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File 128733690922.png - (137.37KB , 800x600 , Descent.png )
25117 No. 25117 ID: 8c0848

I guess I need a discussion thread to contain all the rage. Just remember to watch your step~
No. 25120 ID: 1854db

Just a heads up- if you think people are being really reckless and stupid you might want the character to comment on it somehow. Not bitch out the players really but say something like "Heh this is pretty risky but it's so awesome I'm gonna do it anyway" or "Maybe I shouldn't try something like this again."
No. 25121 ID: 1b42c5

also, most rage is caused by you being too good at characterization. they feel like people instead of disposable shells.
No. 25122 ID: 8c0848

I've got this quest going in second person, so the character is referred to as "you". So you have to think, what am I going to do here so I don't die. The character needs you to do all that thinking for them.

So be careful, because the more extreme the action taken, the more the chance to fail and remember what stat bonuses you have, they really do matter~
No. 25124 ID: 6550ad

Nah. The only problem I see is that you updated like at 5 am, when there was just a handful of people awake to suggest. Leaving all the responsibility to two suggesters, being the rest of your reader base sleeping and unable to oppose the retarded suggestions.

So I guess it felt like getting up in the morning and seeing that your little brother has been playing with your video games during the night and saved over your files.
No. 25170 ID: 1b42c5

ack, yeah, that is a much better way of putting it.
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