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File 127855371396.png - (65.69KB , 500x500 , Untitled.png )
19378 No. 19378 ID: 67c611

Discussion thread.
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No. 19379 ID: 67c611

You have no fucking idea how long it took me to make that. Damn noob at GIMP. ps op is me. used fake name to make it look better.
No. 19380 ID: 67c611
File 127855391579.png - (816B , 16x16 , Amorphia_Favicon.png )

Oh, yeah, the favicon. That's the whole reason I looked for a discussion thread and then made one.
No. 19381 ID: df7322

hopefully it has a better end then majora moon.
No. 19398 ID: d3dfb8

so many kinds of this.
No. 19431 ID: c4c313


What are you talking about that was the best ending ever.
No. 19432 ID: d23fc5

and? i want to beat it. have an even more bestest end ever!
No. 19441 ID: 29ddd8

I have high hopes for this quest.
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