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No. 234 ID: 6faa8c

Needs a better name >8I
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No. 237 ID: 335096

So wait, what happened here? Reaver got tired of Mudy and decided to take a break mid-session with a whole new quest series? That's a little worrying. Is Reaver getting bored with Mudyquest?
No. 238 ID: 181144

The sponsors pulled the plug on MudyQuest because they objected to implied elf on dorf romance.

Incest was A-OK, though.
No. 239 ID: 6164e0

All I know is that I want some more Mudyquest.
No. 240 ID: 335096

And now he's paused FiftyEightQuest. I'm kinda worried about Reaver. Just wish I knew what was going on. Ah well, I'm sure he'll pull through whatever it is.
No. 241 ID: 6164e0

Has he said anything on IRQ?
No. 246 ID: 82167e

Burnout, pretty much. He just needs to recharge his batteries.
No. 352 ID: 3c9ddf

Good thing too, since EmoQuest or whatever you want to call it is going there too.
No. 357 ID: fb5d8e

It's called The Romanticar!
>The Romanticar
No. 367 ID: 6faa8c

I assume that means you aim for more romantic tension than out and out action. You're better at the former, anyway.
No. 370 ID: ecf12b

Is it me or does Reaver have an unhealthy fixation on sibling incest?
No. 375 ID: 35cea2


He said that he has older siblings, who he feels no sexual attraction to. He says he does incest because of DRAMA
No. 377 ID: 6faa8c

No. 378 ID: 9e9b47


It occurs to me, reading the comments in between the pictures, that /quest/ may be obsessed with incest. And that some people are also slightly insane.
No. 379 ID: ecf12b

That may be true. However, Reaver is the one that introduces the context to the story, not /quest/.
With that said, I think the whole thing is kinda dull. /wrists etc
No. 380 ID: 9e9b47


I agree to a degree, but some people just kind of foam at the mouth for it like wild dogs.

BTW, also testing... to see if this is how spoilers are done.
No. 381 ID: ecf12b

Waggle a bone in front of any dog long enough and they will start foaming at the mouth. Although, I guess some people are just eager for that sort of thing regardless...
No. 468 ID: ddd49b

What happened anyway? I was gone for half a day, and now I can't find any hide nor hair of the Romanticar...
No. 470 ID: c07031


It's in disguise.
No. 885 ID: 9e9b47

So, Reaver, wanna discuss the deal with Fiftyeight? I was surprised that you're apparently ending it.
No. 886 ID: bffa2a

Probably taking that month long vacation now and putting things on ice until return. Set your clocks to cajole Reaver to continue Mudyquest when he gets back. Oh, all right, Romanticar too I guess. Though I can't really participate in it because I'll just start moralfagging on everybodys fun.
No. 887 ID: fb5d8e

How do I shot trip called me immature. :< I don't feel like continuing now!
No. 888 ID: 6faa8c

Dude, I didn't mean nuttin

No. 889 ID: fb5d8e

Awww, okay then!
No. 895 ID: 1689ab

He is the 888-get. You can't really argue with that.
No. 901 ID: 276781

Well gee golly whillickers if fiftyeight hates life that much, maybe we should suggest he find a way to enter the Orb.

(At least then his life would be reduced to a technicality.)
No. 916 ID: 1e0726

So... was that planned or did you get bored? Nicole's appearace seemed a bit sudden.
No. 917 ID: 6faa8c
File 12498342296.jpg - (14.89KB , 200x200 , JANINEANGRY.jpg )

I liked it. Also, new reaction image.
No. 920 ID: 98dab8

He had to leave for five weeks
No. 923 ID: 6faa8c

I wonder if he'll continue Mudy when he returns or start something new?
No. 924 ID: db097e


I'll sell my body to him if that's what it takes for him to continue MudyQuest.
No. 925 ID: bffa2a

Yes, Mudyquest is pretty much the greatest quest around in my opinion. Screw the haters. It would be very sad to see it end on such a bad note. But thats enough of that. I'm going to patiently wait for a month and trust he gets back his groove.
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