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File 128331946493.jpg - (203.77KB , 900x560 , piXel_by_hoschie.jpg )
22440 No. 22440 ID: 03dd11

And lo, the quest didst accumulate two score and ten accounts from them that beheld it, and the author thereto crafted a forum for the respondents to commune amongst themselves and with his person without engorging the manuscript with their queries and comments.

too WTF; don't understand
Discussion for pixel quest here.
No. 22441 ID: 97cb33

so... exactly what's up with this thing?
No. 22442 ID: b5a616

It seems to be a thing about building a picture from nothing, without becoming someone else's picture.

I get the feeling Ugly is going to rape us, as we are now. And then Big McLargeHuge will eat us all. But, I don't know what we could possibly do to not die here.
No. 22443 ID: 03dd11

Hmmmm, what is this all about.

I suppose it is about surviving to become the most awesome, highest resolution picture you can be.

Reapers current goal is to get revenge, though he has a loooong way to go for that... depending on the choices you all make.

It is whatever you make of it really.
No. 22444 ID: 97cb33

simple, we strafe. get behind big guy and have ugly ram into him.then do a pincer attack. and while ugly is weak from going pure assault on something bigger then him we kill him too.
No. 22472 ID: 03dd11

So, any questions? Suggestions?
No. 22491 ID: 03dd11

mistake in post.

Pixel count is quartered, not halved when resolution updates.
And just in case this part was not clear, pixels of that colour you accumulate afterwards will be of that level.

Some general things I thought I should mention.

-If you only have one pixel remaining, then it's game over.

-If you are damaged, all time spent by the blue pixels trying to form new pixels goes to restoration instead.
-New pixels are only formed if your form is pristine.

-Red pixels, at the cost of being worth more individually, take much longer to be repaired.

-D.Grey pixels make it easier for you to control your body. The more you have, the easier it is for you to change shape.

-The larger your size, the slower you move, baring speed boosting pixels or sufficient control centers.

Thats about it for now. As usual, comments are appreciated.
No. 23726 ID: d50231

Special power suggestion: Shading

Shading can be applied to any non-black pixel. When you apply Shading to a pixel, choose two (amount subject to change) pixels adjacent to it. They become halftones and take on the properties of both colors.
For example, you apply Shading to a red pixel and choose two black pixels that share sides with the red one. These two become dark-red (800000h) and are worth 1.5 pixels in melee. Similarly, shading a white pixel with black ones increases durability of the latter.

Variant: Only pixels of the same level can be Shaded.
Variant: Halftone pixels can still be moved throughout the frame, but they must remain adjacent to one of their base colors.

Pros: Extended flexibility in our evolution to supreme glory.
Cons: Added stats complexity. For now the quest seems to be light on the crunch and you might want to keep it that way. Your call.
No. 23737 ID: 10f195

Ah well, I was going to introduce shading later, in a different way.

You might have enough control now to do that, maybe not.
Mention it to reaper sometime.
No. 24465 ID: 990c34

No. 24479 ID: 27b595

a full list of all the colors in the quest and there effect

like yellow
No. 24489 ID: c1ef66

When Reaper remembers what they are, you will get a description fitting the magnitude of his recollection
No. 24500 ID: c1ef66

any recommendations? queries?
No. 24509 ID: a594b9

Seems fairly good so far... but it feels like we're stuck to the playing area we can see right now. I mean, what do we do afterwards?

Also I'm not entirely sure how good an idea upgrading resolution is.
No. 24552 ID: 577290

Oh, there is more, Reaper can only view the 'sheet' he is on.

Moving across sheets takes the same number of moments that rising resolution does (i.e. 4. 2 to leave, two to arrive) unless an ability to change that time period is used.
No. 25201 ID: 3377dd

Ok then.
Trying to fix imaging issues.

Make everything look as smooth as possible (for this rez).

For now, any suggestions?
No. 25206 ID: d3dfb8

Sup Falcon, I made you a wiki page.
Pixel Quest (Falcon) as Pixel Quest was already taken.
No. 25207 ID: 3377dd

No. 25283 ID: 1854db

Hey, can we get a listing of the level up rules and how resolution works?
No. 25293 ID: d3dfb8

Pixel Colors:
Red: This pixel is worth two in a melee. Strong deadly.
Blue: This pixel is good for creation. it will fix damaged, yet intact pixels and create new ones if your image is in good condition. Good for size and image development.
White Boxes: Different from plain empty space, these boxes stop and absorb attacks and pixels. Good for defense and assimilation bonuses.
Black: Plain size pixels, sometimes underestimated for their usefulness.
Light grey: Reagents for special actions to to take place. These include, but are not limited to, using special attacks and raising pixel Lv.
[coloured pixels can be spawned.]

