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File 125199749023.jpg - (70.24KB , 442x506 , SQ_35.jpg )
1982 No. 1982 ID: f4963f

oh hi! hihihi!!!

i am squirrel

authory person is surprised squirrelquest popular! will continue after vacationy weekend thing. in woods! with other squirrel!!!

is that like cheating


anyway here is a place for talking about squirrely things

we seeing you next week!
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No. 1983 ID: 007a2e

I love your nuts.
No. 1985 ID: fdc826

Yeah, me too.

Squirrel should totally show us his nuts when he comes back.
No. 1987 ID: 7eda8b
File 125200393486.jpg - (79.14KB , 405x405 , breaching.jpg )

No. 1997 ID: 0e5a45
File 125201533734.png - (362.10KB , 490x526 , Vince.png )

Even I love your nuts.
No. 2169 ID: f4963f

Durandal, you just made my day.
No. 2192 ID: 120ca8

Hah, Chzo reference.

No. 2344 ID: f4963f
File 125254473729.jpg - (447.32KB , 1754x1350 , Sleeping_Squirrel.jpg )

Hey guys! This is the author of SquirrelQuest.

The whole quest was started very spontaneously, sort of springboarded off of Parodious' obviously short gag 'TrashQuest'. I actually didn't expect it to go beyond maybe 30 updates; it wound up being 70 images long and going from scribbleshit to... more refined scribbleshit, anyway.

I ended the session with the deliberately vague 'Story Arc End' becaues I'm not sure whether or not to do another chapter. That's where you guys come in.

Would you like to see more of SquirrelQuest, or should I let sleeping squirrels lie? If there's enough interest, I'd be game for running a second chapter after my next chapter of NicQuest.
No. 2345 ID: 43d730

Have someone else pick it back up with another shard.
No. 2346 ID: c42be6

You've mentioned you have ideas for other quests, work on those, first. I don't really see much place you can go from here.
No. 2347 ID: f5cf76

You just started a seemingly epic conspiratorial cult plot... I would love to see something like that from the point of view of an accidental interloper and how it would take part in the sequence of events.

But frankly I'm sure whatever you do will be good and you'll have people reading. So don't stress too much and just go with the flow.
No. 2348 ID: 5ba271

Don't continue it. You had an idea, and ran with it. Trying to force it further would just ruin it. Wait until another idea comes, then run with it.
No. 2351 ID: 64d98f

Hahaha, holy shit, I never noticed the transition from TrashQuest to SquirrelQuest, I assumed they were from the same person.
No. 2352 ID: 741a8f

Screw using someone else, I won't be satisfied until there's a scene where Squirrel takes a $20 bill into a store and buys something tasty.
No. 2354 ID: f4963f

>other quest ideas
Just to be clear, the other ideas are all rather big quest ideas that would be harder to draw, and couldn't be done parallel to NicQuest. If I began them, they would begin after NQ has reached a conclusion. I'll probably turn to the chat or discussion board to help me decide which to run at that time.

SquirrelQuest's graphics are simple enough that I can actually update it much quicker and easier than NicQuest, or those other hypothetical quests, which is why I can run it 'parallel'; it's faster paced due to ease of drawing.
No. 2366 ID: a0dedb

Hmm, now that I think about it, I shoulda asked before I started posting in the same thread. I hope you don't mind. I can always move it to a new thread if you'd like.

Also holy crap doing a quest. I can't draw at all but I have a magical +2 tablet of drawfaggotry, so it almost evens out. Almost.
No. 2367 ID: f4963f

>should have asked before ContinuationQuest
Hahaha, it's alright.

If I were to create a SquirrelQuest Arc 2, it'd be in a new thread anyway. Have fun. :)
No. 2381 ID: f4963f

>in a new thread?

Actually, in retrospect, the TQ thread is getting a bit long, and if CQ runs as long as SQ, it might make the thread too long.

