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File 130315683916.jpg - (125.47KB , 1000x700 , 001.jpg )
35455 No. 35455 ID: b22d9c

I figured I can do this and garner some feedback while I self-mutilate studying for exams.

Please tell me how much you liked/like the following quests and want to see them continued. A 0-5 number and maybe some explanation would go a long way. Please don't assign the same number to more than one quest in your post (unless it's a 0).

Lahamu- Here there be dreeegons. I think this quest is unfocused and sandboxy, and that hurts me because I am not strong in this area of storytelling.

Survivors- This one is kind of ridiculous and stupid. What is the direction exactly? What are the goals?

Sammy's Adventure- The plot is probably too complicated and it seems to be getting more confusing. This is bad for a quest.

Karen's Heart- Disgusting "porn" and a serious survival horror plot with an overly complex magic system was pretty much a terrible idea in every way.

I have two new quest ideas, but I want to end at least two of the above quests first. If there is no interest in some of the above, I can abandon them with no regrets.

Also, feel free to discuss all my dumb quests here, especially where there may be some intersection or you want to call me an idiot.
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No. 35457 ID: 8e18cd

To be honest, I'd like to see more of Karen's Heart and Sammy's Adventure. Both got a bit complicated, but I'm sure that after a while it would all make sense. Bitequest also had it's second of 'what the hell is happening'.
No. 35462 ID: 55c4cf

Survivors: 5
Lahamu: 4
Sammy: 3
Karen's Heart: 1

I believe in you.
No. 35463 ID: 8e18cd



Karen's Heart - 5 (Because I love how much mythos was into it)

Sammy's Adventure - 4

Lahamu - 4 (More Gaga!)

Survivors - 2 (I dunno... it didn't run for that long for me to actually make up my mind about it)
No. 35465 ID: cf244d

I'd like more Karen's Heart.
I'd also like more Lahamu but I don't think it could reach a satisfying end any time soon, so if you want to finish things off quick, leave that one for later.
No. 35470 ID: 8bdb6a

Lahamu - 5 - I like Lesbian Revolutions. You already know that. There's an open world which we understand how to traverse, a character with a known power level (which is also high enough that our character is worth paying attention to even if they do dumb things sometimes), and it doesn't seem like suggesting the wrong thing will irreversibly doom everything. (Though it did get our dreams eaten)

Karen's Heart - 1 - I guess I just need to learn2play, but I don't really know how to do that. Plus, people are just going to keep voting to waste boons on dumb things and I don't have the patience to counter-vote each time. (Plus, I keep thinking that people have some clever reason why they might be using a boon? And I'd be just as likely to counter-vote when there actually is a good reason, because I need to learn2play)

Survivors - 2 - It's an interesting premise, sorta vaguely similar to an idea I had for a quest, but it's also weird and kind of gross and I don't have any ideas of what to suggest.

Sammy's Adventure - ? - I'm not gonna lie. I am about a million pages behind on this. But at least I feel bad about it!
No. 35472 ID: d677cc

5: Lahamu. Make a focus thing if you think we need one!
4: Sammy. Even though I'm way the fuck behind on it.
2: Survivors. Meh.
1: Karen's Heart. Because you despise it.
No. 35473 ID: 221021

Lahamu: 4. I really like this one in concept, and mostly it has been shaping out well, but there were a few storytelling bits that made me dislike it a little. The haphazard wandering around, though inevitable from quest, detracts a bit. (It might help to get a better-defined goal) Also, the whole getting her dream eaten thing was totally screwy for me, because there was no indication whatsoever that that would happen, and kind of came out of left field. Also trying to alter the mind of a character that we have direct control over kind of messes things up.

Sammy: I tried to read this one, but I couldn't get into it. Maybe I just can't keep focused on a text quest, because from what I hear it's good.

I haven't seen the other ones, actually.
No. 35474 ID: 1963d1

Karen's Heart: 5, why'd you stop? It was just getting going.
Sammy's Adventure: 4, very good, I would like to see more of this.
Lahamu: 2, no comment.
Survivors: 2, no comment.

No. 35475 ID: f5e4b4

I can't say that I follow all your quests, but that doesn't mean I think they're bad or anything. I just don't read that many quest, and just follow the ones that catch my attention and keep me hooked on them. Now, being that out of the way...

Sammy's Adventure: 5 . I really like the story, the characters and how manages to balance open ended suggestions with good storytelling.

I don't really think this one is complicated, I can follow it perfectly fine without problems. It's a text quest, so people have troubles keeping up with it, but that's not your fault.

Survivors: 2.5 I like the concept, I like the mix of sad-creepy and kind of cute in it. I think it's just waiting for a goal, something we can follow, to get better.

And I don't follow the others. Lahamu looks interesting, I think I should read it. Karen never really caught my attention. Ionno, kind of crosses the line of "too weird" for me.

Anyways, no matter which one you decide to continue, you're a great author and you should feel great.
No. 35476 ID: 6ba8b3

Lahamu: 4. Read it in one sitting to catch up and it reminded me of Bitequest in a good way. It too had sort of introductary beginning to it's world before the main plot started. Even with no plot or goals yet planned I want to believe. Also blushing capitalist dragons and I'm sold.

Sammy: 3. I want to see it finished and even though I'm half-heartedly aiming for the bad end I do like it. I try to keep up with it so that if it gets buried on the second page I can somewhat informatively nudge it forward if needed.

