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File 124830474250.png - (94.10KB , 800x600 , Forced Fanfic Thread.png )
247 No. 247 ID: 5816b2

Okay, let's try this for real this time.
This thread is here to honour the bargin we have each made (or are going to make) when we use !pair in #EroticQuestFanfics on Rizon and now we need to each pay the penance.
Since I 'completed' mine first, it seems I must make the thread. So it is written, so shall it be done.

May the gods have mercy upon our souls.
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No. 248 ID: 5816b2

It was a usual day at the Metal Glen, Filbert was humming to himself as he made medical notes on his latest experiment "Hrm... fatal this time? But why?" he muttered to himself and blinked wearily, realising how tired he was from this long day of providing necessary injections and growing stressed from a certain test subject not revifying. Putting the pen down, he glared deeply into his empty mug bearing the label 'World's Best Doctor', noticing it empty, he grabbed the offending mug, stood up with a groan as he rubbed his aching back - having hunched over for a lot of the eve and walked over to the coffee machine that lay on the other side of his office.

Looking it over briefly he glanced vaguely at the potted cactus that stood nearby, bearing the label 'Clarice', "I don't know why Red had to label the damn thing, it's only a cactus, of all things." thought Filbert as he slid the mug into the machine and pressed the button for some of the strong stuff. The machine began to vibrate noisily as it went through its motions, churning and pumping a fluid as black as night and burning hot into the awaiting mug. After the machine stilled, Filbert grabbed the mug, blew it and took a sip. Immediately afterwards he spat it out and disgusted muttering to himself in his tired mood "Pah! This stuff is strong enough to wake the dead!" before idly pouring the remainder into the nearby cactus's pot. Turning he went back to his desk, muttering, "I need to get those damn technicians to have a look at that thing, that is *not* healthy." he thought to himself.

He paused just as he was about to sit down, however, when he heard a most strange sound coming from the direction of the coffee machine. It sounded like some sort of churning, and cracking, followed by a loud shattering noise. By the time Filbert managed to turn to see what had occurred, he saw a green-skinned rather... feminine-shaped humanoid, covered with black spines and with some sort of weird hair-do thing going on, currently sitting in the remains of the cactus's pot and earth and looking rather dumbfounded.

Filbert was dumbstruck as he gazed upon the strange form that lay before him, that looked around a little before focusing its curious gaze upon him. And suddenly something clicked in his mind. "I think, my dear it is time for your first CHECK-UP!" he declared. "I think i'll have to turn my desk into an impromptu operating table," he declared as he began to clear stuff off of it "but I hope you don't mind." he continued, the creature still sat dumbfounded but with a long pause eventually replied "Okay." she merely said, in a soft, female voice.

Having got her to agree to it and having cleared his desk off, he gestured to it "Well then, i'd get atop it dear, lying on your back." said Filbert. Submissively, albeit slowly, the girl rose to her feet unsteadily, before walking slowly and unsteadily towards the table, her bosom bouncing slightly with every step. He gestured again "I will be back in a moment, I need to go change into my... operating outfit." said Filbert before heading behind the hitherto unseen screen with his lab-coat that he grabbed from his chair and began to change. Meanwhile, Clarice climbed cautiously onto the table, laying her back upon it and waited.

Filbert hummed a jaunty tune from behind the screen as Clarice saw a lot of the clothes he was wearing before be thrown to hang over the screen, then with one snap Filbert stepped back over, and snapped on another latex glover for effect. Now, Herr Doktor's blue form was only clad in his labcoat, the aforementioned latex gloves, a reflector attached with a headband, and a stethoscope hanging from his mostly bare neck. The only thing else he had one was a smile. With his grin he stepped forward...

Meanwhile, outside Red, peeping through the (probably soon to be changed out entirely) keyhole, snickered as he pressed the play button on the stereo aimed at Filbert's office.

Filbert was slightly surprised but not particularly put-off as the cheesy music began to fill the air. In fact, it really got to him into the mood as he began to stroke himself as he approached his patient, his member stiffening and growing engorged with blood. By the time he climbed on to the table (Clarice merely watching him this entire time) his penis was at its full whopping 10 inches, acknowledging this he pulled a tube of some sort of cream from one of his labcoat's pockets, squeezed out a generous dollop and rubbed it all up and down his length. "Now, just lay back, open your legs and let ol' Doc Fil give you your check-up." he said, Clarice complied widening her legs as she nodded, filbert carefully used his gloved hands to navigate his way past the thorns, his precious craft ready to raid Clarice's airfield but it had to get there through all the anti-air defences that would spoil everything and probably make it too damaged to perform its function.
No. 249 ID: 5816b2


Clarice gasped as the head of the Spartan phalanx prodded lightly one of her hot gates, Filbert was on-target, it was time to do his job. With a slight grunt he thrust inwards, not too forcefully but continuously, with enough momentum to impale himself fully in her. Clarice let out a half-grunt, half-moan as Filbert's sword slid smoothly into her, until it had impaled her up to the hilt, whereupon Filbert let out a moan before shouting in a falsetto tone "The doctor is IN." Laughing a bit he continued the deed and his phallus began to slide out out Clarice's soft, and round and oh so inviting~ passages, rubbing them as he moved causing both of them to moan quietly together.

Filbert's cock almost pulled entirely out, causing Clarice to whimper as the head caressed her insides - not one to dissapoint, Filbert immediately plunged back in, surprising Clarice at the sudden motion, and even so soon Clarice's sweet-smelling juices were beginning to run free and would have attracted bees, if they were allowed in the Metal Glen. Filbert began to build up a rhythm as he plunged his blade deep into Clarice and out again, smothering his spicy sausage in sweet-smelling syrup that helped lubricate the whole exchange even further. Clarice and Filbert both let out an occasional myriad of whimpers, grunts, moans and groans as this continued, Filbert's frequency building as time went on, Clarice was even bucking into his thrusts granting them both extra pleasure as it waved through the both, heaving bodies. Occasionally would Filbert's ballsac slap the lower part of Clarice's rump but not too often, although the first few times he did not hit a needle he didn't want to take his chances, and even amidst an 'examination' he kept his caution against unnecessary danger.

Filbert could feel it, through the pleasure, the inevitable pull towards the end, and he imagined so could Clarice, with each welcome thrust he was brought closer and closer to extasy, his animalistic grunts growing louder and louder as he pounded the cactus-girl's tight, tight pussy for all its worth. Sweat was glistening out of Filbert's short fur and by the looks of it some fluid was being sweated out of the girl, he dare not guess what having been a DOCTOR of people, not plants! "Better hold tight!" he shouted to the cactus-girl-thing as he sped up and pounded her sweet flesh with greater and greater ferocity, bringing him closer and closer to it all, until suddenly Clarice let out a loud, and long moan, she tightened about his manflesh and a wave of juices flooded out of her - this was enough to push Filbert over the edge as he gritted his teeth, his eyes closed as he groaned (albeit quieter and more controlled) and wet strings of his essence splattered forth deep into the Clarice.

The orgasm continued for a moment before he was spent and they both 'lay' (ish, Filbert was desperately maintaining his sitting position, not willing to cuddle or lie atop the girl) there panting for a moment as they reflected in the warm glow for a while, whereupon Filbert pulled out, letting his (by now rather wet) shaft begin to soften, and carefully climbed back off of Clarice and off of the table. "Well, then, my diagnosis is you are a suffering acute sexological starvation and need regular hot dickings at the least each day to get you back to more normal rates. I'm afraid I will have to be the one to administer them, as I am the only one qualified for such work but I intend to do my job and get this done." said Filbert as the music began to fade.

