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File 163487296210.png - (227.76KB , 781x768 , station.png )
136338 No. 136338 ID: ca2950

Somewhere in the cold void of endless space...
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No. 136339 ID: ca2950
File 163487311883.png - (312.72KB , 1202x1011 , safe location.png )

Keimi: "This derelict space station of questionable structural integrity, that was abandoned for reasons unknown is surely the best spot to have a raucous seasonal costume party!

Nothing unexpected could possibly happen."
No. 136340 ID: 094652

Suddenly, cutebolds in taco shells!
No. 136341 ID: e7c7d3
File 163487678073.png - (164.18KB , 500x500 , tacobold.png )

They're in the walls....
No. 136342 ID: c92a02
File 163488858865.png - (76.73KB , 1200x793 , door_stuck.png )

The aft airlock hisses as it cycles. Suddenly, a loud series of crashes is heard as something pounds into the bulkheads.




The interior door hisses open to partially admit one (1) amtsvane.

:trayzeri: I apologize for the inconvenience, but it seems this entryway was not designed with certain species in mind. This may take a while.
No. 136343 ID: 629f2e
File 163490169452.png - (615.12KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-1.png )

Your name is Roger Bannister, and this was pretty weird by dream standards.

The last thing you can remember is going to bed. It was a Sunday night, so you’d have school in the morning, and Game Night with the twins and Albert after class. Just thinking about finally clearing the labyrinth in your tabletop game made it hard to get to sleep. You were excited for tomorrow’s adventure.

When you next opened your eyes though, you realized you were idly walking around this big building you don’t remember stepping into. It was weird, sure, but it also kind of made sense? Dream logic, somehow you just Understand the dream when you’re in it.

It’s Halloween, you’re in Space, and this is supposed to be some kind of Party. That’s about all your brain has shared about the dream so far. Honestly though, just knowing you were in space was cool enough. You want to find a door to walk outside and be with the stars and junk, so you’ve been walking down hall after hall just looking for an exit. The thought occurred to you to just try and manifest one with your mind, but attempts to do so haven’t paid off so far.

As you round another corner, you bump into a familiar face. Well, familiar bed-sheet, but one you’d recognize anywhere.

Roger: “Franklin!
Franklin: “...Roger?”
Roger: “Come on, you’re going to wear the same costume even in my dreams?”
Roger: “Actually, I guess that’s my fault. Sorry, my sleeping head wasn’t clever enough to give you something cooler.”

Just like every single Halloween ever, Franklin was your standard bedsheet Ghost, with about one hole too many. You don’t cut a mouth hole, every kid knows that! Even when going with one of the most common costumes, Franklin can’t help but be weird.

Franklin: “...Wait… This is your dream?”
Roger: “Well, I guess it could be both of ours. Kids can share dreams, right?”
Franklin: “Hmm… That sounds like something we can do.”
Roger: “No… No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about something like that. Sorry, that means you’re just a figment of my dream.”
Roger: “You’re probably just here ‘cuz we’re in space, and your nickname’s The Alien. That makes sense I think.”
Franklin: “Oh… Okay then.”
Franklin: “...Are you a Dracula again?”

You look down at yourself, checking out your dress shirt and blanket cape. You hadn’t even noticed, it was the same thing you wore last Halloween. You could even taste the candy corn fangs you gave yourself.

Roger: “Huh, I guess I am.”
Franklin: “Cool.”
Franklin: “...Do you think anyone else is here?”
Roger: “Well, this is supposed to be a party…”
Roger: “Maybe if we find where they're keeping the food and drinks, we’ll run into some people from school.”
Franklin: “Are they in this dream too?”
Roger: “Who knows? I gotta dream about somebody though. These halls are a little too big for just two of us.”
Franklin: “...Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

The pair traverse down the hall, seeking a central hub of sorts (and preferably some snacks too, as all good parties have snacks).