Karen's Heart: 2-3. You just need more whiskey for breakfast until it seems like a good idea again. It's important to be drunk while doing it. I thik we can all stand to see unashamed and uncoherent mish mash of mythos, lesbians and terrible jokes. Just stick everything you think of in there and to hell with consequences. Plots inconsequential and rules can be changed on fly. Like Slinko quest on meth and everyone goes "oh god what" instead of dawww. Do it damn you.

Survivors: ? Missed completely so I can't say.
No. 35477 ID: 3416ec

Don't do Karen's Heart ever again. That stuff was bizarre, yo.
No. 35484 ID: 70d9eb

Karen's Heart is the only one I'm up to date on and I thought it was really amusing and interesting. 5
Sammy's Adventure seemed neat from what I've read of it but I am pretty far behind. 4
No. 35490 ID: 1854db

Lahamu:5. The quest is very unfocused because we are just exploring at the moment. Once we've visited all the obvious civilizations and settled on one, the quest will get more focused.

Survivors:4. I am really interested in finding out what's going on in this quest. The nature of the characters... as robots programmed to serve humanity and nothing else, there's an element of tragedy in the quest. Their masters are dead. It's like a bunch of dogs whose owners have died... that kind of element interests me.

Sammy: 2. I've sortof lost interest and I'm not even sure why!

Karen's Heart: 1. I am not confident that the quality of other suggestions will improve if it starts back up again. That said, we DID do kindof okay aside from wasting a shitload of time doing nothing.
No. 35491 ID: 07416a

Lahamu: 5 It is a Yes.
Survivors: 4
Sammy: Dun read it.
No. 35496 ID: 140f49


Lahamu - 5 - For the same reason as everyone else has said, this has some of the same I-don't-know-what factor that made Bite Quest so amazing. I mean, I know it's unfocused and sandboxy, but unlike most sandbox quests it feels like there actually are goals that we can achieve and that the setting has a modicum of thought put into it. Also I'm pretty sure Bite Quest had at least a bit of a sandboxy element later into it. Perhaps you're better at sandboxy stuff than you may think.

Sammy's Adventure - 3 - I'm gonna be frank here, I missed a few updates and I haven't had the time necessary to sit down and read everything I missed, but the bits and pieces I've seen here and there look promising. It's amazing that what started off to be deliberately the most trolling text quest you could think of at the time has basically become a shining example of how to do a text quest right.

Survivors - 2 - I only partially followed this one but it looked like it had promise. Although promise is all it had last time I checked. The setting and set-up is interesting but whether it'll go anywhere I don't know for sure.

Karen's Heart - 1 - I didn't actually hate this quest because as is probably evident in anything I've ever run I have a thing for overly complex systems in settings and apparently I have a higher tolerance for weird shit than I give myself credit for (which would explain why I've never run from the site screaming in terror, but I digress). But you hate it, and I know there's nothing worse for a quest and for the person running it than for you to run a quest you cannot stand purely out of a sense of commitment. (Incidentally I wish everyone would just forget Resonance was a thing, but again, I digress.)

It's probably a terrible idea to say this but I'm really quite interested in what these two new quest ideas are. Also I'm thinking I might have to call for a vote similar to this because I have far too many quests and knowing which people would prefer I'd focus on would be incredibly helpful for me as well, but this is one digression too many. I'm out.
No. 35499 ID: e0c719

Sammy's Adventure - 5 - I haven't actually been keeping up on this, a fact for which I will commit ritual suicide later, but from what I read when I caught up on it a long time ago it's pretty good.

Lahamu - 4.99 - Nyeh to your petty rating system! I like Lahamu too and I think you're wrong about it being too unfocused.

Survivors - 4.98 - I really like the setting, it's like Lost Planet only not creepy and latex and it doesn't suck. I also think you should keep going with it.

Karen's Heart - 0 - Okay I will be blunt but I don't know what the fuck was going on here. It's pretty weird! I will just say I'm not gonna vote it be continued.
No. 35504 ID: 3d7a30

I love Lahamu and wish to see it continue
No. 35507 ID: f6360f

Karen's Heart - 4. The surrealism, confusion, and the struggle of successfully dealing with an obviously complex magic system when we didn't know what the hell was going on produced a great mood. It was a lot like Tiffany, worsened by having less horror and more pointless pornography, and Tiffany is still one of the best quests.

Sammy's Adventure - 4. I like the writing a lot, but it's easy to forget or lose track of things and there's a lot of rereading to do to try and remember them. The characterization is very good, though, and the plot isn't too complicated in my view- it breaks down to very simple themes conceptually, which keeps it focused even if we don't necessarily know the particulars of exactly what's going on.

Lahamu and Survivors - Neither of these held my attention, so... something low. 1 or 2, I guess.
No. 35510 ID: a41aaf

Karen's Heart: 5. The most interesting/intriguing of your quests I've read.

Sammy's Quest: 2. Personal disinterest in text quests.

Lahamu: 0. No plot, no goal, almost no world background = no interest. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.
No. 35520 ID: 28e94e

Lahamu: 5/5
Was going to give a 4/5 because the plot's moving so slowly, but the awesome title(s) made me change my mind.

Survivors: 3/5
I have no clue where this is going and IMO it's just plain boring.

