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File 130132879813.png - (7.16KB , 336x250 , indigotalklogo.png )
34283 No. 34283 ID: f7aa74

welp, shortquest quest seems to be doing well
so i'm deciding to make a few new quests

this is pretty much to get input on some ideas that could be brewing and take opinions and suggestions, so talk away peeps
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No. 34284 ID: f7aa74

alright hellions, here's mai first idea

i'm thinkin, DEATHRACE, like that movie, but it'll be similar to a hotwheels track and with quest characters from other quests

whadya think gais?
No. 34285 ID: 07416a

No thank you.
No. 34286 ID: d3dfb8

moar tits.
No. 34289 ID: 3416ec

Stick with just one quest for now.
No. 34290 ID: 28e94e

Every single part of that idea is terrible.
No. 34291 ID: 2d2d90

The more important question, Indigo, is why are you wearing Steele's jacket, whilst half naked?
No. 34292 ID: b6c6fc

personally I don't think it's a bad idea, as long as you ask permission before using other peoples characters

but I do think it's wise to finish one quest before starting another
No. 34343 ID: f7aa74
File 130141273576.png - (3.45KB , 320x151 , nocar.png )

alright, so there are more people against the death race idea and i guess it wouldn't too kind of me if i didn't ask why not?
No. 34344 ID: f7aa74
File 130141282771.png - (6.25KB , 337x250 , shirtchoice.png )


listen jabronee, this is a very cheap and stylish shirt that you can get cheap from andies

it's cotton and dosn't wrinkle in the wash, look i even have another shirt.
No. 34347 ID: 2563d4

My main problems with that idea are:
- What is the actual game component? What interesting decisions would suggestors be able to make? Who would they be controlling?
- Co-ordinating all the authors involved to avoid stamping on any precious toes, running roughshod over canon, or---most damaging---triggering any of the numerous landmines of fan dumb if people's waifus don't perform every bit as well as they imagine. (Basically it's the fight thread with wheels.)
- Why a hotwheels track? That seems kind of arbitrary and restrictive.

I suspect Quest Wacky Races would probably just work better as a fanart bandwagon or oC topic; ITQ antics at most. (It's actually half-heartedly been one of these: >>/draw/2692 )
No. 34349 ID: c71597

Like the first Deathrace that had Stallone and lots of tits and was awesome or like the second one that sucked?
No. 34350 ID: b6c6fc

the classic deathrace is the only real deathrace
No. 34352 ID: 2563d4

>interesting decisions
>Wacky Races
>one particular racer who is distinct and notable in doing something other than "keep driving" and interacts in an antagonistic fashion with all others
Y'know, come up with a good double-zero driver for /quest/ to control, possibly an original character do not steal for this quest, and I reckon this could work if you could handle the (not inconsiderable) amount of wrangling required.
No. 34353 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, then it would be about figuring out how to beat the other characters instead of a fight over who's waifu is better.
No. 34360 ID: 1f2692
File 130142773350.jpg - (238.54KB , 450x300 , 2843363.jpg )

>-What is the actual game component? What interesting decisions would suggestors be able to make? Who would they be controlling?

The gameplay is the same suggest an action style, instead of hey move or hey go that way, it’s mostly “hey there’s a guy coming up on your (side) use (super kewl gadget) and whoop him.

Everything is costumizable, except the track and the enemies. Meaning the suggestors could make ANYTHING be a driver, and he could drive ANYTHING that they could possibly think of. This is done with a customization system that I would come up with.

They would be controlling the player’s actions, and maybe the npcs that are his mechanic(s).

>- Co-ordinating all the authors involved to avoid stamping on any precious toes, running roughshod over canon, or---most damaging---triggering any of the numerous landmines of fan dumb if people's waifus don't perform every bit as well as they imagine. (Basically it's the fight thread with wheels.)

Alright, then I’ll start the quest with iconic creatures from the wiki until I get permission from a few authors… pretty whoever is willing to let me talk to them at a time I can be on.

>- Why a hotwheels track? That seems kind of arbitrary and restrictive.