Having pressed the off button the stereo, Red found this the right moment to switch off the videocamera that was filming through the keyhole, carefully grabbing them both in one hand he went off to the showers to go clean himself off and get a change of clothing.

Meanwhile, Bella used her non-soiled hand to file away the recordings for another day, before using it to reach for the alcoholic handwipes she kept for moments like this.

As this was read, a fa/tg/uy had lost all interest now, and crept quietly away from his computer, glowing in the dark, holding up his belt with one hand and carefully moving along with his weiner still showing, one hand rather dirtied he attempted to get to the bathroom unseen, just when he was about to get there his mom turned on the hall lights and got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said FRESH and had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought now forget it, yo home to Bel-Air. I pulled up to a house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby yo home, smell you later. Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there to settle my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.
No. 250 ID: bde1b8
File 124830782316.png - (7.90KB , 304x323 , JxJ.png )

Apparently art is equally acceptable.
No. 251 ID: bde1b8
File 124832230998.png - (132.44KB , 600x548 , Please don\'t touch that.png )

No. 252 ID: 1afd58
File 124832645032.png - (45.56KB , 800x600 , 124675742497.png )

Mine I posted in the MudyQuest Writefaggotry thread here:


This is due to it not being a crossover. It's sad, and a Darkmoon/Mudy.

No. 253 ID: 227d44

Dammit, Driblis. Why must you be so grimdark?

*sniff* ;_;
No. 254 ID: 1afd58

There is never any happiness anywhere D:
No. 255 ID: 2e1743

Mr. Weaver, I've got my fanfic ready! Okay, here goes!

There appears to be but one path left open for me, and I now possess the key. Beyond this door, undoubtedly, lies the chamber of the Dungeon Boss. I have heard tales of their kind. So many tales. Countless. Day after day, poring over those texts. Endlessly.

Whatever lies beyond this door, I am certain it is a grreater danger than the creatures I have fought thus far. And so I must be sure that I am ready. In whatever challenges are to come, I must remain sharp and keen. My skills with this sword are not as grand as I had hoped, but with some ingenuity and lateral tactics I am sure far more difficult battles than I have seen can still be easily won. I must use my every asset to my advantage. If necessary, what I have learned and looted thus far will aid me as well.

Shall I enter now?

I waited but a moment before a cascade of voices fell upon me like the beatings of a mob. Thank goodness for the most wonderous ORB OF INFINITE PSYCHE and it's wonderous powers, else I'd have surely gone mad.

6102 - "Step through the portal."

6103 - "Ponder to yourself the short length of your tenure in the dungeon. Hope that your life will continue afterwards. Then, head in."


6107 - "Strike the iron of destiny on the anvil of determination, Muschio! Enter that room!"

What determination, what strength! I hardly knew I had it in me. Minus the maddened words of some surely deeply supressed madness, I find myself to be in agreement. Now is the time for action! Opening the door before me, I step through into that final domain.

The room smells of fire and ash. A bloodied tapestry stitched of unknown skin hangs draped on the wall.

And there, in her throne of bone, sits the Drowboss known as Dark Moon. I am in her den now.

>"Vell, Vell, anoter solja come to try to clen me out, hmm? Came all by yourself, did you? How foolish."

6113 - "Wait, Drow? That doesn't sound right."

So she stands from her macabre throne, that woman of ebony skin and blackened cloth. She draws a long thin blade from her waist, a rapier it would appear. Her white hair stretches to her fair shoulders. Her wear is simple, an almost heart shaped dress that reaches from her groin to her breasts, a scandalous thing that leaves little to the imagination and makes a man's pulse quicken. A smug look adorns her pointed face. She has a certain charm, albeit a rather blunt one.

6119 - "When the fuck did this become TextQuest?"

But I shall not be desuaded. "I am no common soldier! My name is Muschio Malto, and I've come to slay you! I've survived your traps and bested your guards. You'll find that no more are coming. Your reign over this land will end today, Dark Moon!" ...that's about all I can think of. I may have a complex vocabulary but I get so tongue-tied around people. I just don't know how to talk to them. But I think that came out all right.

6124 - "Woah, hey now, maybe we're being a little too hasty. Let's consider our options."

6125 - "I'm sorry, what world are you living in? Smokin' hot drow and you go for the kill? Muschio, baby, we gotta talk about priorities."

>"Vat diffrance does it make who you vere? All you are now is a corpse!" She laughs haughtily. "You dare enter my lair? Come zen! Try to survive lonk enough to enterten me, leetle prince."

Her tyranny shall end here! As she steps forward, I am given a moment to consider my plan of attack.

6128 - "Seduce her with your masculine charm, Muschio, it's the only answer!"

6131 - "Rape is the only answer."

6132 - "Ok, let's find a non-combat solution to this, I'm sure if we just talk with her a while it'll work itself out. Try and find out more about her Muschio."

6134 - "Ahah no. Or we could fight and maybe your sword accidentally cuts certain parts of her clothing, maybe? Consider it wittling down her AC."

6136 - ">>6131

Now hold on one moment! I came here to clean this place out and I mean to do such in full! I'll not be disuaded after coming this far, just imagine the treasure hidden here! Now we should hurry up and-

>"Enough waitink! I vill make you regret ever comink ere!"


Oh gods, she's comink- ARGH, now I've got that damnable accent! Quickly, I need a strategy!

6140 - "Don't kill her you fool, she's just a woman! Attempt to disarm her!"

6143 - ">>6131
Oh god this"

6147 - "Try to break her weapon, it's flimsy compared to your sword!"

Oh, for the love of-! Nevermind, this disarming plan might at least be somewhat feasible. I slowly draw back, luring her into the doorframe of the room.

>"Runnink already? I think not!"

She darts forward, weapon at the ready! Perfect she took the bait. But she's very fast! Her weapon darts in with awful speed, aimed straight at my heart. But my trusty shield is there to intercept it before it strikes me. I move to strike her blade, but it's immediately back in her safety and then darting out to strike at me like some awful viper. Damnation! This doorway is working against me, it might seem. Her superior speed allows her to manuever about me quite well in the arc before me, and the doorway is hindering some of my bolder advances! Perhaps if I weren't so very DISTRACTED I might be able to formulate a better battle plan!

6154 - "Bull rush her back into the room, where our sweeping strikes will be able to get full momentum!"

6157 - "Didn't this dungeon have something different at the start?"

6164 - ">>6154
This, but get her down on the ground as you do it. Your MANLY PHYSIQUE should allow you to enter a grapple, gain priority, and proceed to >>6131."

Bull rush it is then! I'll drive her back to where I'll have the advantage of superior reach and my sturdy blade might be able to do it's awful work. It'll take a bit of doing, this woman is quite skilled, it would appear, and I'll need a bit of momentum to get a proper swing in and I'll need to do so while fending off that dancing sword. But while she is skilled, I believe I might just be the better!

And so I charge forward! Putting my shoulder into it, I drive forward under the protection of my shield. I hear the dangerous ping of steel striking against my barrier, yet it is for not. My efforts are rewarded with a satisfying 'Umph!' from my opponent as I drive her back. She falls before my superior strength, and so I dare my sword towards her for the final blow!

6180 - "Wait, nonono, that wasn't the plan!"

>"Ve are done playink then?"

A bolt of dazzling energy sizzles past me as I make a mad dive out of the way. A lucky call, I'd venture, considering the ruin that ray left in it's wake. A portion of the ceiling above me seems to have completely disappeared!