Party Fear Levels (These raise quickly in this thread. If either of them hit 100 Fear, they will wake up):
Roger: 0/100
Franklin: 0/100
No. 136344 ID: 39d938
File 163490726695.png - (341.34KB , 800x600 , H1.png )

"This costume choice rocks, we're the same size and everything. Really wish I stapled the ears on before I put on the mask, guess it hurts to look this good. Took 9 hours to build it with the most modern components I had to my disposal, and even though my tail is bent in half right now and some of the paint is still wet, it was all worth it.
This outfit is convincing too, maybe even too convincing, I bet people will think I'm the real deal! Gonna get so much candy in this... admittedly, usual looking neighbourhood. Maybe I'll look for a group to blend it with, maybe I'll go find a vent to crawl in. Also is it hot in here or is it just me?"
No. 136345 ID: eedbeb
File 163493549494.png - (285.20KB , 1000x900 , a14a.png )

Derek offers the mysterious lady in the mysterious abandoned ship a selection of his finest candy from a plastic bowl printed with little bats. As the resident old fart, he must do his duty of dispensing sweets to the youth.

“Dear, I’m much older than you.” the woman says.

“The fuck?” Derek jerks the bowl full of haw flakes, lychee jelly, and milky chews away from her. “Buy your own candy then.”
No. 136346 ID: eedbeb
File 163493551344.png - (240.32KB , 1000x900 , a14b.png )

“That’s a marvelous idea. I think I’ll get some treats with more chocolate in them.” The woman laughs. Her outfit is considerably more skintight than Derek’s 80s exercise get up.

Oh no. If this woman distributes more candy than him then Derek will lose the award of being the best old person and the humiliation will destroy him.

Any character can go to Derek or Mizz Es for candy. Whoever gives away more candy by Nov. 1st wins the prize of being an objectively better person.
No. 136348 ID: 8483cf
File 163495394333.png - (202.66KB , 640x820 , Hallloween2021-1.png )

Landi: “Now remember! Once you’ve got all the candy you want, click your heels together and keep saying ‘There’s no place like home.’ That’s our only ticket outta here.”

Dotti: “Yeah, yeah. Candy first, then magic slippers to go home. Why is all your magic clothing-related?”

Landi: “It’s traditional! And the only Godmother spells I know. Also, girl can you please move your mouth when you talk with illusion magic? It’s like you’re possessed when you make sounds like that.”

Dotti looks down her snout and moves her mouth while she “talks”. It’s like she’s poorly dubbing her own lip movements.

Dotti: “But I’m a spirit. And I’m haunting you! OoooOOOOoooooo! Give me candy!”

Landi: “Holy SHIT Dotti you are so fucking weird.”

Dotti’s nose perks up.

Dotti: “I smell candy!”

Landi: “I’m getting a bad vibe from those two. Smells like demons. And math. Ew. Uh, I’ll check to make sure that candy won’t give you cancer or something.”

Dotti: “I’m not gonna get cancer. I eat trash and nothing bad’s happened yet!”

Landi: “…You know what? Eat all the cancer candy you want. I’m gonna go see if I can find us a basket and a little dog, too.”
No. 136349 ID: 8483cf
File 163496059328.png - (108.35KB , 603x490 , Hallloween2021-2.png )

“No costume is complete without the props,” Landi mutters to herself. “Is it my fault I can’t summon baskets or tiny animals? No! Well, not every party can be a winner. I tried my best, and that’s what-“

Landi freezes at the sight of Keimi.

“Oh. My. Dog.”

She flits in front of Keimi, buzzing with barely-restrained excitement.

“Hi! You’re looking great tonight! Very festive! You’d fit right in with my friend and me. Come with us and we’re gonna be the center of attention!”

Landi flutters closer.

“And just between you and me, with the three of us together, we’d be all set for if this survival-horror theme decides to get a little too on-brand, you know what I mean?”
No. 136352 ID: c92a02
File 163498657191.gif - (114.02KB , 1000x895 , may_I_help_you.gif )

The amtsvane approaches Mizz Es with a tap on the shoulder, mostly because she is the only one within reach.

