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File 129362289592.jpg - (107.34KB , 960x600 , 128397217516.jpg )
28988 No. 28988 ID: e3d850

Ive not seen any discussions for Herbert vs Happiness, and its probably my favorite quest so far.

So, discussion time. I shall start things off my mentioning the file names for the images appear to be in German, if you haven't noticed, and have something to do with the theme of what's going on.
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No. 28995 ID: 366bdf

This quest appeals to me. It has the traditional setting of "scary laboratory/installation with things happening beyond rationality", but managed to keep it interesting throughout its threads while creating a threatening atmosphere. I like it.

>have something to do with the theme of what's going on
necronomicon hurr durr
No. 28999 ID: 585f92

Yeah, I noticed that the filenames were in German. I don't know anything about the Necronomicon though, so I might be missing something important.

Either way, props to the creator. The art's fantastic, and it manages to mix a light and once innocent main character with a threatening/terrifying atmosphere.

And I don't care what anybody says. Herbert's the King of France, the son of a pirate and a ninja, an international spy, and a doctor all in one.
No. 29012 ID: ad8f04

The necronomicon is a book, nowadays often related to Lovecraftian stories and settings.

When you read it, it will make you go mad with fear and terror (your mileage may vary) and after months or years of suffering, you will claw your eyes out and lobotomise your own brain to feel some relieve.
And that's the happy end, kinda.
No. 29047 ID: e5686b

It also has something to do with summoning demons and shit in some stories.
No. 29062 ID: bffa2a

It has one of the best updating schedules around allowing for everybody to participate. And that allows it to stay fresh in memory and the artwork remains crisp.

And it somehow remains hugely unpopular in comparison. I don't know.
No. 29063 ID: 2563d4

Probably fatigue in my case. Herbert keeps getting into a lot of fairly hopeless situations where I honestly have no idea what to suggestion.
No. 29074 ID: ad8f04

Kinda this. The quest is often very open about how to proceed.

Which is, however, in my opinion much better than some quests which offer limited options but without explanation (e.g. "go left or go right?").

Still, I can not restrain myself from saying that it's really worth a look. Try and read, fellow questers!
No. 29206 ID: 712479

I only just started reading up on Herbert vs. Happiness. Judging the book by it's cover, I thought the quest was your usual "protagonist hates the world quest" and set reading it aside for later. Boy, was I wrong.

I absolutely adore this quest. It's very much like RubyQuest, and no, this is not a bad thing. It's got alot of the things I fell in love with in RubyQuest; that feeling of hopelessness and the adorable, innocent protagonist trapped in a harsh, dark world.
Keep it up, quest author!
No. 29296 ID: 270ad9

Im honestly wondering what might happen if the do escape. I mean, this doesn't look like it takes place in a world of fantasy beings (the scientists are/were human), so Herbert, Isabel, and Labyrinth are going to really have it hard, since they're some kind of experiments or eldrich horrors or something.
No. 29297 ID: 55c4cf

I read through the entire thing yesterday and I was pretty impressed. Other than some art critique I wouldn't mind giving the author one on one my only complaint is that I ran out of updates to read.

I was put off from reading it for reasons similar to ones other people have mentioned, and I apologize for not reading it until now.

A+ Would Read Again.
No. 29397 ID: 9c9de5

I'm glad that at least some people like the quest.

I know the art is still pretty flawed and I hope it will improve over time. I am afraid though, that it will take a long time until it is on an acceptable level, but as long as the quest is enjoyable nontheless I think that won't be a problem.
No. 29409 ID: 5e3ee3

I think the art is fine. No, its not DaVinci quality but its still pretty fantastic. I say to keep up the good work. :)
No. 29410 ID: c9aa87

The art is very good. Please do not alter it, except for when, well, you get naturally better over time.
No. 29423 ID: 1963d1

This is indeed a good-great level quest.

Keep up the fine work. I am eager to see where this one is going.
No. 29424 ID: 1854db

I have to say that the squiggly line effect, although unintentional and probably due to hardware problems, became part of the theme of the quest. It makes everything look kindof... grimy, like the facility is falling apart.
No. 29477 ID: 7bcc54

Amazing quest!

