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File 129722306232.png - (229.98KB , 400x900 , thirty pieces of silver.png )
31049 No. 31049 ID: c44286

This is a discussion thread for Thirty Pieces of Silver. Duh. <.<

We/I'll be updating once per day until further notice. Please feel free to direct questions and whatnot here. Comments and feedback welcome. Criticism is also welcome, as long as it's constructive. I promise not to bite. . .hard.

So. . .welcome!
No. 31050 ID: c44286

> adult themes
> furry protagonist
> implying implications
No. 31051 ID: 8d8786

Lovely writing and art. I look forward to seeing what comes of such promise.
No. 31057 ID: 2563d4

>film noir
It's probably alcoholism and moral ambiguity more than yiff-yaff.
No. 31062 ID: 192c6d

And an obsessive use of CONTRAST and classy 1920's outfits.
No. 31158 ID: c44286

So. Nahkh has gotten himself drunk, so they'll be no update today. Oi. <.<

Which, of course means more time for suggestions! :'D
No. 31171 ID: c0f6c1


How did he manage to get himself drunk? Don't you keep your artists locked up in a celler like any other sensible storyteller depending on the output of a right-brained person?
No. 31172 ID: c44286

Eh, it was a special occasion, but yes. I usually do.
No. 31180 ID: fb06fb

Obviously he was locked up in a wine cellar.
No. 31188 ID: c44286

Yeaaa, so. Sorry about the lack of updates for the past few days. Currently, I'm too tired, and Nahkh is also too tired for an update tonight. HOWEVER. We will be updating tomorrow. Honestly, sorry about this. This weekend was just a bit busy. <.<;;
No. 31268 ID: c44286

So yea, I'll post an update tomorrow after I get home from uni. ^^
No. 31270 ID: 374ff8

Updates! Woo!!
No. 31492 ID: c44286

So, finally updated. Sorry about the shitty wait. D; Writer's block and a computer crash, and mountains of homework, and Swedish essays - oh my.

Oh, just a note: it's Jacks, not Jack. ^^
No. 33342 ID: c44286

ACK. So, yes. I fail horribly at schedules, don't I? I'd be willing to continue this, but I want to know if anyone wants me to.

Honestly, sorry I didn't post when I said I would. I ended up having computer issues, then getting slammed with end-of-quarter uni work (like completing an entire 180hr self-study course in 5 days).

I still have two essays, but I'm fairly sure I could manage to update. (That aside, those are due on the 22/27th so either way, I'll be free fairly soon.)

tl;dr: I'm sorry. Want me to continue the quest?
No. 33358 ID: 8d8786

No. 33360 ID: c71597

Sure. It has been quite entertaining so far.
No. 33365 ID: 1854db

Go for it.
No. 33487 ID: 815cd1

Sure, if you feel like it.
No. 56441 ID: c44286

Re-updated, now with actual choices! Apparently, I got a bit derpy when I wrote it at 3am.
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