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No. 228 ID: acdc9b

ITT we ramble amongst ourselves about Prudy Quest.
No. 231 ID: 1afd58

i <3 it but when is sex with prudy going 2 happen????/
No. 236 ID: 335096

Can you believe that epilogue? Shit, my mind was blown. I can not wait until friday.
No. 360 ID: 227d44

No. 386 ID: 335096

No... Leaver, say it isnt so!!! OH GOD WHY! MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING!
No. 388 ID: 227d44

lol trolled
No. 391 ID: acdc9b

Your comedic timing and scathing diction knows no bounds.
No. 394 ID: 234fa7

Prudy Quest started off pretty badass but its been shit lately.

WTF Leaver? Why are you not feeding my sense of entitlement?? Get back to the fucking drawing board!!
No. 395 ID: 227d44

No. 408 ID: 04f34c

Fuck you man, Prudy Quest is the greatest Quest ever.
No. 61522 ID: c42f16

this is definitely a test
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