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File 125143193649.png - (19.24KB , 640x480 , dontdoitfaggot.png )
1578 No. 1578 ID: 931ee5

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No. 1580 ID: 43d730

Yes, go for it.
The worst that can happen, judging from the starting image there, is people ignoring you.
No. 1581 ID: 43d730

I should mention that you'll at least get a few posters.
Be patient with them, though.
No. 1582 ID: fdc826
File 12514325863.png - (17.22KB , 484x384 , doitfaggot.png )

No. 1583 ID: 6faa8c
File 125143726941.jpg - (95.07KB , 640x480 , OHYEA.jpg )

Choose whether to art or not and stick with it.
No. 1586 ID: 7eda8b

I'm of the opinion that bad art is better than no art for a quest.
No. 1589 ID: 007a2e


This, no one should feel put off because they think they aren't good enough, art or story-wise. (Yes I know that's hypocritical coming from me)

Heck it's good practice anyway, go for it.
No. 1591 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125146912715.jpg - (21.38KB , 800x450 , OhYeahJimYouCockyBastard.jpg )


Steve disagrees! You need AWESOME FANTASTIC art to have a quest! Look at the artwork for his quest! It's stunning! Every line drawn with a smooth grace and elegance that is both moving and quietly contemplative!


But you should seriously just do a quest just for the fun of doing a quest if you've got a good story. As long as you try to make your pictures look distinguishable enough people will appreciate your effort. JimQuest and KaraQuest are two great examples of quests that don't have great art, but have/had a quality to the story that keeps people coming back. I've gotta agree that art at all is better than no art.
No. 1592 ID: cd08c0
File 125146916111.gif - (5.17KB , 400x400 , ohgodwhatamidoing.gif )

> I have absolutely no artistic talent.
Hey, you know what I say to that?

Fuck it.
No. 1603 ID: dc3ed5

You do have some artistic talent.
No. 1608 ID: fdc826
File 125151116546.png - (4.34KB , 240x390 , Jim\'s gonna shoot a bitch.png )


Jim might just have to shoot a bitch.
No. 1610 ID: 9e9b47
File 125151674656.jpg - (35.29KB , 816x595 , ThisMayEndBadSteveDoesntKnowWhatAGunIs.jpg )


Pssh! Steve has SIX pokemon and he's ready for a fight! He doesn't even think that tube knows any attacks!
No. 1611 ID: 43d730

Watch out, that's TWO tubes.
No. 1612 ID: 034a30

Take a chance.

On a more basic question, what's a good art program for beginners? And by "beginners" I mean "people who have been banned from ever playing Pictionary in decent countries."
No. 1614 ID: f4963f

Depends on the platform.

MSPaint is something almost every Windows user has, GIMP works on both the Mac and PC and has layers, which is nice.
No. 1617 ID: 931ee5

Or you could just pirate photoshop.
No. 1619 ID: 1f5d37

Photoshop is super easy to use. I've never used GIMP before. Just be sure to put all your characters on different layers so its easy to fuck around with stuff. (if you're going to kinda cut and paste the same guys like I do).
No. 1621 ID: eb175d

Lots of people use http://sai.detstwo.com/sai/
I'd advise against Photoshop, it's overly complicated for simple Quest stuff and also not really designed for drawing.
No. 1655 ID: 64d98f

Trust me, I learned the hard way that the only reason you don't have artistic talent is that you're not willing to draw anything better than stick figure. Just try, for god's sake, no one cares whether the art is good or not.
No. 1656 ID: 43d730

The worst judge of art is the artist, yes.
No. 1657 ID: 1afd58

so... you have to own some japanese drawing program, then download the patch to translate it?

That sounds like a pain.
No. 1658 ID: 007a2e

So when are you thinking of starting?
No. 1659 ID: 43d730

And what?
No. 1664 ID: 007a2e


No. 1665 ID: 43d730

What kind of quest?
No. 1666 ID: fdc826
File 125160875012.png - (218.17KB , 736x878 , Super Effective!.png )

Tube, use Shoot a Bitch!

It's super-effective!

...Anyway, I agree with everyone else here (especially myself); just do the quest, use whatever art you want, etc. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that there's no such thing as bad art in /quest/; as long as we can tell what it is you're trying to portray, it's fine.

And, if it isn't obvious enough already, I just use Paint for JimQuest.
No. 1667 ID: 9e9b47
File 125161074595.jpg - (35.88KB , 816x595 , ByTheWayDoHumanHospitalsEvenExistInThePokemonWorld.jpg )


Fair enough, you win this round. Alcohol is the best thing for gaping puncture wounds, right?

On another note, this is the first thing I've drawn since Elementary School. I know it's not the best art, but people seem to like it. Just gotta try to do your best, be consistent and try your hardest. That last part sounded needlessly... feel-good.
No. 1668 ID: 43d730

In before 'cartoonish liquid leaving by way of bullet wounds' gag.
No. 1685 ID: a81662

Dunno what part of "PaintTool SAI English Pack 1.1.0 Full" is hard to understand?
And no one has to have anything, just giving recommendation.
No. 1686 ID: fc832e

Ah, thanks for all the encouragement guys. Err, not Op, but thankful all the same. Ahah, big problem I'm running into now is that I'm drawing my monsters better than my heroes. Drawing people well isn't as easy as I'd hoped.

Might just fall back and make a new story from scratch and make the monsters the main characters, heh. Again, thanks for all the encouragement, and good luck to all the other aspiring questers out there.
No. 1688 ID: 1f5d37

You know, having a really plain hero and complex monsters isn't bad. You're going to have to draw the hero a million times.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a quest wiht no humans in it (Journey, for example, which is awesome).

Part of the reason I decided to go with all 'monsters' is because people are hard to draw. :p
No. 1694 ID: 7eda8b

Took me about ten minutes to get it all sorted out. Now I use Sai for everything. (Except text. No text tool.)
No. 1698 ID: 7eda8b

Something else I recommend is to do five or so practice updates. Just dream up some suggestions and try drawing/writing the results. It'll tell you a lot about what you can and can't do, and how fast. And if it's annoying and boring, then you'll know beforehand.
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