Karen's Heart: 2/5
Would have 1/5'd but we apparently had sex with a seal or something and that's always a plus

Sammy's Adventure: 5/5
This is how you write a good text quest. Bob, I hope you're taking notes.
No. 35552 ID: 2563d4

I do not go for these numeric rating shenanigans, so I shall express my opinion through the medium of fanart.
No. 35560 ID: 5dc5f3

Your opinion will be much more heavily weighted because of this.
No. 36802 ID: 383006

No. 36819 ID: 3d7a30


Lahamu is back

No. 36824 ID: 2563d4

Hey, Lahamu readers, does someone with good memory and/or about to re-read the thread want to flesh out some the eponymous dragon's findings about the players in the world and their interrelationships somewhere good for reference? Like, say:
No. 38304 ID: 383006
File 130857448975.jpg - (101.69KB , 374x450 , Jayce.jpg )

Okay, so this is how androids are set up: They have a Core, which is where all of their personality and basic junk is stored, as well as most of their computery hardware. You aren't supposed to mess with this part of the android at all. It's buried inside their torso.

Then they have a Skill Drive. You're only supposed to have one of them, and it's got slots for modules, which are the individual programs that represent skills. The skill drive is easy to access and is in the android's head.

Clara has spots for eight modules, and she's currently got seven loaded, so she can fit another one in there.

The programming in the Core is self-alterable in some ways. Androids are supposed to be responsive to the preferences of their owner, and be able to 'learn' to recognize new people. The skill drive and modules should be impossible to alter. Obviously you want the customer to have to pay for them, and pay for new versions of them. An Android's ability to self-alter behavior is also supposed to be somewhat limited, although it stands to reason that you could "teach" them certain things. Of course, androids are supposed to have routine maintenance to make sure their Core isn't doing anything wonky with its organic sections (meaning organic algorithms, not actual meat parts), and that hasn't been done in over twenty years.

Clara's Skill Modules are "Maidpack 4" which is lots of basic cleaning and etiquette stuff, "Advanced Art of Tea," "Basic First Aid," "Advanced Baking and Cooking: Meat and Treats from America, Europe and Asia," "Polite Companion," "Be Seen and Not Heard" which is essentially about moving silently and being unobtrusive when appropriate, and "Basic Small Arms," Which gives basic training with handguns and smgs.

Oh, Another thing! Jacob crammed so many Skill Drives in me because he doesn't really know how to program, and the Computer Science and Computer Programming modules don't allow us to really alter Core programming, or explain how android or skill drive programming works. The Core has lots of safeguards too. It's supposed to fry itself if you try and mess with it.

I know I don't actually know about them yet, but I don't know that the linguistics module would help too much with the roaches. I just read over the thread and it looks like they don't have a spoken language at all - it's all touching feelers and junk. Like super advanced patty-cake language. I know you are supposed to feed them Cheerios if you're raising them to feed to lizards and stuff. I know all about animal care! They weren't around before. Oh wait, Okay I've actually got some data that says there were some sightings prior to now, that the best information is that the invaders used them to harvest resources. They could land, release them, and they would gather up stuff and break it down into proteins that were digestible by the aliens as well as getting rid of natural toxins and stuff that might harm the invaders. So, yeah, that's what they're for. No idea why they look like giant earth cockroaches.
No. 38305 ID: 00d3d5

Do you have some kind of three laws thing going on?
Can you think of situations where you can break rules to obey more important rules?

If you can code, then what's to keep you from writing an API that people can use to muck around with things without actually needing to know the details of the interface?
No. 38306 ID: eba49f

>"Be Seen and Not Heard" which is essentially about moving silently and being unobtrusive when appropriate
Heh, ninja maid

>don't have a spoken language at all
There was that chittering at one point, though I guess that may have been communicating more through tone than through actual words. It would still be useful to be able to do, if not to the same extent.

>Slots for modules
Is the data for 'installed' modules stored in a physical object (like a CD), or is it downloaded entirely onto the skill drive (allowing multiple androids to use one skill module)?
No. 38330 ID: 1854db

Wait, Clara has training for small arms? Why did she have no idea how to use the pistol then?

>I just read over the thread
Jayce, stop breaking the fourth wall you silly android!
No. 38331 ID: eba49f

She picked that upgrade up from the human after meeting the mechagoyle.
No. 38336 ID: 383006
File 130861279766.jpg - (112.94KB , 549x450 , Jayce2.jpg )

Let me rephrase a little: Most of the computer skills and programing skill modules are basically garbage. They'll help me get the viruses off and format some HTML stuff, that's about it! Maybe help me debug something that my owner has written or something like that! None of them are very detailed! Yay!

Uh, well, people use robots and androids for all sorts of stuff! We have skill modules for combat and firearms, so obviously we can harm all kinds of things! I mean, people purchase. Wait. Before they all died of plague, people purchased us for bodyguards and things like that! We can't hurt our owner, obviously, and that's something that you need to take us back to our manufacturer to get changed! Unless you're a really crap AI! Those people had to wear an RFID necklace, and they recognized whoever had it as their owner! That's some lazy lazy adroidery, amirite? Am I? I don't really know!


Cockroaches can't hear high frequency sounds! Their registery is very low for hearing, but pretty sharp! Maybe that helps? I still think it's mega patty antenna cake!

Skill modules are little solid state thingies that you can't alter! Here, I got one in my hand! This one is "Advanced Horny Buttslut!" It's a companion module. That means it's got sexy stuff on it! And some significant personality alteration too! I've got some default companion software as a basis because that's basically what I'm for, but my itty buttery biscuit won't let me install companion mods! I've been hiding like, lots of them, though. I have a whole box full! Anyway, you can't alter them. Some scientists and people like that have blank skill modules that they can write to, so they can easily transmit data to their androids and the androids can write to them, and we have a whole box full of those too with data I can't understand on it! It's all encrypted and stuff, but we think it has to do with the plague and stuff and that's why Jacob wants to go to the science place, so that maybe we can find a core that can read it! Or make sense out of it! Dunno!

