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File 165993143910.png - (3.76MB , 2327x1950 , itty_bitty_beach2022.png )
137800 No. 137800 ID: 899c9f

It's the sandiest day of the year again! Every quest character is invited to come and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and sandy shores. Come splash in the ocean surf, and don't spare the sunscreen!

This year: A day at the beach, on a budget! With a little imagination and inventiveness, you too can enjoy a stay-at-home beach bonanza! and with the magic of patented Formican Reducer technology, this pint-size beach can feel full-size!

Just remember, try not to be too lewd.
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No. 137801 ID: 899c9f
File 165993151646.png - (144.46KB , 500x500 , frequently_answered_questions.png )

"Ahh, it's nice to catch some real sunlight for a change."
"Yeah. With the sand between my toes, and the waves along the shore, it feels just like a day at a real beach! And having a reducer that works both ways is a nice touch."
"Don't get used to it Sam, it's not canon."

"...You know, what if people don't want to use the reducer?"
"That's fine, they've set up chairs and a drink cooler beside the sandbox too. They better play nice with everyone, though."
"How small does this thing go, anyway? Aren't we like, an inch tall or something-"
"Small enough. I'm not going to whip out a ruler and check. Just relax and enjoy the beach, Sam. Go collect some seashells or whatever."
No. 137802 ID: 8483cf
File 165993206862.png - (38.98KB , 800x750 , BD_2022-01.png )

Regular-Sized Area
A glowing blue ball hovers over a half-empty drink. A nonplussed fox wearing a collar is on the makeshift stool beside her.

“There’s nothing to do here,” Dotti says, using her magic to project a human voice. “I don’t want to go anywhere near that… tiny ocean thing. And you said I can’t drink from the cooler.”

“I said you can’t drink too much from the cooler,” Landi says. “You ruined Girls’ Night the last time you decided to get trashed.”

“Is getting trashed when someone-“
No. 137803 ID: 8483cf
File 165993210531.png - (14.20KB , 500x500 , BD_2022-02.png )

“No, it doesn’t mean what you think it means,” Landi says. “This, by the way, is why you have to wear that collar. We gotta set everybody’s expectations appropriately low. You said no to a swimsuit, so this is your uniform.”

“I'm not going swimming, so I don’t need a swimsuit,” Dotti grumbles.
No. 137804 ID: 8483cf
File 165993213851.png - (147.33KB , 455x600 , BD_2022-03.png )

“You’re completely missing the point of a swimsuit!” Landi says. “You wear it to show off! Like me!”

“No one can see that,” Dotti says with a roll of her eyes.

“Correction: nobody uncool can see me when I’m all glowy,” Landi adds. “Plus, since people are shrinking, they’ll actually have a chance to see me in all my glory, just like a real fairy! Anyone who’s (1) small, (2) wearing sunglasses, and (3) used to staring at bright objects or glowy fairies can see me in my super sexy swimsuit. Well, that or anyone with, like, a magic lens or something. But that’s lame.”

“If you say so.” Dotti curls up on the barstool. “I’m gonna take a nap.”

“Swim-suit yourself,” Landi says. “Let me know if you wanna meet some fun people!”

Tiny Beach
“No shrinks for me, thanks!” Landi says. “I don’t think I need the reducer, I’m plenty small enough already. Welcome to my world, beaches!”
No. 137805 ID: 899c9f
File 165993233538.png - (103.33KB , 500x500 , atlas_surfed.png )

Anet: “Okay, who’s ready to play some beach ball?”

Jaina: “Oh for crying out loud- Put that thing down before you flatten somebody.”
No. 137806 ID: 2aa5f0

since they're is a "working" reducer, does that mean Landi can go big?
No. 137807 ID: 8483cf
File 165993747354.png - (107.90KB , 948x714 , BD_2022-04.png )

Tiny Beach
“Me! Do me! Mememe!” Landi calls over to Anet, who sends it over with gusto. “I GOT IT!”

“See? She’s got it!” Anet says, and they start off a volley. “Whoa! I can’t exactly see where you’re sending this thing. It’s like looking at the sun.”

“Thanks!” Landi beams. “Hmm. You’re still a lot smaller than me. You’ll get used to it. Maybe. Hey, hit me with that reducer! Let’s make things fair.”

Landi gets zapped by the reducer and shrinks down to Anet’s size.

“Hey, so, like, does that reducer thing work in reverse, by any chance?” Landi asks. “Asking for a friend.”

"Maybe!” Anet says. “I've never tried that!"

“Hehe!” Landi giggles. “Ooh, Dotti would flip if I got as big as Serah. But that might be a bit of a party foul. I’d probably blind everyone.”
No. 137808 ID: e51896
File 165995107032.png - (49.42KB , 1280x720 , 001.png )

Regular-Sized Area

Finally, it's Beach Day! Jerry's been waiting for this day ever since his Secret Santa, Sarah Hanchett, gave him the invitation to attend the event. And not only that, she even said that she and a bunch of other cool people would like to meet him... Finally, some cool people like him to hang out with! And more importantly, a chance to get away from the worst city ever on his universe!

MESSAGE FROM PEA: this is what is being referred to: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/136526.html#136722


Or so he thought. When he arrived at where the invitation said the event is supposed to be taking place, he was flabbergasted to find not a beach, but a sandbox in some stranger's backyard, set up with tiny beach props and water from a garden hose to simulate the beach day experience. What the hell? What do the host(s) of the event think he is? a child??

Taking a can of beer from the cooler, he sits and leans with his back to the table taking a long hard look at the invitation, mumbling something along the lines of wondering if Sarah gave him the wrong location. He figures since it's early and there isn't a lot of people right now, He'll just sit there for awhile, waiting until Sarah arrives to confirm if he's got the right location, or leave to go find where the actual Beach Day is even taking place if she doesn't arrive...


huh, that's strange... Jerry thought he saw that sleeping fox in the pink dotted bow on the stool next to him glanced at him funny when he mumbled Sarah's name... but that can't be... She's just a feral fox, right? No way she can understand what he's saying. Whatever the case, he ignores the fox and goes back to rereading the invitation again to be absolutely sure he's got the right place, or if this was all a prank.
No. 137809 ID: 9ea24b
File 165997813803.png - (11.36KB , 500x500 , b0.png )

Steven finds himself in a situation that necessitates a healthy suspension of disbelief to avoid panicking and questioning the fabric of reality. Luckily, years of depression has worn his ability to give a fuck about anything except hating himself and working out into dust and he takes being shrunk and hanging out at a beach in stride.

He peels the label off his shrunk bottle of beer and ponders the finite waters. There are some high energy ladies across the beach that frighten him with their enthusiasm.
No. 137813 ID: 899c9f
File 165999683040.png - (143.13KB , 500x500 , working_vacation.png )

Regular Bar
Well, great. That fairy left her pet at the bar unattended. Pet sitting isn’t in your job description. Then you turned around to mix a coruscant cooler, and now there are two of them. This is getting out of hand.
No. 137814 ID: 899c9f
File 165999684689.png - (112.03KB , 500x500 , an_old_man_and_the_sea.png )

Sand Bar
“So many new folks walking around… This is the best beach episode an old man could ask for!”

Elder Styx notices a big, glowing lady descending upon the beach to throw a ball back and forth. When he tips his sunglasses down for a better look, she disappears, replaced by a brilliant blue orb.

“Ah… this must be one of those angels I’ve heard about. This day keeps getting better.”
No. 137818 ID: 8483cf
File 166002420796.png - (20.76KB , 800x500 , BD_2022-05.png )


Dotti glares at the new arrival. Her expression says it all.

If you're here to make fun of me, just get it over with.
No. 137819 ID: 629f2e
File 166002825185.png - (909.19KB , 1000x1000 , BD-1.png )

Your name is Rodney Schmidt, and you’re looking forward to a nice time at the beach with your big brother.

Clive: “We live by a beach. It isn’t that exciting.”
Rodney: “Aww, don’t be a sourpuss. C’mon, nobody knows you here. You can have fun and keep your bad boy rep back home.”
Clive: “...I guess.”

