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File 130551894162.png - (10.10KB , 425x405 , We can do it!.png )
36764 No. 36764 ID: 8c0848

New world, new gobbos, new thread.
Lead the goblin horde in subjugating the entire plane to the demon lord's will, or faffing about and doing nothing important. Whichever.
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No. 36767 ID: 3416ec

Wait, which thread are we using?
No. 36768 ID: a33914

Aww can't we do both?
No. 36775 ID: 07416a

She seems kinda built for faffing.
No. 36783 ID: 6a9fdc

Nothing important? HOLY CRAP, SIGN ME UP!
No. 36791 ID: b8e86f

Suggestion: Demon lord Inflicts horrid/amusing punishments for excessive faffing about.
No. 36797 ID: f5fe2f

Since demon lords (and goblins, unless these are different) are immortal, I imagine he'd tolerate a fair bit of faffing.
No. 36798 ID: 35e1a0

exactly. if we ever faff so hard even HE thinks it's too much then we dun goofed.
No. 36799 ID: b8e86f

unless they want something to happen within a certain timeframe.
No. 36805 ID: 28e94e

So can we actually control the goat? Or was that just a one-time gag that we will never mention again?
No. 36807 ID: d3dfb8

Suggestion: Remove anime haircuts.
No. 36808 ID: 35e1a0

i suggest not using this suggestion. i like the hair.
No. 36809 ID: b6c6fc

I also like the hair
No. 36810 ID: 07416a

Awesome hair.
No. 36833 ID: 2104b8

Hair woot
No. 36839 ID: cf65c1

Hair is nifty, but can we un-weeaboo the hair?
No. 36840 ID: 788dee

There's no weeaboo in it.
No. 36844 ID: c71597
File 130567477955.jpg - (69.75KB , 1012x750 , Brilliant plan.jpg )

Ok, so here's the set up for a fortified camp. Going to have to cut down some trees to make this shit work. Probably best to build the huts first, then the armory, followed by the pallisade and then finish it up with longhouse, dining hall and guard towers. Pallisade should also be broad enough to have a walkway on it. Once we start growing it can be expanded as needed. But until then it should be a decently safe base of operations.
No. 36847 ID: cf65c1

Of course not, it's not at all stupidly spiky like a copy of Cloud Strife's ridiculous hair. Silly me.

Thank you for doing some work around here, I'm too lazy.
No. 36848 ID: 788dee

>Of course not, it's not at all stupidly spiky like a copy of Cloud Strife's ridiculous hair. Silly me.
Exactly. It's not even a ridiculous color.
No. 36850 ID: 2563d4

...where's the brothel?
No. 36851 ID: 868a23

I think that's what he meant by "communal sleeping longhouse"
No. 36852 ID: f6360f

Brothel? I didn't think they were capitalists. Also, we don't have enough population to support dedicated members of the entertainment sector.
No. 36853 ID: c71597

Now why would goblins need a brothel? That's just silly. Communal sleepinghouse can also be known as the grand orgyhouse if that's more to your tastes.
No. 36856 ID: 07416a
File 130568573365.png - (27.07KB , 1012x750 , Goblinhause.png )

No. 36857 ID: 15b51b
File 130569486484.png - (41.69KB , 1012x750 , disneyland.png )

No. 36858 ID: 15b51b

I may have drawn it too small. Apart from the lookout towers which are bigger than the houses? I dunno lol.
No. 36859 ID: f5fe2f
File 130570208512.png - (86.83KB , 1012x750 , goblinCamp_basic.png )


We need a nice big longhouse to sleep in. I drew it as stone construction, but wood would be fine if we're short on stone. A cooking area should be out front, so things can be roasted and stewed and all that, with no need for getting smoke all about people's business. A pen is designated for livestock, we have goats and judging from the environment probably also wild swine. That can be fenced off easily with rough lumber. The existing hut will suffice as a storehouse for arms, as well as wealth and whatever else. It may need to expand soonish, but it's fine for the time being. Walls and towers are a good idea, but we should get this basic stuff up first. I would suggest building a wall at least after this stuff is taken care of, but this will take a good while already, so we should get to that when we get to it.
No. 36867 ID: 8c0848
File 130574369339.png - (44.41KB , 1024x768 , Variety.png )