But no, they don't load into anything, the core just reads from them. I mean, otherwise you could share it with your friends! Some people cracked some of the safeguards on their androids' cores that let them read custom mods, and that was pretty popular. I could read custom mods anyway because I'm super awesome! Some androids would just be able to if you left them in for long enough, but sometimes they would make you erratic or something so it was discouraged by the manufacturers! You aren't supposed to mess with that stuff! Plus if you try to alter the core of your android, it'll probably burn out! People bitched about the stranglehold the manufacturers kept on their products, but we are super duper advanced so what are you going to do? Write your own from scratch? Ok, good luck!

Yeah, duh. We gave her a mod for that right before she left for the army base! She won't be winning competitions, but she'll be able to actually hit a man-sized target pretty often I guess!

Oh and what, all you guys can read the thread but I can't? That's not fair! I mean, I'll pretend like I don't know any of that stuff when I'm in the actual thread, but when you guys are asking me questions about stuff I need to be able to look at it to know what's going on!
No. 38341 ID: 2563d4

>sometimes they would make you erratic or something
Man, did the manufacturers ever miss a trick on just having androids that haven't been serviced at an approved vendor in the last six months shut down "for safety". Planned obsolescence is the bread and butter of the computing industry. :V
No. 38610 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, nifty! Maybe with the armybots helping we can make it so you could have sets of skill mods and load and unload them as needed so there's no risk of burnout! Or maybe the sciencebots could do it?
Even the Computer Science ones are crap? Weird, I thought they would have some Code Monkey modules for corporations since when people think of tedious drudgery they think of making robots do it.
No. 38620 ID: 383006
File 130903490764.jpg - (104.11KB , 549x450 , Jayce3.jpg )

Weeeel, people would get way too upset if we were designed that way! They're supposed to become emotionally attached to us, after all!

Wait, Ok. I am not reading you. The skill modules are little physical things that are slotted in to the Skill drive! There already isn't that much room inside me with all the extra skill drives I got! I am a doggy, not a jukebox!

Starfire and all them thought not giving us the ability to save our masters' loads of cash by being able to write our own skill modules was worth way more than making us able to do that! That was unclear! Okay!

This is from the thread!
>>Just got a thought. Is it possible to convert a battery-powered robot like Jeanne to an organic engine setup? If so, we might want to have Jacob do the mod if he can. Then, we won't be alone on our wanderings. ... maybe she has some modules related to insects that might be useful in deciphering roach language? Alternatively, maybe the roaches can learn writing.

We could definitely mod her to have an organic engine, but we'd need the parts! We don't have another organic engine! Of course, there are plenty of places in the city with power! I don't know how big a deal it would really be!

Let me get serious and get where I need to be for the incoming update right quick! Serious face!
No. 38623 ID: ce4a4d

Silly Jayce, why did you comb your hair over your other eye when you turned around?

Depth perception is important, especially when fighting gargoyles. You should think about getting hair clips.
No. 38626 ID: 2563d4

At some point when it wouldn't mean tracking back and forth like we'd had our short-term memory amputated, we should totally see if we can get JN-077 and his bros to gun that abomination down.
No. 38631 ID: 2563d4

Goddamnit, Seven. Once, just fucking once, can you try to not keep shitting on a quest with your idiotic attempts at lolawsum theories?
No. 38632 ID: 0d095c

Please comb your hair the opposite way. Your eye is scaring me.
No. 38757 ID: 00d3d5

Jukebox? Noooooo
More like a telephone exchange!
I mean having it wired up so that you can change which ones are connected whenever you like without having to rewire them. There's already a kludgy mass of wires in there to connect them all, and this would probably make things much neater than they are now.
No. 38762 ID: 28e94e

>There's already a kludgy mass of wires in there to connect them all, and this would probably make things much neater than they are now.
Skill Drives are basically just high-tech Gameboy cartridges or flash drives. They plug directly into the port, which is presumably on the exterior of the drive since they're designed to be modular. There are no wires, and I'm guessing there isn't really much room for robotics like you describe.
No. 38766 ID: 2563d4

Just for some sense of context here, you're arguing with the same guy who in one of Bite's previous quests insisted for hours on IRC that we should have been able to save a major character (Ryxix, whose end was pretty bloody violent, and "bloody" here is not just a Britishism) by having unskilled protagonists build a life support system out of sand.
No. 39579 ID: 383006

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED I HAVEN'T BEEN UPDATING! This is because next week is the last week of classes before my summer finals. They snuck up on me. SORRY.
No. 39616 ID: 2563d4
File 131035436256.gif - (27.12KB , 640x480 , study-partner.gif )

No. 39653 ID: aeca06

(also that would be so much easier than manually writing all of this law to my hard drive)
No. 39655 ID: 2563d4

It would also be helpful if they sprung any unexpected questions about Advanced Goat Fellation.
No. 39658 ID: 0d4861

Wow, they really do have a mod for everything huh.
No. 39715 ID: 2563d4

Oral stimulation of ungulates? There's an app mod for that.
No. 40279 ID: 2563d4

>I don't see what there is to be gained by asking about the roaches.
My thinking is that if they insist on providing escort rather than a truck outright, or are willing to take care of the gargoyle-thing, they will almost certainly encounter roaches, and if they're going to shoot our bugfriends on sight it would be nice to know this in advance.