You fake-punch him in the gut and pout at him. He can be such a butt sometimes.

Rodney: “Well this is a dream, so all those things you normally have to worry about don’t matter right now. Don’t think about bills, or suspicion, or any bad stuff.”
Rodney: “Just think about how that beach ball is bigger than both of us combined, and how fun it’ll be to whack like they’re doing.”
Clive: “Maybe if it crushes us, we’ll die immediately.”
Rodney: “Cliiiive, it’s just full of air.”
Clive: “You can’t prove that it isn’t actually full of rocks. Those two are just good athletes.”
Rodney: “Well we’re just gonna have to hope it isn’t. If we’re right, we get to have a fun time.”
Rodney: “And if we’re wrong, I’ll try to die quicker than your ‘I told you so’ can get out.”
Clive: “I’ll say it before the ball reaches us, just to be safe.”
Rodney: “Nuh-uh, can’t say it until you’re proven right. Those are the rules.”
Clive: “Rules were meant to be broken. I’m a rebel. ‘Bec has nothing on me.”
Rodney: “You actually would fill a beach ball with rocks. You have no respect for how things are meant to be.”
Clive: “I’m just a visionary.”
Rodney: “Yeah right. Hey! Pass it over here! I’m open!”
Clive: “Well, it’s been nice knowing you.”
Rodney: “Shut uuuuupp!”
No. 137820 ID: 1717a4
File 166002864150.png - (1.03MB , 3333x2500 , beacday1.png )

Momo's grin somehow grew even wider, hopping onto the other stool.
"Hmmm? Why whatever do you mean? I'm here at this beuatiful vista all I want is to be with my BEST. FRIEND."
Momo get's in to nuzzle Dotti, who in the moment cannot discern if this is a sincere show of affection or an attempt to get under her skin...
No. 137823 ID: aff302
File 166007518448.jpg - (533.06KB , 1070x677 , BB 913.jpg )

Narty: I can't believe this is coming together just splendidly.

Grey: Well at least it is not as stupid ideas as your previous one about the mud wrestling tournament.

Ms. Feasance: Don't be so rude to Narty, I really like her up beat attitude.

No. 137824 ID: aff302
File 166007540902.jpg - (537.09KB , 1069x677 , BB 914.jpg )

Grey: Hey I was just wondering doesn't this whole idea that you had of creating a totem pole isn't what the kids would call cultural appropriation?

Narty: No I only envisioned as a fun way for others to express themselves.

Ms. Feasance: My only concern is that you Narty employed Spiky to create the first part of your totem. Oh I see he finished his work.

No. 137825 ID: aff302
File 166007559365.jpg - (291.75KB , 745x731 , BB 915.jpg )

Spiky: So the way how others can add is simply put the other part on top of the previous one, and continue on and on.

No. 137826 ID: aff302
File 166007571771.jpg - (419.58KB , 666x3264 , BB 916.jpg )

Narty: Can you imagine how this totem may look at the end of this holiday?

Gray: Well since you let anybody make the other side of totem, they can either make this totem look like a giant dick, or simply just not bother in even making another part of it.

Narty: I know but this is still something that I wanted to start.

Ms. Feasance: There is nothing else to do then to just wait and see what will happen next.

No. 137827 ID: 899c9f
File 166008325773.png - (120.91KB , 500x500 , having_a_shell_of_a_time.png )

“Aaaaaa I thought these shells would be empty!”
No. 137831 ID: 8483cf
File 166009707827.png - (278.54KB , 600x580 , BD_2022-06.png )

“Oooh, newbies! HEADS UP!” Landi shrieks.

“This is a terrible idea,” Clive says. “That’s totally a lead-lined balloon of some kind.”

“You’re still here, though,” Rodney says, smiling.

“Don’t remind me.”
No. 137833 ID: 8483cf
File 166009745475.png - (22.11KB , 500x500 , BD_2022-07v2.png )

Landi spikes the ball at Rodney.

“I got it! I got it!” Rodney says. “I… uh-oh.”
No. 137834 ID: 629f2e
File 166010534971.png - (1.13MB , 1000x1000 , BD-2.png )

Your name is Roger Bannister, and you’re having one of those dreams again. Not that you’re complaining, after a day like today you could use a relaxing getaway trip.

Unfortunately, going to a beach loses some of its luster when you live nearby one that you barely visit already. While some kids from your class like it, mainly Martino who your classmates have dubbed The Merman, you’ve never really found it all that fun. The water is always too cold, and the salt makes your eyes sting, and the waves try to kill you as punishment for entering the sea… It’s not fun at all.

You have gotten a couple good landscape drawings of the beach at home though, so that’s something.

As you take a sip of your soda, served to you by the nice lady with the long neck that you have to draw when you wake up, you can’t help but feel bored. With no better way to kill time, you pull out your Sketchbook and start peering around for fun things to draw.

A sudden screech of some sort from the chairs beside you draws your attention to two foxes, having a disagreement of some sort. There’s an itch at the back of your brain as you watch, but it dulls when you realize the red and white fox looks Funky and would be interesting to draw. Your pencil starts to move as they argue.
No. 137838 ID: e51896
File 166011023623.png - (99.72KB , 2560x1440 , 002.png )

The gekkering of the two foxes is somewhat making Jerry nervous, and knowing all the SITUATIONS he's find himself in, he feels a FIGHT is probably going to go down. so he tries to position his stool a couple of feet away to not accidentally get caught in the fight and get bitten.

As he moves his seat over, he suddenly feels something painfully sharp in the pocket of his swim trunks. He reaches in, and pulls out an action figure of :pizzd:'s popular mascot, THE ZA! What the hell? how did this thing get here? usually the pizzeria gives these prizes out to families who order kids meals to their children... or just super obsessed fans of :Pizzid:... More so the super obsessed fans than the kids.
No. 137839 ID: e51896
File 166011025629.png - (524.00KB , 666x3264 , 003.png )

Jerry doesn't want this stupid toy, so he decides to just leave it as a gift to the child of whatever family owns this sandbox. He finds a perfect spot on a platform that would sure to get the kid's attention and sticks the sharp taint of THE ZA right onto the platform.

He's heard that the top of THE ZA's head is strong enough to stack a lot of stuff on without them toppling over. It's crazy! He's seen plenty of pictures online, and found some interest in it even if it's a :pizzid: related merchandise. He's pretty sure whatever child finds it will have a lot of fun with This :pizzid: mascot... though he hopes this won't make the child pizza obsessed like a lot of people in the city he's from.

satisfied, He goes right back to his seat waiting for Sarah. Though he is getting kind of bored now. He decides to simply just people watch for the time being until something happens.
No. 137840 ID: 2ca3ce
File 166011066244.png - (25.55KB , 500x500 , _sketch_077.png )

Cat: Take a vacation she said
Cat: You're overworking she said
Cat: Don't mind if I dooooooo
Cat: Hope RUDY doesn't mind if I borrow his shades
Cat: Wait this is tinker tech, the fuck did he put in this?
Cat: Whatever, time to chillax, too bad the others are BUSY with DRILLS.
Cat: I wonder if Adrianna liked beaches...
Cat: I'll ask Andrea later!
No. 137854 ID: 899c9f
File 166019547816.png - (53.87KB , 800x582 , little_big_amts.png )

This is... nice. Beach visits are always a welcome break from criminal investigations. Being able to see over the rim of the sandbox somewhat impedes the immersion, but I feel there is a certain novelty to it.
The giant beachball the ant and fairy are tossing back and forth is much more distracting, anyway.

-Hmm, it seems to have gone wide. There are two children in its path. This could be a problem.
One moment.
No. 137855 ID: 899c9f
File 166019548630.png - (51.24KB , 800x582 , nice_knowing_you_clive.png )

No. 137856 ID: 899c9f
File 166019549444.png - (74.79KB , 500x500 , boom_interception.png )

“Stay behind me, children.”

With herculean effort, Tracy sends the ball flying away from the beach!

No. 137859 ID: 899c9f
File 166019809290.png - (206.58KB , 1811x1000 , meanwhile.png )

*donk* *donk* *piff*
No. 137861 ID: aff302
File 166020194496.jpg - (635.00KB , 1496x617 , BB 917.jpg )

Narty: Hey look somebody already added something to the totem. Doesn't it look just meaningful and compelling?!