>"All gud thinks come to an end, yah?"

She smiles a cat's grin, knowing that she now plays with her prey before eating it.

>"Vill you run, leetle prince?"


6187 - "Runnink sounds good Muschio, I suggest you book it!"
No. 256 ID: 2e1743

Now you fickle cads are cheering for her?! And to think I partially entrust my life to you! Well, I've at least enough sense to ignore those certain tongues, but still I'm hurt! I'll not retreat though. But I do indeed believe that it is time for a tactical withdrawal! If she can conjure up another of those bolts, I'd fear the consequences of meeting her in direct battle!


6197 - "Retreat outside! There was a forest or something out there, right? If we can get a drop on her, maybe we can finish it all in one fell swoop!"

6203 - "Whatever happened to 'She's only a woman'? Hey, maybe we should surrender. I hear drow women are into that kind of thing."

Actually, it's more of a mountain outside, but perhaps if I can lure her to that cliffside I saw earlier I can accomplish just such a feat! There were boulders in the area large enough to hide me, so perhaps if I can just get out of her line of sight for a moment, I can lay an ambush.

As I dart from the room, I hear her laugh. Damnable woman! How dare she! She pursues me at her own languid pace, and occaisionally a magic arrow flies past me.

>"Runnink avay, runnink avay~~. Vat iz ze matter, leetle prince? You came for killink me, yes? Oh, but now you run. I like it, vatching you flee. Keep runnink!"

She punctuates the end of her speach with another bolt of green energy. I hear it sizzling towards me and come to the awful conclusion that I might not dodge it! I prepare my shield in front of me and dart to the side as the thing strikes me!

And I live! Though I can't say my shield fared well. I now hold a fine dust where my shield once was! I'd be wise not to allow her another such attempt on my life! I leave the dungeon and take about the corner, running as fast I can to a nearby boulder. I think I've lost her until a crash against the rock tells me otherwise. But that is according to plan!

6212 - "keikaku Doori"

6214 - "Now's our chance! Wait for her to pass the rock, then jump her!"

6219 - "What? Okay, seriously, I think I fail to see how this is a good idea. Couldn't we just jump her here?"

Cliffside at hand, I hide myself amongst the detritus of the area. I am most certain that the she devil lost sight of me. Now I simply need to wait for the proper time to strike.


Now! As I see her pass about the edge of my hiding place, I dart out at her. "I am Muschio Malto, and I'll not be beaten by you here, harlot!" I tumble into her and together we both go hurtling o'er the cliffside.

She gives me a panicked look as we fall.

>Vat is this?! Are you mad?!"

I grasp hold of her shoulders as we tumble into that open air. "No madam, not madness! I do this with calm mind and burning heart! I am no madman, I am driven!" And with that we descend into nothing.

6231 - "Okay, Muschio, that was kind of badass."

6234 - "Less text, more action."

I awaken with an awful start. It appears I may have blacked out during my descent. I am quickly reminded of such states as my body aches and pains wherever I might consider. I'm not quite sure what occurred, but I definitely appear to be alive. That's quite nice, but I'm not certain where I am. It appears I am in a bit of a wooded area, as a dense canopy blocks out the sky. Or perhaps it is simply a starless night. I've no idea how long I've been out.

>Ah, you are avake?

I feel my blood turn to ice in my veins. That is not a sound I desired to hear. That is not silence, that is not the voice of a defeated foe, that is the sound of an enemy, healthy, triumphant. Her face drops in front of mine, a superior smirk doning it.

>Very foolish, leetle prince. You do such thing, but then go and break my vall vit your body. How cute.

She purses her lips with that last word and gives a devilish smile. I assure you, if I did indeed shield this harlot, it was a mistake, an accident. I fully intended to allow her to absorb the brunt of this fall. Though still, I think I could have handled this better, considered more carefully.

6251 - "What's our status? Can you move?"

6254 - "Dark Moon rape Muschio"

As much as I struggle, I don't think I can move very well. If I focus, I could ignore the pain, ignore the pain, ignore the-

<Vat are you whispering?

She coos. My concentration is suddenly broken by a chill touch upon my chest. Damn my eyes, but they open regardless of my will to observe that creature settle beside me, her hand upon my chest.

6257 - "DON'T STOP"


6259 - "Dark Moon is apparently NOT an indirect character. I can appreciate this. Maybe you should think of a way to *thank* Muschio."

6260 - "Muschio, I'm not sure you can get the energy to go against this man. Maybe it'd be better just to settle in for the ride?"

My throat dries inexplicably. It must be the heat. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

<I could ask the same? Silly leetle prince, you see beautiful girl and think she is some damsel in distress? Tch, tch, tch. So naive. I go to kill you and this is how you go about repayink me? So naive...

Her smile is simply captivating. Her hand is like cold fire burning across my chest as it draws circles into my bared skin. And bared it is, it would appear that my fine shirt is now little more than rags from my hazardous descent. But such a thing seems quite small compared to that beauty before me.

No! Dastardly woman, attempting to bewitch me! I can feel my arms, I feel it. I refuse to be treated in such a fashion! I am Muschio Malto! And I'll not be made a toy to some woman! As she draws closer, her hands drawing lightly over my wounds, both great and small, I take my chance. Out dart my arms with renewed vigor, taking her slim shoulders in hand. With an awful pain I grunt and heave myself atop her, eyes burning with rage.

This woman, this damnable woman, I refuse, flat out refuse! I won't be beaten yet! I'll ignore that awful nagging from my nether regions, I'll ignore any such pathetic whims of fancy or weakness! I've too many goals to be completed, too many tasks left undone to fail now!

And yet that damned woman smiles at me as my arms shake under the weight of my own flesh, as I breathe haggered breaths, as my own strength fails me at seemingly every turn.

<Proud. Foolishly proud. You do not know ven you should stay still.

She smiles to herself, as if remembering a fond memory.

<I like that. It seems I am likink that kind of man, vith their childish pride.

My arms falter, yet I catch myself. No, I won't give in. This is simply that woman's trick, luring me into a state of lucidity so she might end me. But I tire. If I am to defeat her, I'll need to do it quickly. While there's strength yet in my arms, perhaps I can grab that slender neck, that smooth skin, and snap that pretty thing with what might remains in me.

6265 - "Give up"

6268 - "Listen, you're done here Muschio. There is only one path to take, the one to hot drow dickings. Chop chop."

6271 - "Uh, are we sure she can't cast spells like this? I don't really know how magic works here, but if she can disintegrate us, I'd rather not take that kind of chance."

She smiles at me as my arms falter and I plumet into her waiting grasp. She makes shushing noises as she strokes her hand through my hair.

<There now, ve go soon. Rest a while. Good child, you are makink correct choice.

I can hardly think so as my mind goes blank once more. I feel as if all the strength in me is seeping out. I am assaulted by a sudeen exhaustion and my eyes feel as if they are weighted down. I close my eyes in that gentle embrace, cursing my own weakness and vowing to never fail again.

6275 - "I was promised drow sex! Where is the drow sex?!"
No. 257 ID: 2e1743

Ve are makink vey back to camp now. Thinkink I am tired of playink dungeon mistress. Leetle prince is surprisinkly light. Maybe I let him go after he heals. Maybe not. Hmmhmm. I give Red Fank back hes lair, let leetle prince take it from him ven he is better.

>"Darkmoon! Darkmoon, there you are!"

"Totenkopf? Vat are you cryink about now?"

>"It's Calavera, it's seems that he's been- Who is zat?"

"You and your fake accent!"

