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File 166515323453.png - (112.30KB , 552x676 , askmomo.png )
138265 No. 138265 ID: d98cb8

A disthread for all things Unbalanced or Divided!

(Or god forbid, questions about Frontier from like the one or two people who remember it.)

:momotalk: You know they’re all just here for me.

:crows: Probably true, but feel free to ask anybody questions about the quests.

:crows: I (crows) am open for discussion on the setting, characters, etc. Will basically tell you anything that’s not an outright spoiler.

Milquetoaster is the go-to guy on design choices and art, being the person who has the visual talent here.

:momotalk: “He designed me, thus is worthy of your praise!”

:crows: Very true, though I like to think my shoving my hand up your backside and making your mouth flap like a handpuppet helps. Personality is important too.

:momotalk: “I don’t suppose you could convince Milquetoaster to draw an art of you-”

:crows: Not doing that, no.

:crows: Anyway, disthread open!
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No. 138266 ID: 8a5496

Momo is it true that you're way better (and sexier) than Dotti?
No. 138267 ID: 30b9f6

Hi! Been a fun amusing quest so far, so thanks to you and Milque for running it.

What do spirits eat? Other than conditioner, apparently.
No. 138268 ID: d98cb8
File 166516786247.png - (224.51KB , 585x585 , export2022100714200561312.png )


:momotalk: "I'm UNDOUBTEDLY sexier, as long as Dotti refuses to show any fur. Adorable little thing, it's a shame she's hung up on that. But as far as better? Well we did agree I am the WORST fox, after all! I wore the collar and everything!"


:crows: Thanks, it's been genuinely fun to write, and even when due to life issues we had to go on hiatus I spent most days wishing I could pick back up soon. It's part of why I ended up doing Divided on the side; there's a lot of stories I'd enjoy telling in the setting.

As for food, well... it varies!

They're spirits because they don't exist in the same way as mortals, but that doesn't make them a monolith. Most of them can probably get by without eating, subsisting on the energy they draw from their home plane, though it'd be really REALLY uncomfortable to do that.

Momo is a weird example because if you think of the spirit worlds like layers extending outward from the mortal, her natural place is way out on the furthest edge. Farther out you go, the more a spirit embodies the nature of their world and the less like mortals they are.

So that weirdo is as far from mortal as it usually gets, and would typically have no problem not eating or eating weird stuff like shampoo for the amusement of it.

Get yourself a spirit from a much closer area of a spirit world and you've got someone who's gonna eat like a human and have preferred foods, and be incredibly hungry if they go without.

Of course there are weird ones that say, eat metal as a primary diet...


Art included is a piece of earliest concept art by Milquetoaster of Momo. Even all the way back then her eye/mouth situation was already decided.
No. 138288 ID: 8483cf
File 166555534071.png - (5.60KB , 300x250 , DottiPbbt.png )

:dottitalk: Hey, Queen Mess-up! How’s it feel to have a job you have to go to every day, and learn the same stuff as Mia? How’s it feel to know that if you mess up again, you’ll hurt Mia? And that Mia’s got more street cred than you? And that you have a boss, even though you don’t think you do? How’s it feel?

That’s right, you’re the WORST FOX!
No. 138289 ID: d98cb8


:momotalk: "How's it feel to have to wear a fur-net every day?"
No. 138290 ID: e5709d

Cybernetic Implants. Can spirits install these into their essence, and what are the effects? Do you have cyber-slots for eye-based cyberware? Can you make some?

What are your thoughts about the modern-day slide into an endless nightmare of ecological and political disasters?
No. 138294 ID: 8483cf
File 166555657255.png - (4.57KB , 300x250 , Smuggi2.png )

:dottitalk: Better than wearing a fail-net every day!
No. 138295 ID: d98cb8


:momotalk: "Cyberware? Do you have that? I can't say I'd want any, I'm perfect as I am. But if I were to put something strange like that into my body and made it part of me, it would become part of me! Spirits are made of spirit stuff, so would that be."

:momotalk: "I don't really follow your human politics, but as for the environment? I'm sure eventually it'll be fine. With or without you, Balance will make sure of that!"
No. 138297 ID: 810687

Momo, do you have fur or are you just a homogeneous red and white fox substance?

What is the melting point of vixen sludge?

If the first answer was yes, is your skin red and white or is it a different colour?
No. 138298 ID: d98cb8


:miatalk: "I can answer that first one, because she keeps freakin touching me. Momo's got really, REALLY soft fur. Like annoyingly soft fur you kinda just want to run your hand- AHEM. It's fur. But it lays down really well and even when fluffed up it settles back into place perfectly.

Unlike my hair, which I can't get to behave since I made the pact with Momo. It keeps fluffing up."

