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File 166468729457.png - (512.09KB , 1024x768 , halloween.png )
138239 No. 138239 ID: ca2950

The time has come for a congregation of spookiness in a place so incomprehensible, so terrifying it drives mortals to insanity;

Rural Ohio.
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No. 138242 ID: ca2950
File 166472011964.png - (210.19KB , 1024x768 , cool friend.png )

No. 138244 ID: ca2950
File 166478804806.png - (411.80KB , 866x768 , punch.png )

Keimi hums to herself while emptying an entire bottle of something into the punch bowl.

Keimi: "They like their transformation potions at these things? I'll transform this into a good time through the power of one-hundred and eighty proof grain alcohol. Fufufu~!"
No. 138245 ID: 11f77a
File 166481633314.png - (656.71KB , 1024x839 , toriel_yam.png )

Yamelle: A holiday celebrating scary things and passing out candies? How interesting. Needless to say I brought my candied yakbeets to share with everyone!

Yamelle: Vikta told me to wear this dress. He says you guys might get some reference!
No. 138246 ID: 9ea24b
File 166481844821.png - (18.24KB , 500x500 , a2.png )

E: I love this punch, and it's so nice to be able to go all natural.

J: Yeah, here we just look like we have extremely advanced shitty costumes. Lots of people to boy talk with too.
No. 138249 ID: 8483cf
File 166484830530.png - (89.47KB , 743x1000 , HW-01 2022.png )

Like a moth to a flame, Landi is pulled toward the irresponsibly strong punch bowl. She recognizes the girl who ignored her at the last party.

“What’s up, husky pup?” Landi asks. “Are you still enjoying a sausage-free diet? I don’t see that chick you were hanging out with last Halloween. Guess she traded up and found someone in her league. Bummer for you, huh?”
No. 138251 ID: ca2950
File 166488336054.png - (168.46KB , 531x616 , holdgentlylikehamburger.png )

Keimi clasps the glowing ball bug creature between her hands.

Keimi: "I wouldn't be making allusions to how other people are small if I were you. Besides, it's not nice to bully people based on their physical appearance, which is why I won't mention how you look like one of those tacky novelty store lamps, because that would be mean.
Okay? Have a nice night."

She releases Landi and glances around the clearing.

"Alex is just late screwing around with his costume..."
No. 138253 ID: c4de93
File 166488705316.png - (181.76KB , 1704x978 , spookhat.png )

Hello, Mr. or Mrs. the wendigo. We have made an offering of livations for you. This punch has so much booze in it, you wouldn't believe!

There is more in the main campfire. Plaese don't eat us and join the party.
No. 138257 ID: dc13c4
File 166492570695.jpg - (541.95KB , 1273x1285 , BB 938.jpg )

Inner thoughts of Lorence: "Alright I don't know anybody here, nobody knows me and that is just fine by me. I didn't come here to make friends, my main purpose for being here is because my girlfriend told me that I need to have a bit of a scene change for my spiritual rejuvenation or something stupid like that. I didn't even make my own costume this is something that Delilah gave me, she even said that it suits me. I don't even know what this costume is a reference to."

No. 138273 ID: 73aaab
File 166527166780.png - (776.10KB , 1000x1000 , halloween202201.png )

Once again, the mists of the most hallowed eve descend, this time upon... 'Ohio'.

There's a chill as a distant figure wanders closer to the fires.
Legends speak of a snowy maiden - a defiled priestess of the Rhappor, who had perished in anguish after being outcast from her chapel. Burdened by her sins, she froze to death in the wastes, never to be seen again. But soon after, stories arose of townspeople found slaughtered in the wilderness, their deaths completely unlike that of an animal mauling.
Each and every one of their bodies were exsanguinated, as if they were simply leather dolls made as caricatures of the people they once were.

The stories didn't stop. Young Rhappor children were taught to never open their windows if they ever heard a knock... knock... knocking on their glass. If they did - they would come face to face with a beautiful maiden, whose fur was white as snow - but covered in bloody robes. Buried halfway in the snow, her crimson slippers caught the moonlight and those who gazed upon her would realize that it was made from the frozen blood of her victims.

Soon, the villagers would find nothing but an empty cabin, come morning.

Of course, all of this is simply posturing and costuming. There was no snow maiden in this reality.
For a certain soldier with a cold stare, it was only an appropriate thematic choice to complement her natural abilities.