Gray: To me it just looks like a cheat toy.

Ms. Feasance: Well to me it looks like a promotional material for a pizza shop. I think I even saw the logo of that shop.

Spiky: Talking about pushing a square peg in a round hole? No concept of structure or architectural design. It would be a miracle if anything else could be stacked on top of it!

No. 137862 ID: aff302
File 166020217185.jpg - (424.56KB , 853x654 , BB 918.jpg )

Gray: So how does it make you feel that this totem is going to be used as a marketing tool for other businesses?

Narty: I mean it doesn't even have a logo on itself, this little mascot can't be that deceptive?

No. 137863 ID: aff302
File 166020231605.jpg - (269.02KB , 697x676 , BB 919.jpg )

Gray: To me that mascot looks like a killer doll which would slice you open with a pizza cutter during the 3 am

No. 137864 ID: aff302
File 166020243254.jpg - (201.33KB , 409x626 , BB 920.jpg )

Narty: How dare you all act so judgmental towards this pizza statue and even the person who pleased it!

No. 137865 ID: aff302
File 166020251074.jpg - (176.26KB , 636x456 , BB 921.jpg )

Narty: I don't care what is the main purpose of this statue, or how it is pleased. I simply like it how it looks, its power pose and most importantly I like its attitude. I salute you pizza person and I wish most other people were more like you.

No. 137872 ID: fce62b
File 166027237177.jpg - (364.13KB , 1600x1200 , Beach1-1.jpg )

Alex quietly pushes open the fence gate as the rest of the gang streams in.

:gwenbeach: "Are you sure that this is the right place?"

Brett scowls.

:brettbeach: "For the fifth time yes."

:gwenbeach: "Brett this is the backyard to someone's house."

:brettbeach: "Hey, Alex was the one in charge of directions."

:alexbeach: "The brochure wasn't really clear about what 'Beach Day' would be and mostly had liability wavers about this 'Reducer' thing..."

:jessiebeach: "It's no sweat guys, I'll pull out the lawn chairs."

:lisabeach: "Yeah babe, we're already here, why not make the most of it?"

:brettbeach: *sigh "Fine."

Gwen leans over to Alex and whispers:
:gwenbeach: "If its not a proper beach, maybe let us know next time. Kinda awkward being in a swimsuit with no water."

Alex blushes.

:alexbeach: "Sorry."
No. 137873 ID: 8483cf
File 166027373862.png - (23.81KB , 900x500 , BD_2022-08.png )

Finally the ferocious fox fight finds its finale, freeing the first-place finisher from fusillades of fulminous furry fury.

The pink-bowed fox emerges victorious! Somehow she’s ended up wearing the red-and-white one’s scarf and bell, but it doesn’t seem to concern her.

Satisfied, she runs over to the bouncing beach ball and begins batting it boisterously.
No. 137877 ID: 2ca3ce
File 166028530962.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , _sketch_080.png )

Cat: This whole beach feels like a film set that Guillermo would make.
Cat: Hes... he's not here right?
Cat: Oh shit they have alcohol here, praise the multiverse!

Cat sidles on over to the bar, noticing an upside-down fox-thing with a mouth slowly crawling up it's side and raises an eyebrow before turning to the barkeep.

Cat: Can I get literally anything alcoholic please
Cat: Maybe in crate sized perhaps
Cat: Definitely just for me and not for me to take with or anything.
Cat: Oh!

Cat then spots the boy scribbling into his notebook.

Cat: Same hat!
No. 137881 ID: e51896
File 166029436240.png - (213.69KB , 2560x1440 , 004.png )

Meanwhile in the tiny beach area, a sweaty kitty, and a really tired owl is running along the edge of the sandbox

Rowland: *Pant... pant... wheeze*
Rowland: (inner thoughts: 'Come run around the sandbox with me' She says...)
Rowland: (inner thoughts: 'It's just only 20 little laps' she says...)
Rowland: (inner thoughts: Sure, normally that wouldn't be a problem...)

Sweaty Kitty: Come on Rowland! You can do it! we're only a quarter of a way through the first lap! We're just getting started!
Sweaty Kitty: Don't lag behind! I believe in you!
Rowland: *huff... puff* This was... not the vacation I... *cough* had in mind when you said... *pant pant* We'd be taking a trip around the beach!
Sweaty Kitty: But that's exactly what we're doing right now!
Sweaty Kitty: We're going around and around!
Rowland: I should have known it was going to be literal...

No. 137883 ID: 9dceff
File 166031170825.png - (442.17KB , 1000x1000 , beachday2201.png )

Ah, once again, the suns of summer descend on....
A small sandbox in someone's backyard.

The previous beach got GLASSED, because SOME PEOPLE couldn't stop the arms race!
From giant squid monsters, to beach wars - the tourism department of that particular pocket dimension decided enough was enough.
No wonder why the budget this year is much lower. Why, this beach is positively tiny! LITERALLY!

Nonetheless - two mercenaries from the finest genetics facility on-site have shown up, ready to ply their trade once more - at a much smaller scale than before.

"Man, these sand grains are like GRAVEL at this size. I've always thought being small was gonna suck but this isn't the worst."
Already, the younger of the two clones (by a few seconds) was hard at work, analyzing the composition of the environment for the most strategic benefits. Perhaps a great fortress shall be erected here today, one even greater than the castle that had existed before, run by the birds in hats.
"Are... you sure you want to be here, Argine? I've heard the refreshments outside in the regular-sized world are free."

To Jin, the idea of a summer vacation that wasn't filled with reckless driving, impromptu beach warfare and a copious amount of naval artillery fire was sounding quite appealing. To be thrust back into... beach operations seemed contrary to the very idea of a vacation itself!
"Of COURSE I want to be here - all that means is that people will whine at us less for things like 'property damage' or 'violating conventions', something along those lines."

She leans in, whispering to her besunglassed' sister, a sly glint in her eyes.
"Besides, I heard from some goggle-wearing goober and some bird in a stupid hat that there's something that's gonna GO DOWN soon and I want in on that jib. I could get ALL THE HOTDOGS I COULD EAT with the funny money they use in this place!"

Mercenary work. For cheap meat.
Maybe the reason why they don't let Argine outside more often isn't for other people's safety, it's for her own.
The larger of the sisters remained doubtful of the rumour. Argine being Argine, the idea of another war waged on multidimensional grounds was a prospect that seemed, at best, unlikely. With a quick survey of the people currently in the small sandbox, it only seemed more implausible by the minute.

She briefly considered running back toward the elevator-slash-size exchange machine, but the idea of leaving Argine unattended was likely going to create further problems down the line.
What her little sister had packed into her suitcase prior disturbed her however. From a gun that sprayed a substance that removes opacity from surfaces, to what seemed like an innocuous laser-pointer... she had a bad feeling about all of this.

To change the subject, and to hopefully delay the inevitable, Jin-R poses a question.
"So, where do you wish to set up base first, Argine? I believe the people who are currently around are from more pacifistic realities. Or ones in which combat is settled through esoteric exchanges of resources such as time, rather than physical violence and ballistic weaponry."

Her sister thinks for a moment, before confidently declaring, "Right here, duh! Not like people know us for anything else, right?"
Their reputation preceded them. Violence begets violence. Maybe they should rebrand. The first year's meat selling operation went pretty well, all things considered, though the weapons operation... decidedly less so.

"May I recommend the shadow of the sandbox edges? It'll keep us cool - and we're less likely to attract attention."
The irony that the prison bucket was a mere few meters away was not lost on Jin-R, but she wasn't about to bring it up to her sibling.

Argine gave a nod in the affirmative and so off they went, to a shaded part of the summer festivities.

With payment, target and objective in mind, simply contact one of these capable women with the nearest available water-proof communication device, and they'll get to work!

I'm sure this business won't lead to questionable ethical choices down the line for short-term personal gain.
No. 137886 ID: 11f77a
File 166036507897.png - (4.12MB , 2818x2058 , beach_dama.png )

Yamelle: I'm so happy we found a sitter for Charu! This is such a lovely day at the beach.