I don't see why people complain about the art. This a quest, not an official DC comic! For a quest, I would say that the art is just great.

Keep it up!
No. 29509 ID: e0c719

The art is great and fits the quest perfectly, which by the way is interesting and well done.
No. 29895 ID: 9bc746

Flying labcoat guy grabbed Isabel. What options do we have?

I hate to admit it, but the person sounds like he is very confident he could handle Labyrinth. And, with a broken leg and all, Labyrinth is momentarily 90% of our offensive power (so to speak).

I hate to say this, but might now be the time to run. Live to fight another day?

I'd absolutely hate to leave Isabel behind, but looking at our current situation...
No. 29921 ID: 88cbee

True, though Id feel like a completely heartless bastard. Id suggest letting Labyrinth distract him while we make a break for it with Isa, but then we might lose him and Id still feel like a bastard.

If only we had something we could use against the guy.
No. 29922 ID: 88cbee

True, though Id feel like a completely heartless bastard. Id suggest letting Labyrinth distract him while we make a break for it with Isa, but then we might lose him and Id still feel like a bastard.

If only we had something we could use against the guy.
No. 29976 ID: 244175


...sorry... D:
No. 30012 ID: 2563d4

I dunno, I look away for five minutes and you're getting him killed trying to be a tough guy. For shame, /quest/.
No. 30058 ID: 587c5e

To be honest, we were feeling a little too "safe" with labyrinth around. It's actually a "good" thing he died.

Also, my guess is that Herbert is actually a doll infused with some sort of spirit. Perhaps the lock to his mask will actually release the spirit? If that's so, then we might not want getting that lock open to be our primary goal.
No. 30075 ID: f25175

Endgame: By opening the lock, Happiness will be trapped into Herbert's body, replacing his spirit.
No. 30093 ID: 1854db

I think that eventually we're going to want to do that procedure that fucked up PROPERLY, with Isabel in one chair, Herbert in another, and Friend running the interface. Or maybe switch the characters around some. I'm not sure what it was trying to accomplish yet or how it worked.

Anyway the end result of this SHOULD be something that can stand up to Happiness.
No. 30097 ID: 854ded
File 129600153868.jpg - (40.12KB , 327x500 , 27023292_4ec1c42c21.jpg )

I like that idea, though it might just get somebody killed. That dog person didnt survive it, thats for sure.

I actually think Herbert is some kind of biological robot, like an AI or a cyborg. He bleeds black, can breath (does he breath?) perfectly fine in smoke and fire, and isn't bothered by rat poison at all.
The sacksuit just protects his body, much like a Furby's outer fur.
No. 30123 ID: 9c9de5
File 129602039487.jpg - (165.43KB , 960x600 , bor.jpg )

I was really bored some days ago.
No. 30126 ID: 7e2cf2

Hnng, the cuteness-- it's too much.
No. 30127 ID: 701a19

We must cause this scene to happen later; it contains a healed Herbert and a non-terrified Isabel. In a normal room, no less!
No. 30159 ID: 523236

I think I might die from the adorable.
We need to make this happen!
No. 30160 ID: bffa2a

Don't get ahead of yourselves, first you have to survive.
No. 30180 ID: 8555c2

Oh god my chest hurts.
No. 30187 ID: 523236


>first you have to survive
>Oh god my chest hurts.

You're doing it wrong.
No. 31339 ID: e2aa61

No. 31340 ID: 6ba8b3

While it's fun to do a Vader impression I concur.
No. 31357 ID: 50546d
File 129806531648.png - (9.01KB , 429x410 , 1289786394398.png )

No. 31358 ID: 50546d

No. 31359 ID: 8787da

Is... is there still hope? Can we "repair" Herbert?

Isabel vs Sadness Quest now?
No. 31360 ID: 50546d

If we can get her to pick up the doll, Im sure we can steer her back toward Nicola for repairs or something. If anything, Nicola would do it simply because she thinks Herbert's important or something. If not, we could try killing her for revenge.
Just sayin.