I wouldn't really expect them to have not yet noticed that there are roaches about, although, sure, don't lead them to the bugkitchen or anything.
No. 41451 ID: 2563d4

Feeling a bit short on smarts to suggest this moment, so going to ramble/collate bits to consider here instead:
- The fat dude dispatched four soldiers to take out the Starfire monstrosity while we were talking, and they got there before we got near with out truck. The soldiers are willing to roam and probably do use their own trucks for mobility. Since he has at least some remote control, that might include shutting dow the truck. Trying to just load up Jacob/Jayce and run away doesn't seem a great idea.
- That also means if we're going to scrap the tracking/remote/AI parts, we have to do it fast, since soldiers will probably show up to where it was last seen damn quick. (And don't do it until the Starfire lot have left and returned to base.)
- I...honestly have no idea what talking to the truck's AI would achieve.
No. 41452 ID: 2563d4

(Also, I can't remember if a core interface is a hilariously illegal thing.)
No. 41473 ID: 383006

I'm going to repost this, since people are asking these same questions. I know it's been a while. This is just to refresh people.

:clara: There are giant roaches around here. Have they been a problem for you?

:dtran5: These are harvesters that the invaders created to gather food for them. We destroy them on sight.

:clara: Are you sending out search parties or anything? Won't there be some infrastructure problems eventually if we don't make sure everything is maintained properly? Also, are you doing any regular police action?

:dtran5: That is not my purpose or function. I maintain this base in a state of readiness. Higher chain of command makes appropriate decisions concerning infrastructure. We destroy illegal androids when we find them to harvest parts, but otherwise there is no real law to maintain.
No. 41475 ID: 0acc36

Just started reading Survivors. Loving it.
No. 41477 ID: 2563d4

:dtran5: The human would have medical tests performed to see if any cure could be derived from it. The human would then be detained indefinitely while information we extract is sent to my superior. I would await further orders at that point, maintaining a state of readiness. The human would have whatever authority its position merited. If it were just a normal citizen that was acquired, it would have no special authority. I posit that the human would be potentially used as a source of genetic material for cloning to begin a repopulation project of some kind.

>We have an active communications array, but all bases still online have no reports of living humans.

Given they've been mostly standing around "in a state of readiness", I don't think it's unreasonable to take a guess that the "further orders" would not arrive. Letting the military bots know of Jacob would be permanent imprisonment. (Much as it would be a death sentence for them to know of Jayce or Jeanne.)
No. 41780 ID: 2563d4

Also, since we're (probably) about to make a speedy getaway from the city, I guess it's worth reminding people that we're leaving behind spidertits (along with all the bugfriends ;_; ), since it's been quite some real-world time since she showed up.

Personally I'm doing that on purpose because she doesn't really seem built for ADVENTURE and would probably just run out of power and/or get broken ( >>/quest/300252 ). Shame we didn't think to train her as a chef for bugs in our absence. :V
No. 41788 ID: 2563d4

...should have known that'd lead to a cry of "Useless liability? GOTTA DRAG HER ALONG!" :V
No. 43958 ID: 383006

I have some bad news and some "good" news.

The bad news is, I am injured. It is sort of painful for me to type a lot and I can't really draw all that well. I am also taking medicine that makes me tired and sort of not ridiculously good at being properly descriptive. I should be fine once I get better, but I need to put basically all three of my current quests on hold.

the "good" news is that I can't live if I'm not updating things, so I'm going to start a new quest that better matches my more limited artistic ability. Expect something soon.

No. 43964 ID: 1854db

Get well soon, bite!
No. 43969 ID: 8cf8b7

You better heal SOFAST now that frillstram happened.

Also because you're awesome and it is sad not having you around.
No. 43970 ID: c7b6c2

With all these artists getting hurt, I'd think there's a conspiracy going on.

Get well soon.
No. 43975 ID: 8cf8b7

Hey, just read Karen's Heart, and I think it's really cool and interesting (even despite all the sex going on, ahah). I didn't find the magic mechanics too hard to follow, in fact, I thought they meshed pretty nicely and added some good complexity. I'm sad it was discontinued(?), it was starting to get somewhere--but I understand losing interest and look forward to your other quests at any rate.
No. 43977 ID: 2563d4
File 131820057761.png - (57.93KB , 640x480 , chicken-soup-fixes-ANYTHING.png )


Even wanker's cramp.
No. 43978 ID: 383006

There may be some point in the future where I finish it in some way that is fun for both the suggesters and myself. Also, I lost all my notes. :V

Thanks! This is awesome! Do you use the soup, or drink it? Wanker's hand is a pretty serious medical issue.
No. 44001 ID: 0d7a83

We clearly need to form some sort of Artist Protection Team. The prerequisites for joining are the ability to swing a cat by it's tail without getting clawed. I will provide the cats.
No. 44086 ID: b44654

The superpowered cat, right?
No. 44414 ID: b6edd6

I am quite upset about our anti-mage being taken out by a magic trap (that took a second to activate, even).
I feel as if we had ordered Paladin McArmored to lead a cavalry charge against a group of archers (the thing that cavalry counters), and he got his head shot off.

I admit I made a series of stupid decisions about the tower (which I am really angry at myself for, like sending Green away and forgetting to check the goddamn ceiling), but it doesn't seem that unreasonable to expect that countering a magic trap would work like countering a spell.

(I am also {unreasonably on my part, but still} annoyed by how their wizards get all sorts of tricks where ours are a handful of guys with grenade launchers).
No. 44416 ID: 383006

I'd like to point out that her ability was to stop another mage from casting spells, not an anti magic field. I didn't forget about her reduced damage from bug spells or her chance to deflect hostile spells, but it was a chance, not a guarantee. If you were going to send someone into a magic trap, she would have been the person to send.

It would be more like sending a handful of heavy cavalry against hundreds of archers and expecting them to survive.