Dama: Hmm.

Yamelle: Very interesting to see what it'd be like to become as small as a little ant! I think my sundress shrank a bit too much using that machine. A little constricting but I'll manage.

Dama: Indeed, wife.

Yamelle: Where's your robe, dear? I didn't see you change before we got in the sandbox. Did you leave it in the grass?

Dama: I'm still wearing it...
No. 137887 ID: aff302
File 166038183712.jpg - (263.35KB , 1014x865 , BB 924.jpg )

????: It is another beautiful day at the beach everyone is having having a fun time. Until...

No. 137888 ID: aff302
File 166038202205.jpg - (374.36KB , 1015x864 , BB 925.jpg )

????: Out of nowhere a giant Rubber Doom Duckie emerged from the heart of the ocean to punish all the people who contributed in constructing it. This eldritch abomination was constructed from the plastics in the ocean, fullend with the spirits of whales who died by swallowing that plastic and this duck it now hungry for blood sacrifice!

No. 137889 ID: aff302
File 166038215308.jpg - (277.39KB , 495x800 , BB 926.jpg )

Carnavia: Now I know why people have so much fun when they use magnifying glass to burn ants. It is so much fun to be a god.

No. 137890 ID: e51896
File 166042506040.png - (129.00KB , 2560x1440 , 005.png )

Jerry notices a group cool looking people walking in, and also catches wind of their confusion about the location of the beach. It gives Jerry some relief that he isn't the only person confused, and is less worried that he got the location wrong now.

He also remembers Sarah's invitation talking about how some cool people would like to meet him, and wonders if these guys happen to be who she's referring to. Perhaps THEY might know Sarah and if she's hanging out with them. He catches their attention, and inquires about Sarah as he balances his beer with his finger to try to appear cool to them.

:Alexbeach: "Uhh, sorry, no. We don't know anyone like that. But if we happen to come across her, we'll be sure to let you know."

Lisa looks over at the can Jerry is balancing in awe.

:lisabeach: "Wow! Check that out, Brett! That's a pretty cool trick!
:brettbeach: "Psh, not really."
:lisabeach: Oh, come now, Brett, no need to be so jealous!
:brettbeach: "What? No way! What makes you think I'm jealous? I'm just sayin' I've seen and done better party tricks than that"
:lisabeach: "Really now? well, why don't you try balancing a can with your finger?"
:brettbeach: "Maybe later..."
:lisabeach: "Ha! I knew it"
:Alexbeach: "Uh, sorry about him, we're just a bit confused about where the actual beach is at."

Jerry mentions he relates to their confusion, and thinks the sandbox over to the right of the bar is supposed to be the beach, and they'd have to shrink down with that weird device to spend time there... though he doesn't think it captures the true essence of a beach, and is a bit nervous that everyone here might actually be trespassing in someone's property to hold this event.
No. 137895 ID: ca2950
File 166046236690.png - (94.65KB , 612x666 , sandmath.png )

Keimi: "Wait a minute. The sand grains don't change in size relative to individuals who shrink down. At least, not enough to actually match up with the shift in scale. Something weird is going on..."
No. 137898 ID: e51896
File 166050692850.png - (140.81KB , 2560x1440 , 006.png )

Whoopee… out of plot convenience Jerry FINALLY figured out how to level Antonio Devarara up to summon him without pizza steam several months after his death…

Not that it matters much. Even if he’s summoned, he still needs pizza steam to actually become corporal to feel the heat of the sun, the sand on his feet, the cool ocean waves against his body, to actually be seen and heard, and interact with his fellow kin, the alcohol… GODDESS he misses the ALCOHOL!! Being a spirit here is like going into SPECTATOR MODE during a MMO FPS game where he can’t interact with anything, and can only observe what is happening.
And even if Jerry manages to get pizza steam to make himself corporal, being in physical form would only last for a single UPDATE before needing the steam again. Such is the curse of being the SPIRIT OF LEFTOVER PIZZA


Antonio gives Sam a glance as he runs from a giant hermit crab before shrugging and continuing on his way to the ocean.

Antonio: Hrm… I guess being a ghost isn’t all bad…
Antonio: If I was corporal and seen just then, I would have been expected to do something about that by the other tourists.
Antonio: Not my PROBLEM…
Antonio: I’m sure he’ll get out of that SITUATION eventually…
Antonio: Pretty par for the course to what you’d get in NEW CRUST CITY really…
Antonio: Small time SITUATION even…

No. 137899 ID: e51896
File 166050694943.png - (150.85KB , 2560x1440 , 007.png )

Meanwhile, a Jackal is levitating high atop the so-called “ocean”, keeping most of his focus for any swimmers who might be breaking any rules, or could use some rescuing. Taking on this duty makes him feel nostalgic of the old simpler days when he was a super cool SUPER HERO of the HEROES LEAGUE going around and rescuing the lives of kin in the city of DONJON.

His focus is broken when he hears a certain phrase in the mumbles of Antonio Devarara

Ghost Jackal: Whoa! Hey! Did he just say NEW CRUST CITY?
Ghost Jackal: Wasn’t Rudy mentioning something about researching that place to help us in some way months ago?
Ghost Jackal: Heh… And all this time bro and mom both thought he was pulling everyone’s legs about examining that crazy city as an excuse to get out of tinkering to make complex weapons and instead make games!
Ghost Jackal: Understandable… poor guy is overworked.

The Jackal spirit after taking one last look over the ocean and seeing that nobody is swimming right now decides to take a break to sate his curiosity by descending to Antonio’s level to do a little snooping. However, he did not account for Antonio being able to see him despite being an invisible spirit himself.


Antonio grasps his chest, forgetting he can’t get a heart attack as a ghost… perhaps out of instinct after how he died.

Ghost Jackal: Whoa whoa whoa, you can see me!?
Ghost Jackal: That must mean you’re a Spirit too! That’s rare!
Ghost Jackal: Calm down sir, deep breaths, you’re a ghost too, remember?

Antonio looks down at himself and realizes how stupid he is being. He embarrassingly and slowly puts his arm down from his chest, and sighs in disappointment over his actions. He wants to change the subject quickly to forget this embarrassing SITUATION happened.

Antonio: W-wait, who the hell are you and how can you freakin’ see me?!
Callan: Name’s Callan, and I’m a spirit just like you!
Callan: the SPIRIT OF HOPE specifically,
Callan: I HOPE to be something more than just a spirit one day though...
Antonio: … wut?
Antonio: Whatever Names Antonio… SPIRIT OF LEFTOV-
Antonio: Actually, nevermind. Titles are stupid,
Antonio: Lets just stick with me being some kind guardian spirit or something…

Seriously, Antonio does NOT want strangers here to know his spiritual power with pizza, let alone LEFTOVER PIZZA. It’s too embarrassing!

Callan: Whoa, so you’re not just a spirit, but a guardian spirit like me?
Callan: Hey wait, does that mean you’re from FAUNUS too?
Callan: Oh man… Sorry, but The last time a spirit from Faunus spotted me was an angel months ago, Uriel I think her name was!
Callan: Man, that whole situation was crazy, but at least we dealt with it.
Antonio: Eh? I don’t have a ONLYFAUNUS account… I’m from NEW CRUST CITY if you must know.
Callan: Oh, right. That’s good. It would make sense, I’ve never heard of a place called NEW CRUST CITY where I’m from except from my friend.
Antonio: Trust me, you don’t WANT to know about it… it’s a mindfuck!

It seems like Antonio has found another ghost to interact with, and is somewhat relieved that this vacation won’t be a total borefest.