:trayzeri: "Excuse me, ma'am. I request your aid in pulling me free of this doorway. Also, some candy."
No. 136353 ID: 094652

Suddenly, a giant breasted bee-sized bee girl in a bear costume!
... is on a piece of fanart held by Janet as she shows off her dwarf-sized giant sideburns.
No. 136354 ID: 629f2e
File 163498991040.png - (860.82KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-2.png )

At the end of the hall you reach a split path. The hall went further, and there were a number of doors past where you were, but there was also something to your side you couldn’t ignore.

Roger: “Whoa! I’ve never ridden on an elevator before.”
Franklin: “...I don’t think I have either.”
Roger: “We’ve gotta do it. I wanna know what it feels like, even if this is just a dream.”

You press the button on the wall, and wait. After a few seconds, the doors open, and you both step inside. Instead of the large panel of buttons you were expecting, there were only three. Up, Down, Emergency.

Roger: “I think I heard this come from below us. So maybe… The elevator was on a lower floor because that’s where people got off last?”
Franklin: “...Okay.”
Roger: “So if other people went down, that might be a decent place to gather. Why don’t we follow suit?”
Franklin: “I don’t know. Why don’t we?”
Roger: “No, that wasn’t- Just press down.”

He hits the button. The elevator quickly descends, much to your excitement. It feels so weird, you love it! Both of you can’t help but hop up and down in it, the gravity feeling lighter as you go. Part of that may have been due to you being in space though.

The floor creaks ominously a few times as you jump, but the trip goes smoothly.
No. 136355 ID: 629f2e
File 163499003007.png - (888.57KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-3.png )

Finally, the doors open, and you find yourself on a new floor with better lighting. That seems like a good sign, as it’d be weird for people to just be hanging out in the dark.

You step out and start walking, but it isn’t long until you see a few figures at the end of a hall. Since nothing else catches your eyes immediately, you jog towards them (it’s more of a walk for you. Even after slowing your pace, Franklin had trouble keeping up). As they get near enough to make the group out however...

Roger: “Whoa!”
Franklin: “...Those are really good costumes.”

It was like you’d walked onto the set of a movie, because those two were wearing really good costumes. And there was a huge Prop Head the size of a doorway. Really nice quality, you could swear that the eyes were following you all.

The man was like… a Fish Guy? Like, he had scales and kind of fins. If that was a costume, it was the best you’d ever seen. You weren’t sure about the outfit though, what were those clothes supposed to be? Did he combine two costumes or something? He was holding a bowl of what looked like treats, so you would absolutely not say anything about his costume that might make him not want to share.

The woman was sort of… a Bat maybe? She kind of had the ears for it. This one would actually be fitting though, as the outfit was definitely screaming Vampire to you. You decide to jump on that.

Roger: “Hi there Missus! Looks like we’re both vampires, right?”

She gives you a smile, and then winks-

She winked.

The costume head, her mask... just winked.


Your head whips over to the fish guy, looking him over again. That was… No, there was no way those were costumes.

Franklin: “...I’m supposed to be a ghost.”

Franklin did not seem concerned at all, though you weren’t sure if he just hadn’t reached the same conclusion, or didn’t understand how strange it was. This was…

...A dream! Duh!

Your breathing slowly starts to calm down. You were overreacting. Weird animal people were definitely odd, but this was a dream. And they were wearing costumes just like you and Franklin, so they were probably civilized people and not like, monsters or something.

Franklin leans in and whispers to you.

Franklin: “...If he’s a fish, shouldn’t he be in water?”
Roger: “I guess not? The fact that he already isn’t means it’s probably fine.”
Franklin: “Hmm… I’m gonna take candy from him.”

He then steps away from you, walking up to the fish fellow and leaving you with your fellow vampire by the big ol prop head. (Somebody really needed to move that. It was blocking the doorway.)

