mostly tell what things are supposed to be, kindof, and it's gotten a pretty good reaction, so I'm still a bit proud of it. I'd recommend it to people, particularly because it's only about five chapters long, so it shouldn't take more than a few hours to read.

Hope and Rastin also appear and play major roles in Gnome's "Apocalyption" series, which acts as a sequel to KaraQuest. I'd also recommend it, though it's pretty long and ends on a cliffhanger, because Gnome's put it on indefinite hiatus because he sucks.
No. 37827 ID: 9d7f9f

It didn't take me too long to read. Drink-powered characters seem to be a classic.

Anyway, I like any 2D woman who is "Yan", so it'd be a given that I would like Hope. The thousands of years she was trapped in probably took a toll on her sanity though. ...Thus making her all the more lovable.

Don't want to go too off-topic, but the characters were really likeable. Also, you ended the quest on a good note; an important thing.
No. 37829 ID: e95c11

>>347623 >>347627
> now comes the part where I blather on about characters
I always felt that part of Hope's character is that she was a child. She was very intelligent for a child, but still just a child, and so she had a childlike view of the world and how to solve its problems. ("Of COURSE the world would be better if I killed all the bad people! What kind of question is that?")

Hope probably didn't have a lot of friends, and probably didn't even have a lot of supervision.
Like a child, she came up with very black and white solutions to things, without any kind of subtlety, and because she had no one growing up to occasionally smack her and tell her she was wrong, she never learned moral subtlety like the rest of us.
At the end, she got locked in a box for an eternity, all alone, so she still never had that influence. Just her, all alone, thinking of all the ways she'd failed.

I always kindof felt it would be possible to 'fix' Hope, if she had just one friend who could lead her down the proper path. But Hope's incredibly willful, and is not an idiot (no matter how simplistic her opinions may be), and because Hope's been alive with nothing but her own opinions for a small eternity now, it would be a very slow process, not to mention you'd need some way to not instantly burst into flames whenever she got mad at you.
Probably just easier to kill her, really.

>>347623 >>347615
Anyway, I think it's worth mentioning that, Hope and Rastin, for their brief appearances, seemed to be portrayed pretty well. And because I'm an egomaniac I instantly liked the quest just for that.
I do agree that the quest seems to jump around a lot and the pace is extremely disjointed, however. It makes it hard to get involved with it. The art is good, though, and the premise is neat. I feel like it could be a good quest, but you need to figure out what you're trying to do, and maintain some consistency. I look forward to seeing that, if you do!
No. 37830 ID: 9d7f9f

Fix her? Fix her? Since when were you under the impression I wanted to fix her?


Also, any opinions on how to beat FUCKING MEGAMAN
No. 37831 ID: fa6e8d

Thanks! Coming up with a setting is one thing, plot is another. And I dont think I can pull off one of those 'make it up as you go along' type things.
No. 37832 ID: 9d7f9f

Just write the gist of what comes to mind, then flesh it out while running the quest.
No. 37833 ID: e95c11

Spikes. Lots of spikes.
No. 37834 ID: 9d7f9f

This. This is what I was thinking. He's allergic to spikes. But they must be floor/wall spikes.
No. 37837 ID: 35e1a0

also bottomless pits.
No. 37838 ID: fa6e8d

btw, this is the PROTOMEN variation of Megaman.
Infinately more badass.
See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeYGiS_hZhU
Few of the robots have spikes, but I could put some spikes on the aggressors.
Megaman seems to be after the MASSIVE ROBOT ARMY that appeared after Hope BURNED Granite City TO THE GROUND.
No. 37839 ID: e3f578

Well at least it doesn't get bogged down with slowness, sure areas would be cool to stay with more but we've gotten a lot of shit done in a small amount of time in comparison to other quests.

Not getting bogged down with exposition kinda just makes me happy.
No. 37842 ID: 35e1a0

what? but we didn't summon the robot army when they started marching.
No. 37843 ID: fa6e8d

cutscene, cutscene.
soon over.
No. 37849 ID: fa6e8d

you dont even know how long I was waiting to do the megaman fight~
No. 37850 ID: 9d7f9f


No. 37851 ID: fa6e8d

How so?
No. 37852 ID: eba49f

And as it so happens, the entrance to our base is an extremely long bridge over the ocean.

Failing that, the best way to fight Heroes with minions is to go for a BolivianArmyEnding. (Open fire with lots and lots and lots of dakka at the same time.)
No. 37853 ID: 9d7f9f

So, is my zeal sufficient?
No. 37855 ID: fa6e8d

on a side note, does anyone here know how to wikipedia? Because I sure as hell don't.
No. 37856 ID: 9d7f9f

By the way, Ragna, if a Hope/Ragna alliance is go, then I have an idea for a new robot which will be amazingly powerful. You'll probably be only able to make it once, since it's gonna be what I could call the perfect weapon.
No. 37857 ID: 9d7f9f

What do you mean?
No. 37858 ID: 35e1a0

it will be temporary at best because when hope see ragna NOT killing imperfection with giant fire blasts she will decide that his methods are imperfect so he is imperfect.
No. 37862 ID: e95c11

You'll have to be more specific. Do you mean how to use wikipedia? How to get to wikipedia? Are you looking for a specific wiki?
No. 37881 ID: 4d0527

But what if we make a robot capable of firing giant balls of fire?

No. 37882 ID: 35e1a0

then it will be an imperfect giant fireball throwing robot because it wont always be set to murder.
No. 37885 ID: fa6e8d
File 130807216585.png - (125.32KB , 800x600 , capability card Israphel.png )

No. 37886 ID: fa6e8d
File 130807220355.png - (129.69KB , 800x600 , capability card Zezima.png )

No. 37889 ID: 4d0527

Welp, we're not fucked anymore.
No. 37890 ID: fa6e8d

Glad to hear it.