Leveling a pixel will make them more enduring and/or powerful. A pixel (other than white) is currently worth 1 hit. At level 2 they are worth two(2) hits. Increasing pixel Lvl increases your 'resolution'. This will make pixels of a certain colour stronger at the cost of size. For example, all black pixels you carry in your image will be worth two hits (2hp) if it reaches Lv2 but the amount of black pixels you have at the time of use will be halved.]

Gain Special gives you knowledge of a special ability you can use and the conditions needed to use it. Special vary in strength based on the conditions needed to use them. Smarm's special required the use of: 1 L.Grey pixel and 5 red pixels. A special that costs a single black pixel, for example, will not be as powerful as one that requires 30.
No. 25294 ID: d3dfb8

brb adding this to the wiki
No. 25296 ID: d3dfb8

All right, I've added that stuff into the wiki, now if someone would be so kind as to add a character list?
No. 25300 ID: 10f195


I made an error while typing that the first time though, pixel amount is quartered when raising rez.

If all the pixels you carry are of the same rez, you have the option to raise to the next resolution category.

[eg. If all are at (Lv 2) you can go to 20x20 rez, which Galaga did a while back]
No. 25323 ID: d3dfb8

yeah I know, i just forgot to fix it :\
Did you fix the wiki? I can't be assed to check
No. 25343 ID: 21515b

No. 25483 ID: 9ff7c5

I regret to inform you that I will no longer be around to run this quest. Not killing myself or anything, just won't be around.

I doubt I will return, so bye guys.

If anyone feels like continuing this quest (or just making one better) please don't hesitate.
No. 25499 ID: 24a9bd

Aw man that's unfortunate. Hate seeing people go... It was an interesting idea!
No. 25500 ID: 5c4201

can you give us a why? collage? moving to the alps?
No. 26029 ID: 10f195

Mostly school, partly various other things.
No. 27157 ID: 8d9c56

A likely ill advised return.

I hope I don't disappoint.
No. 27685 ID: a9a2cd

Have you invented specials yet for the reaper, out of curiosity? I know they have been mentioned...
No. 27694 ID: cd3fb7


Tons and tons of them.
Even have a few backgrounds for 'im.

But of course, you can define your own specials and image, so the defaults might not get used.
No. 30875 ID: 76891f

Yea, so, back again, sort of.

Trying not to keep this alive and not kill it by going down a boring route or somn.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated.
Questions also welcome.
No. 31037 ID: 45be60

Ah, there it is. Anyway.

Okay, so if we collect a lv 2 pixel which we do not have any of, (say, light grey for instance) we assimilate it as lv 2, right?

And if at any time all of our pixels are level 2, we move to the next resolution?
No. 31039 ID: 10f195

-You always get the pixel in it's proper level, but if you have any of that type that are of a lower level, the pixel will collapse and put the extra energy into your aura.

There is a way to avoid this, but reaper does not remember.
Maybe if you get more CONTROL CENTERS.
or ask somebody.

-If at any time all your pixels are at the default for that sheet+1 or greater(in this case Lv2+) You may ascend to the next resolution.

It is not automatic though.
No. 31192 ID: 882664

Sorry about the lack of updates, I'll get back on that soon.
No. 31522 ID: d28732

It's been awhile, hope I didn't forget anything.
No. 31537 ID: 692e92

Hey, Falcon. I created a quest very very similar to this rather shortly after yours was created. I'm sorry and I feel like I stole your idea.

I've gotten a complaint that I stole the idea from you, and I hate thinking that I wronged you. If you want me to remove it, I will.
No. 31546 ID: 45be60

Falcon has been failing to update his quest for six months now, and HE wasn't the first pixel quest (though he does have the dubious distinction of having the most successful one thus far.)

The setting and format of the two ARE alarmingly similar, but similar beginnings are common enough both intentionally and accidentally. Acknowledging the similarities is half the battle. If you continue, you'll want to decide now what is going to be different and what (if anything) is going to be the same. Multiple quests in the same setting do happen.
No. 31549 ID: d28732

I'm not happy, but I'm not angry either.

Truthfully, I update too infrequently, If you can give the questers what I cannot then by all means do so.

Just make sure you do a good job so that I can feel happy about my part in it's inspiration.
No. 31793 ID: b58751

Sorry about the lack of update, preparing for a test.

Should get one by Sat.
No. 32978 ID: ca8e24

No. 32988 ID: ca8e24

I probably shouldn't be rushing this
No. 33054 ID: d3dfb8

Dude, it's great to see more Pixel Life
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