Roger has gained 8 Fear from culture shock, but 3 Fear was resisted due to a fun elevator experience.
You got lucky with elevator malfunctions, and resisted gaining more Fear.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 5/100
Franklin: 0/100
No. 136356 ID: 39d938
File 163500656518.png - (353.53KB , 800x600 , H2.png )

"Oh hey! If it isn't my dear co-workers! Fancy seeing you here."
>"G'day mate! Blimey bloke!"
"Hey Pascoe. Nice fursuit."
"It isn't a fursuit Ecoa. If we're going by technicality, it's more of a ripped-up curtain, cardboard and wet paint suit."
"So who are you supposed to be then? A rabbit?"
"A space rabbit! A secret agent, with cool regenerative abilities and empathetic sharing powers!"
"Cool, now we can both feel like we're boiling in a stuffy suit. Scary indeed."
"So, who are you supposed to be then?"
"Some character from One Piece. He's pretty cool I guess."
"I didn't think you were the type to watch anime."
"I'm not. One Piece is alright though. JoJo is cool too."
>"Fair dinkum! I reckon' you can't guess who I am!"
"I think we already know."
"We do."
>"I'll give you a hint! I'm looking for crocs to wrestle! And I love me wildlife!
"You can stop now."
>"I sure hope there are no stingrays around 'ere!"
"Too soon, Pilot."
"Anyway, where are you off to?"
"You know me, looking for trouble. Maybe play some pranks, hang out with cool guys. Tricking and or treating."
"Well have a good one. We'll be around. Lots of tall people around here, so try not to get stepped on."


"I'm gonna go find a bunch of toilet paper."
No. 136357 ID: eedbeb
File 163502250450.png - (222.96KB , 1000x900 , a15.png )

Franklin fumbles around his sheet until he gets a hand free. He considers the bowl and takes one of each kind of candy.

“You’ll want to be careful with the haw flakes, young man. Carcinogenic dye.” Mizz Es says kindly.

“Don’t turn the children against me.” Derek squawks. “I ate plenty of flakes as a kid and I didn’t get cancer until I was 60. Also this whole ship is probably leaking heavy metals, a little red food coloring is nothing.”

“Sus.” says Franklin under his breath. Luckily, nobody hears him.
No. 136358 ID: eedbeb
File 163502253050.png - (293.26KB , 1000x900 , a16.png )

Mizz Es turns away to consider the amtsvane stuck in the door. “Goodness, you’re a large girl aren’t you? Do you mind if I work some Halloween magic to make your stay easier?”

“Whatever works, ma’am!”

The eye on Mizz Es’ chest glows red and the amtsvane shrinks by a factor of 2. She works herself out of the door and stands up in the tall corridor, towering above the others.

Mizz Es gives Roger and the amtsvane a selection of king-sized candy bars.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 10/100 (dats a big lizard)
Franklin: 5/100 (dream cancer)

No. 136359 ID: e51896
File 163502640657.png - (147.24KB , 2560x1440 , 0001.png )

From out of the darkness of an ominous laboratory, comes a flower entering the hallway pushing a heavy cooler towards the party goers. Upon reaching an empty table, the flower opens the cooler revealing a bunch of colorful liquids in flasks and jars. After setting up the table, the flower sits at the table and calls out to the people attending the party

Gerbera: “Look everybody, Look! I found some soda to share. Come and take one!

Little does Gerbera and everybody else knows, the soda are actually chemicals that will cause weird temporary effects on anybody who drinks them that will last before, or until the Halloween party ends.
(Drinker accepts all responsibility for effects, side effects and any cavities these sodas will cause)

As with Questden Halloween tradition, we now have a dice rolling game. Roll a 1d30 dice to determine what potion your character will get.

6. BODYSWAP (swap bodies with the first person you touch)
10. MARY KIL’S PARTY PUNCH (instantly become drunk)
11. XENOMORPHINE (instantly get strong hallucinations)
12. RAGING STUNTERY (pull amazing stunts)
13. MIME (silences you)
14. MIMIC (imitate someone perfectly)
16. LAUGHTER (laugh uncontrollably)
17. ANTHRO <-> FERAL SWITCH (if you're anthro, you become feral, and vice-versa. Humans become whatever random animal)
23. CORROSIVE BODY (anything light a person’s body touches dissolves such as clothing or candy. Doesn’t work on walls, floors, windows, or other people)
25. BODY PART ENHANCEMENT (enhances a random body part)
29. FURRYFICATION/HUMANIFICATION (humans become an anthro animal, anthro animals become human)
30. SODA (hey, there's actually soda here after all!)