Even if we did fix him, Id hate to see how he'd react to this news. D:
No. 31361 ID: 50546d

You dont suppose that the only reason Herbert could even understand the doll was because it's also got some electronics going on?
Does this mean no hope for Isabel unless she stumbles onto the exit?
No. 31362 ID: 1a693f

I, uh, really don't think the doll has anything to do with us.
No. 31363 ID: 50546d

But Herbert didnt hear us until he got the doll, in a mysterious box mind you.
No. 31364 ID: 75d7a9

yeah, i think the doll is basically a radio transceiver with a camera in it. we transmitted commands through the doll to him.
No. 31367 ID: ebb04c

>The least she can do now is to free her friend from the suit and let him spend his last moments without it.
She said, while tearing his head clean off his shoulders.
No. 31368 ID: 653ea0
File 129807252019.jpg - (31.45KB , 402x227 , niceboat.jpg )

No. 31369 ID: 8f619a

Alright, that alone made me feel way better about all this.
No. 31370 ID: 1854db

Except it can move, too.

Anyway, I'm quite glad that it turns out Herbert is a robot. It means there's hope he can be repaired. It also explains why everyone basically dismissed him offhand... and why he was able to carry things in his hands without thumbs or anything. Magnets!
No. 31371 ID: 6ba8b3


Yeah, I lol'd. But now we can salvage him in a convenient package.. or Isabel can.
No. 31372 ID: 8f47c8

Then its also a robot. A ghost in the machine :3c
No. 31401 ID: 2563d4

>Carrying food packets with magnets
It's...rich in iron?
No. 31427 ID: ebdc3f

I had been assuming he'd been carrying things like a person wearing mittens would. Id have to guess his hands are either pincer-like claws (judging by his face) or "hands" with very basic fingers. I don't expect too much detain to have been put into him, since they didn't even try on his face.

Anyone else notice the black vein things from earlier on him?
No. 31768 ID: e5a28c

Bad end :c
No. 31773 ID: 8ec7e9


Its not over yet, I refuse to call it a bad end until Isabel dies. Which we wont let her.
Right? >_>
No. 31774 ID: 6ba8b3


I hope Happiness chokes on a dog bone. Because that's what is for dinner.
No. 31775 ID: 8ec7e9

Well, Im fine with this plan.
No. 31778 ID: 1a693f

Did Happiness at least die?..
No. 31779 ID: e5a28c

That flash animation was fantastic. Well done, author. Well done.
No. 31780 ID: 0e8a5a

DId you even watch the entire flash animation?

Brilliantly done, btw, Author. :)
No. 31785 ID: 1a693f

Posted before the flash.
No. 31789 ID: 0e8a5a

No it wasn't, check the times on the posts. It was posted a full hour after the flash.
No. 31792 ID: 2563d4

And if you'd check the IDs, you'd see it's the same person, so perhaps they hadn't watched it yet.

Pretty neat Flash. Not sure how Chapter 4 will continue from here, but looking forward to finding out.
No. 31794 ID: f68209

I was just pointing out that it was posted after the flash, not that they hadn't seen it yet.
No. 31795 ID: e3f578

finally got reading it all
No. 31802 ID: d7be35
File 12986361151.png - (381.44KB , 650x800 , herbert_vs_happiness_ch3.png )

<-mfw flash update
No. 32561 ID: ace2ca

Oh hell yes, it is back!!! And creepier than ever.

Also, art upgrade? Nice.
No. 32562 ID: 1854db

The squiggly lines are gone! What was causing it?
No. 32567 ID: 3fdb7f

The squiggly lines were caused by gimp (or at least by me not knowing how to correctly work with gimp.

I started to use illustrator when I had to do the flash and they were instantly gone. I'll try using this art-style for a while.
No. 32569 ID: bb29ad

This is a really good time to make the switch, honestly. It exemplifies the change in character perspective.
No. 34351 ID: f23097

So are we actually the doll or are we part of Isabel's mind now?
No. 34356 ID: 9dd0ec


It's going to take some time until that's fully revealed - until then you're free to speculate. I tried to plant some hints, but maybe that didn't work.
No. 34357 ID: 8c73c8

i am 100% sure we are the doll. we can simply commune with the black goo that was part of herbert. when isabel touched it it bonded with her. but since she isn't a robot it is not as good.
No. 34365 ID: 34930b

We are kinda a subconscious influence.
No. 34384 ID: 8a7e69

I like this theory best.
No. 34416 ID: 1854db

We are the First Monster. The prototype of Happiness. We are sane while he is not, because of the accident.

