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File 163780533633.png - (54.61KB , 500x500 , MTCD.png )
136510 No. 136510 ID: 8483cf

Thread for discussion of things difficult to fit in the main thread like how to organize societies, reference pics and stats for races, Q&A, etc.
No. 136515 ID: 33f0ce

Donut, my good dude, I’m going to have to ask for forgiveness for what I am going to do. Because I’m going to make a whole google doc, with (kinda bad) drawings of both their outsides and maybe their insides.
No. 136517 ID: 93fc59

Oh noooo
No. 136519 ID: 0840c2

You monster
No. 136679 ID: cdbcf8


Blemmggalan's: You know how elves and dwarves are just humans with some minor and major changes made to them? This is one of the latter. Sexual dimorphism is cranked to the max for them. For the males are 6 feet tall humanoids with faces on their torsos(Eyes over the nipples, mouth over the belly), and the females are winged women heads with all the internal organs still attached to them. (If you need more refences on them, look up Headless men and Penanggalan)
The males brains are located right next to the heart, only separated by a tin muscle of muscle, but because of this they have worst breathing then a normal human's. The females have a impressive bite strength of 1,000 pounds, making them able to bite though most creatures bones. They also secrete this weird vinegar like substance that covers all their organs, it acts as a disinfectant, stopping bacteria from growing in and on them, and helping heal injury's when they do happen.

And un the topic of intercourse. You know how men have keys and women? Well Blemm's (Calling the men that now) have ovens and Ggalan's have turkeys. What happens first is the Ggalan inverts her body into the Blemm's though the neck hole they have (Think what a human has, but not that at all what so ever dear god it's not like that at all) and when the Ggalan is fully in up to her neck, the Blemm hibernates for 8 months while the Ggalan takes control over the body. After the months are up, the Ggalan leaves the Blemm with the baby. The baby is...just like a normal human baby. That is until they reach the age of 1, then they separate into Blemm and Ggalan.

Blemmggalan's do not look all the same as well. Skin can be anywhere from black as a clear night's sky, red as spice, white as clouds, or purple like lavender. Same for the eyes too. The teeth can be anything from curved dagger like tusks, needle like, or even just plan old human vampire teeth, as long as a human would never have it, it belongs in a Ggalan's mouth. However Blemm's usually have basically human teeth.

OK any pointers?
No. 136680 ID: 8483cf

The unfortunate news is that I almost certainly am not good enough at drawing, or anatomy, to figure out how to make this work. I've only been doing this for a year- please take it easy on me.
No. 136683 ID: cdbcf8

Oh dear lord I was never thinking about you drawing all of that! If you were going to draw anything I was thinking you would draw just the Headless men and Penanggalan, nothing more. I was just putting all of it into deep detail in how they work...And now I see I may have over explained them. Hm. Sorry.
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