No. 136360 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163502966059.png - (372.32KB , 1100x1000 , halloween1.png )

In the depths of space, a lone station drifts.
Like space itself was rent asunder for a brief moment - a portal opens up.
A trio of mercenaries show up - to enjoy themselves, for once.
Bearing outfits reflecting past connections, one of the three in particular is much more excited than the others.

"...Are you listening, Argine? I told you, there's-"
"Oh, you have NO IDEA how excited I've been for this! I even had my eyes done up all pretty for the occasion! What's better than a day when you can fight ghosts and other creatures that you don't see any other day of the year?"
Visions (or delusions) of grandeur appear in her head. Of triumphing over the classical four monsters - Pirates, Zombies, Ninjas, and Robots. Being the Queen of Hallo-win.
"Argine, I'm not even sure there's any 'ghosts' here to fight. I know you don't really have much experience with the paranormal, but-"

Too deep into her own little fantasy, the rebel soldier ignores the correction.
"Up-up-up, I ain't hearing that. You seeing this environment? There's NO WAY there's nothing weird about this place at all. There's gotta be SOMETHING to bust. They don't call it Hallo-win if there's nothing to WIN OVER, now do they?"
She raises her hand, about to protest the butchery of phonetics that her friend just displayed, but refrained. After all - for once, she looked like she was having fun!
Instead, the dyed girl turns her attention over to the third companion - the unsettling snake that had insisted on coming along.

"Amica, are you coming in with us? I heard there was drinks provided, though I'm more curious about the chemical composition of the effects, given the reputation these seem to have..."
The amorphous AI grins, her attention fixated on the roof.
"I wonder if I can fit in those vents as well... "
She dismisses the bespectacled girl with a quick wave of a hand.
"Oh, you go on ahead Diagram, I'm far more curious about the décor of this place... perhaps I'll meet up with you later?"

"...We'll go on ahead, then."

And so the trio-turned-duo make their way to the main party area.
"...Do I hear something scrabbling around in the walls?"
No. 136361 ID: f23762
File 163507856545.jpg - (414.27KB , 1296x780 , BB 720.jpg )

Maya Din: Can somebody turn on the light at this space station, I can barely see a thing with this costume.

No. 136362 ID: f23762
File 163507864693.jpg - (232.91KB , 766x702 , BB 721.jpg )

Maya Din: And it doesn't help that I am practically wearing two masks, as for the armorer even if it is lighter them my regular one I have no idea how it was supposed to be used for dancing.

No. 136363 ID: 629f2e
File 163508592581.png - (379.06KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-4.png )

Franklin inserts candy disks into the mouth of his costume, enjoying the haw flakes.

Franklin: “*mnch* *crunch* This is really good.”
Franklin: “Roger, you should try the carcinogenic flakes.”

He looks over, and sees you holding a candy bar of your own. Not wanting to be left out, he walks up to Mizz Es. It only takes a few seconds for him to realize that he wasn't sure how to start without a door between them. After giving it some thought, he lightly raps his knuckles against her leg a few times.

Franklin: “Trick or treat!

She smiles down at him, and deposits a king-sized bar into his hands.

Franklin: “Thank you.”
No. 136364 ID: 629f2e
File 163508623692.png - (932.35KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-5.png )

He grabs your sleeve to get your attention, snapping you out of your trance. You couldn’t help but be distracted by the display of magic that had just taken place, shrinking the big lizard to a still large but more manageable size.