>"Zere is nothing fake about zis accent! Now tell me, who is zis man?! You think you should just go about, screwing whatever man or man-thing you can find?"

It is beink very noisy. Totenkopf makes too much noise. And novone cares of annoyink Calavera and hes bossy vays. But it is not matterink. It vill calm soon, and then maybe I get to know leetle prince better...

>"Darkmoon, you hussy, are you even listening to me?!

6288 - "BLUE BALLS."

-----Okay, so maybe not quite fulfilling the requirements. But I respect the characters too much to do something like that, y'know? Jeez, somethings are just too much to ask. Ahah, but maybe next time. Mission Complete!
No. 258 ID: 95ab41
File 124833075358.jpg - (134.60KB , 841x932 , TotenNimi.jpg )

A cat is fine too

one down
No. 259 ID: a4baef


Amazing, dude. Shouldn't this be in the fan art thread?
No. 260 ID: 95ab41

I don't think so... it's what I did instead of writing a fapfic, since I suck at writing
No. 261 ID: 9a71e2

Why would you make a robe with a fly?
No. 262 ID: 95ab41

to make it easier to have sex with cats of course
No. 263 ID: 1afd58
File 124841063814.png - (6.69KB , 250x317 , 124805467383.png )

Requested by Velenor and also rolled by !pair, here we go. It's a bit gooey and a bit sudden and not exactly as atmospheric as some of my Mudy ones, but c'est la vie.


Alice's eyes slowly opened, though it was hard to tell when they had. Wherever she was, it was pitch black. A moment later, however, a familiar face appeared, formed of violet lines seemingly floating inches in front of her face. Alice's mind was fuzzy, but she remembered the name. "M... Momdad? What happened?"

The AI's face had no expression, as always. Its voice was of a disappointed tone. "Your big day was cut short, Alice. You and Jason did not do what you were supposed to do."

Alice shook her head, trying to clear it. Deciding to ignore the AI for the moment, she pushed open the tube's door, and winced at the light streaming in. She staggered forward, her vision somewhat blurry, and sat heavily down on the bed. She paused here, thinking back over what she could remember. Collecting items from the mysterious facility, meeting people, something about a butcher... Jason! He had closed the door behind her and tried to fight off the strange prisoner they had found!

She quickly ran back to the small tube, and looked at the face of Momdad. "Momdad! Jason! Is he... is he ok? He was being chased by that guy!"

The answer was matter-of-fact and dry. "Jason is still alive. He is currently four meters from your position."

Alice casually waved goodbye to the AI screen, and stepped out of the tube. Looking around for the first time, she noticed another tube on the other side of the small bed. She stepped slowly forward, uncertain what awaited her there. As she reached forward to pull open the door, she noticed her hand was shaking violently. She paused, closing her eyes and sighing, trying to calm down. A moment later, she pressed her fingers to the door, and pulled. Alice smiled and let out a sigh of relief; as Jason looked completely unharmed. His eyes opened slowly, and Alice noticed Momdad's face appearing on the monitor.

"Jason, you are a bad child. You did not do what was--"

Alice couldn't hear more, as Jason stepped out of the tube, closing it behind him and staggering forward. She quickly put her arm across his back and helped him, setting him down on the couch carefully. He pressed a hand to his head, wincing in pain. Alice gently squeezed his shoulders, unable to stop smiling. "Jason, I was so worried! You stayed behind to fight that guy, it was so heroic!"

Jason jumped slightly as she spoke, and then returned the smile, turning quickly and pulling Alice into a tight embrace. "Alice! I thought I'd never see you again!"

The girl returned the hug for a moment, but then they both pulled back, suddenly realizing how close they were being. Alice started to stammer out a greeting, but was interrupted by the voice of Momdad. "Now children, kiss and make up. I cannot have you abandoning one another to danger."

Alice looked down at the bed, feeling the blush on her face. She spoke quietly her blush burning hot as she spoke. "I... I wish she wouldn't... use that phrase."

The bed shook slightly as Jason forced a nervous laugh. "Yeah, it's a little direct. Last time it was ok with you just hugging me."

Alice smiled, still looking down at the bed, and leaned in. She felt Jason's arms hesitate slightly as they moved around her, and she moved hers to embrace him as well. His body was warm, and his strong arms around her made her feel so secure. She felt him sigh happily, and realized that she felt happy like this as well. The embrace lasted a few moments before either of them even thought to end it. She didn't pull away, but spoke aloud to the room. "Um... Momdad? We made up, see?"

Momdad's voice seemed vaguely exasperated, though it only repeated the last phrase. "Now children, Kiss and make up. I cannot have you abandoning one another to danger."

Alice pulled back slightly, looked up at Jason's face, then quickly looked away, the blush burning on her cheeks once more. "I guess... I guess we have to, or we'll be locked in here forever."

He smiled at her, she could feel it in his embrace without even looking at him. "We don't have to. I can think of worse things than being locked... up... um, with you."

She tightened her hug as his voice petered out in embarrassment. She let her mind calm for just a few moments, then pulled back a bit, moving her hands to cradle Jason's chin. She leaned in slowly, watching his eyes. He looked back, seemingly uncertain that this was even happening. She hesitated, her lips only a hair's breadth from his, for just a moment. Finally deciding, she pressed forward, moving her arms around his neck as she felt his move around her waist. The kiss, which she meant to just be a short peck, became more. Their lips pressed together, she felt simultaneously at peace and exhilarated. They moved together, pressing close as they kissed again and again. Alice felt desperate to continue, and tentatively pressed her tongue past her lips. Jason did not hesitate, parting his lips as well, as the kissing deepened.

Time seemed to stop as they kissed, though eventually she felt him pull slightly, and she released him, pulling away as well. Suddenly, the realization of what had happened rushed back, and she turned away, blushing and embarrassed. He stammered slightly as he spoke, plainly similarly affected. "Ok, AI, we... kissed. You can let us out now."

The AI's voice seemed suddenly irritated. "You have. Preacher has added a new condition. You are to stay in the room until you have proven you love each other."

"Of course I love her, can't you tell?" Jason spoke angrily to the AI, but didn't seem to think of what he was saying first.

"You are to stay in the room until you have proven you love each other." The AI's voice became coldly matter-of-fact.

Jason looked back at her, and Alice smiled at him. The sound of her own voice almost scared her. "You love me?"

The man smiled awkwardly. "Yeah... I said that. I guess... I do. I mean, I don't know you that well, but... yeah."

Alice smiled, leaning against his chest and holding him close again. She spoke softly. "I think... I think I love you too."

She felt him move slightly, and she knew he was looking to the door. She listened, but there was no sound of opening. He chuckled slightly. "Maybe it doesn't believe us."

Alice looked up at him, uncertain. "It wasn't just for Momdad, was it? I mean, you're the only person I've met here that I feel like I... trust. I meant what I said."

Jason smiled down at her, and she felt instantly calmer. "Of course I meant it. You're the only person here I trust, and you've been so kind to me."

He leaned towards her, and their lips pressed again. Alice, on a whim, leaned back, pulling him slightly. He did not resist, and they fell back onto the bed, the kiss growing more passionate. She wanted him. Her whole body screamed that he was her protector in this place, he was the only person she could trust, that she could love. She felt his hands caressing her waist, and she would have smiled if she could. Her own hands moved down from him, and she lifted her shirt slightly, signaling her consent. His hands slid under, and then pulled upwards. Their kisses broke only a moment as her shirt was pulled over her head. She felt his hands, coarse and warm, undo the latch behind her, and pull her bra away as well.
No. 264 ID: 1afd58
File 12484106865.png - (9.61KB , 332x380 , 12480682375.png )


He pulled away a moment, and Alice felt exposed as he looked at her naked breasts. She spoke quietly. "I'm not... big. I hope they are ok..."