Keep in mind also that you don't know what the enemy units do, and there will be a chance to expand your own unit selection. Some of them probably have serious drawbacks. Your own mages have also been doing research, which has mostly given all of your units bonuses.

Right now you know their wizards can: Shoot a spell (that does less damage than your wizards' spell), and activate the crap bug infantry into better infantry.
No. 44420 ID: b6edd6

Do the healers get the 'heal harms zombies' effect? (And can the healer boss cast buffs, or just the mounted healers?)

And is Mage McCultist an improved explosion mage, or can he do other stuff (particularly, can he do counter-magic)?
No. 44423 ID: 383006

Healing magic does not harm undead, but also doesn't work on undead. Nothing can be animated more than once.

Undead are averse to Priests, Priestesses and Paladins, but it's more like turning, and not actually something that deals damage. It's not advisable to use the priestesses to fight things, but undead will have a chance to not attack them, or not animate near them (if a necromancer is trying to raise undead).

Oh, Ea is a priestess unit too, and she's better than a regular one (although she doesn't have a horse.) Healing is short ranged, though, and so are the buffs. All of the mercenary captains are like a better version of one of the units.

Regular infantry or archers absolutely cannot hurt the ogre. Heavy cavalry and mages can damage him, but he's very resistant to damage and extremely strong (He is the same type of unit as the dragon, like a much stronger version of the siege monsters)
No. 44656 ID: b6edd6

Are our kingdom and the neighboring kingdom the only nations (not counting secret settlements of cultists) in the area? And does the bandit's comment about boats mean that this is taking place on an island?
This is something that our king would logically know, and it is quite relevant to things like figuring out where the bugs could be recruiting people from.
(A map of the surrounding territories would be great, but I figure asking for a picture might be a bit much.)
No. 44697 ID: 383006
File 131940988549.jpg - (33.22KB , 420x491 , HowDoIGeography.jpg )


You have no idea what's beyond your kingdom's border. You killed the old, evil king and most of his court, and sort of never had reason to figure it out. You don't have a navy. Ships just kind of show up from ports and trade stuff with your people. Same with the neighboring kingdom. You don't know what's beyond the western forest, although you think there is a big desert past the mountains to the north. You were raised on a farm as a peasant, but honestly it's just never really seemed important.
No. 44758 ID: 09f991

Just caught up in Survivors, I'm finding it a bit confusing to be honest. Is a core like the android's "soul" or something? Is it made specifically geared towards certain modules?
No. 44759 ID: 09f991

Modules and drives, I meant. Other than that I'm a sucker for post-apoc and you seem to be doing a p good job, I find your quests generally quite likable and easy to warm up to.
No. 44769 ID: 383006
File 131951336091.jpg - (54.05KB , 374x450 , Jayce.jpg )

Okay it's really simple OK? The CORE is like a big thing and it's got all the hardware in it and it's a cylinder. Okay? Like all the programs and drives and rams and CPUs and all those things are in the core.

A SKILL DRIVE is a thing that's integrated into the core that also has little slots for putting SKILL MODULES in. So, a SKILL DRIVE is basically just a USB hub or whatever to put it into 2000s terms. SKILL MODULES are little cards with programs on them for stuff like Car Driving or being awesome at sucking dicks or being awesome at sucking dicks or being awesome at sucking dicks or pottery!

Does that clear it up?
No. 44770 ID: ebecc6

Ahh, got it. Thanks!
No. 44779 ID: e3f578

With the proper skills mods, could you suck a golf ball through a garden hose?
No. 72626 ID: 4a20fa

So I see Neo Sex Mall, a.k.a. BiteQuest demonstrates his ability to do worryingly compelling worldbuilding about any dumb concept you care to name once more, is back.

What the hell's going on, again? I backtracked as far as Pektil is recording nonspecific jabber for CULTISTS, but there are so many hundred words about oversized dicks I can skim through to remember what the deal with the duelling dragons was. And the wiki's too busy being obsessive over hawt cameos to obsess over plot summaries.
No. 72629 ID: 1766db

He's on a secret spy mission for some reason or another. It's not really important, ok?
No. 72652 ID: c87e6e

No skill thing for being awesome at sucking dicks in a car, while doing pottery?
No. 72790 ID: ca1c58

Let me help you with some Word of God. To help. I didn't even notice this btw.

Pektil took a mission from some kind of cult to go record data of an unspecified nature from some special party close to the edge of the Mall. It was never said whether it was voices or what. The cultists are forbidden from going onto the first level for causing trouble.

He has the ulterior motive of trying to find out any kind of info he can use/allies he can gain to help a) figure out what happened with Po and Sommer, and b) figure out a way to get Sommer away from Po somehow.

He's got names and stuff for the dragons, and general ideas about how they feel, so he could theoretically try to contact one or more of them later. The other dragon he met, Frost Mother, really didn't like Po.

I think that's most of it.

Also I think I'll just make a g-doc with all of Pektil's inventory and link it, and change it as his inventory changes. y/n?
No. 72791 ID: ca1c58

Also for real this quest could really use some wiki love. I will reward players who go actually put some updates on that wiki page. It's not like it doesn't have a lot of characters or an actual plot worth like, being able to quickly recap.
No. 72818 ID: 4a20fa

Ta for the recap.

>Also I think I'll just make a g-doc with all of Pektil's inventory and link it, and change it as his inventory changes. y/n?
Maybe a subpage on tgchan's own wiki, like say 'Neo Sex Mall/Inventory'? Then it should always be as accessable as the quest itself. (Also, Google Docs is the most hateful thing ever.)
No. 72830 ID: d8d4e8

But that's like, a non trivial amount of work for me. :C
No. 72920 ID: 4a20fa

Even if http://tgchan.org/wiki/NEO_SEX_MALL/Inventory already exists?

