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File 169706476557.png - (9.51KB , 1252x729 , erm___ discussion?.png )
140903 No. 140903 ID: efaac3

It's the Detective Groundfull Discussion Thread!
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No. 140914 ID: 7e6fd4

I don't know how this discussion board works! I assume I just let y'all go ham in here. So ham it up I guess!
No. 140927 ID: 462d8c

These days it's more used to post lore that'd be awkward to put in the quest proper. Traditionally dis threads were used to talk as the author OoC and for suggestors to ask questions, but the discord has kind of taken that role now.
No. 141006 ID: 478b88

Ok so!

I've decided to use this thread for cut content that I didn't think was necessary to the story/shit i didn't like! Also I want a place that isn't the discord where I have ULTIMATE POWER or something. Just a space that's decidedly mine.
No. 141007 ID: 478b88
File 169803522650.jpg - (92.83KB , 1000x1000 , GF27TheBadTake.jpg )

Up first, it's the cut take of update 27, page 30

[Shot of Cooper perusing the charcuterie menu while Groundfull has an episode] You sit down and hand the Charcuterie Menu to Cooper. They peruse as if it’s the first time they’ve seen the menu, even though you’ve got the whole thing memorized at this point. Nine times out of ten, Cooper picks the exact same thing. Gouda and Brie for the cheeses, Chorizo, Prosciutto, and Salami for the meat, Baguette slices and Butter Crackers for the Carbohydrates, and the “Sweet” Accessory option. You always order a couple of hard seltzers. But maybe you should go for something different this time? You’re already a feminine twig, a seltzer would be like holding up a sign that says “I’m vulnerable!” Do you really want to let your guard down in front of such a guy? Such a threat? He could be lying about the whole thing and take advantage of you, or hurt you in a way you couldn’t recover from. One wrong move around a strong guy like that and it’s curtains. Every part of the normal you’ve cultivated will be shattered. You could lose everything you’ve built up to this point. Your choice to take this man’s case could affect the lives of everyone. And to bring him here, why did you let such a violent man close to your partners? Why do you keep putting yourself in situations where everyone gets hurt? Why are you crying? Why can’t you stop shaking? You’re eased out of your doom-crazed panic attack with an arm over your shoulders. Cooper is there for you. You can breathe easy. [Shot of Jubilee talking to Zenith all worried-like] Jubilee comes around ready to take the order, but she recognizes the situation. She motions to another employee, and they return a thumbs up. She crouches down in front of you and holds your hands. “Hey Zee, If you want me, I’m off for the day. Is something about this case stressing you out?” Cooper puts the menu down and

So I didn't like this direction for a couple reasons. The whole panic attack thing was kinda weird and dark for something I want to be lighthearted. It also portrays Zenith as kind of weak (not that there's anything weak about panic attacks, shit happens) and almost racist against bears? And while I do want more Jubilee in the quest, I'm probs gonna stick with just the couple as the mcs. Maybe if people really like jube I'll add her to the MC line alongside Zenith and Cooper.
No. 141008 ID: 478b88
File 169803584524.jpg - (85.44KB , 1342x1244 , oh god what is he.jpg )

Here's the first digital rendition of Groundfull! Pretty scuffed, right? Originally, he was supposed to be from the 1920s-ish. But I decided against it halfway through writing the first sex scene because it was a pain in the ass to not have technologies like antidepressants and not cocaine. Now it takes place in the 2000s-ish. Nice and... what happened in the 2000s again? I don't exactly remember.
No. 141009 ID: 478b88

also PLEASE ask questions here, I'd love to talk about these goobers!
No. 141010 ID: 478b88
File 169803759037.jpg - (2.54MB , 3024x2776 , IMG_3998.jpg )

Oh shoot, another thing! Here's the first EVER renditions of Zenith and Cooper! I think I drew these in june or something? Way before the quest started. All the concept art was done in pencil/one color so that's why the colors are pretty inconsistent in the quest

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