:momotalk: "As a yang spirit I am highly fire resistant! So whatever the melting point of me is, it's very hot. But even as a puddle I would be hot, wouldn't I~?"

:miatalk: "As far as I can tell her skin is almost as pale white as the white parts of her fur. Or at least that's the impression I got from looking at her. It'd be hard to tell for sure without looking at someplace with less fur and uh, I haven't gotten a look at any of THOSE spots yet."
No. 138300 ID: dee951


What are your long term 'important intimate relationship' plans and dreams? Like, for close friends, adventuring companions, romance, family, etc.??
No. 138301 ID: dee951

To anyone with cool magical and/or technological powers: what's one superpower that you don't currently have, that you have a slim to-none chance of getting, that you wish you had, why, and how would it fit in with what you can currently do?
No. 138303 ID: 8483cf
File 166563630726.png - (9.44KB , 428x426 , KissyDotti.png )


HAHA! This is all about me now, Momo!

Petra is the most important person in the world. I want to find her and live right next to her, just like when she lived right next to me. I don't know what kind of relationship that is, but it sounds like family. But my mom died a long time ago.

Maybe Petra could adopt me?

I don't really like adventuring. It's a lot of risk with the only reward being more searching for Petra. Serah and Rae like to use adventuring money to buy food, but as long as there's wasteful humans, I'll never go hungry.

For romance? Hmmm...

Serah has a boyfriend. Landi has... two boyfriends, I think? One of them doesn't like her, though, and I don't think he knows she likes him. Kayk is making kissy eyes at a swordsman, so she'll have a boyfriend soon.

If I want to not be like Raelynn, I'll need a boyfriend too. I'll get one that'll make Landi jealous. A HUMAN boyfriend! That'll prove to Serah how well I fit in and she'll agree to let me out of my contract.
No. 138304 ID: a186c5

Dear Momo: What parts of you do people compliment the most? Do you often get compliments on your eyes?
No. 138305 ID: d98cb8


:momotalk: “You still have much to learn, little fox~

They were asking about people you’re close to, but save for Petra all you think of is the benefits you get from being around them, or the possibility of showing how much better you are!

The real question is, do you actually like any of the people you stick around for, just for their company? If all contracts, bargains, and deals were ended tomorrow, how many of them would you still spend time with merely because you want to be near them?

I can say that while I hold a pact with Mia, if that ended tomorrow I’d still be her friend. She’s fun to be around!”

:miatalk: “I’m touched, I think?”
No. 138306 ID: d98cb8


:alicebun: "I don't know who let that fox in here, she's definitely not supposed to be wandering around on her own, let alone be permitted to answer questions.

This one I'd like to answer though.

The manor. I want, want want WANT to be able to control the manor. My ears let me hear how it changes, and I've lived here my whole life, but it's Addison who gets to control it. Only humans get picked as Guardians. It's truly unfair."
No. 138307 ID: d98cb8


:momotalk: "Ignore the tiny rabbit, she's just jealous of my many fine assets~

Of which, strangely nobody wants to every bring up my BEAUTIFUL eyes! It's quite odd.

I do get many compliments on my tails and my fur, though I know when someone comments on how plush I am they're often talking about something a bit more specific!

Why is nobody courageous enough to simply tell me how perfect my breasts are?"
No. 138308 ID: dee951

Momo: your breasts are amazing! So you have a quadrupedal 'traditional' fox form and your very humanoid bipedal anthropomorphic fox form, do you have any others? There should be more ways to be a foxoid than those two, no? As an example, you could have something between those two, and you could have, like, SIX breasts in such a form! Some people really like that look!
No. 138309 ID: dee951

Momo: a few other ideas in addendum! Do you have 'fox mixed with something other than human' forms? Or other ways of doing the above? A tauric fox form comes to mind. As do forms for other environments, like something for aquatic environments, or something where flight or climbing is important? There's a reason there are superheroes whose only power is versatile shapechanging! How far can you push it?

Dotti: what attributes do you value when looking for a human boyfriend (or girlfriend!), other than ability to make others in your social circle jealous?

Mia: how much urban fantasy, science fantasy, paranormal romance, magical realism, etc. etc. have you read? Do you have any favorites in those and related genres? How do you feel now that your life has begun to resemble aspects of those genres?
No. 138310 ID: dee951

To anyone and everyone for whom this might possibly, remotely be relevant:

There's a sort of test, well, a set of rules of thumb really, intended to help answer the question, 'is having a sexual liaison with a particular sort of creature structurally/inherently immoral or not?' The test isn't intended to be thorough or exhaustive, as much as a quick sort of litmus test, before applying more circumstance-specific ones. The test is:

-Is the being obviously sapient and having sophoncy?
-Can it talk or otherwise communicate with language?
-Is it of sexual maturity for it's species?