She felt his warm hand caress her face, as he looked into her eyes. "Of course they are. You're perfect, Alice."

He reached down, and quickly pulled his shirt off as well, and she looked over his body, smiling. He was right. Even though she knew there were flaws, tiny imperfections, none of them mattered right now. He was perfect as well. She didn't even realize she was doing anything until she felt the small buckle on his pants come undone. He looked at her, and she nodded slowly. He couldn't help but smile, as he pulled off his pants and underwear at once. She watched as he hooked his hands around her skirt. She nodded, and soon was as bare as he. Her face burned with blush.

He crawled across her, laying face to face once more, and kissed her gently. Alice snaked her arms around him, and relished the feel of her flesh against his. The kissing was more desperate, more passionate. Alice felt a moan escape her lips as he began kissing her neck, and his left hand gently twisted and worked her nipples. She clutched him tightly as his right hand moved carefully between her thighs, gently caressing her most sensitive area. Alice bit her lower lip as he parted her, gently massaging. She looked up into his eyes, and he nodded, understanding.

He removed his hand, and shifted slightly. She felt him pressing to her below, and through the fog of lust in her mind, only the slightest of reservations came to her. He looked at her again for confirmation, and she smiled. "Yes."

She felt his hips shift, and a pain as he pressed into her. She gasped involuntarily, and shut her eyes in a wince. She felt a hand on her cheek, warm and reassuring. His voice was thick with worry. "You were...?"

Alice nodded, opening her eyes and forcing a choked laugh. "I... guess so. I don't remember."

He looked concerned. "Do you still want me to keep going?"

She smiled, the pain already fading as the new sensation of fullness started to take hold. "Yes. Yes, of course I do. I'm happy that... well, that you were apparently my first."

He kissed her, and they embraced closely. She felt him move inside, and slowly he began to pull out again, then press in. Her body, tense from the pain, relaxed as he thrusted. Her arms gripped him tightly as she panted, the act finally becoming real enough to bring pleasure. "Ah... Jason... Jason yes..."

His movement quickened as they continued, and Alice's world went white around the edges. There was nothing except them, no bed, no room, no facility, no AI. There was only her and Jason, together. He passionately kissed her as he thrusted, and Alice was only present enough to weakly return the kisses, her arms tightly clutching him. She could barely focus as their lovemaking grew to a frenzied pace, both of them pressing to one another in passion. Finally, her body was satisfied, and she felt herself teetering on the edge of orgasm. Her nails dug into his back, and the final few moments of anticipation passed, as a wave of warmth and pleasure pulsed through her. Her body shook as her hips bucked against him, and she felt him thrust one more time deep into her, holding himself there as warmth spread inside her. The world slowly returned to her as she came down from her climax, finding him panting on top of her, and a calm satisfaction replacing her frenzied lust.

Her voice came only with difficulty, interrupted by exhausted panting. "I... I love... you, Jason..."

His voice was raspy and fatigued, but carried a note of happy contentment. "I love you too, Alice."

Another voice broke their reverie, cold and mechanical, with a hint of what could be amusement. "You may leave the room now. Play well, children."

The door opened, and Alice turned her head, looking out into the corridor. She paused a moment, the spoke quietly. "It's okay, Momdad. I think we have what we need in here."

Jason nodded. "Yeah. We have everything we need."

The response was a blank "Affirmative."

The door closed again, and a click of a lock being activated sealed them in. Outside the room, on a large display, the face of the AI glowed. Just for an instant, it even seemed to smile.
No. 266 ID: 197650
File 124845241578.png - (4.44KB , 100x197 , ohlawdy.png )

No. 267 ID: 1afd58
File 124848720647.png - (16.88KB , 604x516 , MEEEESSSSSHIIAAAAAAXCHHHEEERRRYYYYLLLL.png )

The problem with having your character in the forced fanpairing thing is that sometimes he/she gets paired with Cheryl.

I think Meshia is still <3
No. 268 ID: c01408
File 124849118260.gif - (4.73KB , 340x366 , redjemilin.gif )

Red x Jemilin, as rolled
No. 269 ID: c01408
File 124849120886.gif - (4.21KB , 373x249 , reddaisy.gif )

Red x Daisy, as rolled
No. 270 ID: 96da9e
File 124849485340.png - (218.22KB , 768x768 , daisyxsilvermoon.png )

Daisy x Silverymoon
No. 271 ID: d5b2d6
File 124849778097.png - (15.74KB , 349x393 , redxdriblis.png )

DriblisxRed, as rolled
No. 272 ID: 13034c
File 124851022957.jpg - (34.66KB , 677x591 , OHGODWHY.jpg )

No. 273 ID: 13034c

There seems to be bodyparts missing...
No. 274 ID: 13034c
File 124851138638.jpg - (34.98KB , 677x591 , OHGODWHY.jpg )

Ah, yes. Simon was missing a hand. I fixed that.
No. 275 ID: 13034c

I meant more like below Reaver's waist... and Simon's ankles.
No. 276 ID: 13034c
File 124851185193.jpg - (58.72KB , 677x591 , OHGODWHYAMIONFIRE.jpg )

I see what you mean. Perhaps this is better.
No. 277 ID: c01408
File 124854137294.gif - (4.60KB , 452x249 , daisyrabbits.gif )

>Your task is to pair up Daisy and The Rape Rabbits using Gender Swapping as a theme!
No. 278 ID: c01408
File 124854140320.gif - (4.87KB , 305x381 , lolitaikahmuschio.gif )

>Your task is to pair up Taikah and Muschio using Loli as a theme!
No. 279 ID: c01408
File 12485417106.gif - (7.59KB , 315x455 , totenimi.gif )

>Your task is to pair up Nimi and Totenkopf using Cuddling as a theme!
No. 280 ID: 96da9e
File 124854876078.png - (235.24KB , 768x768 , finessexrabbits.png )

>Your task is to pair up Finesse and the Rape Rabbits using Humiliation as a theme!
No. 281 ID: d75539
File 124861796939.gif - (42.08KB , 424x402 , FLUFFY+WIVES.gif )

>Your task is to pair up Rudy Wives and Fluffy using Rape as a theme!
No. 283 ID: f2de2f
File 124862238397.png - (13.95KB , 910x751 , dontblameme.png )

>Your task is to pair up Ruby and Garrelf using Pegging as a theme!
No. 284 ID: d75539
File 124862700225.gif - (43.44KB , 424x402 , FLUFFY+WIVES3.gif )

Apparently, Fluffy doesn't look distressed enough..
No. 285 ID: d75539
File 124863726878.gif - (41.62KB , 424x402 , FLUFFY+WIVES4.gif )

No. 286 ID: 95ab41
File 124864125028.jpg - (94.17KB , 542x607 , Taikah x Muschio.jpg )

>your task is to pair up Taikah and Muschio using femdom as the theme
No. 287 ID: f2de2f
File 124864206314.png - (15.74KB , 1024x768 , john2.png )

>Your task is to pair up Sergal John and Tom's Brother John using Nosebleeds as a theme!
No. 288 ID: d75539
File 124864292427.gif - (44.67KB , 400x400 , NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER.gif )

>Your task is to pair upMeshia and Redusing Body Swapping as a theme!