The doll is us. We can ALMOST move, but not quite. It's been shown by now that Happiness cannot die, but is not indestructable. We can chop him up.

Hmm. Happiness might be a robot. WE might be a robot.
No. 34683 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130194828674.jpg - (56.50KB , 606x966 , pixeltest.jpg )

My PC crashed today and while I was able to save the most important files, I lost the drawing program I was using. I guess unti I can get it back from somewhere, I guess I'll have to change the drawing style again, although I managed lessen the squiggly line effect somehow.

I hope you don't mind.
No. 34703 ID: 1854db

Looks fine. The main difference seems to be the lines are thicker but that's alright.
No. 34767 ID: 9dfe6a

What were you using, Happibert? I or someone else might be able to help you get it back provided you aren't too up and against pirating.
No. 34784 ID: 9dd0ec

I was using Adobe Illustrator. I don't think it will be too hard to "legally purchase" it again. Thanks for the offer though.
No. 34891 ID: c66903

Ahh man. Let me just say, I love the recent "rat chase" sequence. I can't put my finger on the particular thing, but somehow the "indirect" control we have other Isabel, guiding her away from wtf-face without her really being aware of the danger, while she still has a look of despair on her puppy-face... I don't know man, really chilly.
No. 35556 ID: 1854db

Hey uh... I'm happy for updates regardless of how often they come but, why's it slowed down?
No. 35557 ID: 9dd0ec

I'm sorry for that. Had some exams (and on some evenings I just got invited to barbecueing) and since making an updates takes a lot of time it's always the first activity I have to cease.
No. 35558 ID: 1854db

That's a good excuse! Thanks for your time.
No. 35947 ID: d136fd

Just wanted to tell you I love where the quest is going. :)
No. 41493 ID: 1854db

It's been a month and a half. Are you still around?
No. 41663 ID: 4e48cb
File 131361469986.png - (7.97KB , 191x234 , 1311090290408.png )

It's back! Yeaaaaaaaah!!
No. 41667 ID: 1854db

...and we're going to die D:
No. 41670 ID: 04b3ea

Hold on. The psychopathic scientist's name is Nicola Parter. The name tag on the headless corpse read Dr. Nicolas Parter. SHIZNITS
No. 41676 ID: 427b64

...my mind is fully blown.
No. 41679 ID: e3f578

Oh man
it is only one letter off too it could be a typo (either the company producing the nametag made the typo or the author did while making it) and she's dead or she's stealing the damn name of some other smuck here... or that could be her dad or something, whatever.

I really hope that's her and she died horrifically so we don't have to worry about her anymore.
No. 41721 ID: ab117e

Has anybody noticed that the labcoat guy with the "gravelly voice" bears a lot of similarities to the headless corpse, appearance wise? There's, like, no difference. Compounding to this is the fact that the corpse just RANDOMLY appeared. I think this guy's been stalking us for longer than we think.
No. 41722 ID: ab117e

Speaking of which, we really need to find a nickname for that guy. How bout Brom, the true name of the Headless Horseman?
No. 41932 ID: f95d9a

Sounds fine by me
No. 47052 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132374525843.jpg - (222.36KB , 640x427 , original dogperson.jpg )


No. 47053 ID: b65283

Shit balls, does Isabel have anything in her pack that can be even remotely used as a weapon?
No. 47219 ID: 8e1ebd

Like the pack itself?
Spinning it + pistol inside = club/sling

I feel like this is endgame. Won't be needing too much carry space soon.
No. 49981 ID: 9ee3bb

Oh. Kay.

Anybody else feels like we should have tried to save Nicole? To prove our "moral superiority"?

Isabel seems to have snapped. Look at the image in the mirror. Is that her lost innocence? Or her goodness?

The roots which are mentioned, are those the black veins? Are WE the infection?