"I'm very glad we were able to participate in the celebrations this year, Ozone. I've been... dying to show off my talents in costume-craft for some time."
Considering that last year ended up with an all-out brawl, a certain rebel was forced to stay home this year.
Perhaps it was an odd choice to choose her and Ozone, but when Astrolysis and Nickel were the other main options, things didn't look especially promising.
She looked over briefly at her companion, trying to stifle the look of concern that was threatening to crack her icy veneer.

No. 138274 ID: 73aaab
File 166527180807.png - (272.12KB , 1000x1000 , halloween202202.png )

Just what IS she wearing?!

"Couldn't get a different costume, Ozone?"
Mayhaps it would've been a better idea to let Nanoweaver take the wheel this time. After all, she already fits the aesthetic partially - just glue a big beak onto the front of her mask and call it a plague doctor, will you? It would be better than THIS travesty.

"Well, I was looking for a costume of a kaubald - an Asliann creature of myth whose deadly poisons harrowed miners back in the days of old. But they said they didn't have any outfits like that! So I had to resort to my backup outfit option."

"Which is?"

She crosses her arms, a mild look of irritation crossing her face. Was it not immediately obvious?
"A dragon. The wings on this costume fell off. Not exactly like I had much of a budget to work with to get a better one, now could I?"

Oh dear. I suppose being part of a facility that's in the middle of nowhere doesn't offer much financial compensation.
Well, uh, I suppose we'll have to see what these two - the defiled priestess and the... 'dragon' experience at this party then, shall we?
No. 138276 ID: ca2950
File 166533607579.png - (133.69KB , 594x606 , steve.png )

Alex: "I have arrived, Kei. Check out my awesome costume."

Keimi: "What is it?"

Alex: "It's a 'Steve'."

Keimi: "Like the guy from ExcavationFabrication?"

Alex: "No, some other Steve. He's famous for wearing a shirt."

Keimi looks confused.

Keimi: "That's it?"

Alex: "Some other stuff too, but nobody remembers it, because it's from WAAAAAY before anyone here was born."
No. 138280 ID: 9ea24b
File 166534734890.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , a13.png )

J: Oh that guy looks like he can be trusted with clones and clone related accessories. Hi there!

E: Tell us about your favorite sportsball.

J: Or a video game that makes you mad.

E: E and J are our names and boy talking is our game. Please kind sir, enlighten us.
No. 138283 ID: dc13c4
File 166544398550.jpg - (581.90KB , 1196x1358 , BB 939.jpg )

Lorence: "Oh I didn't really plan to talk to anybody who is here, since I don't really know anybody here. But since you two have asked me such a basic question, which even if I do tell you the honest answer will not give you any help in killing me I will bedraggle answer what you asked. The only game that I do like to play from time to time would be Civilization V, I just like constructing something that can outlive normal human life. But I wouldn't say that I get mad at it not even when I get nuked by Gandhi, I don't take games so seriously just because they are games, only insecure people do that. As for my favorite sport that would have to be golf, but I don't know if that is considered a sportsball. The thing that I like about golf is that you need to strategize about your every move, need to be precise, and most importantly account for your terrain. Now that I have answered all your questions let me return the favor, What do you do? How do you two justify your existence?"

No. 138285 ID: 9ea24b
File 166545066629.png - (10.04KB , 500x500 , a14.png )

J: Such excellent and detailed boy talk, I'm riveted. And quite the gentleman to give us the opportunity to respond.

E: I entertain myself by biting off people's dicks at glory holes.

J: Jesus FUCK E do not say that. We're keeping a low profile here.

E: He asked how we justify our existence I'm just telling the guy.

J: I thought I told you to stop maiming people.

E: Look we all have our quirks. If it makes Lorence here feel better it was just a joke teehee I'm so silly. You're soooo mature to not get mad when Gandhi nukes you.
No. 138287 ID: f9cce1
File 166547837219.jpg - (1.50MB , 2460x1716 , IMG_20221010_0001.jpg )

????: "Am i allowed to be here? Im not actualy in the story yet"

Naoko : "eh, as long as you stay under the sheet wveryone will be to hammered to notice"

Sidah: "Your not wearing anything undwr those feathers are you?"

Xochinetilli: "I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of nudity"
No. 138330 ID: dc13c4
File 166579024419.jpg - (393.74KB , 806x1045 , BB 942.jpg )

Lorence: "Well, I kind of understand where you are coming from. If I was sitting on a toilet and somebody would push their dick through a hole right into my face I would also be tempted to use a bar trap on that organ to ripe it out. But what I find concerning in your explanation it sounds to me like you are seeking out those scenarios and I am confused about the purpose of it. I am not above using violence to achieve my goals but I don't see the reason for doing that in the first place. Is decapitating dicks a requirement for some ritual, do you feed on them, or is this how you view all males that they need to be castrated, or maybe the reason, why you do that, is because there is no reason, or you like hurting anybody who has a dick. I do know somebody who pushed a guy in a wheelchair down the stairs and to this day I still don't know why she even did that in the first place."

