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File 130497200887.png - (16.11KB , 499x266 , sanrose.png )
36396 No. 36396 ID: 1f2692

I'm making this thread just to remind myself what setting justice quest is in... also, i guess i can use this as the justice quest discuss thread... so yeah.

anyway, the world i'm working in is called San-Rose... um... and there are all sorts of custom races... i'll post the world map next
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No. 36397 ID: 1f2692
File 130497204378.png - (101.47KB , 2218x1706 , Sanroseworldmap.png )

This is the world map...
No. 36398 ID: 1f2692
File 130497208341.png - (135.92KB , 2218x1706 , Sanroseworldmapgreen.png )

And this is the topographical one
No. 36403 ID: 8c73c8

huh, interesting. that is a lot of water.
No. 36478 ID: f7aa74


well, it is mostly like a thawed out mars
No. 36837 ID: 1f2692
File 130566868025.png - (54.79KB , 983x601 , guardianberrkingreyclaw.png )

welp, can't wait to drop this guy. His intro is going better than planned
No. 36866 ID: 1f2692
File 130574072303.png - (31.75KB , 850x502 , sanroseraces.png )

alrighty, these are a handful of the San-Rose races... i'll just give a quick tidbit about them.

The Fib- small hyper bird things. Thier main object in life is being cute and friendly. Their main purpose to socialize is to make as many friends as possible. The only word they speak is "poot" and that's also their native language.

The Berrkin- Small irish bears. They come in a variety of colors [like the gummy bears] and have large teeth. Their main purpose in life is to build architectural masterpieces and strive to be the mest Artisan in their craft(if it's not architectural). Berrkins don't socialize with any race that isn't their own, and hate all sorts of things.

The CuddleBees- Giant Humanoid Bees. Their main purpose in life is... i have absolutely no clue, never came up with any. They live in land hives with one king and one maternal queen. Their butts vibrate, and the females are like fuzzy bumble bees. CuddleBees don't tend to talk much while they are busy working, but they become the life of the party when they aren't.

The Krobin- pretty the human race as brown no necked people. Their purpose is the same as a normal persons purpose. They are genetically and cosmically dominant, meaning they can't be polymorphed or get cancer. They socialize... you know, just like people.

their are 2 races ommitted and i won't get into them til they appear in justice quest.
No. 36874 ID: 00d3d5

I really, REALLY want Whiteshirtgoblin to live; if she dies then we won't get a perpetually annoyed sidekick to tease and flirt at, since anybody else would be a replacement and it wouldn't feel right. D:
No. 36895 ID: cf65c1

But what about multiple someone-elses?
No. 36907 ID: f7aa74

depends how i feel, i'm throwing in a humorous character here and it depends on how he's recieved.

No. 36922 ID: 120db2

Experimental cyborg implants. We shall spare no expense in getting a killer maid-cyborg assistant that we can jokingly molest.
No. 37091 ID: f7aa74

>that we can jokingly molest

your a serial killer, aren't you
No. 37241 ID: f7aa74

alrighty, next update will be a little bit, i need to make it from windows movie maker and upload it to youtube, then figure out how to post it here and then take over the world with it's awesomeness
No. 37242 ID: 35e1a0

pretty sure he means ranma style where we walk in on her changing and she uses a baka mallet or something.
No. 37243 ID: f7aa74


heh, sorry, it sounded odd to me
No. 37251 ID: 120db2

>grab in middle of meeting
>begin gnawing on erogenous zone
>use company authority to not stop
What would you call it?
No. 37255 ID: dad664
File 130665417699.jpg - (24.30KB , 520x390 , Phil_Ken_Sebben.jpg )

No. 37273 ID: 28e94e

Slow Tuesday
No. 37326 ID: f7aa74

alrighty, so i updated with a video

you can comment me or flame the video all you want here
No. 37335 ID: e3f578

Could've been a simple .gif or even a .swf if the SUCK DIC Requiem for a dream from two towers music and future music is necessary.Of course you'd need flash then buuuuuuut hell whatever
Easier with a .gif, more efficient. Just need basic knowledge of how to make one and that video basically seemed to be one save the music. On top of that you save poor idiotic youtube commentators from stumbling onto your video out of context and the burden that could bring, but it's unlikely.
No. 37359 ID: f7aa74
Audio Clint Mansell堃 - Requiem for a Dream (Orchestral Version) - (6.03MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Requiem for a Dream - Orchestral Version.mp3 ) Length: 6:35

well i did it in windows movie maker and i don't have any programs to make .gif files. plus i wanted to open a youtube for other things also, so if anyone stumbles upon... let them, meh.
Music was mandatory, sets the mood. And if you didn't like this version of lux aeterna, you can always look up the other versions, or the clint mansell original, or i'll just upload mine
No. 37365 ID: e3f578