Alright. Terraria has devoured my soul and now I'm not updating because I need to find more gold, but here's a consolation picture, which you'll hate since no one likes hair goblins... :sadface:
No. 36868 ID: 15b51b

The hair makes them easier to identify even though they're all green this time. They definitely look much more goblin-like this time around.
No. 36869 ID: 544dd4

I'll admit I favor the hairless goblins, makes them seem more alien, less 'short green peoples'.

But these are fine too.
No. 36871 ID: 644ca1

I like hair goblins
No. 36873 ID: 00d3d5

It's the ears, not the hair.
No. 36875 ID: 15b51b

I'd hazard a guess that 99% of goblin depictions have big pointy ears...

Anyway. I blame the influx of elf blood.
No. 36877 ID: b6c6fc

personally I really didn't like the old goblin design

the new designs look better to me in every single way
No. 36878 ID: cf65c1

Wait, arrrgh, who sewed their genitals together? Those won't ever birth our armies.
No. 36880 ID: f5fe2f

I too preferred the old ears. Adding hair makes sense for the reason that they're easier to distinguish, but the ear change accomplishes nothing besides making them more generic as a race.

Pregnancy and birth are not prevented.
Although this is probably just an art choice.
No. 36881 ID: 2563d4

This seems to best allow for the practical necessities of a goblin camp, given it includes a farm plot.

Gotta say I miss the downward pointy ears.
No. 36882 ID: 8092e6

I like the new gobbos. I hope there will be one with a large pink afro.
No. 36884 ID: b6c6fc

the downward pointing ears didn't even look like ears, the looked like weird head tentacles

and tentacles should be reserved for aberation, mutants and other unspeakable evils

not dime a dozen goblins
No. 36885 ID: 544dd4
File 130576261878.jpg - (302.06KB , 800x600 , 83.jpg )

>Implying goblins *arn't* in league with the aberrant, mutants and unspeakable evils. My old quest pic possible related...
No. 36886 ID: f5fe2f
File 130576357341.png - (122.79KB , 1012x750 , goblinCamp_basic.png )

Do goblins even need to eat in this? If they do, do they eat things that aren't meat? They're derived from Toady canon, right?

If goblins eat plants, then pic related.
No. 36888 ID: f5fe2f
File 130576461888.jpg - (24.23KB , 800x518 , Puppy dog beagle 2.jpg )

>the downward pointing ears didn't even look like ears
Not like your ears, maybe.
No. 36903 ID: 2563d4

That one's clearly a cutebold.
No. 36905 ID: 9d07d9

I like the change in the eyes, but the ears and dat anime hair isn't doing it for me.
No. 36910 ID: b8e86f
File 130584406616.jpg - (30.42KB , 480x360 , Best_defense.jpg )

An idea for the outer edge of the camp. Just read the notes and for the love of evil do not get it backwards.

10 Mins in MSpaint, both planning and drawing.
No. 36912 ID: fae99b

Keep the hair, but bring back the old ears :(
No. 36913 ID: 788dee

No. I against old ears just to spite you and your kind. New ears are POWER and VERY YES.
No. 36914 ID: 856690

Pointy goblin ears are quite traditional. Either is good depending on what you are doing.
Though really Gnoll is the person doing them so if he want to do them with pointy ears and funky hair, he can.

All the same though; Goblin King ala labyrinth plz?
No. 36917 ID: 0e85b4

Nobody complained about MY hairy goblins.

I feel left out!
No. 36919 ID: 35e1a0

that's cause you called them aliens and gave them forehead thingys.
No. 36920 ID: 15b51b

No, the goblins. From 'The Sword.'