Meshia shuddered in this strange body, watching her old habitation grin far wider than it should, or even could have stretched..
No. 289 ID: 9a71e2

...This could be canon, depending on how badly the exorcism goes.
I'm not sure whether that's hot, disturbing, horrible, or all three.
No. 290 ID: d75539
File 124866257870.gif - (45.34KB , 600x288 , VOUYERBUNNIES.gif )

Your task is to pair up Rudy Wives and The Rape Rabbits using Voyeurism as a theme!
No. 291 ID: 8e7830

This needs to be canon, with sexy results.
No. 293 ID: 8ffee7
File 124873103963.png - (297.24KB , 1024x1024 , belwis2.png )

>Your task is to pair up Bella and Telwis using Voyeurism as a theme!

>hasty fix engaged!
No. 295 ID: 1afd58

Oh Bella, you old shriveled coot, I still <3 you.
No. 296 ID: f2de2f
File 124885170799.png - (312.40KB , 695x768 , totebunnies.png )

>Your task is to pair up Rudy Wives and Totenkopf using Femdom as a theme!

Slight fix fixed.
No. 297 ID: 1afd58
File 12488871843.jpg - (36.33KB , 736x736 , 1227800366124.jpg )


So I've been writing short, one or two line fics of random pairings kicked out by !theme.

I've compiled them on good old pastebin right up in here: http://pastebin.com/f422df4a4

Enjoy and feel free to comment if you like~
No. 298 ID: 6194e1

Congrats. Half organized version: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/driblis.html
No. 299 ID: 227d44

mother of god
No. 300 ID: 95ab41
File 124894174189.jpg - (52.09KB , 800x800 , Alleyway.jpg )

The night was darkest in this lonely, shadowy alley. She couldn't take it anymore. Deme had to have it, right now. Tav pinned her down forcefully, lining himself up with her tender entrance. As their passion built, she realized that she didn't care if the whole world saw them. Neither expected that they would turn out to be brother and sister.

you partially have CSeal to blame/ thank for this...
No. 301 ID: 4a7262

Wait... Deme's a girl now?
No. 302 ID: 95ab41

no, but the IRC script used to make that was the !trap or something, so it takes one male character's name and makes them female. This just happened to be the first pairing Tav ever showed up in, which I thought was deliciously ironic
No. 303 ID: 9a71e2
File 124896771815.png - (159.46KB , 512x512 , 1243559792461.png )

No. 304 ID: f2de2f
File 124913421029.png - (18.48KB , 1024x768 , cherylxmuschio.png )

No. 305 ID: f2de2f
File 124915960174.png - (62.78KB , 310x361 , raitaldrib.png )

>Your task is to pair up Raital and Driblis using Femdom as a theme!
No. 306 ID: 1afd58

You don't have to femdom me, Raital <3
No. 389 ID: f2de2f
File 124930721273.png - (15.55KB , 693x685 , finessexchuck.png )

and now some Finesse x Charles I action
No. 396 ID: 1afd58

Haha she looks so unimpressed.
No. 397 ID: 1afd58
File 124932170955.png - (7.54KB , 250x227 , rubbannoses.png )

Ok, Velenor says he likes fics involving Panzermensch folks, and I enjoy Alice's niceness and whatnot, so I locked her as the female and ran ten !themes. Here's the results.

No. 404 ID: 1afd58

It had taken a long time for Alice to trust the man. He was gigantic, he never spoke, and he always wore that horrid beak-like mask. Alice had given him the name "Ace", from the single spade on his clothing. Still, he'd been a stalwart companion ever since Momdad had accepted his mimed apology.

They had escaped, finally, after days of trying. A short distance away they had found an old control building, on a separate system from Momdad, and had decided to stay for the night. There was only one bed. Alice, being held by his arms, had finally realized her feelings for him. She'd confessed, quietly in the darkness. He'd hesitated, seeming sad. She had reached for his mask, and he at first pulled away, nearly in a panic. Still, he had nowhere to go, and she slowly pulled it away, and immediately gasped, dropping it with a metallic clang. His face... it was nothing but hundreds of writhing tentacles, all finger-sized or smaller. Alice scrambled away, but Ace simple sat still for a moment, as though watching her. She felt herself tense as he stood, but he did not move towards her. Instead, in his typical sad, slow manner, he stepped towards the door. Alice watched him, her eyes wide in fear, but he never made any aggressive movement, simply pressing the switches to open the door, and stepping through. As soon as he was out of sight, Alice realized that she missed him. That she needed him. She scrambled to her feet, running after him. "Ace, wait!"

He paused at her voice, turning slightly, the tentacles visible from the side of his hood. Alice ran up behind him, placing her hands around his waist, and her head against his lower back. His large body made hugs slightly strange. The monster seemed to pause, and then placed a large, strong hand on her back, holding her close as well. After a moment, she felt him lift her as he so often had in the facility, and carry her back into the room. In a few moments, she found herself again on the bed, this time with Ace as he truly was. Alice hesitated. "I... I'm sorry. I just didn't expect it."

Ace nodded slowly, and reached for his mask. Alice quickly reached out and touched his arm gently, and he stopped, turning his face to her. She smiled at him, looking at the area where eyes would be on a normal man. "No... no, it's ok. I want to see you. I... I love you."

Ace, of course, did not return the statement. Instead, his large hand gently squeezed her, and she knew what he meant. She nodded, and looked back to his face. She moved, getting on her knees on top of the mattress, and leaned towards him. He seemed confused, but did nothing to slow her. Alice closed her eyes, uncertain of what to do, but knowing that she wanted to kiss him. She moved closer, knowing that her face was in reach of the writing mass. She spoke quietly, not wanting to upset him again. "It's ok. Touch me."

Her eyes closed, she jumped slightly when the first, delicate, light brushing of his flesh crossed her cheek. She smiled despite the strangeness, her heart feeling glad to be touched by him, and wanting more. She leaned closer just a bit, and felt him become more comfortable. Slowly, tentatively, more and more of the small, tonguelike tentacles caressed her face. It was strangely romantic, even erotic. She let him feel her, touch her, and hold her for a moment, and then dared to part her lips. The nearest touch pulled back a moment, and then pressed forward, entering her mouth. She gently closed her lips around it, suckling slightly, and playing with it with her tongue. She felt Ace's hand tighten around her waist. So... he did like to be touched.

She slowly pulled away, as not to shock him. He seemed confused as to what her plans were, though his posture and body language showed eagerness. She pulled his arm, and he understood, getting off of the bed. Alice lightly pressed his shoulders downward, and he complied, getting on his knees. Alice smiled, blushing darkly due to her plans. She had intended to take it slowly even before seeing his face, but now... her body just wanted so much more. She quickly disrobed, rushing in case she lost the courage before intimating what she wanted him to do. She climbed back onto the bed, waiting on all fours, her hips now even with his head. She touched herself with her hand, pointing to her genitals, rubbing slightly and feeling her own heat pulsing from there. Her voice was quiet, but even Alice could hear the lust in it. "Here. Right here."

He moved slowly forward, as Alice tried to be patient. A moment or two passed, and she felt the first slight brushing, a line traced down the center of her lips. She heard herself breathe out in a ragged sigh of contentment. Two more caressed her inner thighs, while a fourth slipped to the end of her slit, pressing slightly to open it, becoming slick with her wetness. Her body involuntarily shook, as a moan escaped her lips. The tentacle wrapped its tip around her clitoris, slowly but firmly moving, the entire length rubbing all the sides of the sensitive spot. Her arms shook, and buckled, and she fell to her elbows, crying out in sudden pleasure. She felt Ace's large hand move forward and hold her at the correct height. She felt she could trust his strength, and let go, laying in his hand and just focusing on the sensations.

