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File 125279379913.png - (14.39KB , 283x283 , nahkhhere.png )
2555 No. 2555 ID: 58f84b

I don't have the energy to make threads for all my quests, so I'm combining em into this one.
Currently active quests:
Fursecution, DerpQuest and Night.
Finished quests:

So, bring on your comments, questions, harsh criticism and mindless praise. Or pictures of dongs, like you usually do. Wha'eva.

[Please give me feedback, it's the only thing that'll make me suck less]
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No. 2562 ID: 7d87d9

Why didn't you bring the HWP...

No. 2563 ID: 58f84b

Because it was on Superhuman and the equipment order hadn't arrived yet.
No. 2564 ID: 7d87d9

You didn't wait till dawn on a SHOT DOWN Medium Scout.
No. 2623 ID: 58f84b
File 12528759524.png - (14.30KB , 283x283 , sup.png )

No. 2937 ID: 18212a

Update times.

So far I've been updating with a very irregular schedule. Whenever I had time and felt like it. Plus I'm on a strange European timezone so it's doubly confusing.

Do you think I should adopt regular updating hours? Or is whenever fine?
No. 2938 ID: 4553b2

Whenever is fine.
No. 2942 ID: 66a5e1

If you force yourself into a schedule and have to update when you don't want to, it ruins the fun. You've been updating with plenty enough frequency, so just go for whenever.
No. 2999 ID: 18212a

Righto, I'll keep updating at random, but short, intervals.

I'll make a post on this thread when I start/stop updating.
No. 3023 ID: 18212a

Out for the night.
No. 3061 ID: 8ba93c

Ok so this is a collaborative quest I'm running with Prometheus.

I'm going to sleep, expect more tomorrow.
No. 3071 ID: 8ba93c

Updating The Traveller in a bit.
No. 3101 ID: 8ba93c

No more updates. Sleep.
No. 3161 ID: 18212a

Urhg. 10 h update binge over.

Some feedback would be nice. Once in a while.
No. 3167 ID: 4f058e

It's hard to give you feedback. Your quests are so bizarre and meta yet cool at the same time. I like how you play with the norms so that even quest 'defaults' can't be taken for granted. Introducing an NPC voice in The Traveler was confusing at first and then delightfully complicating. The interactions between Joanna and The Wire are similarly fun and the self-referential fourth-wall-breaking humor is great.

I guess the only feedback I have is don't let Fursecution get too serious. I mean, serious is fine and interesting, but don't leave out the humor entirely; that's a large part of the charm and appeal.
No. 3201 ID: 18212a

Well thank you.
I'll try to balance the mood with fursecution.

Now, I'll be updating Traveller if I get sufficient suggestions for that.
No. 3218 ID: f31556

Hey Nahkh, use the code tag for ASCII art. [ code ] ascii stuff [ / code ]

Only without spaces.
No. 3221 ID: 18212a

Yeah thanks. Any other tags on this board I should know about?
No. 3226 ID: f31556

Okay, these are the ones that actually work:

[b] bold
[i] italic
[s] strikeout
[u] underline
[code] preserves spacing and changes to courier
[spoiler] hides text until mouse over
No. 3230 ID: a9af56

This just took on a totally sweet turn. Being able to directly affect the environment = awesome. :D

And you put a lot of attention into it too. Thanks for the session!
No. 3240 ID: 18212a

Thanks for the feedback, Durandal. Glad you like it.

Updating the Traveller a bit. Mostly learning how to draw better.
No. 3254 ID: 18212a

Ok gnite. No more updates today.

Quick opinion poll, do you prefer the more angular bezier Tito or the softer, shaded, handdrawn Tito?
No. 3334 ID: 18212a


Also, that's my trip from now on out.
No. 3341 ID: e8e979

Heh, that trip code didn't last long.

Nice batch of updates though. Glad to see the Fursecution chapter finished. Not to mention Derp quest continued.
No. 3365 ID: 18212a

Yeah the stupid autocomplete isn't giving me trip by default. The trip will remain the same, whenever I remember to use it.
No. 3948 ID: 18212a

Mkay, done for the night.
Don't forget to FEEEED(back) MEEEE
No. 3949 ID: 82167e

I'm still mad at you for not giving Rookie Quest more resolution than you did. :|
No. 3990 ID: 18212a

I might make a sequel at some point.
But I'm currently swamped with quests.
No. 4103 ID: 18212a

Updating Fursecution.

Also hint: A good time to use your hacking powers?
No. 4253 ID: bffa2a

I'm a bit miffed at missing the opportunity to annoy the antagonist with the never ending song and diverting her to /b/. Or uncovering some exposition... Unfortunately I've had little time lately.

So, why isin't Nahkh's quests getting more love? The art is good and clear, there's animations, update sessions are long and characters have personality. I can understand if vampires don't catch your fancy or the traveller is too fantastical but fursecution seems like complete /quest/ material.