No. 36926 ID: 1800cf

jukashi's hair is really a hairpiece, gnoll's new gobbo design are mostly on mohawks or just a toupée, im fine with both styles. gnoll's gobbos look more punk, and are acting like it too.

so. about the quest. are we supposed to take the dorf fort approach? because i cant really see a heading here, but we can get a wool production and diplomacy will feel fishy anyway.

maybe we can make a religion and raise clerics?
No. 36930 ID: f5fe2f

Goblins with ears that point up are traditional according to mainstream tradion. Droopy-eared goblins are traditional according to /tg/ tradition.

We follow a demon. That's not religion, that's ordinary goblin society: The demon is a badass, so we serve him. Adding religion to the mix wouldn't do much.
No. 36940 ID: b8e86f

Evil plan: Find plants and mushrooms that can be turned into drugs.

Slip drugs into human food supply, livestock and alcohol.

Start raiding and burning things once people start getting sick and high.

Approval rating?
No. 36944 ID: f5fe2f

Delivery method needs work. Just sneak in and drop mushrooms in their dinners? Nah. We need to cause a great feast to happen, so it all gets to them at once, and make sure it's in the soup (or something) and then we get them all at once. The problem is: How do we ensure a feast, and how do we get our agents (who are a different color than humans and thus easily detectable) to tamper with the food without arousing suspicion?
No. 36946 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh. SNEAK it into the food SUPPLY. as in taint the grain while it's on the wagon.
No. 36951 ID: 788dee

Kidnap a human and test the drugshrooms first. You want them high and tripping their balls off trying to fly to another galaxy with their carts, not berserking and tearing you 666 new assholes in the name of Yog-Sothoth.
No. 36953 ID: 65b1ef

im getting vibes of chaos cleric definitively.

i mean, we could make some mutation potions and just trhow it down their wells.

just imagine what we could do with a few gallons of it in a nearby river! all of those carps will eat every fisherman alive even on ground!
No. 36961 ID: f0e3ae

Personally, I just love both the old and new designs, they are both very awesome. Current design is more "hard", as in, looks like it takes much more effort with the rewards being easier to distinguish characters and better looks.
I personally like the hair, ears, and eyes both before and now.

I'd prefer enslaving, pillaging, conquering, etc to burning and butchering.

Conquest > Destruction... We should declare worship of our demon overlord (Xom?) of chaos the official state religion once we conquer enough to be considered one. Integrating other races into this giant chaos worshipping culture of all races would be awesome.

But I do like your idea of tainting the human's food supplies with mind altering drugs (no poison though). For one thing, it is in line with the primary goal our demon overlord gave us (sow chaos)
No. 36967 ID: f5fe2f

"oi Phillip, why's there mushrooms in this here grain?"
"dunno, toss 'em out"
"queer-ass merchant trying to short-change us, I reckon"
"Even stranger considering we's farmers and grow our own food."
Also it would be to dilute even if they magically did just decide to include everything that happened to be in their grain in their food. We want it to hit everybody all at once.

The guy's name is lurezcamor, it's in the name field of the first post of the thread.
There's nothing to indicate he has anything to do with chaos in the way you're referring to it.
No. 36968 ID: b8e86f

come on you guys know better than that right? I mean making powdered drugs, stuff that will dissolve into drinks and disperse into food, stuff that's hard to spot right away.

And yes, for the sake of Chaos and Discord, non-lethal drugs would be best. Also, looting, pillaging and burning do not require heaps of dead bodies.

We must also develop a calling card for places we have dropped into chaos. Perhaps a drunk, crazy goat left in Town Hall?
No. 36969 ID: 35e1a0

meaning the best place to hit would be a winery or something that makes drinks.
No. 36972 ID: 856690


Reason is with this one.
I agree. I like the goat calling card, very funny.
Anyway, we aren't interested in destruction, the order of the day is chaos and discord, which are more fun and not boring, if we destroy everything then DL will be pissed
No. 36973 ID: 35e1a0

if this is DF based then digging to the adamantine and making a floating eye sized hole to the underworld, so we can bargain with the demons to leave the gobbos alone but are free to run about the rest of the country would be a good plan.
No. 36977 ID: f5fe2f

Even if we use something undetectable, we want it to all hit at once, otherwise we're just wasting it.