The only thing I'm hearing is a fucking vacuum because it's so busy sucking dick. VRUOOOOOOM! VRUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
Doesn't even have a half-decent crescendo.
No. 37366 ID: 3392ab

the most critical
No. 37378 ID: f7aa74

are you guys trying to scare me off site? cus your almost doing a good job.

please don't bash me or what i do on a thread that i only want quest discussions on
No. 37379 ID: e3f578

This behavior is scaring you? Alright, come on. That shit is fucking tame. How long have you been on the internet?
Jesus, can't a guy exaggerate a joke here
No. 37380 ID: 35e1a0

well you are being pretty rough about it in the thread ABOUT the quest. seems a bit much dude.
No. 37382 ID: 35e1a0

criticism and bashing are not the same thing. he didn't even recommend how to do better just said what was already there sucked.
No. 37387 ID: 120db2

>you can comment me or flame the video all you want here
Regardless, he's requested it stop, so cut it out.
No. 37397 ID: e3f578

You see, I'm not trying to critique here. I'm just joking around and having fun. I couldn't help it, I rewatched ZP's old witcher video and saw the end about the painkiller cutscene. And the hyperbole with the vacuum and sucking dick mixed with internet destructive criticism with the reference couldn't go without being made.

It's not that it's actually a bad song, it's kinda mediocre and I liked it when I was younger like in middle-school and watched a bunch of music video's with it and now essentially making fun of things I liked then which were mainly terrible, stupid, or alright, such as the habit of putting Requiem for A Dream for background music with the precedent a OMG DRAMATIC.

So instead I just opted to say no fuck it Mr. Pont fight back his randy-ass dramatic villainy with music from a movie I have no reason to be ashamed for liking it. Eye of The Tiger is not a Guilty Pleasure in any form. It is a Dignified Pleasure.
No. 37428 ID: 00d3d5

Don't let them get to you, Indigo. Just report the posts for being off-topic and move on.
Haters gonna hate~
No. 37432 ID: f7aa74


sorry for overreacting dirtbag, i'm still not too literate with web humor

Indigo=female, i don't know if i'm not getting through or maybe it's because i'm using someone elses laptop, maybe the latter

*ahem* i really need to apologize then, i am very sorry for bringing uber drama to the board and will think before i post next time
No. 37526 ID: f7aa74

alright, so the first quest is over and i'll start with a movie on the second chapter to attract more people

but this is only relevant if i haven't scared anyone away from reading this discussion thread
No. 37548 ID: 00d3d5

We await the next chapter!
No. 37735 ID: f7aa74
File 130780947891.png - (26.89KB , 705x619 , sanrosemonstersinmyth1.png )

there's a collection of monster myths on san-rose, i'll start with this one
No. 37736 ID: f7aa74
File 130780951509.png - (42.95KB , 705x619 , sanrosemonstersinmyth2.png )

here's another one
No. 37737 ID: f7aa74
File 130780954491.png - (44.16KB , 705x619 , sanrosemonstersinmyth3.png )

and those who followed the quest will recognize this one
No. 37769 ID: 00d3d5

This one we need to contact, since Tessla might be willing to help us with our revenge.

This one, I think, we shall be killing. Taking a life for every life saved is a dick move.
No. 43834 ID: 5a8055

this is just a brief rundown of the powers and abilities of our characters so far

Tikamont Pont: Other then the god-hand gloves, really nothing of note.

Kilobyte: Technomancery, Technothurgy, mechano-magica, mechano-mystica, and there is potentially a small chance that kilobyte can preform meta-magica

Helena Jernaseth Improved Fitness, Cat-like agility, Leadership, and Task Management: and with the new legs she has Cleave, Great Cleave, Guillotine and Power Attack

Frederic the Fib: You will be surprised to know that fred is actually a minor level mage and a major level monk.

Now the Enemies

White Eyes: he's the bear thing, his challenge rating is epic

Twisted Fallacy: This one is the Cuddle bee king, his challenge rating is also epic. The only reason he was captured was because he was caught mating... very depressing.

Karma: He is a god, his challenge is Godly... sorry everyone.

alright, just a quick note- Meta-Magica is what Sparksus Lightbubble was using when he was acting all meta with the fourth wall. This is a rare type of magic which affects the fabric of reality and causes the balance of it to warp and frey, this is why karma had to kill him.

So finally, if you have any questions about the quest, don't be afraid to comment here.
No. 43992 ID: f7aa74
File 131826289797.png - (8.84KB , 466x320 , humdedum.png )

so well, yeah, i'm going on a small hiatus for a bit to read up on some quests that i need to read up on. catch on irc if you reeeeaaaalllly need to chat or anything about the quests that i've got so far. other then that, ttyl.
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