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File 130434586097.png - (25.26KB , 800x600 , kaja quest teasers.png )
35996 No. 35996 ID: 7a9131

I know this is early for a discussion thread for my quests. And normally I wouldn't consider making one until considerably later on in Breathless (when you've seen more of the weirdness).

However, I have a couple of ideas for possible quests to run on the side. Likely text ones, unless there's considerable demand for a second drawquest, which would likely slow down both quests. More practice is good, though, and I'm finding it fun to draw when I'm focusing more on production than perfection. A text quest would be quicker to update but I fully intent to keep doing Breathless no matter what. If it ever come to it, I would just put the second one on hiatus and focus on Breathless until it's finished.

As for the ideas for second quests, they are as follows:

Option 1: Dream Savior Quest. Following the adventures of a magical girl protecting the Dream World from being consumed by the forces of Despair. Somewhat on the dark and surreal side, but overall hopeful.

Option 2: Unformed Quest. Set in the world of Shell created by me, following a memory-stealing shapeshifter. Sandboxy, with the main objective given by the Mother of your kind being to do something that will go down in history. Ironically, this is the only quest of mine likely to feature brain-eating (though you can decide whether to do that or not).

Option 3: Just concentrate completely on Breathless.

Also, any general discussion of Breathless or other quests I might run in the future can go here.
No. 36010 ID: 7a9131

So the art quality on the last Breathless update was especially bad. This has me considering switching to a simpler style and focusing on doing that semi-decently. At least now I feel more like actually working on improving my drawing (and will probably do so in private).

Thoughts on the art?
No. 36012 ID: 1f2692

are you using ms paint?
No. 36014 ID: 7a9131

Paint.Net which isn't much better really. I could certainly switch to a different program. Also, the last update showed me that I really need to work at a larger resolution (which I will be doing in the future).

But more than that, this is the first time I've done any real drawing for a long time. In other words, I need practice. A lot of practice. I do like drawing, but I want to get far, far better.
No. 36035 ID: 383006

The free version of OpenCanvas is better than Pain.net. I did a legit quest almost entirely in free open canvas.
No. 36046 ID: 7a9131

Pressure-sensitive too. Nice. That'll help a lot. Will try using it from now on.
No. 72002 ID: dc2a0a

I actually did every Black Company codex picture in Paint.NET. What's wrong with it?
No. 72008 ID: 0eef61

check out them timestamps dude
No. 72024 ID: 405647

And so Squeegy passed by a tombstone, and it did read "I dislike Paint.Net", and he did dig up the withered corpse interred below and scream "BUT I USE IT ALL THE TIME"

but the grave would not respond, for the dead do not talk
No. 72047 ID: dd19c3

Even I consider this thread dead. So let it rest.
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