>Perhaps a drunk, crazy goat left in Town Hall?
Waste of a perfectly good goat.
No. 36979 ID: 35e1a0

obviously we would put the crappiest goat there. like, a goat so bad it make boxbot seem useful.
No. 36984 ID: f5fe2f

Why not just put the head of a goat that's already been butchered for food?
No. 36997 ID: 1854db

No. 37014 ID: f0e3ae

It doesn't require it, I just want to make sure it doesn't INVOLVE it...
Although burning tends to end badly. Even if people evacuate they can end up starving, and what will you steal from them next month if they are all homeless and hungry?

I love the idea of a crazy drunk goat at town square as a calling card, HILARIOUS!

So I see several good paths:
1. Conquest: Conquer and integrate everyone, state religion is the worship of lurezcamor, children must attend school where they are brainwashed into following him and encouraged to train as his clerics. Clerics = awesome.
2. Raiders & tricksters: Raid nearby towns leaving a drunk goat, get alchemists to make hallucinogenics and spike water with them. Sell them too because people love getting high and its worth lots of money.
3. A little bit of both: start a conquering empire, but don't conquer everything... leave a target (other nation) for the clerics of lurezcamor to attack.

Don't do those:
1. Destroyers: Kill everyone else, burn down shit.
No. 37020 ID: cf65c1

I'm sorry, I'd say it's an oversight except you haven't been updating. Would you like me to complain about it?
No. 37022 ID: b8e86f

Jukashi had to take a break to prevent hands falling off. For serious.
No. 37029 ID: cf65c1

I found quest.lv from a link on his website with a fancomic about the Exalted game system.
I know plenty about his work and judge it amusing and praiseworthy despite having the ugly Japanese-cartooning big-eyes-small-mouth thing going on.
Besides, I owe him for leading me to this website, I'd otherwise have never read Romanticar.
So if he's feeling left out because I didn't criticize his goblins' hair then criticizing it is the least I could do I suppose. He may have wanted something else so I'll wait for him to confirm that's what he wanted though.
No. 37030 ID: c1ef34

I was... joking, I guess. Not a very good joke, really.

Thanks anyway, though!
No. 37038 ID: cf65c1

And my joke was pretending that you really were requesting a complaint or annoyed I hadn't complained about your work. :D
No. 37065 ID: 8c0848
File 130619526883.png - (24.78KB , 960x650 , Size Chart.png )

Goblins are not huge. Why would they be huge? That's dumb. This is a size chart that shows how not huge they are.
No. 37068 ID: f0e3ae

thanks for clarification... so it was indeed a perspective thing.
WOO! Goblins gone wild!
PS. I like your hair goblins.
No. 37069 ID: 13b3e1

I am warming up to these new goblins. That picture helped.
No. 37072 ID: f5fe2f

>Besides, I owe him for leading me to this website, I'd otherwise have never read Romanticar.
You've got some odd taste.

Digging underground is most efficient in Dwarf Fortress, and this setting is probably based off of DF. However, the fact that the practice of digging out housing is not only viable but preferable in that game doesn't mean that the same is the case here. In DF that's partially an artifact of the system and partly because you play as dwarves, who are traditionally subterranean. For goblins we're probably better off just living above ground.
No. 37073 ID: 88a12d

by above ground you mean on huge obsidian towers vacated by the demons that they serve

digging stoes or pathways below earth is good. im also partial to secret storehouses underground. safe passages to the surrounding of the nearby human farm/villa/city is the best way to steal and go unnoticed.

if we find a river we may run into issues since the tunnels would eventually collapse, but it may serve as a second food source along with water as well as a moat.
No. 37074 ID: f0e3ae

