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File 167813572531.png - (253.95KB , 800x500 , discussion.png )
139221 No. 139221 ID: a7e32a

The discussion thread for Apostate, my first try at a quest. I have no idea what I'm doing!

The quest is marked NSFW because I have no clue what it'll contain, but probably violence and some nudity.
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No. 139222 ID: 322af8

Probably and some are the best adjectives!
No. 139226 ID: a7e32a
File 167830652887.png - (37.42KB , 500x500 , still frame.png )

Here is a still frame of the text. It is not gibberish, but I don't think it can reasonably be deciphered from this one instance alone.
No. 139227 ID: a7e32a
File 167830699797.png - (38.24KB , 500x500 , still frame corrected.png )

…Especially if I make a mistake. Correction has been added in red.

No. 139229 ID: 273c18

There will be more text samples? I guess I can wait.
No. 139231 ID: a7e32a

In the future, yes, most likely. It may be quite a while, though.
No. 139243 ID: a7e32a
File 167841064406.png - (43.64KB , 500x500 , apprentice character art.png )

[Image contains nudity.]
No. 139246 ID: b57fea

Loving the quest so far Spinwide! Keep it up
No. 139329 ID: a7e32a

I've had the most recent update written for nearly a week, but I was too sick to draw. I sorta rushed this update's art just to get something out, but it should be good enough.

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