Franklin: “...I’m going to go find more people to ask for candy. Are you coming?”
Roger: “Hm... No, I think I’m gonna stay here for a while actually. If more people are giving out candy though, can you collect for me too?”
Franklin: “...Yes- No... No, I think I’ll forget to do that.”
Roger: “...I could see that. How about I Write it down so you don’t forget.”
Franklin: “...That could work.”

You dig through your bag and pull out a pencil, and use it to write a simple instruction on Franklin’s hand. “Get extra for Roger”. He gives you a thumbs up, and begins to traverse the halls in a different direction, leaving you with the fish dude, magic bat lady, and big lizard.

As he goes, you reach back into your bag and take out a Sketchbook, flipping to an open page. You’re about to start, when you remember that it’s rude to draw people without permission (at least, it is when they can tell you’re doing it). Probably better to ask first, especially since they can do magic. Don’t anger spellcasters, you once lost a character in your tabletop game for angering a necromancer.

Roger: “Excuse me, do any of you guys mind if I draw you? You all look really unique and cool, so I wanna do some sketches.”

Roger has gained 4 Fear after learning the magic was real, but 1 Fear was resisted due to the pure joy of king-sized candy bars.
Franklin gained 5 from leaving Roger and choosing to explore the creepy space station on his own, but 3 Fear was resisted because cancer tastes delicious.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 13/100
Franklin: 7/100
No. 136365 ID: 39d938
File 163508721871.png - (296.98KB , 800x600 , H3.png )

(Rolled a 6)
Pascoe: "Hey, talking office plant, hit me up with some of that free soda! I can drink as much as I want without having to worry about teeth rotting away - because being a three-foot-something beaked cat has its perks. Too bad I gotta take off this costume to pick up and consume stuff."

"Think I'll get red flavour, you can never go wrong. Though I have to wonder when they started serving soda in these weird glass bottles."


"This tastes funny, but I don't want to say anything to sound rude."


"I feel the slight urge to give someone a handshake. Wonder what that's about."
No. 136366 ID: ca2950
File 163509143744.png - (271.90KB , 1024x768 , enshorten.png )

Keimi takes a "soda".

Keimi: "Is there a snack table around here somewhere?"

Rolled: 5

Enshorten juice

The robe billows around her and Keimi stands frozen in horrified realization.
No. 136367 ID: 8483cf
File 163511222253.png - (61.56KB , 549x452 , Hallloween2021-3.png )

Dotti follows her nose to the sweet, sweet smell of sweets. Whoever thought up Trick or Treating was a genius!

She hurries to the center of the action. There’s a human, an amtsvane, some masked creature, and in the corner there’s a flower person, a tiny feather cat person, and an even tinier dog person… but there’s two big people handing out CANDY, which means they’re the only ones that matter.

Dotti sniffs the air between the two competing candy dispensers. The moustached one has delicious carcinogens, but the tall woman has something new and exciting. Something wonderful, sweet, and rich.

Dotti, using her newfound social skills, copies what worked for Franklin. She taps her paw against Mizz Es’s leg twice and gives her biggest, best smile, and does her best to time her words with her lip movements.

Dotti: “Trick or treat!”

Mizz Es: “Well, aren’t you just a delight! However, it looks like all I have are king-sized candy bars. They would be quite bad for you.”

Dotti’s mouth drops open and she completely loses sync with her voice.

Dotti: “But candy is candy! Why does everyone keep telling me not to eat tasty stuff? I can eat anything!”

Mizz Es: “Not everything, I’m afraid. Have you ever had chocolate before?”

Dotti shakes her head and stares at the bars of delicious, delicious chocolate, then shoots an envious glare at Roger.

Dotti: “But… but humans can eat all the chocolate they want! Look at that one!”

Mizz Es: “I am very sorry, but chocolate is quite poisonous for canids. It’s a deadly combination I can’t allow in good conscience.”

Derek: “Ha! Whose candy’s dangerous now,, eh?”

