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No. 169 ID: 806f2b

Yep. Followed How do I shot trips lead and made my own quest... damn the low population of this board T_T. I only got one player for session one. But please try and read it, I need to get better at these things. (Hopes it will help for GMing)
No. 170 ID: 98a175

Part of the problem is the timeframe in which you ran it - 4:28am Pacific Time. That tends to be a dead zone.

The best time that I've seen is the late afternoon/early evening period for the US west coast - that seems to have the largest overlap between the European, North American, and Aussie/Kiwi player numbers.
No. 171 ID: 98a175

Also - even if you're not a drawfag, its good to have some stock images to post along with your GM updates. That helps differentiate your posts from the suggestion posts. Otherwise, people browsing the main page will just see a wall of text and think its all suggestions and no updates.
No. 172 ID: 806f2b

Thanks for giving me the appropriate timezone :D. If I continue this I hope it won't get derailed too hard. (Somehow turned semi-serious even though it started based off a coffee addicted rambling Gargoyle)
No. 173 ID: 806f2b

Fair enough #3, I think I will build a folder for gargoyles... I would do SOMETHING in paint or shop, but I can't even draw a straight line properly.
No. 174 ID: 45afb1

Meh, looks good, may participate next session.
No. 185 ID: 6faa8c

shit, why didn't I think of that?!
No. 1445 ID: 806f2b

So, Reichquest will be back up and running when my tablet arrives and I get used to it, hopefully I will be able to produce some level of drawing that meets the requirements of a quest... thankyou, by the way lots of love for SZ
No. 1454 ID: 448a65


Imma sorry I sorta deserted you, I was having a lot of fun with it. :3
No. 1458 ID: d4a00f

>I can't even draw a straight line properly.

If you hold down shift while using the line tool in MS Paint, it makes your lines automatically straight (i.e. it lines it up with 45 degree increments). That's often pretty useful.
No. 1463 ID: 806f2b

I officially went full retard and forgot about that.... still, waiting on my tablet, hopefully I can be semi-proficient with that.
No. 1502 ID: 64d98f

Don't do that. You'll go home empty-handed.
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