Probably better to put it in its own thread so SQ can be archived. I'd ask an admin to just move everything after SquirrelQuest End over to a new thread? I'd hate to get the comments misaligned / necessitate a reposting of everything.
No. 2385 ID: b1c342

Yeah, you're right. Could someone please take this request to a mod/admin? I can't get on IRC anymore or I'd do it myself. =(
No. 2392 ID: 6194e1

The thread isn't that long, but it does have a good number of images. It flows more nicely all as one thread, but I'll split it if you confirm you want that.

Why can't you get on irc? At all? At work? Mibbit? Rizon webchat?

FYI, splitting a thread takes some familiarity with the insides of kusaba and mucking with manual SQL, so I'm pretty much the only one who's going to do it.
No. 2393 ID: f36655

I've tried connecting to multiple IRC servers, using several clients. My university updated their network and now I can't connect to IRC or Xbox Live, in addition to not being able to download torrents. I am not a happy camper, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do besides devoting yet another three hour chunk of my life being transferred between idiotic tech "specialists" who don't know what they're doing. I am heading home this weekend though, so I should be able to get on for a couple days.

Umm... I guess we can leave it as one thread. I'll just start a new one once I'm done with the prologue and the old one can be archived and linked to. Thanks for the help.
No. 2394 ID: 6194e1

But mibbit and webchat do everything IRC on their servers, and are just websites like any other. Have you tried them?
No. 2395 ID: f36655

Hmm, no I haven't. I tried ChatZilla, mIRC, and one other one. I'll give that a shot.

Hey, it works! Awesome. Thanks a bunch. :D
No. 5808 ID: f4963f
File 125762955984.jpg - (95.62KB , 600x450 , SQ_Splash.jpg )


i is returnings and stuff

so i bump thread
No. 6471 ID: 0d1fe9

in b4 request for squirrel.dll
No. 6489 ID: 65b420

<Adept_> I should have Squirrel be a character. And Squirrel is wearing a silly costume with a silly hat. And every time Squirrel loses, it takes off an item of silly costume. And looks a little sadder.
No. 6492 ID: 36a29c

i cant find the first part of your quest =(
No. 6493 ID: f4963f

A common problem. The first SquirrelQuest thread was actually a spontaneous response to a one-off gag thread by Parodius. You can find thread number one's link on the right-hand table here:

No. 7184 ID: f4963f
File 126012965855.jpg - (67.19KB , 600x450 , SQ_50.jpg )

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, guys. The winter's making me go slow for some reason.
No. 7185 ID: d5fdb4

Its time to hibernate, obviously.
No. 7186 ID: f4963f
File 126013337351.png - (62.40KB , 600x450 , Hibernate.png )

Nonsense! Dinobirds don't hibernate. They run around and glide and chomp on small insects and zzzzzzzzz
No. 7219 ID: 43337c

/r/ link to your first quest cant find it anywhere in the archive =(
No. 7233 ID: f4963f
File 12601511093.jpg - (97.90KB , 600x450 , ARCHIVE_LINK_HERE.jpg )



This is the first SquirrelQuest thread. SquirrelQuest originally began as a spontaneous reaction to a one-shot gag quest by Parodius called Trash Quest, where someone found the Orb of Infinite Psych, freaked out, and broke it while babbling about devil magic.

SQ took place right after the gag quest, and even in the same thread. It wound up being ~80 updates long, compared to the 4-ish updates of Trash Quest.

Now that there's a second arc to SquirrelQuest, I've decided to put it in its own thread.

http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/SquirrelQuest The link is also in the wiki article.

Image to redirect future queries, I know the link's hard to find.
No. 9249 ID: f4963f
File 126379076020.jpg - (133.65KB , 600x450 , SQ_End_Splash.jpg )

Wow, that took longer than expected. I also have to apologize for the slower pace near the end. Still, it was fun for me, and I hope it's been fun for you guys as well.

So after what I think has been months now, I'm going to get back on track with NicQuest. Expect a break between now and then, but it's next on my tgchan agenda.

See you guys then.
No. 9251 ID: af3e6d

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