...just as planne-*SHOT*
No. 37892 ID: 4d0527

Ragna? Ragna!? RAAAAGNA!

Kidding aside, I do say we set Ragnarode on the evil path.

...Feels good man.
No. 37893 ID: fa6e8d

Well, he IS Lawful neutral...
No. 37894 ID: df1cc9

Really? Huh, didn't know that.

Anyway, do you like megaman? Since you brought him into the quest and everything, I'm sure you've played one or two or seven of his games.
No. 37897 ID: 1854db

I thought that a god of Despair would be evil by default.
No. 37898 ID: fa6e8d

I do, and I have.
No. 37899 ID: eba49f

Judging by how 'good' the goddess of Hope is, I think Ragnarode can be pretty-much any alignment he wants to be.

Which raises the question:
@ Ragnarode: What is it you want with the world, anyway? And is there a particular reason you seem to consider yourself the god of Despair, rather than the god of Steel (or Storms, for that matter)?
No. 37900 ID: fa6e8d

I want the world united under one banner. My banner. Mankind is naturally self-destructive, so I will save them from themselves.
As for why I go by Despair? Because of Hope. We were created to clash, to be opposed.
...But opposites attract.
No. 37902 ID: df1cc9

No. 37953 ID: fa6e8d
File 130814504290.png - (687.03KB , 1440x1920 , Apocalypse.png )

Yanno, with the way things are going and have been going, sometimes I think that there is only one possible end to this quest.
Prove me wrong.
No. 37954 ID: e3f578

Fuck peace and fuck the police
that is the best end
but screw the end man shit son the in between is the fucking juicy meat. fuck i want a hamburger now
No. 37976 ID: 98ef26

No. 37978 ID: e3f578

because hope is a stupid bitch bluh bluh
No. 37979 ID: 35e1a0

yeah man. she will see pandora laugh wrong or something and flip her shit.
No. 37980 ID: 0d7a83

I'd draw some shitty fanart of them kissing, but...
... Yeah.
No. 37982 ID: e3f578

I mean yeah we could get 'em to shag like once to make perfect god babies but they'd probably end up fighting each other in the end regardless.

Which would be pretty cool if that was fate's real plan all along. By the way she looks like an ascended Coralina thanks to the weird eye scar.
No. 37998 ID: 22d6d0

...The saddest thing is that you're telling the truth. There are 9001 ways we can get that ending.

No. 38382 ID: fa6e8d
File 130868254536.png - (120.54KB , 800x600 , CylosianCelestial kind of girl.png )

What would happen if we Cylosainized a Celestial?
No. 38388 ID: b1f0e2

No. 38409 ID: fa6e8d
File 130869971284.png - (382.33KB , 1000x1400 , Balance.png )

No. 38415 ID: b1f0e2

is... is the god of peace over there baron blackwick?
No. 38419 ID: fa6e8d

Nope, Aldwin Cardsharp.
No. 38420 ID: e3f578

so do these gods just choose their "element" based on how fucking randy it sounds
because, in all honesty, besides Beardbeard and Xom and maybe one or two other gods, they're hardly representing their titles and use some weird ass-backwards allegory or simile or another literary technique to fit it ingod of

god of peace more like god of nyoro~n
No. 38423 ID: 35e1a0

i know hope did at least.
No. 38433 ID: e76e15
File 130872926732.png - (26.55KB , 200x200 , what.png )


Hope isn't necessarily the 'god of hope', she's just named Hope. Hope is the name her parents gave her -- a perfectly serviceable name, and one she probably never heard the end of when she was a kid.
(side note: in the Interlude chapter of Kara Quest, Hope mentions she is not a fan of irony -- I always imagined she was teased a lot in school, and does not appreciate people trying to make clever usage of her name. This actually comes up once in Apoc when Cora unintentionally tells her that she hopes they can be friends, and Hope promptly asks Cora to "please don't do that", which just makes Cora confused)

That said, Hope shows a lot of 'hope-like' qualities. She aligns herself strongly with Light, believes herself to be surrounded by demons and impurity, and she seeks to make them better (in the only way she knows how, by blasting them with purifying light and holy fire, typically 'angelic' wraths of god). She also never loses faith in her own abilities -- the idea that she can't do something just doesn't enter into her mind. At worst it's only a matter of figuring out how.

I don't think Hope would consider herself the 'god of hope'. She'd consider herself to be God, period, or at least the God of Magic. In a setting where there's only one god, she could even make a pretty decent claim on that title. But in a setting where multiple gods exist, with titles of their own, it's not that far a stretch to say that Hope represents... uh... 'hope'. Albit a perverted bastardized rendition of it.

Well, that's what I think, anyway. I'm not in charge of this quest.
But I think Hope is probably the god of hope not because she chose that title, but because that title just happens to fit her best in the context of the world she lives in and that's what the other gods are calling her.

> words words words words
No. 38594 ID: d0314f

The god of war is Berserker from 8-Bit Theater? Heh.
No. 38595 ID: 835a2d

That's BeardBeard.
No. 38618 ID: 00d3d5

Which is why we need to make Ragnarode an equally perverted bastardization of despair.
No. 38971 ID: fa6e8d

yeah, in this picture it was more of a literary metaphor or something. Just a doodle I came up with. It's less their actual titles, and more of what they represent to those who worship them. Or something like that.
No. 39349 ID: fa6e8d

No. 40771 ID: fa6e8d

Trying something new, think I might like it.
Less characters at a time so I dont neglect them, less save-the-world stuff in the plot, and the main character isnt godmode all day every day.
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