No. 138331 ID: dc13c4
File 166579033428.jpg - (124.88KB , 470x399 , BB 943.jpg )

Lorence: "Anyways I am not judging you for your strange hobby or job. We all have weird things that we do. As for me, I came here first primarily to make sure that nothing strange is happening here because my girlfriend will come in no time. That is my problem I am extremely paranoid and by the looks of things, everything seems to be normal, except for you E."
No. 138332 ID: dc13c4
File 166579043641.jpg - (132.83KB , 470x404 , BB 944.jpg )

Lady Fortune: "Hey honey I finally arrived. I hoped that it didn't take too long. Creating my costume was a nightmare."

Lorence: "We were just talking about you and we...What in the name of the burning Ash Tree did you do to yourself?!"

No. 138333 ID: dc13c4
File 166579051002.jpg - (385.76KB , 790x920 , BB 945.jpg )

Lady Fortune: "Do you like it? I just hope that this costume isn't offensive to the other visitors to this holiday celebration."

No. 138335 ID: dc13c4
File 166579074393.jpg - (397.51KB , 790x935 , BB 946.jpg )

Lorence: "Darling I don't want you to take this the wrong way but that costume makes you look like a living corpse and I should know because I am one."

Lady Fortune: "What you don't like it? I spend so much time making it, I even used robotic arms to imitate the arms of this character."

No. 138336 ID: a7a180
File 166579752450.png - (105.32KB , 500x500 , crystal_lake.png )

“I don’t get this costume, sis. It’s comfy, but what are we supposed to be?”
“We’re campers, rowing out in this lake on a clear, moonless night! Ooo, I hope nothing scary comes out of the water to grab us!”
“I find that unlikely, seeing as this isn’t really a lake.”
No. 138337 ID: a7a180
File 166579753909.png - (92.94KB , 500x500 , cranberry_lake.png )

“Yeah, but it tastes so much better than a real one! *hic!*
No. 138339 ID: ca2950
File 166588391072.png - (322.50KB , 1024x937 , drinkan.png )

Keimi pounds down copious amounts of heavily boozed up punch. Alex winces at every sip.

Alex: "Holy crap. This is like jet fuel. How are you drinking this?"

Keimi: "Fuah! Just keep drinking and you stop caring how it tastes!"

Alex: "How are you still okay?"

Keimi: "Small Itani body, powerful Jorun heart... and liver. Now shuddap and chug! Chug! Chug!"
No. 138340 ID: 9ea24b
File 166589185161.png - (12.44KB , 500x500 , a17.png )

J: See? He's totally onto us now. Let's go talk to someone else while he's distracted by his wife or whatever.

E: Wait, am I being sexist by only biting off dicks?

J: Oh no.

E: I have to start biting off more clitorises! This is a national crisis, how could I have stood by and let so many little fleshy bits pass me by in the name of ease of access.

J: Bite this candy coated vegetable on a stick instead.
No. 138342 ID: a7a180
File 166596019058.png - (150.96KB , 500x500 , dont_rock_the_boat_keimi.png )

“Wow! The punchbowl at this party is more- popular than I predicted! Woaaah!”
“Ant overboard!”
No. 138351 ID: dc13c4
File 166611495090.jpg - (607.21KB , 870x882 , BB 947.jpg )

W2K: "Well it is fair to say that this is more a punch than a bow, he he he! How will our two ants get out of this wacky scenario, but before we see what happens next a quick word from our sponsor BURGERVANIA home of the big bat mac heart attack hamburger. And for a limited time during the spooky season, there will come a new product that is the Blob burger. We are still in the phase of production but very soon everyone will be able to get their hands on our delicious product. Also, the hamburger can come in non-meat and non-binary variants."

No. 138361 ID: 4286ca
File 166634458311.jpg - (884.62KB , 2378x1572 , IMG_20221021_0001.jpg )

Naoko: Theres a tiny woman in my drink..

????: ...Is that some earth humour i don't understand or are you having a medical issue? oh there's a actual small woman in your drink.
No. 138362 ID: ca2950
File 166638676661.png - (194.69KB , 610x655 , spooky.png )

Keimi: "You have to tell scary stories at these things, right? Okay, everybody listen.