(I don't have time to populate this or the Plot Summary right now.)
No. 72933 ID: ca1c58

I don't even have a wiki account. Doesn't somebody have to approve them? Yeah I will handle the inventory though. I have the current one in a file I use when I'm running the quest.
No. 72978 ID: 4a20fa

Approving accounts is totally a thing I can do if I can remember to and my arcane powers haven't all atrophied away to horrid little fleshy stubs from months of not caring about the wiki.
No. 74937 ID: 8fb35b

For Neo Sex Mall, I rolled back and did a write-up on all the dragons. I'm posting it in the /dis/ separate from my suggestion on bite's request.

Here are the dragons we know about.

Becoming-Dragons: DnD nerds turning themselves into dragons are the lowest tier but they're still big-whigs enough to get invited to the party. They socially outrank Frost Mother but she's a real dragon, so maybe they'd look up to her. But so is Po, so w/e. We don't have any of their names.

Drar: Magma-chick dragon. Female. Owns half-naked human slaves. Sexually restrained, sexuality unknown. Absolutely hates Po. Best chance for starting the alliance.

Nergil: Blackeye. Female. Sexually restrained, sexuality unknown. Severe dislike for Po, shows hints of wanting to move against him. Good second dragon to talk to, especially if Drar is on board.

Ishtiga: Sexy-serpent. Male. Gay. Dislikes Po, sees no options to move against him. If Drar and Nergil are in, is likely to join against Po.

Morensu: Fartybutt. Small gem dragon. Male. Disinterested in Po. Unlikely alliance target. Possible risk if approached. Something about being busy with his "operations."

Anahaga: Platinum Pimp. Male. Gay. Sexually promiscuous/open. Has no apparent problem with Po. Poor alliance target.

Mardahal the Historian: Big Gold. Female. Possibly friends with Po. Possible enemy of the alliance. Need other dragons to weigh in on her.
No. 75251 ID: ca1c58

Getting almost no suggestions, after this last update I was ready to end the quest. With only the one suggestion to tell Frost Mother everything, (exactly the wrong thing to do) I was going to write out a denounment with pictures. It wasn't going to be the worst ending: The cult's plan is exposed and Sommer is freed from Po, but Pektil is permanently exiled from the mall.

I like writing the quest, and I know some people like reading it, but having no suggestions (or rather, just coracle suggesting) is really discouraging, and if you want me to keep updating, please keep suggesting. I just thought you all should know.
No. 75252 ID: ca1c58

I also do realize that it's mostly my fault that a lot of people don't suggest, even the ones reading: It's long, there's a lot to keep track of, and I took some extremely long breaks. That's all on me. You can't remember a lot of the details from like, a year ago, and it seems like the plot is kind of serious.

I mean, yes, it basically is my fault. But whether it's my fault or not, it's still like, kind of a waste of effort if it's me and one other person just playing with each other :v Anyway, don't worry, I will actually END the quest rather than letting it fall into the graveyard at this point, and I'm definitely not blaming people for not suggesting in a shitty text quest.
No. 75253 ID: a1ab63

I love NSM Bite, I would be sad if it ends before we can get huge.
No. 75254 ID: ca1c58

(a better wiki article might help)
No. 75255 ID: a1ab63

I know some people are re-reading the quest right now to catch up, also I don't want to post a million times but there is interest.
No. 75257 ID: 96c896

I usually suggest (under a different ID) but I've been abstaining when it gets into the political intrigue stuff because I'm really not into that at all, and it seems like there are other folks that are more eager and are doing a fine job with it.
No. 75270 ID: 902fe6
File 137672488253.png - (97.85KB , 1294x930 , neo pages.png )

Wiki article is in progress and very nearly finished
No. 75271 ID: e97f9d

Yeah uh I was pretty damn sure that telling her everything was not a good idea! I really like Neo Sex Mall, I would be sad if it ended. It's just hard for me to suggest for sometimes. I have to scroll back and look things up. A better wiki article would totally help.

I'm just sayin', Pektil has many more women to bang before the quest ends.
No. 75272 ID: 4a20fa

That (save for the "other ID" part, obv.)
No. 75279 ID: ca1c58

Oh god that looks awesome. Yeah, a cast list is good. Also I requested a wiki account so I can edit the inventory article on the wiki as it changes, and post things like his earnings vs his rent and shit like that. I have it all in a document and I THINK my current dollar amount is right. Plus I usually update on my lunch break or when I'm checking my emails and junk at work, so having the inventory somewhere I can access when I am not at home is a definite benefit.

Anyway that looks excellent.

As a final note, though, my only way to judge interest is with suggestions. If you don't want to make a choice on the "political" updates, at least post something saying your thoughts or just... something. Anyway, thanks for the show of support. I have a regular work schedule now, so updating around once a day really shouldn't be a problem anymore. (at least that often)
No. 75280 ID: ca1c58

Also yeah, text quests might just be my new reality. It's hard for me to get time to draw, and I work super late. Oops.
No. 75282 ID: 8fb35b

On making the political decisions, I also don't want to be the only one making them, though. I almost ended the quest because I was posting in a vacuum and there was no one to counter my suggestion until some people finally stepped up.