The test then proposes that, after being asked, such a creature then enthusiastically consents via shared language to a sexual liaison, such an act is not inherently immoral!

Ahem. What I want to ask, is, presuming you follow these guidelines, what kind of people might this open up to interacting with in novel ways, that you might not have otherwise considered? Or if you already follow this and are some sort of immortal being or something, what's the most outré sexual encounter along these lines you've had?
No. 138313 ID: 8483cf
File 166570546865.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , ThinkingDotti.png )

I've learned plenty. Friends treat each other well, and I already know who treats me well, so Serah is my friend even without a contract. Kayk is a good boss but I don't know if she's really on my side, though. I guess it's hard for old foxes like you to see something so obvious with your squinty bad eyesight.

Well you already got the #1 reason to get a boyfriend, so good for you! But what else do I want him to be like? I'll make a list:

-Treats me like a human and ignores that I am a fox
-Acknowledges that I am best fox
-Respectful headscratches only. NO EAR PINCHING
-Red hair preferred, blond okay, black okay too
-Understands that it is not mating season yet
-Agrees with me on everything
-Doesn't get along with Landi
No. 138314 ID: e51896

>-Treats me like a human and ignores that I am a fox
>-Acknowledges that I am best fox'

Uhhh, these two contradict each other, Dotti
No. 138315 ID: dee951


No, no. I think you just have to separate what aspects of fox are positive, and what is to be ignored.

The concept of 'fox' is more than just, you know, the non-sapient animals. Especially when magical creatures are involved, there's probably a term for 'fox, the animal' and 'fox, the archetype' that isn't translating properly??
No. 138316 ID: e51896

shhhh, I'm making a joke to mess with Dotti here :P
No. 138320 ID: 8483cf
File 166570874051.png - (9.13KB , 473x438 , Irritateddotti.png )

If you can't handle it then don't date me.

No. 138321 ID: dee951


Agree with Dotti here. It's easy. Look:

"Dotti is not a literal fox. She is, instead, the ideal that all foxes should aspire to be."

No. 138324 ID: e51896

to Mia, and Serah, which one of you is the best at handling your fox?
No. 138325 ID: d98cb8
File 166576230772.png - (319.35KB , 1911x1595 , momoeye.png )




:momotalk: "BUT I feel like there may be a misconception here! You refer to my forms, as if I'm like Dotti, switching between two standard shapes. I'm a bit more... protean. I choose to use the same shapes for the sake of convenience, but I'm not bound to them. I'm not limited by them.

Imagine a yang spirit with such a rigid structure of rules! Preposterous.

So could I be the things you ask of me? I could~

Would I? It depends on what I want, and currently... I don't!"
No. 138326 ID: d98cb8


:miatalk: "Momo is literally uncontrollable. And after that eye thing up there I'm locking her in a box when I sleep."


:miatalk: "I've read a bunch, though there's an urban fantasy series about a wizard detective in Chicago I'm a fan of. My life doesn't really seem to resemble that yet. I guess it's still kinda hitting me that I'm going to have to manage my time a lot more carefully with the whole mediator thing going on too."
No. 138327 ID: dfea1d

To anyone with cause to have an opinion on the topic: what are your opinions on jackals, painted wolves, raccoon dogs, dholes, dingos, coyotes, and their various supernaturally and mystically empowered cousins, as in contrast to the more well known foxes, dogs, wolves, and their many supernatural cousins?
No. 138328 ID: dfea1d


Ya, I think you're tending more towards the magical realism/weird slice of life scale (maaaaybe with some paranormal romance xenoficiction elements, eh? eh??) rather than your life being a supernatural noir superhero comic book type genre like that series, mia! That said, even if one's life DOES resemble some sort of fiction, you should never, ever, EVER be certain you've got the genre and particulars right if you're making decisions based on that deduction!
No. 138329 ID: e36f8d

Mia, why are you so red now?

Alice, can you ask Momo to teach to change shapes too so you can finally get out of the house?

The masquerade hiding the magical from the mundane, you are boring! Can we break you already?
No. 138606 ID: 83fb9f

Addison, what styles of tattoos did you specialize in? New school? Old school? Realism? Water color? Black and grey's? Pinups?
No. 139044 ID: bb96f1

Dear Momo,
What are your type disadvantages and other vulnerabilities?
A Concerned Citizen
No. 139046 ID: 8e63d2

Not backpain, that's for sure!
No. 139047 ID: e51896

Momo, have you ever eaten a peach?
No. 139049 ID: a758c7

momo, how many bitches have you tapped
No. 139050 ID: 4e40d0


Is that an innuendo?

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