There's this guy or maybe a woman who is walking in a spooky place or maybe knows some recently deceased individual owns a valuable thing, so they find a body part in the woods or they go an steal the thing and then they go home and eat the body part or just be kind of pleased with themselves that they have the thing that costs a lot.

It's usually implied it's like a person's body part that they cook and eat.

So then, at night, when they go to bed, they hear a voice asking about the location of the object they interacted with in some way earlier.
Then it gets closer and they hide in bed or yell at it to go away.

Then it's outside their house...

Then it's inside their house, through some kind of supernatural means, probably, then...

It's right there in the dark and it yells that the person has the thing and is implied to kill the person or like, rip off the equivalent body part as a replacement and everybody jumps because of really loud yelling!"
No. 138365 ID: a7a180
File 166644535963.png - (91.86KB , 1000x750 , shrunk_drunk.png )

Heheh... Your drink? But I’m the one drinking all of it! I'm jusht taking a break 'til the cup stops spinnin.
Yer a funny looking bat. I thought they drank blood? Not punch! Hee... Want some of mine?
No. 138366 ID: 681cb5
File 166646999808.png - (57.22KB , 700x550 , Ween1.png )

”So, little girl… where ‘ave yah ‘idden that valuable object yah stole from me earlier? Or do Ah need to force it out of yah? Little girl, ‘ow do yah feel… about losing ye face?”
No. 138367 ID: 681cb5
File 166647000775.png - (128.77KB , 700x550 , Ween2.png )

”Can you stop trying to scare every last child we run across, Sekhmet”
”Oh, lighten up a little, Sebak! Isn’t this the whole idea of this ‘oliday?”
”I’m pretty sure it is about candy and stuff, and not scaring small girls.”
”Wait, is that a bowl of some kind of red alcohol? Ah bet yah that Ah can chug the whole thing in one go!”
”Sekhmet, no, please don’t.”
”Sekhmet YES!”
No. 138368 ID: ca2950
File 166647504147.png - (210.75KB , 1003x681 , point.png )

Keimi: "Who're you calling a little girl? Yer jus' jealous that slender, delicate females are more desirable to virtur'ly every race and culture an' have been for thousands of years.

And I bet I can drink more than you, ya big booby monster!"
No. 138371 ID: 8483cf
File 166648231537.png - (95.10KB , 500x449 , HW-02 2022.png )

Landi: Hey Scruffy, I take back everything I said about your gal pal. Looks like she could teach you a thing or two about how to pound it down.

Oh! They're really getting into it now. My turn, my turn! Save some for me!
No. 138372 ID: 681cb5
File 166648275976.png - (99.91KB , 700x550 , Ween3.png )

Sekhmet: ”*Glug*Glug* What kind of shit culture want some weak ass woman as a mate anyway? Yah wouldn’t be able to carry a strong egg if it bit yah in the arse.*Glug*Glug*”
Keimi: ”MFF!?”
Sekhmet: ”*Glug*Glug*Yah can’t even reach up to mah chest! ‘ow in Telos name do yah think yah’ll be able to grab the drink tray from down there!?*Glug*Glug*”
Keimi: ”MFFF!!”
Sekhmet: ”*Glug*Glug* Did yah just try and bite me? HA! *Glug*Glug* Oh… Ah’m feeling a bit funny…”
No. 138378 ID: a7a180
File 166649045961.png - (132.23KB , 500x500 , drunk_shrunk.png )

“This is not how summer vacations are supposed to go! Bugger, at least this isn’t canon!”
No. 138380 ID: a7a180
File 166649060191.png - (137.72KB , 500x500 , shaken_not_stirred.png )

“Gahh! ...What the- What is this place?

…Oh, great. I’ve respawned in a Kaktus quest.”
No. 138382 ID: 629f2e
File 166649572850.png - (1.36MB , 1000x1000 , H22-1.png )

Albert: “Don’t drink that.”

Albert places his cane between Franklin and the fruit punch in his hands.

Franklin: “...Huh? Why not?”
Albert: “I took a whiff of it earlier. It reeks of alcohol. Very irresponsible to leave it out without any sort of warning, and placed right by the candy as well...”
Albert: “It’s as if they’re trying to get children drunk.”

Franklin wonders about that. His eyes scan the field they were in, looking at the various party-goers.

Franklin: “...I think we’re the only ones.”
Albert: “Perhaps. It’s difficult to tell with so many different species roaming around. I’ve seen a few people short enough to pass for adolescents partake of the punch already.”
Franklin: “...Is it okay to have this, since it’s just a dream?”
Albert: “Not even in my dreams will I see you drink that poison.”
Albert: “You’re never quite all there as it is. I don’t think you can afford the mental degradation this drink brings.”
Franklin: “Oh... Is the candy safe?”
Albert: “Based on my sampling, yes. It wouldn’t hurt to check each piece before you eat it however, and avoid any that appear to have been opened and resealed.”

