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File 164972098649.png - (426.66KB , 848x1200 , Kosroh Character Sheet.png )
137357 No. 137357 ID: e1017c

Discussion thread for Here There be Dragons. Discuss things for the quest, character interactions, combat rules, etc. Also a place to keep track of Character Sheets and such.
No. 137358 ID: e1017c

Forgot to include a link to the quest
No. 137359 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, so does damage work that enemy rolls damage, damage is negated up to our armor level, and then whatever is left is actual damage done to the enemy.

for example 8 damage from an attack, subtract 5 damage because they have 5 levels of armor, 3 damage goes through so the enemy losses 3 health.

or is armor more like AC in d&d and they need to roll above it to hit? because I'm a bit worried that it looks like we can be taken out in one hit with a good roll from a basic attack going off the stats of the one handed sword.
No. 137361 ID: e1017c

I'll be fully going into combat mechanics when the first combat ends up happening. But to answer your question, damage works by rolling 2 dice dictated by the weapon being used. Kosroh has a One-handed sword, which uses D6s. So he'd roll 2D6, then compare the result to the target's armor stat, in Kosroh's case, 5. If the result exceeds the armor stat, the target takes 1 damage. If the result doubles the armor stat, the target takes 2 damage, triples causes 3 damage, and so on.
Additionally, heavier armor can be purchased to replace the light armor Kosroh starts with to increase his armor stat, but with a few penalties elsewhere.
No. 137362 ID: e1017c

oh, also, different weapons have different properties. For instance, One-handed swords roll an additional die against light armor, so 3D6. But an Mace rolls an additional die against Heavy Armor, for example.
No. 137367 ID: 33f0ce

Would've there been any reason to get the second First-Aid? No? Yeah, it's no.
No. 137376 ID: e1017c

no, there wouldn't have. I included it in the list so everyone could get the description of what the skill could do.
No. 137417 ID: 13c74d

Will you continue the quest?
No. 137418 ID: e1017c

yes, I will. I just, apparently, chose a really poor time to start it. I started it right before I went to a convention, and wound up getting significantly more badge commissions there than I anticipated. Since they've already been paid for, I need to get them done asap, which has kind of put a stall on my updating... sorry
No. 137419 ID: 30b9f6

No need to be sorry for making a living!
No. 137420 ID: 2aa5f0

real life comes first so don't worry about. Just glad to see the quest is still live even if taking a short brake. I've always enjoyed this world's settings and enjoy getting to learn more about it.

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