I’m using ‘hotwheels track’ as a visual metaphor, have you seen the old hotwheel track sets? THEY WERE FREAKING NUTS, gravity defying turns and flips and loops and all sort of crazy stuff… I HAD A MUSTANG HOTWHEEL TAKE A 90 DEGREE TURN INTO A TORNADO TRACK SUSPENDED FROM MY CEILING!!!!!!!!
Now obviously it’s not gonna look EXACTLY like a hotwheels track, but it will be based off of some of the sets that I used to collect.
No. 34361 ID: 34930b

>crazy hotwheels track

Some guys had P&P and some had this, I guess...
No. 34366 ID: a41aaf

For a 'cannonball run' type race, don't forget the usefullness of having a hostile host to the race. Not only are the participants competing to win the race, but at the same time cooperating to avoid being arrested by the local police/blown to the shit by the local tinpot dictator/etc.

Video definitely related.
No. 34372 ID: 1f2692


no, i'm thinking more the new deathrace, i remember the old one, but my story wouldn't flow well with all the outside interractions...

and think about it, if the racer was still running amok in public, he'd be able to NOT do crazy death racing.
No. 34375 ID: 6fdb61

>I get permission from a few authors…

Well you have my permission, not that I invented much... You can use any of my characters that you like.
No. 34376 ID: c71597

But part of the fun in the old one was that they wanted to do crazy death racing. Or well most of them did. The drivers were freaking crazy. The fans were crazy, almost the entire world was crazy and the ones who pointed out how crazy it was got locked up in asylums. And it had awesome car designs.
No. 34378 ID: 2563d4

>Cannonball Run
>video is some furry anime thing

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85PcMJ9D8X0 is the show-stealer, though)
No. 34380 ID: a41aaf

>some furry anime thing
The best summary of Redline I've heard so far was "a mix of Cannonball Run and Death Race 2000, with a dash of the cast of Top Gear, racing through a nuclear minefield in space-North-Korea".

Admittedly Trava has fur, being some sort of scruffy rabbit thing, but he barely even gets a bit part.
No. 34397 ID: 897302

Little question -
The earlier images in ShortQuest had comic-book style [I don't know the word - the pixelly overlay]. Why'd you get rid of it?
No. 34445 ID: f7aa74

>The earlier images in ShortQuest had comic-book style [I don't know the word - the pixelly overlay]. Why'd you get rid of it?

eh? you mean the background? that's when i'm all hoppy hootiy on drugs, supposed to be like some colorfu background and stuff... anyway, it was only used when i was hoppy hooty

>You can use any of my characters that you like

thx flynn
No. 34447 ID: b6c6fc

using any of FlynnMerk's characters would probably be a big mistake

Please don't
No. 34448 ID: f7aa74

>using any of FlynnMerk's characters would probably be a big mistake

i don't see you throwin oken my way or anything,
i'll use anyone i can get
No. 34449 ID: b6c6fc

I will allow you to use any of my characters as long as you don't use any of Flynn's characters
No. 34450 ID: f7aa74

>I will allow you to use any of my characters as long as you don't use any of Flynn's characters

yessssss, no take backs lonely world!
No. 34452 ID: b6c6fc

heh, fair enough
No. 34474 ID: 1f2692

trial quest is trial, and has been made... here i go guys
No. 34493 ID: 6fdb61

Well its a shame that disliking me gets you special rights... Still I'm happy for you. Chances like this don't come along every day.
Power isn't infinite, to grow is to take blablabla... good job.

I'll just have to work hard and wright better. Maybe then peoples will hate less.
No. 34499 ID: b6c6fc

No. 34500 ID: 6b2b68

If you're doing a wacky races thing, count me in too. /Quest/ needs more goofy lighthearted shit, and honestly, that's the only way I can see a thing like this working.
No. 34510 ID: 8e18cd

Wacky Races? Count me in.
No. 34514 ID: 2044df

ME too. Wacky races sounds fun.
No. 34515 ID: f7aa74

sweet, anyway its the speed zoom quest, so don't dissapoint me in your suggestions guys.
No. 34519 ID: 55c4cf

mfw Apathy card.

