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File 125308427720.png - (22.92KB , 194x200 , 596.png )
2881 No. 2881 ID: 119b5c

Does having a trip actually matter in a quest?
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No. 2882 ID: a3b36a

I suppose it all depends on a couple of things. Do you have multiple places to post from? Or do you worry about some joker posing as you?
No. 2883 ID: 119b5c
File 125308501696.jpg - (95.63KB , 300x300 , 40kwarcastingicon.jpg )

I would post from a single place, and no, not so much the copying. Although if I did strike out a quest, it would be easy to copy from. I don't have a good grasp at drawfagging.

Also, this is a test to see if I could post here, instead of /tg/ as well.
No. 2884 ID: 119b5c

Although, I do have a distinctive "style" I post in. Everyone does. Although this may just be sleep deprivation talking.
No. 2885 ID: 4553b2

Nah, its true. Some people can mimic styles better than others, but everyone pretty much draws their own subtly different way.

Also having a trip is more a matter of preference. I do it mainly because I like having a name up top. That's all it boils down to. The ID system makes it pretty redundant.
No. 2886 ID: 119b5c

Fun times. Although I'd love to have a name up top, it almost seems too...eh...about it. Like...Unnecessary for the most part. I can't think of a precise word for it.
No. 2888 ID: 119b5c

On the ID part, nifty. I just noticed it.
No. 2889 ID: 119b5c

Hrum. I've really really got to stop double posting.
No. 2890 ID: 5d5024


Are you not aware, gnome, that you can have a name but not a tripcode?
No. 2891 ID: 119b5c
File 125308859716.jpg - (45.27KB , 382x405 , rage41.jpg )

No. 2894 ID: 721be5

I only used a tripcode because my college network assigns me a new IP every time I connect to the internet. I could be truly anonymous if I felt like it. Otherwise you could just point out the ID code to resolve any confusion.
No. 2903 ID: 119b5c
File 125311821226.png - (72.31KB , 1007x865 , DrawfagR.png )

Awesome. Question answered.

Now, update freqency on this board seems...iffy. Mostly it seems, due to the lack of people. However, would it be a problem to have a regular update time, such as a set time period for suggestions, and then a response? If so, what size time period?
No. 2906 ID: 4553b2

2-aslongasyoucanstayconscious hours?
No. 2923 ID: 119b5c

That's a bit intimidating.
No. 2924 ID: 7eda8b

In my experience, as long as you update at all, people will read and respond.
No. 2925 ID: ed8d8a

On the one extreme we have Ant Quest, where if you don't have a suggestion posted within 10 minutes of Bob's last call for orders, you risk him not seeing it. The other extreme seems to be variable, dependent on how long you stay on the front page.
*Usually* through the day, half an hour or so is enough to generate a few responses. If you haven't seen any activity after an hour, it's probably because nobody is quite sure what to do next. If that happens a lot, instead it means you are boring and nobody likes you.
No. 2941 ID: 9d41ab

I personally think its better to update a set times, and for a reasonable period of time. Resolve the scene at least before quitting for the day. I personally wait 20 minutes or so between posts, and plan my sessions to run about 4 hours. I don't get tons of replies. I average 3 or so for each frame, but that seems fairly ordinary for the majority of quests.

A trip isn't really necessary, but I think a name would probably be useful, just so people know you are making "official" posts. I use a trip only when posting my quest, but I post from multiple locations, so I use a trip as well.
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