It's a lot of strain to feel like Pektil's fate is resting entirely on my shoulders ok. I don't want to be the reason Sommer gets killed ok ;2; only you can prevent dragon vore
No. 75284 ID: 8ffedb

I'll try my had at political intrigue, so now two of us can have the fate of the world to carry.
No. 75304 ID: b9d767

Something like Lahamu would be nice to see again, if it was a bit more directed. More goals besides wandering.
No. 75310 ID: 4a20fa

>Also I requested a wiki account
Should be approved.

>...and I THINK my current dollar amount is right.
Don't you mean inch amount?
No. 75354 ID: ca1c58

updated inventory.
No. 75373 ID: c23ab0

I really like Survivors. And not just because it's bunnies and "foxies". The goals seem obvious to me. Learn all the skills. Survive, find a nice place to live. HugBeat the bugs, save the humans, start a human zoo. I also like the subtle Rockman references. The direction isn't so obvious, but only because you haven't given us a goddamn map in ages! The characters are awesome, and the whole awkwardness of robots designed for silly shallow human desires being the only ones left to pick up the pieces in an apocalypse is just an awesome premise.

Karen's Heart was pretty good too, at least as an experiment. Would have made a good "one shot" quest. Escape the hospital, ride broomstick naked into the sunset. I loved the use of blood red as both an eroticism and a plot indicator.

I uh... didn't like Bite Quest much. Something about the timing, the way the wizards revealed themselves. It just seemed to wander a bit. And when Spikesby became a not magical critter it was just like... what now? That dream world outside the shield everyone was just sort of down and depressed, and we wanted to do something about it, but there was nothing Spikesby could do. I think this is your longest quest and for that alone it's pretty impressive. Just... perhaps high fantasy is not your forte.

Your greatest weakness is that you doubt yourself so much. Don't treat the suggesters with more respect than you do yourself. It just ends with you feeling frustrated and having to draw things you don't feel right about. That's how I see it at any rate.

In that respect Neo Sex Mall is awesome, but Pektil is way too much of a pushover.
No. 75374 ID: c23ab0

Oh and Crowmanticar was Best Quest Ever
No. 75397 ID: ca1c58

I am going to finish survivors. It's very close to done, so I just need to actually have time to draw. Which is impossible, apparently.
No. 75402 ID: 4a20fa

This news pleases me greatly.
No. 75403 ID: ca1c58

Yeah, I know my art is pretty terrible. I am not surprised that people are pleased I don't have time to draw.
No. 75404 ID: a1ab63

It pleases him that you're going to finish it.
No. 75405 ID: ca1c58

Yeah, I know. I was just being a jerk.
No. 75419 ID: a1ab63

No. 75905 ID: 2b1e5c

By the way, whatever happened to Sammy's Adventure? Is that ever coming back? It was my favorite quest of yours and I've been hoping for it to continue eventually.
No. 77020 ID: 1413c8

I think it's been months. Many multiple months, since the last time I updated anything.

It really bothers me that I have all these unresolved stories out there, but finding time to quest is basically impossible what with my being a lawyer and all.

I was thinking of just like, writing endings for Survivors and Neo Sex Mall, so at least there's an ending, and maybe holding out hope that I could finish Sammy's Adventure one day.

Is this something I should consider, or is it heresy to take away your agency and just end things?

I mean, maybe in a year or something I'd be able to find the time to actually update things, who knows? Should I wait or just like, would people rather have an actual ending to something?
No. 77022 ID: c03969


I would say you could come up with an ending and retcon it later if you wanted to resume, but the trouble with that is if you wanted the players to proceed toward that ending, you'd kinda spoil everything. You'd need to come up with something new if you ever did want to resume in that case.

On the other hand leaving things hanging when it might be such a long time before anything resolves, if you're ever able to continue - if I were in your position it'd be disappointing to me. It might be worth it to just wrap it up if you're looking at a year or longer passing before you can do anything else.

(Just my two cents, not an expert.)
No. 77023 ID: 4a20fa

I would rather have some actual ending arrived at by player action later than some arbitrary stop now, since the latter basically has no value. I can't think of any work of fiction where a "writer dies/runs out of time/runs out of money/gets bored and just caps it off" abrupt ending has actually been satisfying closure even if it technically ties up plot threads.
No. 77026 ID: 69b06a

I'd think it better to finish the quests you're thinking of just flat closing so you can focus on the ones you do wanna do?
Basically, wrap up the quests and move on to the ones you're more interested in. Probably will make for a happier Bite!
No. 86393 ID: a57684

Haha I said it would be like, a year.
No. 86404 ID: 2fd516

And it was! Good foresight.
No. 86469 ID: 1413c8

WOW it's been over a year since NEO SEX MALL updated! Expect at minimum an update every other day and at most several a day on weekdays. Probably no updates on weekends.

If any brave wikinauts want to go refresh things that would be cool. Sweet. Awesome.

Who is around who played before?
No. 86470 ID: 2fd516

I have!
No. 86473 ID: 4a20fa

No. 86474 ID: 1413c8

You are a CHAMPION

You, I don't get what you're saying! OH WAIT! HIt like had sex with how he had sex with her displacer blinkgina then he never called or nothin!
No. 86478 ID: 4a20fa

Seriously. That little Mok is playing with, like, so many hearts and other assorted warm and rhythmically pulsing organs.
No. 86481 ID: 128d9a

It's back baby.
Time to cry softly into my pillow I mean play.
No. 86497 ID: 1413c8

I can only hope each and every person that is reading the quest is crying softly into their pillow wondering where they went so terribly wrong.
No. 86501 ID: 4a20fa

I think it's when we didn't just grab hold of Zephyr's Zephyr and fly off into the sky in a magical trail of ADVENTURE and kinda gross stains.
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