You can jump right in and there's humor. You can have as much witty banter with Joanne as you want and effect the gameworld directly by hacking it at any point. Pretty good if you ask me.

I'm sorry for hijacking questdisthread but it's been bothering me. Same with broms protagonist but that at least gets some love. So, why aren't you posting in a Nahkh thread /quest/?
No. 4257 ID: a4ce76

I've been asking the same question. I <3 Fursecution NOW.
No. 4261 ID: f98e0b
File 125504145737.jpg - (55.28KB , 800x600 , haiguys.jpg )

I would just like to poke my head in here real quick and say that even though you don't get my ID suggesting much I am a dedicated watcher of Fursecution and Traveller. And derp, of course. The art is colorful and expressive, the characters are see above, and they're plain entertaining.

So yeah. Also thanks bffa2a, you're keeping half of tgchan aloft.
No. 4269 ID: 18212a

Thanks guise. I needed that.

I honestly don't know what else I could do to activate the crowd short of having secret scrollover boobies. It's nice to know I have more readers than posters.

And thanks to bffa2a and Durandal. You're the wind beneath my wings.

But yeah, it's always good to get encouragement. So, thanks.
No. 4270 ID: 15f6d6

I didn't like Night too much, but Traveler is great! My only regret is that I didn't start reading it sooner. I think I was initially turned off by the art. It was so colorful and whimsical, but I shouldn't have been a turd about it because the story is creepy and awesome.

I like Fursecution as well. Your animations are really cool and the central mysteries are interesting. I was, again, turned off at first because of the obvious chan content, but once I started reading I really got into it. Every time I catch up on it, I always think "Why aren't I reading this?!"

Also, bffa2a has singlehandedly kept be afloat several chapters. I think on one he was the only guy that posted at all ;_;, so I've got to give him mad props as well.
No. 4329 ID: f0c8b3

Ok, goin to bed. Moar updates tomorrow.

Yeah well, Night has a lot of problems storytelling-wise. I'll get back to it at some point and attempt to kickstart it. Also I am aware of how unpopular vampires have become in recent years, it's the reason why I picked em.

As for the Traveller and Fursecution, glad you like em. When I started Fursectuion, I thought the chanisms would've been funnier. I've been downplaying them significantly since the start. Don't expect them to become a significant part of the story :P
No. 4544 ID: f0c8b3

Ok, gnite guys.

I have to say I'm really happy about the rate of suggestions recently. Thanks guise ^_^
Looks like the direct manipulation thing was a hit. How do you guys like the closeups with facial expressions?
No. 4545 ID: bffa2a

They're all right and add personality. Don't be afraid to use them when needed.
No. 4551 ID: 9e6ff3

I was really surprised by those two close ups, and really loved them. They were cute and humorous at the same time. Grade A stuff as usual, Nahkh.
No. 4828 ID: ac3813

Sorry, been absent. Fursecution will be back in about 21 hours.
No. 5112 ID: ac3813


When a character says "line", it means she wants an actual line she can use. Like in theater. You guys knew that, right? Right?
No. 5750 ID: 426169

I have a bit of an issue with Fursecution.
I'm unsure which way to go from here.

I wasn't really planning for Joanne to become a wanted first degree felon, and this is going to have some significant impact on the quest. I just don't know exactly what that impact should be. So I turn to you. What would YOU want to see happen? Which direction should the quest go from here?

I'm going to take a few days off to consider what to do with her.

Here's to hoping for meaningful input,

PS. If you have any questions relating to the quest, please ask em. I'll be around to answer them.
No. 5754 ID: 426169

not in the railroad sense, but I figured out what to do.

I'm still listen to general direction requests.
No. 11119 ID: 369318

So this one made a surprise comeback.

Artsy question: Do you prefer the old full color style or is the pseudo-monochrome an acceptable substitute?
No. 11120 ID: f98e0b

Color's always fun but your lineart has become sufficient to get the message across now so it's your choice.
No. 11123 ID: 369318

Thanks for the compliment. The main issue with color isn't that the coloring takes time. I've learned how to do it fairly quickly. The problem is coming up with the proper colors for things, in particular with clothing. How many guys with green shirts and blue jeans can I have in a chapter? Loki only knows.
No. 45774 ID: 5c58d6

I really hope you don't actually hate Furries, and this is just lighthearted poking fun at. That I don't mind. I just really don't wanna go Into this and get my feelings hurt. Alright, I'm gonna check out your quest! Here go's!
No. 45775 ID: 3bd8ec

Please, please, learn to check timestamps before you post.
No. 45776 ID: 5c58d6

Timestamps? Oh, my bad. I'll loom them up. Sorry Typo! Love your work by the way!
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