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File 128872728898.png - (409.59KB , 600x600 , Hanging.png )
26034 No. 26034 ID: e2020c

With earlier tips from ElNakedo trying to avoid clutter in the quest itself. Discussion in general.
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No. 41100 ID: b6ca92

>Rescued from page 13
Oh wow, I finally found a Frognarok Dis-thread.
Enjoy, folks.

Also, MrB? That's a shit-load of info you threw at us. Gimme a little while and I'll see if I can't parse it into something manageable to the viewer.
No. 41182 ID: e2020c
File 131265997203.png - (1.23MB , 1000x1000 , frog_apartment.png )

No. 41183 ID: e2020c

are you done yet?
No. 41205 ID: b6ca92

Got distracted by life.
I feel moderately terrible about it all.
Thanks for the update on how much we have to spend though.
No. 41430 ID: b6ca92
File 131313485716.png - (62.09KB , 960x999 , FrognarokSupplies.png )

Here. Finally got around to it.

MrB, please go through all the following to cross-reference and clarify.


Fusion Blasters
>Energy weapons, what we would normally think of as 'Blasters', work by launching bolts/globs of plasma.

Nerve Disablers
>I don't know how this would work, or how it would be expanded to ship size. A specific frequency of electrical shock?

Neutron Blasters
>The big brother to the Fusion Blaster, this fires a contained particle beam of Neutrons, wich work like itty-bitty Relativistic Kill Vehicles (RKV's) on a macro-molecular scale.

Ion cannons
>I think these are meant to be the classic style of 'Star Wars' ship disabling ion cannons?

Quark Rippers
>The 'little brother' of the Neutron Blaster, this weapon causes it's target to disintigrate on contact as the fundamental particles making up the fundamental particals of that part of the ship suddenly break apart explosively on a sub-atomic scale.

Projectile weapons
>Classic space ballistics: Missiles, Mass drivers, rail guns, etc.

Quantum disablers: a ship computer hacking device - electrician-guided.
>Does what it sounds like.

Photon guns
>Classic pin-point laser weaponry, using the properties of coherent light to melt down the enemy with precision cuts and strikes.


>Similar to a Star Wars speederbike.

Float Buggy
>Similar to a regular repulsorlift equipped Star Wars transport.

>It's a mini-sub, can carry one person or be remotely controlled.

Space Drone
>It's a space-secured drone useful for repairing hull ruptures or allowing remote handling of strange or powerful devices from a safe distance.

>It's a submarine. Can hold a couple of people and take extreme pressures.

Float Armor
>Similar to a military-grade Star Wars ground transport.

Spider Walker
>A pseudo-all-terrain walker, albe to cling onto and climb acrosss rough and near vertical surfaces.

>I have no idea.

Mini Ornitopter
>Similar to a Dune Ornithopter, but smaller.

>Similar to a Dune Ornithopter.

>Similar to a Star Wars AT-AT.


Assault shuttles
>Similar to the ship we began the quest with. It has moderate armaments, fair shielding and good speed.

Warpspace assault shuttles
>What we started the quest with.

Space Shuttles
>The civilian version of what we fly.

>High speed interstellar transport, fast in both real-space and warp-space, but lightly armed if at all.

Cargo Ships
>It's a cargo ship. Lots of armor and high structual integrity intrinsically, but unarmed and slow to move.

Quantum Equipment (Requires training from an Electrician to use non-destructively.)

Quantum Teleporters
>One of these can teleport a crewmember to a nearby location, or back.

Quantum Entanglers
>Used as an FTL communication device.

Quantum Locators
>Acts as a universal GPS unit for your own ship and anything in sensor range, provided you made the calibrations to attune the device to said object.

Quantum Encoders
>Used to encrypt any transmissions from your ship or personal communicators.

Quantum Readers
>Used to de-encrypt any captured signals.

>Basic soldier or trained crewman.

>See the first thread.

>See the firt thread.

Cybernetic commando
>See the first thread.

Novice Electrician 100 credits
>See the first thread.

Personal Armor

Space suit
>Basic space suit with maneuvering thrusters and protection against radiation and micro-metorites or similar things.

Space flysuit
>A space suit with a jetpack to allow for greater spped and maneuverability in space.

Energy shielded space suit
>Space suit equipped with a small shield generator.

Energy shielded space flysuit
>Space suit with both shielding and maneuverability and speed.

Custom armor
>The best pprotection for yourself or a crewmember money can buy.

>I assume you mean Nuclear Warheads?
No. 41467 ID: 5ad0c1
File 131322880085.png - (1.48MB , 2800x2100 , cyborg.png )


No. 41472 ID: b6ca92

Thanks! I still need you to fill me in on these though.

Nerve Disablers
>I don't know how this would work, or how it would be expanded to ship size. A specific frequency of electrical shock?

Ion cannons
>I think these are meant to be the classic style of 'Star Wars' ship disabling ion cannons?

>I have no idea.

>I assume you mean Nuclear Warheads?
No. 41613 ID: b45c90
File 131350956515.jpg - (33.13KB , 457x254 , Dragoon_SC1_Art1.jpg )

Ion Cannon

Nerve Disablers


Yes. Nuclear.
No. 41737 ID: e2020c


Weeell, seems like it's not getting any. R.I.P.
No. 41774 ID: b6ca92

Sorry man.
It's depressing, you know. I was the one guy who voted on anything, and I chose Frognarok out of curiosity, and I've never followed your quests before. Then i didn't do anything in the quest either.
I'm still working on making a 'catalog' to summarize what each item in the 'shopping list' is like/can do, so maybe if you feel like trying this again next year you'll have that and the other guide I made to help draw interest.

So which one of your quests do you think were the most popular? I figured ANT was doing pretty well for itself, but I don't know about the other two.
No. 41834 ID: 2b89ff


Next year I'm a drawfaggot and people will join the adventure cause

BaD quest faced lack of replies, the Ant quest died when I tried to shift it into future ant quest because you can't do much quest for a stupid single ant. And frognarok didn't catch up - Hydralisk has been the most liquid quest I've done although I got a commandment from a tgchan administrator about the short lenght of chapters.

Mars quest didn't even get further than the docking bay and now Ekaatema is taking all the space voters.

So would you guy(s) want to make a whole new quest ?? I can draw stick figure, I can draw very nice 2-D it's the Free(d)form that rapes my quests is it, I could ask someone of you to be a writer/editor too if someone was interested- that might lag the quest though unless I dedicated more time to an irc connection, which should become possible soonish.
No. 41922 ID: 364001

Yeah it's kind of depressing to notice the quest goes nowhere, but what the heck.

My earlier quests here:
No. 41923 ID: 364001

No. 56650 ID: c3ec0a

Another questdis here
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