MESSAGE FROM PEA: Thank you EDMANGO for looking over this for his approval!
No. 137902 ID: 899c9f
File 166052134782.png - (140.24KB , 500x500 , whats_this_thing_do.png )

“Ooh, you’re mercenaries? Sounds scary!”
“Damn right. There’s no one scarier than us.”
“Cool gun! Oh, what’s this? A laser pointer?”
“Woah, wait! Don’t press that-
Anet shines the laser pointer onto the wall and waves it around. It begins to beep.
"Okay, okay, we're good, it only beeped twice. ...Should probably be glad this thing's connection is a little spotty... Put that down, aight? Don't want you screwing with it more."
“Okay! Why did I come over here again..? Oh, right! I saw Sam getting chased around by a crab earlier. He seemed kinda stressed. Could you go check on him?”
“Sure, we can do that no sweat. So what’s the pay like?”
No. 137903 ID: 629f2e
File 166053020326.png - (170.89KB , 500x500 , BD-3.png )

The fairy who had tossed the beach ball at you and Clive (which was thankfully intercepted by a tall lizard lady before Clive would get to say he told me so) floats down to the sand by you.

Fairy: “Oh! You’re smaller than I thought. I was sending the ball your way, but would it have just crushed you.”
Rodney: “Well… there’s no way to know for certain.”

Clive’s stare is piercing through you, but he doesn’t say anything. He’s being shy around the stranger, but that’s not gonna fly in my dreams!

Rodney: “It’s very nice to meet you! I’m Rodney, and this is my brother, Clive. He’s a bit shy around others.”
Clive: “...Hey.”
Landi: “Landi. Now, how about we find you two something to do that won’t get you crushed to death, m’kay?”
Clive: “...Can you turn down the brightness?”
Rodney: “Um, if that’s a thing you can do that is. It’s kind of hard to look at you head on.”
Landi: “...And?”
Rodney: “...It’d be easier to talk to you if it didn’t hurt to look at you?”
Landi: “Oh, yeah that’s fair. One sec.”

The sphere of light slowly dims, until you can see a Winged Lady standing inside of it. Looking up close wasn’t difficult anymore either.

Rodney: “Thank you! So, did you have any activities in mind?”
Landi: “Hmmm... You ever been skydiving?”
Rodney: “Can’t say I have.”
Landi: “Well if you’re afraid of heights, speak now, otherwise I’m going to show you both the best way to have fun at the beach.”
No. 137910 ID: 4286ca
File 166056512865.jpg - (1.51MB , 2292x1708 , IMG_20220815_0001.jpg )




No. 137911 ID: 4286ca
File 166056515662.jpg - (1.46MB , 1396x1904 , IMG_20220815_0002.jpg )

No. 137912 ID: 4286ca
File 166056518393.jpg - (801.72KB , 2296x1568 , IMG_20220815_0003.jpg )

Naoko: This was a good idea.
No. 137913 ID: 87a35c
File 166056583369.png - (19.17KB , 904x550 , a_pair_of_normal_foxes.png )

Stargazer wiggles in indignation at Dotti's display of flagrant disrespect for her fellow fox-type objects and moves to help excavate Momo from her position embedded in the bar.
No. 137915 ID: 899c9f
File 166059874974.png - (88.53KB , 500x500 , ocean_commotion.png )

“Excuse me, madam. From one large green lizard to another, could you please sit somewhere else? You are blocking the sun.”
No. 137917 ID: 629f2e
File 166062596460.png - (1.23MB , 1000x1000 , BD-4.png )

You frown. The fox you hadn’t been drawing attacked your model, leaving them buried in the bar. Putting aside how it interfered with your drawing, it was also just generally concerning. Is it okay in there? Can it breathe?

As you’re setting down your pencil to try and help it out, you’re interrupted.

Guy: “Same hat!”
Roger: “Huh?”

You look over, seeing a man in shades and a vest, showing off the tattoos on his arms. Sure enough, his hat was nearly identical to yours.

Roger: “Oh, you’re right! That’s a funny coincidence.”
Roger: “Nice sunglasses by the way. The red tint is Groovy.
Guy: “Oh, it’s not a tint. Just my eyes peeking through.”

He pulls the shades off, revealing glowing red eyes. They looked cool, and if you had a colored pencil you’d love to draw them.

Roger: “Whoa!”
Guy: “Also, groovy?
Roger: “Yeah. Y’know, like cool.
Guy: “I got that. Just... haven’t heard anyone use that unironically in a while.”
Roger: “Well plenty of kids use it where I’m from. Maybe you don’t know anyone hip to modern slang?”
Guy: “Hah. Yeah, let’s go with that.”

The bartender waves him over, probably about the order you heard him place a minute ago.

Guy: “Whoops, guess I’d better go. Nice meeting you kid.”
Roger: “Oh, my name is Roger.”
Guy: “Mine’s- Wait, Roger?”

There’s a slight shift in his demeanor, as he pulls his sunglasses off and looks you head on, appraising something.

Guy: “...I’ve seen that face before. I Know that name, but when was it…?”
Roger: “Um... Sorry, I don’t know. You don’t look familiar to me.”
Guy: “...”
Roger: “Uh... Your order?”
Guy: “Oh! Right right, sorry. Uh, nice meeting you Roger.”
Roger: “Ditto.”

He walks to the other end of the bar to grab some crates, leaving you to ponder what that was about on your own. Also, weren’t you doing something before he started talking to you?

As you look back at the counter in front of you, your attention is brought back to the white and red fox buried in it. Whoops! You completely forgot about that. Another weird-looking fox was helping to pull her out already.

Roger: “S-Sorry, I’ll help too.”

You and the other fox grab the trapped one as best you can and start pulling, being mindful not to handle them too roughly.
No. 137918 ID: 85c249
File 166063025944.png - (43.03KB , 942x584 , beachyng.png )

"It's okay, Chupi Chups, I’ve got you!” says Mr.Hatterson as he leans menacingly over the sandbox beach, “Here are some handkerchiefs and some scissors, now you can dress however you want!”

With that, Mr. Hatterson drops the impromptu clothing implements onto the beach. The scissors sink into the sand with a loud “PIFF” and throw a bit of sand around. Mr. Hatterson realizes that was not his brightest idea, but decides to play it cool as he walks over to the bar.
No. 137919 ID: 85c249
File 166063031344.png - (69.08KB , 942x584 , beachyng 2.png )

Mr. Hatterson sits on one of the stools next to the strange character known as Cat. He is wearing a flowery sundress because he forgot to buy swimming trunks and he only knows how to make headwear.

He looks at his new bar buddy, “Oh, hey.”
No. 137920 ID: 85c249
File 166063034056.png - (69.33KB , 942x584 , beachying 3.png )

"Same hat!"
No. 137921 ID: 85c249
File 166063057166.png - (49.80KB , 942x584 , beachying 4.png )

Allergine: Man, this place is kinda wack, look at all this weirdos almost killing each other.

Amigdala: It sure beats being dead, though.

Allergine: Yeah, you are right. Let’s see if we can get som- wait, who’s that? Why does that chick look like me and.. is that R-thritis?

Amigdala: Your sister?

Allergine: Yeah. Man, I fucking hate R-thritis!

Amigdala: Uh hu. Welp! I’m off for a swim around the bunny godzilla monster. Call me if you found us something fun to do. And try not to pick a fight before they pay us to, alright, dearie?

Allergine: Don't call me that.

Amigdala: D'awww, sourpuss! Catch ya later!
No. 137922 ID: 85c249
File 166063058588.png - (29.03KB , 942x584 , beachying 5.png )

No. 137923 ID: 85c249
File 166063059553.png - (30.55KB , 942x584 , beachying 6.png )

No. 137926 ID: e51896
File 166071286533.png - (116.75KB , 2560x1440 , 008.png )

The Sweaty Kitty and Rowland's fun run comes to a halt as a giant kaiju tail is in the way!

Rowland: Whew... what a relie-
Rowland: ERRR, I mean...
Rowland: What a shame... *huff puff* Looks like our jog has come to an end...
Rowland: Let's cut our losses *pant pant* and go tanning or...

No blockade will get in the Sweaty Kitty's way! She climbs the giant tail, with her claws leaving claw marks!

Sweaty Kitty: Haha! looks like our run just got more CHALLENGING! It's like an obstacle course now!
Rowland: Isn't that dangerous though?!
Sweaty Kitty: Nonsense, this is nothing like the Gosling Tsunami I got caught in months ago!