Dozens of touches were now at work, stimulating her in a way that she had never even imagined. Alice gasped, as she felt one line up with her entrance. Her voice surprised her, it was so weak and breathless. "Yes... Yes go in. Go in please go in..."

The flesh pushed inward, as Alice bit her lower lip to keep from screaming at the sensation. It moved deep, apparently longer than it had looked. Alice could feel it dancing across her deepest spot, and could only pant and moan in pleasure as the thing flexed and moved inside her. She had orgasmed powerfully when he had entered, and thanks to the movement it wasn't even slowing, but just continuing to affect her. Her body's muscles contracted tightly, as wave after wave flowed through her. She was exhausted, but she wanted nothing more than to keep going.

Time seemed to slow as her body screamed in constant pleasure. She felt another tendril press against the other hole, and didn't even think to protest. It pressed inside, carefully, gently. The feeling of fullness, of completeness, filled her mind and body. She was barely aware of anything but the pleasure the hundreds of writing touches were giving her. She could dimly feel her tongue hanging from her lips as she panted in exhaustive orgasm, but couldn't even think to ask Ace to stop. How long? How many minutes... hours? She couldn't tell anymore. She didn't care anymore. A strange, euphoric whiteness filled her mind, as she passed into unconsciousness.

She awoke to loving caresses on her face, and smiled. Her entire body was sore from the exertion, but Alice felt nothing except happy contentment. She pressed against her lover, holding him tightly. They had escaped together, and now they would stay together. Always.
No. 429 ID: 9a71e2
File 124944306878.jpg - (155.31KB , 639x408 , 1242968536811.jpg )

No. 440 ID: 1afd58

I'm writing a somewhat creepy number of Alice fics lately, but hey, I like her. Also Alice/Fluffy is adorable. This isn't a fapfic though, it's just cutesy.


[23:41]<TG_Weaver>Your task is to pair up Alice and Fluffy using Innocence as a theme!

The sound of quiet sobbing echoed through the halls of the strange, underground facility. The small girl sat hunched on her bed, head in her hands, trying to stop the sobs that shook her small frame. Her mommy had tried to console her, her daddy had tried to scold her, but it just couldn't help. She wanted something else, something she had never felt. She wanted to be touched. She wanted to be held. Everything was so cold and metallic. Her mom and dad were so differnt from her; they were so cold and distant.

She jumped as the door to her room opened. She had only seen it open once or twice in her entire six years of life, and only when Mom or Dad was acting really strangely. The empty corridor outside seemed so terrifying. She sniveled, the new change in the room pushing her loneliness away for a moment. She called out, her voice weak and quiet in the newly opened room. "Mom? Dad? What is happening?"

Mom and Dad were together again, their stoic, purple face on the monitor, and their voice metallic and somewhat uncomforting. "You have been lonely. I have brought you a gift. Be a good girl and be nice to your new friend."

Alice hesitated, and then stepped carefully down from her bed, her bare feet cold on the metal floor. She walked unsteadily, not very used to walking except in her own room. She peeked carefully around the doorframe, slightly dizzy as the hallway stretched much farther than her room, and she was unused to looking at the distance. Mom and Dad's voice sounded slightly more soothing. "Turn to your left. Walk five meters. The door to your new friend will be on your left."

She sniffed again, wiping the last of her tears away, and stepped out into the hallway, pausing. She looked back into her room, the only home she had ever known. Mom and Dad had told her to go... she had to go. She walked slowly down the hall, looking around in the new place. Her bare feet padded quietly, though the sound echoed strangely in the silence of the facility.

She stopped in front of the door that her mother and father had said would house her new friend. She... she had never spoken to anyone but her parents. Alice wasn't sure what to expect through the door. She spoke, and her voice seemed so small and scared in the long hallway. "Mommy... Dad... I'm here."

A beep sounded from the door, and Alice stepped back as it opened. Quiet sobs could be heard inside, as though someone else was crying. The girl felt her own sadness become mixed with something else... she wanted to help whoever else sounded so lonely. She stepped into the room, slowly. It was so like hers that it was strangely disconcerting. How many children did her parents have?

As she walked inside, the door closed behind her, and she jumped, startled by the noise. She looked into the room, but it seemed empty. For a moment, Alice feared that no new person was in here after all, but then she caught a strange, pink person peeking out from the dark tube. When she smiled at him, he sort of yelped and hid again. Alice slowly walked towards the tube, and then sat down on the floor, crawling the last bit so she wouldn't scare him by being too big.

She spoke quietly, knowing how it felt nicer when her parents spoke to her smoothly and nicely. "Come out. Please come out, I'm a nice girl, I promise."

A moment passed before anything happened, and then a small, pink-haired child poked his head out. He had cute little animal ears; Alice was reminded of the pictures of 'cat' that her parents had shown her once. The child seemed a bit younger than her, maybe only three years old or so. Alice smiled at him, being careful not to scare him again. "Hi. I'm Alice. Who're you?"

The boy had tears in his eyes, but smiled when she spoke to him. His voice was high pitched, quiet, and a little scared. "... Fluffy..."

Alice slowly moved her hand, holding it out for him. "Come on out. Come on, Mom said we should be friends."

Fluffy looked back and forth, then back at Alice. He slowly stepped out of the tube, unsteady on his own feet. He had a long, pink tail that twitched and moved through the air as he tried to balance. He stepped towards Alice, and suddenly tripped, falling towards her. She caught him instinctively, but wasn't strong enough to stay on her hands and knees, and they fell over in a tumble. Suddenly, Alice heard the boy laugh happily, and felt her heart lighten. She touched him with her hands, his warm body, his soft skin. He giggled, as her fingers tickled him. Alice smiled, tickling the child more as he squealed and squirmed.

She laughed happily, and pulled him up from the floor, putting him up on the bed, and climbing up next to him. He grinned at her happily, two fanglike teeth poking out from his lips, but not threatening in the least. Alice hugged him close, and his arms around her made her feel so happy; just having someone else around seemed to change her whole world. She spoke, and surprised herself at how much happier her own voice sounded. "Fluffy, we're going to be best friends, ok? We're always going to be together."

Fluffy squeezed her with his little arms, and nodded. "Yah, Alice n' Fluffy friends..."

Finally, someone to hold, and someone to hold her. For the first night in years, Alice slept soundly.
No. 1214 ID: 1afd58

contentless bumpan gaems.
No. 1215 ID: 9ded94


I have a challenge for you: your task is to write about Ruby and Tom immediately after escaping the Metal Glen, comforting each other in their arms! Alternatively, you may write about Mudy and Raital making up and getting through the first actual fight in their relationship, ending in delicious cuddling and passionate lovemaking!

Are you ladies up to the challenge?
No. 1245 ID: 1afd58



Actually it's just more boring to write things that make sense, in a way. I dunno. Plus a lot of what I've written in this thread came from the autogenerator, so canon pairings were much less likely.

I'm not opposed to writing canon stuff, I just... haven't.
No. 1254 ID: 9ded94

>I'm not opposed to writing canon stuff, I just... haven't.

Please do. I think canon pairings are usually the best ones because you know they don't just exist within your sick twisted mind.
No. 1255 ID: 197650

Alice and Jason are pretty canon at this point.
No. 1258 ID: 1afd58

Or... are they? For all Alice knows, the videofeed is entirely created by momdad, just to make her feel better.