>the fact that the practice of digging out housing is not only viable but preferable in that game doesn't mean that the same is the case here.
True, but it also doesn't mean that the opposite is true.
The fact that this isn't DF (which I am not familiar with) just means it isn't DF. Some things can work in both, some things don't.
I suggested digging underground because of several reasons:
1. Tradition.
2. 3D space, more efficient placement.
3. Good defenses, especially against humans.
4. Cheap as dirt (heh) building material.
5. Digging provides housing AND mining at the same time.
No. 37078 ID: 383006

It depends on how realistic the setting is. In real life, trying to make subterranean housing without modern materials would be extremely difficult, and probably end in collapse and suffocation.
No. 37080 ID: f5fe2f

Well, even apart from hazards such as potential collapse, or gas pockets and poor airflow, or whatever else, there's the fact that taking a pick and digging into bedrock is fucking hard work. I could easily build a wood frame house in the time it would take to excavate a cellar from bedrock. Admittedly I've only tried this once ever, and it's possible that it's easier in places with softer stone, but that would just exacerbate the possibility of cave-ins, and even with very soft stone, the goblins could easily build a dozen huts in the time it would take to dig out the space of volume of one.
No. 37093 ID: 383006

If you can even dig down to the bedrock in the first place.
No. 37102 ID: f5fe2f

Good point, considering how flat the area appears to be it's probably quite deep.
No. 37195 ID: f0e3ae

You are being very strict and scientific about this considering we are a magic floating eye in a goat enchanted and sent forth by a demon to sow chaos via goblins...
Traditional RPG goblins live in underground tunnels... but if you insist on bringing modern science into it then fine, be that way.
No. 37519 ID: 57d737

Gnoll you jerk. Update us faffing about.
No. 37521 ID: f0e3ae

faffing about quest... Prequel to "The return of the faffening" and "faffening harder".
No. 37522 ID: 1c38f5

Magic or fantasy elements existing in the world doesn't mean common sense or ordinary physics don't exist.

Do traditional RPG goblins really live in underground tunnels? Traditional fairy tail goblins do - but they are nothing like RPG-style goblins other than being short. (they're super strong, extremely clever and powerful enchanters and illusionists). I remember most fantasy RPG style goblins living in huts and villages and stuff, but they're pretty vaguely defined across different settings and systems really.
No. 37523 ID: 856690


Have fun having your time devoured.
No. 37524 ID: 2f4ace

Why the hell are these articles called "our ___ are different?" That's really just unclear and marginally confusing.
No. 37525 ID: 28e94e

I have no words to respond to this
No. 37528 ID: fd7008

All the articles are just about what fantasy centaurs/goblins/angels/etc. are generally. I thought it was going to be about how people feel like they have to make their version different in some way or something, whereas it's actually about using a generally defined set of characteristics so the reader knows what the author is talking about.
No. 37529 ID: fd7008

They are like shitty wikipedia articles with incorrect information rather than some kind of actual trope thing.
No. 37538 ID: 2563d4

That sadly describes 95% of TVTropes these days.

IIRC, Dwarf Fortress gobbos are mostly surface-dwellers (with underground road networks, says the DF wiki?), and since I believe that's from where the pre-redesign ones drew inspiration, probably your best bet for an appeal to nature on where they "should" build crap. :V
No. 37539 ID: f0e3ae

sadly this is true.
It is basically a list of non standard variations of a classic monster. Take the "our vampires are different" article.
The classic vampires must drink blood, are stronger and faster then human, are killed by sunlight, hate garlic, silver, etc.
So "our vampires are different" lists exceptions to that, such as how in twilight vampires are not harmed by the sun, and glitter. etc.
At least, that is the intent.
No. 37550 ID: f5fe2f

The new design is actually a bit closer to DF goblins, since they have hair, though it's less similar to the ones in the goblin camp mod where they were all female, and goblin hair in DF has a fairly narrow array of possible colors, including mostly pinks and purples.
No. 37551 ID: 8c0848

Really? I mean... I knew that.
No. 37574 ID: f5fe2f


So actually there's also a fair few reds in there too.
No. 37581 ID: 3b202e

yeah because of that I imagine them all with Mohawks and other corny "punk" hair styles
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