Cute! Although I did ruin his assumed appearance twice
No. 34521 ID: cc04a7

Ugh, you're using one of Reaver's characters? Disgusting
No. 34545 ID: f7aa74

their the cards, don't think of them as characters, think of them as fanart, lets me slide easier

anyway, everyone who ever has a quest on the wiki will have a card... so don't be thinking you'll only get a few, it's a ridiculous project that'll take time
No. 34550 ID: bf1e7e

I'm totally cool with wacky races-ing with my characters
No. 34555 ID: 6b2b68

Oh, well I'm still okay with this too.
No. 34564 ID: cb45f0

My characters number a space dog and a handful of rats. I don't think you want to use them. :P

But you can totally take any of the characters from Black Company. Tanks, APC, AC-130, soldiers, etc. Maybe they could comprise some of the hazards!
No. 34565 ID: 8c73c8

i dunno. a space dog would drive a space car. and she was in the pilot seat so she knows how to drive.
No. 34567 ID: cb45f0

ok but you can only use Kassandra if she drives a tiny spaceship and it gets disqualified by being struck by meteors
No. 34669 ID: 4d0584

You can use my characters too. Especially from Crowmanticar.
No. 34670 ID: f7aa74

sweet, i'll have the lots all filled up in no time the way this is going, but for now i'll use half mine and half anybody elses characters
No. 35113 ID: 97c275

Indigo, what is your relationship re:bamump, specifically being the same person.
No. 35115 ID: 1f2692


specifically being the same person is a yes, but i decided to change my persona

irl stats:
slim build
wish i had a tablet
super neat at style mimickry
No. 35187 ID: 653ea0

The trollface volto is enticing enough, but the bad grammar irks me badly enough to hide your quests.
No. 35189 ID: f7aa74


you don't have to look at my quests...
no ones forcing you, and later on the grammer issue will skyrocket
No. 35190 ID: 1854db

It's going to get WORSE?!
No. 35191 ID: f7aa74


yeah, there's going to be an irish bear
some cajun speaking brown people
and some ugly monsters that speak... who knows

i'm trying to introduce a world i created, if you don't like it... well just hide my quests then
No. 35194 ID: bf070d

I don't think that commenting on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the like is some kind of troll. It is a valid critique, because doing these things properly makes your quest easier to read.

Not doing them makes it look as though you don't care. If you can't do it yourself, you could look for a proofreader. There are people around here who will provide such services if asked nicely.
No. 35195 ID: 1f2692


well i can understand that, but i don't think that a minor misspelling in one or two words requires such criticism
No. 35197 ID: cf244d

>a minor misspelling in one or two words
Oh god, do you not even realize?
Yeah, your English isn't that great. It's not a huge deal, especially comparatively, but improving it would improve your quests.
No. 35198 ID: 1f2692


>... world of grammar nazis

i do not recall everyone being perfect, i also do not see every quest being perfect.

I have not noticed Lucid or weaver being perfect.

And i have not seen anyone hating their quests due to grammatical issues.

Lest i forget, romanticar had a girl that had z's in front of most of her words.

Humor me guys, i have no excuse for not being perfect.
No. 35201 ID: e0c719

LonelyWorld does quests fine with writing just like indigo's, if not worse. Hell, some people might consider it endearing. Leave her alone.
No. 35202 ID: cf244d

Nobody is perfect. That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for perfection.

It's not a serious issue. Nonetheless, it's something that could be improved, and thus it was pointed out. That is not a bad thing. It is not being mean, or whatever you might think. To "Leaver her alone" would be to allow her to stew in her own imperfection. Why would anyone do that, when pointing out the flaw such that she may erase it is such a trivial thing to do? There is no reason not to extend advice, besides with the intent to create a hugbox environment where everything sucks and nobody ever improves. Few of us here see that as desirable.

Getting all mad about advice and implicitly refusing to make any attempt to improve, however, is a pretty serious problem. It will lead, at best, to stagnation.
No. 35203 ID: a41aaf

Do you happen to use Firefox? The built-in spell checker should highlight some simple things like lack of capitalisation at the start of sentences, or egregious spelling mistakes. Chrome has a spell checker too (not sure if it's enabled by default).
No. 35218 ID: 653ea0

Oh jeez. I know I was blunt, but I'm not trying to be a hater.
No. 35281 ID: f7aa74


peace, brudda, i just feel like talking to talk
nothing against you.