The two look over at the table, noticing the red... alligator(?) woman downing the entire bowl of punch.

Albert: “...Let’s grab our share of the candy before she tries the same with it.”
Franklin: “Agreed.”
No. 138384 ID: ca2950
File 166652432755.png - (179.89KB , 640x654 , scheme.png )

Keimi beckons to Landi and pulls several more bottles of high proof alcohol out of a backpack.

Keimi: "Hey, c'mere... How about we take advantage of her lesser hepatic capacity to induce vomiting and lacrimal secretions?"

Landi: "Huh?"

Keimi: "Let's drink her under the table 'til she pukes and cries!"

Landi: "Ah!"
No. 138385 ID: ca2950
File 166654096424.png - (160.85KB , 582x480 , buffs.png )

Keimi: "Of course, I'm also going to cheat."


No. 138386 ID: 8483cf
File 166655233267.png - (156.34KB , 1000x1000 , HW-03 2022.png )

Landi: Yay cheating! I don't have any buffs for chugging... hehe, buff chugging. But I can portal her puke away if it's gonna hit us. And she looks like a puker.

Let's show that purple dinosaur how to really party! WOOOOO!

Keimi: Ready for round two, y' oversized punch hog?
No. 138387 ID: 681cb5
File 166656014965.png - (91.18KB , 700x550 , Ween4.png )

Keimi: ”Ready for round two, y' oversized punch hog?”
Sekhmet: ”Whoa… a talskin little fox… *hic* ‘ow shuutee… Ah just want to… um… want to… ‘ug yah and love yah and squeeza yah and *hic*… shall yah George?”
Keimi: ”Wha-”
Sekhmet: ”Ah’m really slheepee… *hic* come ‘ere, little foxie…”
Keimi: ”Wait, no-“
No. 138388 ID: 681cb5
File 166656015701.png - (160.89KB , 700x550 , Ween5.png )

Keimi: ”Mff… (Not again…)”
Sekhmet: ”*Snore*…”
Keimi: ”Mff!! (Let me go, you damn handbag!!)”
Sekhmet: ”*Snort* Mmm… *snore*…”
Landi: ”...this isn’t how I expect it to go…”
Sekhmet: ”*Snore*… But Ptamet, Ah don’t want to go and raid today… Ah want to stay home and bake cookies with yah… mmm… *snore*…”
No. 138394 ID: 681cb5
File 166661079129.gif - (1.58MB , 700x550 , Ween6.gif )

Oh no! It seems like Icaro has found Jaina and is trying to seduce her with a bottle of wine and flowers!

…it doesn’t seem to be working very well, though…
No. 138396 ID: ca2950
File 166666421507.png - (225.37KB , 651x665 , Pull.png )

Alex retrieves Keimi from under Sekhmet.

Alex: "What are you doing?"

Keimi: "Winning! Aah! I can breath again!"
No. 138416 ID: ca2950
File 166720058093.png - (237.93KB , 842x736 , sassy.png )

Keimi: "Alright! Time for a quick costume change because a drunk lizard slopped booze all over the place and I want to wear a costume that somebody will actually recognize.

Who's sassy and lost now?"
No. 138418 ID: 9b127b
File 166723474777.png - (817.33KB , 927x1115 , HalloweenLung.png )

No. 138419 ID: 9b127b
File 166725211850.png - (1.27MB , 657x858 , Halloween01.png )

Torique: "Wow look at all these freakeshly tall warm bodied blood bags culturally appropriating from real creatures of the night"
No. 138421 ID: dc13c4
File 166727042343.jpg - (531.52KB , 1532x945 , BB 954.jpg )

Vampire Watermelon: Hey I recognize your costume! It is from an anime where a guy beat his every opponent with one punch and you are dressed as a girl with powerful psychokinesis abilities. There is no mistaking it, you are dressed as Fubuki, and the costume completely suits you!

No. 138459 ID: 681cb5
File 166767050425.png - (88.16KB , 700x550 , WeenFinal.png )

Sebak: So… my place next time, beautiful?
Wendigo: *Growl*?
Sebak: You’ll like it… a lot more light, close to a river… lot of things to hunt…
Wendigo: *Snarl*!
Sebak: Then it’s a date.
Wendigo: *Grunt*…
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