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File 12519075235.png - (4.01KB , 640x480 , jeff.png )
1917 No. 1917 ID: 2cbe3e

This thread is for the upcoming MultiQuest! The Quest without consistent art or a consistent author! If you're interested in aiding this grand venture, be sure to join the #multiquest IRC channel on rizon.net and find out how you too can contribute to the world's greatest quest.
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No. 1926 ID: 789c25

rolled 84 = 84

No. 1928 ID: f98e0b

rolled 89 = 89

No. 1929 ID: 53dc84

rolled 43 = 43

No. 1930 ID: fc832e

rolled 23 = 23

Let's do this then.
No. 1931 ID: 2cbe3e

rolled 75 = 75

Rolling for initiative as well.
No. 1933 ID: 007a2e

rolled 81 = 81

I'm intrigued.

Also, why are we rolling?
No. 1934 ID: 2cbe3e


We're rolling to see who posts first in MultiQuest. Join in on IRC if you're interested.
No. 1937 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125191506219.jpg - (23.13KB , 316x378 , hattyjimthequesthobo.jpg )

Ok, the initial order has been established. But the beauty is that anyone can join in at anytime. Just join #multiquest in IRC and inquire TODAY!
No. 1942 ID: f4963f

rolled 61 = 61

Let's do this.
No. 1943 ID: ab91ae

rolled 22 = 22

hurr durr.
No. 1945 ID: 1afd58

rolled 74 = 74

Rollan :Dc
No. 1960 ID: bf9cdc

rolled 68 = 68

No. 1986 ID: 72ae58

I seem to like introducing characters...

Also, nobody wanted to make this a serious quest, did they? because I think I might have made that a fairly unrealistic goal.
No. 2026 ID: 2cbe3e

The basic rules are as follows for multiquest: (plus shameless bump)

-You can't post comments for the picture you're drawing.

-Join the IRC channel before drawing a panel. If you'd like to do just one panel for multiquest, just say so in the IRC. We'll be more than happy to accommodate. We'd like an order to be decided upon of course, if only to stop the confusion of people drawing and posting pictures without consultation.

Other than that we're pretty lenient. You don't have to submit a resume or anything, just stop in and say hi.
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