>allow her to stew in her own imperfection. Why would anyone do that

i like being imperfect, it's like... i dunno, my personality is being expressed by one too many letters or putting the wrong symbol in.
My bad spelling is like my identity and the way i tell my stories... I'm sorry if i sound stupid, but i feel like if i attempt to make every word perfect in grammatical context i'll forget the point of story i'm making.

but whatever, i'll try better in future if you seriously don't like it that much.
No. 35294 ID: 3358a2

There's a difference between pointing out actual flaws and pointing out stupid shit. There is nothing wrong with not capitalizing your i's, especially if it's a stylistic choice. Did you stand behind Da Vinci and point out that he was doing it wrong? Plus, this comment feels a little mean considering the complaints seem to be solely about indigo and not any of our other perfectly fine quest authors with less than exceptional grammar or spelling.
No. 35345 ID: f7aa74
File 130288170910.png - (409.44KB , 1024x768 , CONVENTIONWEEEEE.png )

wow, first ban... didn't think i was doing anything wrong

going, be back in 3 days
No. 35348 ID: 70d9eb

This is false, it is always brought up to quest authors when they're making mistakes in spelling/grammar. A quest being easier to read/understand is a good thing.
No. 35603 ID: f7aa74

*yawn* alrighty i'm back form all sorts of stuff... i went to the convention, then i had work, then i was totally not interested in coming back here... but i decided that i have to cus i have quests to finish... boy, life is hard
No. 35881 ID: f7aa74
File 130401710080.png - (21.35KB , 644x450 , shortquest2intro.png )

so i'm thinking of making another short quest... i need at minimum of 6 people to say yes before i feel motivated to making it.

so yeah, comment.
No. 35882 ID: 29fbe3

No. 35883 ID: e48e7e

No. 35884 ID: 5f0943

Yeah sure why not.
No. 35886 ID: 40cb26

I can dig it
No. 35887 ID: c71597

Should be crazy awesome.
No. 35889 ID: ce15d1

do it you butt
No. 35890 ID: f5fe2f

do your butt
No. 35909 ID: 483bc6

The first Shortquest thread was pretty funny. I actually think you're one of the funnier quest authors in here. So, yeah, I'd like to see another one.
No. 35910 ID: 43d730


Aside from that, yes, no reason not to other than tiredness or other concerns.
No. 37530 ID: 1f2692

alright, so the new shortquest bombed like the fatboy, but maybe... just maaaaaybe, speed zoom quest the sequal won't be so bad?

I'll think about it
No. 37532 ID: 35e1a0

did it? looks to me like you ran out of plot, did you?
No. 37533 ID: 1f2692
File 130739372520.jpg - (64.63KB , 500x323 , frown.jpg )


No. 37544 ID: 07416a

Continue! Make shit up! I was enjoying it.
No. 37549 ID: f5fe2f

You don't really need plot to have a successful quest. Just let the suggesters faff about instead if you can't think of anything at a given moment. It's worked for Gnoll for years.
No. 37583 ID: f7aa74
File 130755241563.png - (23.23KB , 512x384 , seducingthepossesed.png )

i... i've got it, i know what the next quest will be... :D

it will be RIGHTEOUS
No. 38010 ID: f7aa74

text quest, text quest, text quest, Reaver, text quest, mine (which is also text), and someone elses image quest

i see that there are way too many text quests, maybe that's why mine are being ignored?
Meh, stp is now an image quest then.
*upgrade get*
No. 38011 ID: 0d7a83

Just as planned
No. 38028 ID: e57b27

This = win.
No. 38186 ID: 400170
File 130836506906.jpg - (5.59KB , 126x116 , 1287864456532.jpg )

No. 38494 ID: f7aa74

wow... so um... yeah, i'm kinda losing interest in tgchan, and have seen fit to entertain myself over at the mspa forums...
BUT i'll probably be around to slowly watch people totally forget about me letting my quests crumble to dust and all that, you might even see me on irc... maybe, but yeah... felt like i had to explain why i 'suddenly disappeared' in case anybody really cares
No. 38495 ID: 35e1a0

can you give us a reason?
No. 38497 ID: f7aa74
File 130887384209.gif - (91.28KB , 940x698 , 002.gif )

>this is an animated gif of the adventure i'm doing on mspa forums

nothing against /quest/ or any of the people,
i've just lost interest with how un-learned i am with actual internet etiquette...
so i'm off to try to learns me some
No. 38509 ID: 00d3d5