Rowland sighs and takes time to catch his breath

Rowland: That's not the point though...
Sweaty Kitty: Come on! just climb it! nothing to it!
Rowland: I don't have cat claws like you!
Sweaty Kitty: Just fly over it then!
Rowland: You severely underestimate how tiring using our wings are!
Sweaty Kitty: Aww quit being a baby!

No. 137930 ID: ca2950
File 166078272994.png - (168.21KB , 666x692 , howtopickupgirls.png )

Alex: "Stop worrying about sand so I can steal your top and throw you in the water."

Keimi: "Like I'd let you do that."

Alex: "That's why I'm not giving you the chance to stop me. I've already completed like seventy-five percent of what I need to do."

Keimi: "Hrk!"
No. 137947 ID: ca2950
File 166103197063.png - (201.42KB , 1024x768 , sunday.png )

Keimi is tossed into the water, then rushes back up the beach to retrieve her top, then tries to steal Alex's trunks when that fails, then resumes trying to grab her top when that also fails.

Rikke: "So are those two banging or..."

Nene: "I kind of figure that's the case, but don't want to assume."

Rikke: "They spend a lot of time together..."

Nene: "I've heard that people who spend a lot of time together from childhood see each other as siblings, even if they're not related."

Rikke: "Oh, man. The forbidden love. So it's like your Itani comics, 'Uwah! We can't, big brother, even though we're not blood related!'"

Nene: "I don't know... if that's... uh. Yeah, pretty much like that, if they are."

Rikke: "Hehe. Spicy."
No. 137950 ID: 8483cf
File 166110824608.png - (40.47KB , 600x550 , BD_2022-09.png )

Tiny Beach

“No, I’m not afraid of heights at all!” Rodney says.

“…She’s offering to take us skydiving,” Clive says. “After nearly killing us with a beach ball. I know someone's not planning to hit 50.”

“Danger is my middle name,” Landi declares. “But don’t worry. You can hit the water really hard when you’re small and be just fine, even if you’re not magical like me. I can’t remember what class talked about it in fairy college, but it has something to do with cubes.”

“See? She went to college. She’s smart,” Rodney says. “It’ll work great! Take me up!”

“We have a volunteer!” Landi flutters her wings in delight.

“…No,” Clive says. “Me first.”

Rodney gasps. “Really?!”

Clive nods.

“Sure thing!” Landi says. “Okay, hop into my arms real quick and put your hands around my neck.”

Clive gives the fairy a long, hard once-over. He steps closer and presses his hand against the sphere of light around her- it’s warm and tingly, and surprisingly, actually has some kind of force field pushing back on him.

“Don’t worry about that,” Landi says. “You can come in. It’s okay, I don’t bite!”

Clive shrugs his shoulders and steps in. His eyes go wide. He pauses, looks around the beach, and up at the sky. Landi smiles and holds out her arms, and he immediately hops aboard.

“One ticket up the cannonball express!” Landi announces. “How big a splash do you wanna make?”

“Big,” Clive says with zero hesitation.

“Big it is! Going all the way up!”
No. 137952 ID: 8a236d
File 166116209825.png - (0.98MB , 3508x2480 , Allerrescue.png )

Deftly jumping into action, Allergine hop son top of the speeding hermit crab and starts at its eyestalks, making it drift away from Sam and driving it around just like in that famous children’s book series How to Subjugate your Giant Crustacean.
No. 137953 ID: 8a236d
File 166116213303.png - (56.04KB , 1039x584 , allerrescue 2.png )

In a clever move, Allergine swerves the crab on the direction of the shoreline, right towards that guy who is doing unbecoming things to that little girl.

Such heroism!

Allergine: “Pay me money or I run you over, you creep!”

Such pragmatism!
No. 137965 ID: ca2950
File 166151481229.png - (105.73KB , 518x486 , having a blast.png )

Keimi: "Alex, top please."

Alex: "Uh, yeah... Here."

Keimi: "This is supposed to be fun time. I don't need more crab monsters hassling me on vacation. I doubt I can deal with the crab, but maybe if I fry the rider, it will lose interest."

Alex: "Well, I would say not to burn anyone, but they do seem to be trying to mug us, so go to town, Kei."
No. 137988 ID: 899c9f
File 166191693999.png - (119.16KB , 500x500 , starfox.png )

And another one. That regular-ish fox slammed the strange one through the bar, and yet there’s no hole left behind... Maybe you should try addressing the problem.
“Hello? Can I… get you something?”
The fox(?) stares back at you silently. Unblinking. Unnerving.
Without breaking eye contact, you reach down and grab a fruit drink pouch from the cooler to hand over. She wraps a tendril around it and wordlessly wanders off. Phew.
No. 138042 ID: 629f2e
File 166233676864.png - (134.13KB , 500x500 , BD-5.png )

For the first time in a long while, you feel entirely Happy.

The usual worries that take permanent residence within your mind have faded away, leaving a pure feeling of joy in their place.

Is it because you’re excited? Maybe, you can’t deny that being flown this high up is thrilling. But it started back on the ground.

Did you fall in love? ...Eh, no. She doesn’t look bad or anything, but you don’t really want to spend time with her outside of this. Everything about her just feels like too much.

Your ascension comes to a halt, snapping you out of your thoughts.

Landi: “You ready? I’m gonna let go!”
Clive: “Do it.”
Landi: “You asked for it!”

She lets go.

The wind buffets your whole body as you enter free-fall. It’s exhilarating, and over all too quickly. At the end of it all, you hit the water with a powerful impact.

And just like that, it’s gone. Whatever had been affecting your mood before vanishes, and your emotions return to their normal state. As you float up to the surface and swim back to the shore, you keep trying to answer the question of what had caused that.

The answer becomes clear when you look back at Landi, already waiting on the beach with your brother. The glittery Glow surrounding her felt odd when you pressed a hand against it before. It was the moment that you stepped inside of it that it felt like your mind shifted. Not in any bad way of course, it just... made you feel good. You stopped thinking about all the bad stuff for a bit, and it was really nice.

Landi: “Soooo, how was it?”
Clive: “...Good.”
Landi: “Huh. Really thought that’d get more excitement out of you.”
Rodney: “Are you kidding? He had a blast! Just look at him.”

She stares at you for a few seconds.

Landi: “...Are we looking at the same kid? I’m getting more ‘pissed off’ vibes right now.”
Clive: “I had fun.”
Rodney: “See? He’s never this forward about his happiness. That means he loved it.”
Landi: “If you say so. You ready for another round??”

You pause, considering. You do want to, Rodney wasn’t wrong. The drop was nice, but mainly you just want to get back in her glow. It made you feel things you’ve almost never felt before, and every fiber of your being begged to return to it.

Clive: “...No.”

Responsibility wins out. You want to be in her magic drug aura, but doing so would play with your head. There are just too many things that you need to keep a clear head for. Putting food on the table, keeping the secrets of your home life, and being a good brother to Rodney. These things take effort, more than you can reasonably put in when you’re drugged up. The stress is terrible, but you have to endure it for his sake.

Landi: “Huh, really? If you just want your little bro to have a turn first-”
Clive: “It’s fine. Thank you.”
Landi: “Okay! You ready to go then little guy?”
Rodney: “Yeah!”

He lets himself be picked up, being carried inside Landi’s aura. His eyes widen, and he shoots you one last look before taking off. It was an expression of Understanding.

It’s not even surprising at this point. He’s always been able to see right through you.
No. 138046 ID: 73aaab
File 166242142889.png - (627.09KB , 1000x1000 , beachday2202.png )

As Argine attempts to negotiate with someone who probably doesn't have a strong idea of what 'monetary exchange is', her sister watches the unfolding chaos going on in the distance.

"Hey, Argine... that individual who looks like you seems to be causing havoc. Are... we going to sort that out?"
Compared to giant squid monsters, a crab was much within their capabilities. What was more disturbing was seeing an individual that resembled her beloved sister being the one to pilot it around.

Argine briefly glances towards the distance, the sight of a rampaging crustacean being met with an apathetic expression.
"Oh yeah. Her. She can handle her own damn problems. I'VE got a negotiation to sort out first."

