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File 128887288592.png - (2.39MB , 3000x3000 , madquest_dis.png )
26148 No. 26148 ID: e2020c

If I've learned something here is that I'm not a good quest seller. I can't draw, I can't write -- I feel like a retard. And I don't care about it. All I want is tits.

I'm not putting anything in the quests page, reason: trash, before at least some readers accept it in the dis.

What I'd like to run is a quest taking advice from "Quest Advice: All in one place", but completely "losing" it. A degoratory name for the quest is mad quest - the name of the quest wants to be psi quest.

In fact I'd be interested to tap into an universal visual language with textual cues? Crazy. In practise it is:

I'm before a blank paper. Ideas come to me, but they're just ideas. If I turn on my 'draw' action, something starts to come out of my brush. What the heck! If I have sense at all then that expression has sense in it. Like if I open my mouth and speak, those words have sense in them right? Like these. So that's the visual language. Most of the drawing will be incomprehensible, maybe the amount of information will be minimal per update. The updates will look like made by someone who can't draw a stick figure or paint a ball. The things is that the must have life in them from my consciousness and subconsciousness just like I can't stop the chatter of my own thoughts I can't stop the artistic expression, or madness. Maybe this quest is mad. Maybe we just want working information, form and language for our thoughts.

If not, I'm after mindreading, seeing and psiing.

This quest would have a visual style. I use a couple of complementary colors which evolve into black together.

Then is time for You to show interest. If this doesn't catch wind I'm off this site.
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No. 26150 ID: e2020c
File 128887324716.png - (782.52KB , 700x567 , phink_lien_by_ketv-d30ltrh.png )

An example. I asked my subconsciousness to depict the concept of GOD. There's a pink lion yes, thanks The Pink Panther. The male aspect depicts GOD.
No. 26153 ID: 435f1e

Your still better than I am. I absolutely fear making pictures and yet Im doing it anyways.
No. 26155 ID: 31e5bb

lol, we already have a lion jesus. so don't think too hard on it.
No. 26168 ID: 8d7dd2


The number one reason is I just cannot understand your words.

The way you put your words together just completely baffles me. I try and I try to go over what you've said and I just find it hard to understand, as much as I want to.

I mean, let's take "This quest would have a visual style. I use a couple of complementary colors which evolve into black together." What are you trying to say? How do colours evolve into black? Don't all image quests by definition have a visual style? Is it just me? Am I just completely incapable of understanding? I don't know.

And to be honest, what do I think of the idea of a quest that deliberately defies all the advice given to help improve a quest? Well, to be honest, you'd probably need something like a well-established reputation to even get people to start reading something deliberately awful. And if it is deliberately awful in every way, I don't think many people will give it the time of day either way.

Let's take Silvermoon. It is, for all intents and purposes, meant to be deliberately awful. The plot is cheesy beyond fuck, the art is... well, I can't really comment because it's better than mine, and the writing is borderline legible. What's the appeal? It's one big parody of the sort of thing you get from young barely-teenagers who don't know how to properly tell a story and who just essentially rewrite whatever their favourite comic or anime stories are with some not-very-original "original characters". If you're familiar with this kind of thing, Silvermoon works. Otherwise, if you take it at face value, it's dross.

But I digress. Going back to your quests in general, I find it hard to follow because, again, I'm sorry and I am sure English is not your native language, I just cannot comprehend what you are trying to convey sometimes.

That, and it is also incredibly difficult to know what to even suggest sometimes. You set up a situation and then it feels as if the post ends earlier than it should. There isn't enough information being conveyed to allow the reader to make a suggestion. That, and I believe the odd few times I have suggested in your quests the suggestion has... basically been ignored.

I don't know. These are just my observations. I'm not exactly an expert on any of this myself, so, take my commentary as you will.
No. 26190 ID: 1807e3

>this thread

Wh-what's going on here?
I'm frightened...
No. 26207 ID: fd6d7e

Some symptoms of formal thought disorder:

* Circumferential speech - Speech that is very delayed at reaching its goal. e.g. "What is your name?" "Well, sometimes when people ask me that I have to think about whether or not I will answer because some people think it's an odd name even though I don't really because my mom gave it to me and I think my dad helped but it's as good a name as any in my opinion, but yeah, it's Tom."

* Derailment (also Loose Association and Knight's Move thinking) - Ideas slip off the topic's track on to another which is obliquely related or unrelated. e.g. "The next day when I'd be going out you know, I took control, like uh, I put bleach on my hair in California."

* Loss of goal - Failure to show a train of thought to a natural conclusion. e.g. "Why does my computer keep crashing?", "Well, you live in a stucco house, so the pair of scissors needs to be in another drawer."

* Self-reference - Patient repeatedly and inappropriately refers back to self. e.g. "What's the time?", "It's 7 o'clock. That's my problem."

* Neologisms - New word formations. These may also involve elisions of two words that are similar in meaning or in sound. e.g. "I got so angry I picked up a dish and threw it at the geshinker."

I ask you sir, why are there rows of dots in your drawing of this god?
No. 26216 ID: 8e5181

Juicy feedback.ty
Evolves into black also becomes "black" or dark gray by overtapping and oversaturating pigmentation. Some people tell me that I try to give too much information some people tell me I don't give enough. No-one replies to my quests after a while -- Some people tell my quests blow.
Okay, I don't even start the quest. This is my last reply. Although I might follow a few quests still. Rmmrmrm.
check. the dots are an exploration. What they reveal is the depictation of God. How? There's brush strokes erasing them dots. The protagonist, the pink lion, has a male lionish spirit-like fume in the background depicting God, like we would depict God as a man with a beard. But to a male lion a huge "beard" or mane is natural. I intended to draw God, but what I got, was a completely random bush as I thought my mind cannot grasp the concept of God except by accidental subconscious intervention. That bush or mane later began to resemble something like a spirit of a male lion. Aha!
No. 26228 ID: c8803c

This thread brought to you by Google Translate.

Google Translate: For when communication is not your top priority.
No. 26233 ID: eac7aa

i am a stutid foreigner and i agree with this.

it all looks like bad grammar, not brain damage or lack of creativity.

have you ever DMed a tabletop game?
No. 26247 ID: 1963d1
File 128901631387.jpg - (3.41KB , 109x126 , 1259982737988.jpg )


My face

No. 26258 ID: c0512d

Sometimes I think that maybe interpreters don't have much time to last, that by the next decade they're going to become a marginal hafl-dead profession, like saddlers or something.

And then I see one of these threads, and my faith is restored.

It's interesting though that different language groups produce substantially different kinds of gibberish when fed to Google Translator.
No. 26276 ID: 226667

them slangs man. they are untranslatable.

and there are elements in the syntax that cant really be recognized by computers so easily. it gets worse when you consider figures of speechs, metaphors and the likes.

t'was a homestuck meme. i sadly no longer have the pic of john with the caption there.
No. 26277 ID: 226667
File 128908174883.gif - (532.80KB , 3032x3032 , DELICIOUS CAKE.gif )

wrong pic. here something to make up for it.
No. 128540 ID: f62682

This has potential. Hopefully, you'll find an audience that can appreciate your work.
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