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File 165822926446.jpg - (3.78MB , 4160x3120 , IMG_20210201_164704885-1.jpg )
137688 No. 137688 ID: b05c1d

Time to start up one of these dohickeys to answer peoples questions, dump lore and any extra art i done did do.

First question yoy most likley have "where the hell are we?"

Welcome to Tharn, a world dreamed into existence by a mysterious and powerful being known only as the Dreamer.

The being's thoughts, emotions and subconscious concepts manifest as places, people and Gods while its imagination flows through the land as the winds of Magic, ebbing and growing to thebrythm of the dreamers life outside.

In this Almost Real world, anything can happen. And probably will..
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No. 137698 ID: c438da

Looking forward to seeing more cat-snake-skeleton!
No. 137720 ID: f049ba
File 165839160680.jpg - (799.22KB , 3120x4160 , IMG_20210228_004608214.jpg )

Ask and ye shall recive.
Something i did a while back, enjoy some skelebackboob.
No. 137726 ID: 2aa5f0

in the original quest wasn't it stated that the land of the dead was the most powerful nation do to just having more people "living" there and that it's king was a god or at least has bordering god like power?

Also that the people in the living nations tended to dislike or were outright hostile to the undead if they found any in their lands.

Are either of these things still true now or did those change?
No. 137736 ID: 9b29b9

The Land of the Dead is technically theargest military power on Tharn, due to having between 6 and 102 billion inhabitants, however the dead are notoriusly hard to organise into anything other then a fiesta so the actual combat prowess of these hypothetical soldiers is unknown.

The LotD is techically lead by the Concept of Death, manifestation of the Dreamers subconcious perception of death, but unlike his subjects he is distant and incomuniative, having soent all of recorded history leading the great procession through the streets of the lands capital Tierra de Descanso.
Like all Concepts he is powerful beyond mortal understanding, being both tied to and in command of the Dream Weave, the very fabric of reality.

As for public opinion it varies greatly, but its normaly safe to say that cities and border towns are more accepting of other races, living or dead, as they are used to more forign traffic. Heartland towns can be significantly less acommidating of Outsiders however, so caution is advised..
No. 137742 ID: 2aa5f0

how well known is the princess of the dead? and what is the relationship of the land of the dead with the other nations in the quest?

Just trying to get an idea on how series we should take the party. As in we should at least try and show some respect or just say fuck it and see if it would be possible to just turn the thing into a complete siesta where clothing is optional.
No. 137751 ID: c1e37c

She is known in the way that royalty of foriegn countries are know. Most would have heared vauge roumors of her while diplomats would have seen some vwry ourdated portraits.

The real thing is.. something to behold.

Also, on the subject of the deas, they all posses the scrimshaw, sugar skull decorations but only xochinitilli can alter hers at will.
No. 137781 ID: 4286ca

Magic is a fundamental force on Tharn, manifestation of the Dreamers Imagination, Creativity and Spontaneity.

Normally magic flows through the land like a intangible wind, unoticed by any not looking for it.
However under the right conditions it can condense into two distinct physical forms, the liquid Pneuma and the crystal Orchilium.

Pneuma is the natural magical "Charge" inherent within a living being, its charged by the act of breathing and used to subconsciously power physical or mental abilities. with training its possible to use it to activate special attacks or abilities, this is the main way we will be using it.

The Dead and Icos also posses pneuma, their unliving nature allowing for a much larger "pool", how ever since they do not naturally breath it takes far longer to regenerate then that of a living beings.

tl;dr Pneuma is mana. breath to recharge.

Orchilium is a crystallised form of magic, significantly more powerful then the form found in pneuma (and more easily assessed) its used across the continent in the form of Runes. Runes are used for everything from street lights to military explosives and are made by either painting powdered orchilium onto parchment for single use scrolls, or setting crystals into intricately carved stones for more permanent effects.

while orchillium crystals are moderately valuable alone, the real cost comes from the skill and time of the runesmith, as the more intricate and flawless the rune the stronger its effects. orchillium will be used in the quest to fuel and create magic items, "spell" scrolls and single use weapons.

ld;dr Magic Crystals go Boom
No. 137782 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, sounds like the party is going to end in a fight with that information. Well as long as we don't get blamed for it it should definitely liven things up.

How good is the princess in a fight again? Can't remember if she's ever fought someone in the last quest or not.
No. 137795 ID: 4286ca

>How good is the princess in a fight again

Tilli is meant to be a Tutorial character of sorts, as if she dies you'll simply wake up back in the land of the dead and we will move onto another char. So while she has nothing to fear beyond travel time those with her are in a far more precarious situation.

I've decided that the powers shown so far are her 'Out OF Combat' Powers, things that are situational or travel based, combat will have its own set of skills and powers revealed as and when we get into a scrap.

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