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File 166808510398.jpg - (1.28MB , 2384x1732 , IMG_20221110_0001.jpg )
138481 No. 138481 ID: 4286ca

The map of Quiet Lake, individual houses are scattered all along the road but ive only shown a basic over view of the streets for now.

Important locations known to jenny are:

1: The rest stop, a small spot for tourists to rest up and take pictures of the lake.

2: Downtown, small but growing development area. Mostly new shops and bars with a few apartments

3: Old town, the original town with the oldest houses and historic sites. Also contains the town hall, libary and catholic church

4: The camp site, jennys ranger station is located not too far from here.

5: The Old Mine. owned by the Johhansan family, a old money family in town. despite the implications of being a "old money" family they are actually chill people.

6: Ezras lookout, a firewatch tower currently inhabited by a semi-hermit named ezra godden, nice guy if a little crazy.

7: The Radio Tower. sveral small buildings housing the local radio station, gets good reception in the Lake area but the mountains interfere with outside broadcasts

8: Uptown. the business district of the original town, now somewhat gentrified with small upmarket shops, fishing piers and hotels focused towards tourists.

9: The Munoz memorial hospital, a converted asylum now functioning as the main hospital for the town and surrounding areas, it has a private, unmarked road giving it a shortcut around the lake for out of town problems.

10: The Marsh House. the local version of the Winchester house, the marshes have been adding to this building for generations, turning a small hotel into a giant maze of corridors and rooms.

draws a regular crowd of tourists from both the architecture and Spooky crowds.

11: the Surrounding Forests. Shit tons of trees, moss, trees, animals and more trees
No. 138482 ID: 2aa5f0

the trees are encircling us all, soon there will be no escape from them!
No. 138483 ID: 4286ca

Your never more then ten foot from a tree.
you just cant always see them.

but they can always see you
No. 138484 ID: 2aa5f0

as long as this doesn't turn into darkwood we should be fine.
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