Argine retrieves the laser pointer from the arthropod personal-space-invader, tucking it back into the safety of the bag. It shall be used soon - but not now.
She mutters under her breath, as she rearranges the contents of her bag back to her personal semblance of order.
"Sure beats having to compete with that chick in the sunglasses and those big hands though... I kinda stole her aesthetic for Halloween that one time and I think she put a bounty out on my head because of that."

The looming chance of the miniature beach getting glassed increases by the moment.
"At this rate, your lookalike will get more business than both of us."
A wave of the hand is all she gets in response.
"Pssh. Extortion isn't real business. Gotta think LONG TERM when it comes to this kind of business."

Argine turns back to her client, Anet.
"I can check on your buddy - and probably deal with that lookalike of me in the process, but you've gotta put something on the table. Do you come from a world with barter economy or something?"

The backdrop of impending violence only makes the prospect of BIG SAVINGS and KILLER DEALS more appealing.
Hopefully, a consensus can be reached before things go completely off the wall.
No. 138051 ID: dc13c4
File 166250777495.jpg - (369.26KB , 916x660 , BB 932.jpg )

Narty: A lot of things have changed, a lot of people have came and lot of strange thing have occurred here...Is this normal occurrence?

Grey: I would say that this is a tamer even then what happened that one time when a giant kraken attacked people on the real beach.

Narty: There is one guy who stolen a bra of that smaller wolf girl. That made the guy on the crab go towards them and after that he returned the bra, I don't understand what is even happening...is it allowed to do that to others on the beach or what?

Grey: No that is just something that those two do, they are weird like that. Just don't overthink things, I mean there is even an sasin who is promoting its business here. There is no need to take any of this seriously.

No. 138052 ID: dc13c4
File 166250807433.jpg - (371.40KB , 916x660 , BB 933.jpg )

Narty: Assessin?! You mean that fancy title that murderous use to describe tier job! How is it even legal for people to do that?! Are all people here alight talking to somebody who has taken somebodies life, that is just horrible.

Grey: I am telling you, just stop overthinking all of this. Nobly on this beach events ever died, except maybe for that giant kraken.

Narty: But that doesn't mean that person didn't previously kill somebody to get the title of the assessing.

Grey: I don't care, I just don't care about your concern.

No. 138053 ID: 73aaab
File 166251536538.png - (626.27KB , 1000x1000 , beachday2203.png )

One should come to expect... oddities when you engage in multidimensional festivities.

A shimmering fox.
It's body rippled with the slightest breeze, like a living glob of mercury, shaped into a strange caricature of an omnivorous predator.

"Hello! Do you know where the other foxes went?"

Having a fox talk at you was probably the least of one's worries now. Though, Amica does not make for an effective fox.
In fact, she has absolutely no idea why there are so many shapeshifters congregating in one area, borrowing one-another's appearance and snatching trinkets from one-another.
After all, her existence was reproduction. The imitation of other's actions.
She does not NEED to understand. She simply acts.

If other shapeshifters, of a particularly alluring and/or charming aesthetic were battling it out over a coveted award, why shouldn't she participate?
Thus goes her logic.

Of course, the bartender she's asking probably has little clue of what machinations are percolating in this creature's processing circuits.

Getting no immediate reply, Amica repeats her question like a broken tapedeck.
"Hello! Do you know where the other foxes went?"

This was going to be a long day for Jynn.
No. 138060 ID: 515982
File 166259508359.png - (175.89KB , 500x500 , foxy_ladies.png )

That’s it, you have been overwhelmed by foxes. Jynn is outfoxed! You have no more fox to give.
The wild beasts trod all over you as you feebly attempt to fend them off with ear scritches and belly rubs.
No. 138065 ID: 515982
File 166269195163.png - (128.73KB , 500x500 , your_job_here_is_done.png )

“Barter? Oh sure, we could trade something. I didn’t bring much though! Could I… help you with something?”
“What? No no, you can’t trade me a mission for another mission. Come on, what’d you bring? Alien tech?”
“Secret Santa gifts?”
“Haven’t done one yet!”
“That giant beach ball?”
“I found that here!”
“Well, I could give you some honey maybe?”

As they debate back and forth, Sam wanders over.
“Anet, who is that and why is their doppelganger now riding the crab into battle with a magic dog?"
“Oh, this is Argine! She’s a mercenary for hire, so I’m going to barter with her to rescue you!”
“…But I’m fine now. The crab is terrorizing someone else.”
“…Oh! Well, mission accomplished I guess! Thanks for the help Argine, good luck with your evil twin!”
Anet leaves the mercenary with a wave and a consolatory honey pop.
No. 138078 ID: 9ea24b
File 166276724585.png - (4.36KB , 500x500 , b23.png )

Steven has been immobilized under the cloth of a large monster for some time now. Honestly it's for the best, it's very easy to pretend to be dead and avoid socializing this way.
No. 138079 ID: 0838d6
File 166276816679.png - (13.65KB , 500x500 , b24.png )

Cat gathers his alcohol, happy to now have crates of the stuff. Being in isolation due to some stupid ANGELS is annoying and has it's shit moments, especially in the logistics department. On the other hand it causes everyone to be incredibly resourceful and to use these moments of freedom to their utmost.

He heads back to the bar table and leans his back against it, in contemplation both about that kid, and about what to do next.

Cat: Hm, why do I feel like Joseph would get a hoot out of this kid?
Cat: Maybe it's the hat?
Mr Hatterson: Oh Hey.
Mr Hatterson: Same hat!
Cat: Woah!!!

The thoughts that his hat were unique has been thuroughly dashed, instead, he beams with excitement towards this... not particularly anatomically correct man.

Cat: Can't believe someone else has this hat!
Cat: Nice sundress by the way.

Cat presents the ultimate in friendly gestures, the finger guns. Pow Pow. He's beyond being confused by realistic stickmen.
No. 138090 ID: 515982
File 166292373336.png - (115.11KB , 500x500 , snaking_in.png )

“I hope I have the right house... I’ve never been invited to Sam’s place before.
My, this is quite the colorful crowd already! But where’s Sam?”
No. 138091 ID: 515982
File 166292374170.png - (116.11KB , 500x500 , a_small_boy.png )

“My goodness Sam, is that you? You’re so tiny!”
“Gail? You actually came? Uhh… I sure am. It’s kind of a long story.”
“So this is the beach you mentioned? Wow, it's even got tiny towels and beach chairs. Are you and your friends having fun with that crab? He looks cute.”
“Yeah, it’s not really that cute from this perspective… Man, too bad this isn't canon."

Gail glances at the lady in a dinosaur costume, just soaking in the water.
The kaiju lady waves back at her. "Heya! Wanna have a kaiju battle?"
"Oh, er, maybe later..."
No. 138100 ID: ca2950
File 166297792493.png - (179.06KB , 805x593 , mediation.png )

Alex heaves Keimi onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and begins to walk away.

Alex: "We're just not gonna deal with this, go find the others and do what we should be doing; drinking until it causes a big problem for everyone around us, then passing out in the hot sun."

Keimi kicks helplessly from her elevated position.

Keimi: "I'm already causing problems. Lemme down!"

Alex: "No way. I'm not dealing with giant crab problems. Maybe someone knows a drinking game that will cause the more fun kind of problems."
No. 138101 ID: 4286ca
File 166299185887.jpg - (1.62MB , 1711x4888 , IMG_20220912_0001.jpg )

>“Excuse me, madam. From one large green lizard to another, could you please sit somewhere else? You are blocking the sun.”

"Sure thing, let me just.. hup.. uh.. hrnng WHOA!... im ok with this.."
No. 138103 ID: 4286ca
File 166299273319.jpg - (96.94KB , 590x500 , sand-treasures-ii.jpg )


"...I think i went to far down.."
No. 138111 ID: ca2950
File 166301949374.png - (179.51KB , 979x669 , crabital gains.png )

"We must obtain that crab as part of my multi-part plan to conquer this beach. I have a multi-part plan to achieve this goal."

"Let's just shatter the bones of the enemy and take the crab and use it as a warbeast to crush all who oppose us in glorious, bloody combat."