The real Jason is dead.
No. 1408 ID: 4902ae

Jason is actually Pete.
No. 1410 ID: af0964


Jason is actually heresy.
No. 1567 ID: 1afd58
File 125139244113.png - (6.12KB , 100x197 , 124845241578.png )

Goddamnit. Velenor wanted this pairing and I haven't written in a while. So... ugh. Here.


When they had first found him, there had been... concern about freeing him. He was plainly different, plainly... altered. He may have never been human. He was held in an electrified cage. Momdad said that Preacher thought it best to leave him there. Jason and Bane had both thought that maybe this time, Preacher was right. Alice would not let them leave him there.

Upon freeing the monster, they found him to be helpful and kind, if silent and a bit scary. They even found him a mask, to cover the writhing mass of fleshy tentacles that used to be his face. Within an hour, they had agreed to call him "Ace", after the large spade on his clothing. He didn't seem to mind. Within a day, he'd saved them all from death at the hands of the charred and even more psychotic Pete, and had finally won Jason's trust. When they'd found the regenerative serum, he had forgone any chance to fix his face in favor of fixing Alice's foot. It had regrown nearly instantly, and she had been so happy. Jason knew that Ace was a good man then. That was the first time that he'd felt anything resembling attraction to him. It wasn't the last.

A week later, finally escaping the horrible facility, Ace, Jason, and Alice were the only survivors remaining. They had stumbled, exhausted and nearly blind with fatigue, into a nearby building. The place seemed abandoned, forgotten. They'd found a bedroom, and decided that they may as well sleep before they simply collapsed. Ace silently stood watch as Jason, with his arms around Alice, drifted to sleep.


He woke to the sound of quiet sobbing. A moment of panic hit him as he realized that Alice was no longer with him. Jason looked around quickly, and saw Alice sitting on the floor with Ace, sobbing with her face in her hands. Ace's mask was off, and the slow, mournful motion of the tentacles plainly showed his sadness. Jason tried to ignore the pang of jealousy when a flash of her thighs showed that Alice was naked from the waist down. They had already decided that Ace was welcome in their bed if he wanted to be, and Jason knew it would happen eventually. Still, he and Alice hadn't even done anything to one another yet, and Ace getting it first felt... wrong.

Jason quietly moved off of the bed, and stepped towards them. His voice was soft. "Alice? Why are you crying?"

Alice jumped away quickly, covering herself with her hands and crying. "No! Jason, please! Go back to bed, please don't look!"

"Don't look? Alice, do you not want me anymore?" Jason paused midstep. This couldn't be happening, not after everything they'd been through.

Alice shook her head quickly. "No, it's not that. I would never stop wanting you. It's... I can't say it."

Ace paused a moment, as though thinking, and then quickly grabbed Alice, turning her to face Jason. He held her body with one hand, and pulled her legs open with the other. Jason gasped, as Alice closed her eyes in shame. Alice's... genitals... were like Ace's face, nothing but dozens of tentacles, currently moving wildly in panic. "Alice... what happened?"

Tears escaped her tightly-shut eyes. "Jason please don't leave me! Please please don't! I love you so much, Jason! I was asking Ace if it would go away, please don't hate me!"

Alice seemed to be in a hysterical panic. Jason rushed to her, and grabbed her face, kissing her deeply, comfortingly. After a moment's shock, she seemed to relax, and began kissing him back, her delicate hands on his face. Ace relaxed her grip on her, and Jason felt Ace's hand on his back, pressing him against Alice. The two kissed passionately, their long-suppressed emotions boiling over despite the strange revelation. Jason parted the kisses for a moment, hungrily pulling Alice's shirt away, and then his own, before being pressed to her again by Ace, and kissing her. Alice's hands fumbled with the button on his pants, but in a moment, they were undone, and Ace quickly moved to remove them completely.

Jason didn't even hesitate, despite the strange anatomy of his lovers. He pressed himself again to Alice's body, their naked flesh touching for the first time. Alice returned his kisses, but pulled her hips away at the first brushing of his manhood against her. Jason felt Ace shift slightly, and then pressure on his back, as Ace again pushed the two humans together. Alice tensed under Jason's hands, as their bodies pressed fully together. Jason felt the dozens of touches as he pressed to her, the tentacles becoming slimy and slick as Alice's arousal grew. It was a strange feeling, but not at all unpleasant.

Alice held him close, kissing him with a loving desperation. Jason could feel Ace's facial tentacles caressing his face as well, apparently from behind Alice's head, holding her close to him. Alice's lower tentacles seemed to be guiding him, pulling the head downwards. He found himself pressed against an opening, slick, warm, and open. He pressed slightly, and felt himself slowly enter. Alice's kissing became even more frantic, she seemed to hunger for him. A sudden pressure on his backside, and his hips were forced forward by Ace's hand, pressing him steadily into her, until he was in to the hilt, the tentacles touching and massaging all around him. Alice seemed to relax suddenly, and she smiled, breaking the kiss for a moment. "Jason... I love you."

Jason moved in and out of the girl, struggling to hold back from orgasm already. "I... unh... love you too, Alice. But it's been a while... I'm already close..."

The movement of the tentacles became more frantic, almost hungry. "Inside me, Jason. Please. I need it."

Jason kept thrusting, slowly, trying to stall it. "I'm not... normally this quick, Alice. It's just... all the touching."

Alice giggled and pulled him close again, kissing him passionately. Her desire for him pushed him over the edge, and he pressed inside again, deep, and held it there, filling her. Alice shifted against Ace slightly, and Jason felt Ace's hand press against him again, holding him inside of her. Alice moaned into his mouth, her own body wracked with a sudden orgasm. Her tentacles had wrapped around his hips, and were pulling him hard against her. His flow slowed to a stop, and he broke the kisses, smiling. "Alice... that was so great."

She smiled, and hugged him close. "Jason I love you so much."

Jason pulled away slowly, pulling out from her almost with regret. Alice was sitting between Ace's legs, and Jason knew that there was no chance that their third would have no interest in doing the same thing that Jason had just done. Ace seemed to understand, and lifted Alice slightly. Jason moved forward, grabbing the seam in Ace's strange costume, and lowering the pants portion. Ace's body seemed all in proportion, and was quite a bit larger than Jason's. Jason found himself surprisingly lacking jealousy; he knew that he could please Alice, and that she loved him. Ace lowered the girl, pressing himself against her. Jason moved again, placing a hand on Ace's manhood without shame, and guiding it. Alice leaned against Ace, turning her head, letting his face caress hers. Jason spoke, having lined the two up. "Ready, Alice? He's bigger."

Alice nodded, her face covered in Ace's touches, and Jason held Ace in place as Ace slowly lowered Alice. Alice moaned loudly as the huge member pressed into her. It plainly pained her, but the hunger of her body was just as obvious: she wanted him. Jason leaned in, licking her clitoris as she slowly pressed down. Her hand pressed to his head, urging him on. Alice could only take about half of Ace's length, but Ace seemed pleased nonetheless, giving her a moment to rest before slowly beginning to thrust. His strong hands held her steady, as he moved his hips to thrust, allowing Jason to continue his cunnilingus.

She lost track of time, as the orgasms washed over her, Ace pushing in and out, as Jason licked and suckled her diligently. Finally, she felt the huge man tense up, and a wash of warmth flood into her, deep inside. Ace held her there for a moment, and then pulled her upwards, falling out of her body as he did. She was carried to the bed, and laid down, sore and exhausted, but happy. Alice felt Jason's arms around her, and the warm blanket being pulled over them by Ace. Warm and content, the lovers fell asleep.
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