I don't even...
No. 49983 ID: ed57e8

this is why you don't tell a peaceful person to kill. or what looks like torture on the surface.
No. 49984 ID: ed57e8

white veins. too much of anything is bad. we told her to do something she didn't want to do. deep down she still wanted to try and save her. and you all were saying to kill the insane person instead of fixing them.
No. 49985 ID: ed77db

Forcing Isabel to kill while not wanting to kill? Agreed.
Would SANE Nicole try to gently caress us wher et hurts at any opportunity?
Now that's the crux of the matter.
No. 49992 ID: 5af1d7

I stand by all the murder votes. Fuck that bitch.
Besides, insane izzy has such a fun perspective on the world!
No. 49993 ID: e3f578

If we spared her, we'd be as stupid as Rick is in The Walking Dead. She is NOT sane, she is NOT fixable.
Isabella is. It looks like she's human in this hallucination too, maybe instead of being a sentient genetic dog test subject she was also a human forced into a body, like that one other weird experiment that was on that one video but it went bad.

Isabella's probably a successful version of that process. I forget, but isn't the Dark Scientist guy the one from the weird mind switch video I'm talking about? Is he the dog or the scientist?
No. 50032 ID: 3e85e3

Is this a dream sequence though? Seems like Isabel is flashing back to something in her past, or, well, the past of one of the people/dogs she was cobbled together from?

I don't think it was wrong for Isabel to kill Nicola. I was hoping she could do so without enjoying it though. Murder is at best a dispassionate affair, and at worst an addictive nightmare you can get totally pulled into. Angsting over how horrible she is now that she killed in self defense will not accomplish anything. Instead we should focus on what we always do: only killing people who don't obey this rule recursively.

Either way it looks like Isabel is screwed once more. She's still no closer to finding her way out of this facility, if getting out would even help, nor to fixing Herbert.
No. 50033 ID: ed57e8

she was mind controlled in order to kill. she is not herself at the moment. she didn't want to kill, we MADE her do it. so her psyche split.
No. 51069 ID: 59cc77

So uh, is Chapter 4 lost forever?

Whenever I click the archive link I just get 404’d (Same for Doki Doki Overlord)

Is this a case of waiting for all the April fools shenanigans to be undone, or is it really gone?
No. 51071 ID: b85f8c

We mind controlled her, yes. There was no psyche split, though- we were effectively 'overlaid' on top of hers. We were seeing US doing these things. The mind control didn't stop, by the way. Only when she let go of the doll was she released from our control.

I expect she's afraid of us now.
No. 51229 ID: a18021

It appears to be fixed now.
No. 57005 ID: 3b4ba3

It still seems to be gone...
No. 57006 ID: 299ed3

No. 63398 ID: e7947c
File 135258740064.png - (213.96KB , 960x640 , 135130631201.png )

Looks like it's come back with a lovely art shift.
Am I the only one excited/who remembers it?
No. 63405 ID: 6c3b85

I love the new art, too. But that was a whole lotta big information we just pulled out of Eva's head.

Do you think that the dead going nowhere means they evaporate into nothingness, drift into a vast empty neverending void, or just kind of get trapped in their own rotting corpses (or the immediate vincinity thereof)? Cause maybe Labyrinth's ghost is still hanging around. Just kidding, he's gone for good and it's all our fault.

Or maybe her soul was just trapped before because of whatever science mojo that brought her back to life. Which means that dying for real this time either sent her where she needs to go or sent her into some purgatory until we can fix the bad in this place.
No. 64559 ID: 4e045f

Id be willing to say she meant that there's nothingness after death, though there might be something else. They were doing some pretty lovcraftian shit in that lab, right?

Maybe the souls of the dead are going to some demon for eternal suffering? Or, assuming that she did some terrible shit, she just went to some kind of Hell?
No. 64560 ID: e3f578

Not to mention her memory could be really fucked up. No one from the dead is particularly trustworthy on facts, especially someone in her state with all that trauma and regret.

Besides, to a dead mind nothing can be really peaceful. Or it's not even paying attention to its dead state, because it's fucking dead. Her death from her perspective could have felt like a millisecond, (at least the part where she's enert, not dying, that could last for an eternity for all we know, which could be filled with the hallucinations of a dying brain, including long parts of what seems to be nothingness, thanks to her perspective of time being fucked up)
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