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File 166915507778.jpg - (291.46KB , 1069x680 , worm 1.jpg )
138531 No. 138531 ID: dc13c4

This worm is a professor who is named Worm and he has a diploma. If you are interested in self-betterment, apply for this survey and he will single-handedly make your life 5% better. Simply fill out his survey, follow his instructions and we all can achieve the happiness that we all deserve.
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No. 138532 ID: dc13c4
File 166915510810.jpg - (127.09KB , 438x578 , worm 2.jpg )

Hello my name is Professor Worm and I am a worm, you are a worm we all are worms. That is what my diploma tells me. Now first things first this survey is primarily for people who created quests or previously created quests. If you haven't ever created a story in your own mind I am sorry to tell you this but in my eyes, you are a lower being than a worm. If I saw you on a street I would vomit, so emphasize this survey is not for anybody who is not a quest author.
No. 138533 ID: dc13c4
File 166915513633.jpg - (128.16KB , 354x580 , worm 3.jpg )

Now with that taken care of let's start with answering a couple of questions. What I want you to do is self-assess yourself, it doesn't matter if you answer all these questions honestly. The only thing that matters is how you present yourself, so all the answers can be answered with numbers from 1 to 10. Now on my project, you can see all the questions.
No. 138534 ID: dc13c4
File 166915521633.jpg - (203.32KB , 550x642 , worm 4.jpg )

Question number one how good are you with your time management? This is primarily referring to updates that you create, and how fast you think you are when it comes to it.

Second question how much do you write about pornographic material? This is self-explanatory.

Third question how much do you see yourself as a captivating writer?

Forth question how much do you see yourself as a funny writer?

Fifth question how much do you see yourself as an artistic individual especially when it comes to drawing for your quest?

Sixth question how much of an asshole are you? I know it is impossible to please everyone but what I am referring to is when you are an asshole widout anybody provoking you to be it in the first place?

The seventh question is, how much do you fear death?

Eighth question how much do you think that you are imaginary?
No. 138538 ID: 8f8464

Wow Professor Worm, that's rude! Did a non-quest author not invite you to their birthday party when you were little or something?

Hmmm, I do want my life to be %5 better, so...

First question: 2... 3, tops.

Second question: 1 or 2, I'd say.

Third question: 5 at best.

Fourth question: 7, hopefully.

Fifth question: 1 or 2.

Sixth question: 5, I think.

Seventh question: 7

Eight question: 1
No. 138550 ID: 5499f4

Q1 - 7
Q2 - 5
Q3 - 6
Q4 - 3/4
Q5 - 5
Q6 - 3
Q7 - 6
Q8 - I flip between 8 and 1 frequently
No. 138552 ID: dc13c4
File 166925112643.jpg - (207.14KB , 768x707 , worm 5.jpg )

Alright, Silly Zealot you will be an honorary worm, after all, even leeches deserve happiness. As for your survey, I give you a score of 19865.3498. What I get from your entity is that you are a good person and not just a good person but the best person to be friends with. Unfortunately for you for being such a good friend all your other friends feel inadequate for being your friends because they could never compete. So to fix this problem I suggest you start burning things with fire, now I am not suggesting you start burning alive things, just start burning things that you can outrun.
No. 138554 ID: dc13c4
File 166925118860.jpg - (204.42KB , 770x706 , worm 6.jpg )

As for you EDMNGO, you truly are an accomplished worm. You created so many things and inspired so many people to follow you to your own world. I give you a score of SVGDTYWEAL. You know the things that we leave behind will be our legacy and you already created one and keep on expanding it. I could give you a suggestion on how you could achieve immortality, the easiest way would be by placing pieces of yourself into others. Now the legal way to accomplish that would be with blood donation and we will not talk about illegal ways! But all of those things are small potatoes, what I would suggest is for you to put your orang up for adoption after your passing. I believe that your organs would be able to take over the body of the person that inherits them and you would be able to live forever and even multiply.
No. 138566 ID: fce62b

Q1: 6, I try my best to keep to a schedule, but sometimes life has other plans.
Q2: 1, not really to my taste.
Q3: 5, people enjoy my work, but I certainly have room to improve.
Q4: 3, most of the suggestors tend to be funnier than me. Admittedly, I haven't attempted a comedic quest yet.
Q5: 7 (hopefully), I try my best.
Q6: 0, I try my best to get along with people as best I can.
Q7: 3, I've worked a couple of jobs where I had to resuscitate people. I'm more so afraid of dying in a painful way.
Q8: 6 most days, 8 if I really try to focus on it.
No. 138584 ID: dc13c4
File 166950971656.jpg - (541.11KB , 1074x1089 , worm 7.jpg )

Such honesty, such openness you truly are a module citizen. They should study your brain so that they could teach psychopaths empathy. Actually, you should try opening your own should, no your own religion, no your own cult. Actually, we should just start cloning you over and over until the perfect version of you is created.
No. 138589 ID: c96f56

Aaah! That's not Professor Worm at all!


A data mining bot from Google!
No. 138614 ID: e51896

1: 3, if I didn't make so much pictures for each update, I would be able to update faster
2: 2, I have not drawn characters doing sexual activities, but I have draw nudity from time to time, but not a lot.
3: 5
4: 7
5: 7
6: 3
7: depends on death. if it's painful, 10. if it's peaceful, 3-5
8: 10 when I'm asleep and dreaming, 3 when I'm awake. more real than you tho ;)
No. 138631 ID: dc13c4
File 167006754303.jpg - (231.28KB , 512x710 , BB 973.jpg )

What do you think Wikipedia is constructed from? People who built it turned themself into bots to accomplish that task. Is their life a success or did they fail at living? How can one quantify the value of one's life? This world is a circus, the tent is on fire, the ringleader still uses animals, the clown does crack, and the underage trapeze artist. My ass is having a panic attack.
No. 138632 ID: dc13c4
File 167006761428.jpg - (678.82KB , 870x898 , BB 974.jpg )

As for you my friend I suggest you self-reflect. Look in the mirror and as yourself do I make enough money could I do better or should I recycle plastic? But the truth is to not use mirrors because they steal human souls. The things that you see in the mirror are just dubblegangers, humanity should never have looked at its own face or its own refraction. What is skin but a piece of paper that the world uses to write your life, with every scar that time won't heal your mind will remember forever.
No. 138633 ID: dc13c4
File 167006768150.jpg - (1.69MB , 2058x2366 , BB 975.jpg )

Let's continue to the next step of our ritual, just simply answer the next questions with the colors how you feel. This time around the questions will be focused more on the worlds that you create.
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