"We break the rider's will so they desperately desire to serve our whims with every fiber of their being."

"This sounds like a lot of work. Let's just take a nap."
No. 138133 ID: 9da85d
File 166321005330.png - (143.96KB , 939x788 , Allerrescue 3.png )

As she avoids gust after gust of flame, Allegine starts to suspect maybe the wolf girl was already acquainted with her tawny assailant, somewhat complicating her prospects of getting a rescue reward.

Getting closer to the pair, Allergine sways her multitudinously limbed steed once again and deftly dodges-


Oh, guess not, nevermind.
No. 138134 ID: 9da85d
File 166321007930.png - (163.87KB , 1606x1108 , Allerrescue 4.png )

No. 138135 ID: 9da85d
File 166321009651.png - (94.29KB , 1026x1108 , Allerrescue 5.png )

No. 138136 ID: 9da85d
File 166321011915.png - (161.60KB , 1606x1108 , Allerrescue 6.png )

No. 138145 ID: 9da85d
File 166327392922.png - (138.82KB , 1756x1108 , Allerrescue Fail.png )

Allergine: &/%$•/ %/$/$ (%&/% (&•!

Amigdala: Come on, girl, what gives! I take ONE cliff dive off the kaiju’s leg and you are already setting yourself on fire.

Allergine: Shut your goopy face, Amigdala, you are the last thing I need right now! I’m going back there!

Amigdala: You sure you don’t wanna do splashies with me? The water’s lovely and you could really use it, it looks like.

Allergine: Pint-sized ass burned my pants and most of my fur, I’m really ticked off right now! And I STILL haven’t gotten paid!

Amigdala: You know, you could try for legitimate work that tells you if you will be fighting flame-throwing kids. Just saying.

Allergine: Bite me, slime monster!

Amigdala: Mean!
No. 138152 ID: dc13c4
File 166332764157.png - (13.91KB , 318x438 , WTF!.png )

No. 138157 ID: 2a9875
File 166337367186.png - (25.43KB , 1000x550 , beach_yolkie.png )

They wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
Wearing clothes for the first time today~
No. 138185 ID: 8483cf
File 166353056395.png - (150.20KB , 1300x765 , BD_2022-10.png )

Dotti and Momo have reached a truce. Why fight when there's a lady with enough hands to give head scritches for everyone?

The bar is now self-serve due to fox puddle.
No. 138197 ID: bc8f56
File 166364078319.png - (45.23KB , 1518x660 , beachying 7.png )

"Aw, thank you, I'm glad people liked it! I was nervous because I didn't really have anything to for the ocassion besides a couple old clothes, so it's good to know someone thinks they look ni- wait, hold on a moment!"

Mr. Hatterson proceeds to quickly travel from the backyard beach party to his house in Doodle Dale and back again through the wonderful power of TRANSITION!!!
No. 138198 ID: bc8f56
File 166364081133.png - (50.18KB , 884x587 , beachying 8.png )

"Here! There was a spare one in my closet. Now we can goof around with matching clothes!"

Mr. Hatterson has taken the initiative to offer an old gown to a total stranger, betraying the amount of time he has spent inside his workshop recently.
No. 138215 ID: ca2950
File 166396979987.png - (142.90KB , 575x455 , beer.png )

Keimi grabs a can out of the cooler and cracks it open.

Keimi: "I don't even know what's going on anymore. I'm just going to drink until it makes sense or I pass out and don't have to deal with it, just like during midterms."

Nene: "Don't be like that. It might be hot and dangerous and there might be a lot of abstract wackiness, but at the end of the day, we go home and we don't have to deal with aggressive aliens and giant crustacean monsters anymore!"

Keimi: "Y-Yeah..."
No. 138229 ID: ca2950
File 166448764014.png - (115.56KB , 882x612 , People smile at huge crabs.png )

Kag: "My masterful machinations have captured the beast, just as planned."

Oz: "Ya fuckin' do anything, you big, fuckin' nerd!"

Kag: "Or did I?"

Oz: "NO!"

Zol: "Girls, girls. Stop your bickering and help me make up for lost time while I was captured in that time prison crystal and start forcefully lewding all these various beings, animals and objects!"
No. 138345 ID: a7a180
File 166605842180.png - (119.97KB , 800x762 , big_moff_tiny_beach.png )

Oh dear, did my halloween potion still not wear off? Everyone’s so tiny! -Oh, it’s got something to do with this device, does it? Fascinating… This gives me an idea.
No. 138346 ID: a7a180
File 166605842842.png - (68.12KB , 800x762 , tina_is_a_genius.png )

Ohoho, this plan is brilliant! I’ll lurk here and wait for someone to walk up to the sandbox, then fly up and snip off a bit of swimsuit to nibble without them noticing!
Perhaps Saiorse will swing by… Mmm.
No. 138347 ID: 8483cf
File 166606190038.png - (131.42KB , 500x777 , BD_2022-11.png )

Saiorse is a bit late to the party, but she's still excited for a place to test out her swimwear without getting Censored. She's worn shorts, too, just in case.

Now, how does this shrinky thing work, exactly...
No. 138353 ID: a7a180
File 166616445056.png - (123.13KB , 500x500 , tiny_tina.png )

Ah ha! Less fabric than I was expecting, but still more than enough! Mmm, just a tiiiny strip now… *snip*
”Oh! So that’s how the shrinky thing does the… thing!”
No. 138355 ID: a7a180
File 166616451096.png - (97.18KB , 500x500 , tinier_tina.png )

-Oh, dear oh dear. Too slow, Tina…
No. 139751 ID: e5709d

Dotti should simply compare swimwear to bra sizes and see which types hold the most volume under stress tests.
No. 139753 ID: cc8588
File 168497811445.png - (219.79KB , 700x600 , BD_2022-12v2.png )


The fox puddle is perfect for pondering deep, difficult decisions. The Momo-Dotti armistice still holds. For now.

"Hey, Momo," Dotti says, quietly enough to not freak out the considerate lady. "There are lots of people here in their underwear, but no one is making fun of them for it. And some people are wearing more clothes than others, like this very considerate lady petting us."

"It's swimwear," Momo says. "It looks like underwear, but it's stuff people wear around big pools of water. Some people have competitions to see who can wear the least amount of clothes and not get kicked out."

"You can win that one," Dotti says. "So you're saying I can wear stuff to encourage tummy rubs?"

"Among other things."

Tummy rubs are important. So is shapeshifting flexibility.

So many choices... if only there was someone on the beach who could help her decide on what not-underwear is best.
No. 139802 ID: a7a180
File 168539476543.png - (132.66KB , 1000x1000 , caught_blue_handed.png )


From across the beach, Tineola hears an urgent cry for help with fashion! But there’s a big obstacle in the way: it’s a big, big world out there. She’s going to need to catch a ride.
“Excuse me, miss Landi? Down here! I need to borrow your wings!”
Landi blinks at the fairy’s fairy sized moth flittering about. “Wow, are you a talking gnat? So this is what it’s like to be Serah!”
“I um, may have used the shrinker one too many times. Could you get me over to that fox? I want to help her with her fashion crisis in any way I can, no matter how microscopic I may be!”
“Oh, are you sure you want me to take you closer to that stinky fox? She isn’t exactly my biggest fan.“
“Please, you’re the only one who can help me! …And I can’t hit the buttons on the shrinker anymore.”
“Eh, alright. Try not to get lost in there!” Landi shoots skyward, clutching Tineola tight!
No. 139803 ID: a7a180
File 168539477457.png - (81.94KB , 750x750 , foxtastic_voyage.png )

Landi zips over to Dotti and flies a loop around her head, earning a glare from the fluffy fox. While the fairy keeps the vindictive vixen distracted, Tineola leaps out of Landi’s hands and glides toward a giant, pointy ear, nestling at its base completely unnoticed.
Ahem! Dotti? Dooottiii… Can you hear me? This is your fashion-conscious conscience speaking! If you want to maximise your tummy rubs, you want an outfit that looks cute, just like you! One that keeps your belly exposed and pairs nicely with your wonderful orange fur! What you need is an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, purple polka dot bikini!

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