I'm sorry to hear that. I was really looking forward to the return of Justice Quest and Speed Zoom. D:
No. 38523 ID: c2c011

Well don't leave us hanging. Atleast provide a handy link for us so we can see this new work.
No. 38524 ID: 0d7a83

*Handy link get*
No. 39500 ID: f7aa74
File 131022923609.png - (3.88KB , 256x259 , indigothing.png )

... uh... h-hey there guys... can i come back again? I think i'm better learned this time.
No. 39501 ID: 1cfaaa

no ur nt wlcm here

No-one's going to stop you coming back, and you at least had the decency to explain your reasons for leaving and not go on some massive tirade like I did a few times

Welcome back!
No. 39504 ID: 5aac32

Welcome back, Indigo.
No. 39523 ID: 8576f8

Of course you can come back. You know, even when folks are maligning the fuck out of you, it doesn't mean they don't want you here. That's just how folks talk on this part of the internet.
No. 39535 ID: c2c011

Sure why not. It's not like you're the first one to leave forever and then return.
No. 39538 ID: 252e1b

It's not like you're any worse than most of the clowns here anyway.

Hey how about a clown quest?
No. 39542 ID: 9a0f69

Of course you can avoid 90% of the drama by staying the fuck away from irc.

Welcome back.
No. 39543 ID: 126430
File 131026507096.png - (3.00KB , 169x156 , thisisstupid.png )

Ok you can come back, but you must wear this mustache all week as punishment for abandoning us.
No. 39545 ID: 55c4cf

Stop worrying and do whatever you want.
No. 39555 ID: d3dfb8

:D you're back?
<3 you!
No. 39564 ID: e75de4

Words of wisdom. Fucking listen to them.
No. 39661 ID: f7aa74

yay, i guess i'll add upon justice quest first.
No. 40402 ID: 35e1a0

don't do anything unless you think you can do the whole thing. if you don't know then think about it some more. quests dying in the middle for no good reason is worse then not existing at all.
No. 40410 ID: 00d3d5

You stopped! ;_;
No. 40419 ID: 0d7a83

y u do dis to poor lil freddy?
No. 40478 ID: f7aa74

it happens... i get tired of something then it dies... i just ended it before it went to the graveyard
No. 40479 ID: 874bd8

I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, isn't just going 'lolboredQuestOver' kind of a big no no or something?

You left, then came back asking if you could come back, people said yes, and then you make a quest, you kinda just let it go for a bit, then decide to cut the whole thing?

I'm not trying to sound nasty or anything by any means, but if you're going to put quests up on here the last thing you should probably do is just stop the thing with a sudden game over out of boredom. It makes you look kinda bad as a quest author, and it's obvious that you're not necessarily a BAD quest author at all. You kinda just need to stop getting in trouble with other authors and pulling stuff like this.

tl;dr I know making a good quest and stuff can be hard, and keeping interest in it is harder. You need to make sure that if you start something, especially here on Quest, you need to see it through to the end. And that's pretty much my piece. Again, I'm not trying to be mean or troll you or anything, I'm just stating my opinion as civilly (Is that even a word? owo; ) as possible.
No. 40483 ID: 7aedd2

And here's my less-polite way of putting it: If you can't be bothered to stick with your quests, why should anyone bother to watch or suggest?
No. 40488 ID: 650284

yeah guy abandoning quests?
gosh what a joik you are
No. 40492 ID: 90abeb
File 131137312774.jpg - (2.75KB , 126x126 , iseewhatyoufishzoomf.jpg )


I'm still mourning over Hal, you know.
No. 40820 ID: e7acd0

List of dudes disappointed by Frederic's death
No. 40827 ID: f7aa74

uh... um... yeah... sorry?
No. 41148 ID: f7aa74

needs more me
No. 41155 ID: 00d3d5

Yes it does!
No. 42820 ID: 1ad1c9

hey gais, i have my own laptop, so hopefully i'll be able to do more stuff... i just need to get an adapter for mai wi-fi thingamajig,

see you gais soon
No. 43348 ID: f7aa74

here's a sample of my current project, it starts off slow with just a pic of mountainsides, but wait through it pls.
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