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File 164523327053.png - (643.89KB , 1200x800 , tvwdis.png )
137020 No. 137020 ID: cdbf4f

discuss the villains, and how they will win
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No. 137023 ID: 782e0e

Dog with a Gun has won MY HEART.
No. 137024 ID: fc4173

does tios belonging to cleveland go against the no hierarchy rule? also this is amazing and i love it
No. 137029 ID: 2fe383

Dig this whole setting/idea, seems fun!
So despite Dearly not contributing to the communal pool is expanding the roster possible? I'm with Fio on the 13 members thing.
No. 137030 ID: cdbf4f

>does tios belonging to cleveland go against the no hierarchy rule?
that’s a very good question, isn’t it

>is expanding the roster possible?
yes, recruitment is gonna be a thing!
No. 137031 ID: 094652

Do they win by setting their goal to "watch the destruction of the world"?
Because that's easy mode.
No. 137037 ID: 0c6392

step one of winning is depleting the hero population a bit and getting rich

we'll figure out step two later

Also, you planning on any particular schedule for this, or just whenever you h finish the updates after getting enough input? Just wanna have an idea how often I should check back. I'm pretty excited.
No. 137039 ID: cdbf4f

whenever i have enough input and have time for the updates! i’d LIKE to shoot for at least once a week, but it depends on how my schedule stacks up with other art for work, etc.
No. 137072 ID: cdbf4f

oh, but i did forget to mention: battle scenes will probably update more frequently bc they don't involve as much drawing and since they're turn based i don't want them to drag! so if we're in a battle scene u may want to check back more often.
No. 137073 ID: fc4173

no delaying the hero killshot, but not all heroes will kill the villains...a part of me has the urge to make a team so shitty they lose even when trying their hardest, just to attempt a long play that enables us to potentially do a hero corruption arc. not for anyone in particular i just think it would be a fun way to bully the hero community at large

...i would not make a good supervillain
No. 137090 ID: c9c762

Just dropping by to facepalm at finally realizing the second layer joke of why Dog with a Gun (given his philosophy and so forth) decided to go with that gimmick and name. https://youtu.be/hKzy_S2gRI8
No. 137093 ID: cdbf4f

i actually have never seen this movie, but i’m thrilled that this is a thing and googling it made me really REALLY want to redraw the poster with DWAG
No. 137114 ID: 0c6392

It turns out I can just have tumblr notifications on and check back compulsively way too often so it doesn't really matter. 💜

I'm having fun though!! My initial reaction when seeing these two heroes was "aw they're kinda cute. that's unfortunate. oh well, time for violence!!" and I'm glad we instantaneously lived up to that.

Enjoy that Dearly got to do something ridiculous that ended in a horrible maiming! It suits them extremely well, they don't even need their powers to do violent nonsense.

I also really enjoy how the cute nervous hero has immediately ended up responsible for something vigorously fucked up. it's real good.
No. 137130 ID: cdbf4f
File 164614402241.png - (291.05KB , 533x800 , drlysmall.png )

recent sketchbook cover happened to be a dearly
No. 137136 ID: 0c6392

I wonder if the tower has any giant, Sen's Fortress style axes for TIOS to drop on stuff.
Probably, right? That seems like something we would have.
No. 137152 ID: a0127c

heck; deathtraps in general are fun, but they'd probably make a rule on them not being so elaborate they can get foiled by impromptu macguyver shenanigans.
No. 137161 ID: b25484

any1 else curious wut tha deal is with fio and dog?? im sure well find out eventually, but liek why dogs abilities directly impact his relationship with specially fio,, i want 2 know sooo bad ♥
No. 137217 ID: cdbcf8

I can't believe y'all willed the pizza guy into the hottest man in the quest (Apart from Dog With A Gun of course) Honestly impressed and hope we do it more often and I hope we see more of him.
But goddamn if Dearly isn't the hottest woman.
No. 137218 ID: 0c6392

I do not think Dearly is a woman.
Not that they're a man either. they're just hot and they're here to have fun and be stretchy and annoying. 💜
No. 137219 ID: fcd3dd

this is correct. dearly is hot, stretchy, and annoying, but not gendered.

i was ALSO very pleased that the suggestions (and the villains who happened to be there to pick the pizzas up) lined up in a way where i could have that much fun w the pizza guy interaction. for what it’s worth cheez palace is the closest pizza place to the tower of evil so it’s absolutely possible to see more of him, provided the villains are careful not to do anything that will get their delivery privileges revoked
No. 137220 ID: d9d712

Is it bad that I'm sort of holding out hope we might see more TVRN characters return as recruit options dshklfsdh

like I get that this is its own work and I adore the cast so far but I'm sentimental and gay
No. 137226 ID: fc4173

do i remember noroi from something? like a previous d&d character you've posted before?
No. 137229 ID: fcd3dd

probably not as recruits, bc i want to let new characters have space to shine, but there’s a possibility some TVRN characters may have cameos! (the other day for about a fraction of a millisecond i thought “haha wouldn’t it be fun if pascal and ricardo showed up as a hero team—” but then i immediately realized that would mean they’d have to be brutally murdered and i was like nooooo i don’t wanna do that lmfao)

yes, noroi is a dnd character of mine! now just tweaked for a more modern setting. this quest is like the soup you make to use up all the veggies in the back of your fridge
No. 137241 ID: fcd3dd
File 164722557131.jpg - (219.91KB , 1076x1043 , FA0DEA2D-2C05-4AF1-82D4-58BA3FDBFFBB.jpg )

everyone seemed excited abt lotte so i couldn’t resist crafting a humble preview
No. 137262 ID: d9d712

Thats valid! And they are some great characters, I'm so excited to get to know them better. So far I am especially fond of how cute Binzy is
No. 137270 ID: 6e7e5f

since AI and Claret Cybernetics exist. does this mean CATBOY cameo is possible :0
No. 137271 ID: fcd3dd

yep! tho obviously anything that happens in TVW is not canon in any actual project C.A.T.B.O.Y. work i release in the future. everything in TVW is just for funsies
No. 137272 ID: a70a13

So have we all agreed that Lamb and Dog need to be best friends, or dare I say it…Lamb gets a Therapy Dog with a Gun?

I’ll see myself out.
No. 137279 ID: 0120a5

Dog with a Gun; Are demi-humans like yourself common place in the world or are you unique?

Do you have a "real" name that you'll share with us?
No. 137283 ID: abaa91

...I don't know why I didn't see this Disthread earlier but whatever I'm here now.

Great stuff so far. Brutal. Also funny.

I do not like Dearly. Something about the clown irks me.
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