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File 165939247756.png - (26.66KB , 901x529 , discussionbanner.png )
137772 No. 137772 ID: 473867

Good tidings, ladies, gents and plantiforms!

In regular standard-fare for this website, I am pleased to inaugurate this discussion thread to share fan opinions, behind the scenes and future works in progress.
Let's hope it lasts at least 4 weeks before it gets completely forgotten and I have to liquidate all assets!
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No. 137773 ID: 473867
File 165939311459.png - (31.51KB , 901x529 , behindscene 1.png )

In Totally free income method (A.K.A. Financial Independence Quest) I planned for the big bad, David Bib, to unleash his magnum opus in scummy telemarketing magic tomes, the Scamasutra, if you decided to fight.

I also expected for the protagonist's dog-brained boyfriend, Bark-ley, to jump in front of her and die saving her from an attack from Bib at the start of the fight, but I figured since getting hit in the head made him smarter he would actually do something more practical in order to save his GF.

I'm kinda glad no one ever asked me why he acted like a dog, because I made him as a joke based on how many women are said to not be able to maintain a boyfriend, so even I don't know!
No. 137774 ID: 473867
File 165939400381.png - (44.59KB , 901x529 , behindscene 2.png )

At around day 2 or 3 of starting the quest, I planned out two possible scenarios; one where you fought David Bib and lost your damned hot boyfriend before defeating him.
You would rule the world with an iron fist for the rest of your life, but die without an heir and cause the world to fall into anarchy.
Thousandsupon thousands of years later, a neo-caveman would stumble upon one of the Charming Financial Guides you used to mind-control everyone, which woould be terrifying if there was any chance anyone in that world remembered how to read English.

The other scenario was one in which you joined David and you created a royal line that proceeded to spread out their malevolent brand across the universe, ending with a rogue neumono seeing a deep space probe crash in front of her, inside of which was another Financial Guide for dumb aliens to do David's dirty job for him yet again.

I didn't actually expect you guys would let David win and rule alone, but such is the essence and charm of questing!
I also had doubts about adding any aliens at the end of that scenario, but let's face it: I wanted a neumono, you wanted a neumono, we all wanted a neumono.

....And I drew a sky-blue goat. Close enough!
No. 137776 ID: 473867
File 165939457849.png - (43.63KB , 901x529 , behindscene 3.png )

One of the bad guys I originally planned for you to defeat was one who was going to be the only character with a full colour palette and whose name was going to be a pun on "technicolor."
I thought of the surname "Kalor" and thought "what rhymes with techni?......Temmie?" and as I started to actually add color to the drawings, in true schizophrenic fashion, I decided to add a Temmie Butler rip-off to the rogue's gallery instead.
No. 137777 ID: 0838d6

This was a very good, very wild ride, thanks for making it. What other guides exist out there in the multiverse, I cant imagine financial guides or scams to be the only thing running the shop. I'm sure David Bib is even small fish in the grand scheme of cultivation via financial schemes and mind control
No. 137780 ID: 473867

He was the one to make the charming guides to further his schemes. It's technically not a spoiler, but by the end of the story, not many people are going to remember the first thread post.

Obviously him trying to make a hostile takeover of everything means he's going to meet every type resistance. The idea that he would end up facing against other, even more exotic financial entrepeneurs sounds so interesting, I will have to become an actual competent writer to cash in on it.
No. 139867 ID: 85f241
File 168663485082.png - (770.73KB , 1317x729 , Chug appereance.png )

Little Another Gosh Darned Day behind the scenes/blooper anecdote.

When I was drawing this character for the first time (left picture) I was doing the head and then went: "Oops I drew this ear too curved and narrow, now it looks like a ho...
... Chug...his name is Chug."

Later on, drawing the rightmost picture, I added a few hair-like bumps on top his head, because I noticed he otherwise looked like a cue ball.
Add to that the look of worry and confusion and I thought I had created Furklin.

Lion/goat/dragon chimeras, you are out.

Coxwette/Perpetuity/God Damned chimeras, you are in.
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