Dotti sniffles. No chocolate allowed? This is just one more reason humans are better than foxes. She reluctantly leaves Mizz Es’s side, holds out her paws and gives Derek a less-than-enthusiastic “Trick or Treat.” He gives her a helping of Milky Chews, Lychee Jelly and Haw Flakes, bringing him closer to the undisputed title of “Best Old Person.”
No. 136368 ID: 8483cf
File 163511223582.png - (130.99KB , 477x545 , Hallloween2021-4.png )

Dotti takes her candy over to Gerbera’s table. She smells soda, but also whiffs of Jotund Juice and Dragon’s Armor. These sodas have mutagens mixed in!

Pascoe waves hello to Dotti, and she waves back. Using the power of LITERACY, she spots the BODY-SWAP label on the bottom of his flask.

She briefly considers swapping bodies with the bird-cat-person in order to taste some chocolate, but there’s no guarantee he would be able to have some either. She just decides to go for broke and ask for what she really wants.

Dotti: “Plant person, do you have any mutagens that will turn me into a human?”

Gerbera: “What’s a mutagen?”

Dotti rolls her eyes and just holds out a paw. Gerbera obliges, and Dotti chugs it down. It’s sweet and tasty!

Dotti waits. And waits, and waits…

Rolled: 30

Plain Old Soda

Nothing happens. Dotti growls.

She stares at Roger as he eats his king-size chocolate candy bar. He notices her staring just as he takes a big bite, and nearly chokes as he tries to figure out what to say.

Roger, muffled through a mouthful of King-Size Candy: “Do you want some?”

Dotti: “Yeah. Very much. But that lady said it would kill me.”

Roger: “Uh. That’s bad.”

Dotti nods. She sniffs the air and sighs.

Roger swallows his bite of candy bar and goes to take another bite, but he stops cold on seeing the hungry look in Dotti’s eyes.

Roger feels funny.

Dotti: “You’re so lucky.”

Roger doesn’t know what to say to that. He lowers the candy bar, and Dotti eyes it longingly.

An evil impulse tempts Roger, and he moves the candy up again as if he’s going to take a bite. Dotti’s ears perk up. Roger moves the candy right, then left, and Dotti’s ears follow the candy.

This is far too much power for Roger to handle. He puts the candy away. Dotti lets out a small whine.

Dotti shakes her head and tries to focus on something other than forbidden chocolate. She spies Roger’s sketchbook.

Dotti: “So what do you like to draw?”

Roger: “Lots of stuff. Landscapes, animals, people …”

Dotti grips her arm and looks down.

Dotti: “Can I ask you to draw something a little weird?”

Roger: “Um. I guess?”

Dotti: “Could you draw me as… as a human?”
No. 136370 ID: ca2950
File 163512113786.png - (243.92KB , 1024x768 , jacking it.png )

Alex comes down the hall and slings an awkwardly large foam sword onto his shoulder.

"Whoa, Kei. What the hell happened to you?" he asks.

Keimi thrashes her arms about in the giant sleeves of her robe.

"What the frick does it look like happened?! They made me tiny!"

"Oh, is that what it is? I could barely tell the difference."

Keimi scowls.

"And what are you wearing? You were supposed to be the fighter guy from Ultimate Delusion!"

"I am," Alex replies.

"The classic one from the original game, not the guy from the edgy remake!"
No. 136374 ID: c92a02
File 163513288055.png - (74.72KB , 1132x800 , boda_is_good.png )

"Ooh! A snack machine!"
No. 136375 ID: c92a02
File 163513288763.png - (107.46KB , 1829x903 , autodrobe_roll_out.png )

"Ooh! Two snack machines!"

The Auto-WarDrobe onboard this station is still functioning! Costume picking made easy for the lazy, indecisive or recently denuded. One size fits all!
The costumes on selection are:

LABORER (with a picture of a robot)
PIT FIGHT MAN (with a picture of a gladiator)
No. 136376 ID: 891ac6
File 163515050157.png - (58.93KB , 1194x800 , 2021_hallowgeoneers.png )

"Are these outfits really necessary?" Moriko says, shifting on the spot.

"They're essential." Deem says to her dungeon's denizen. "And customary, which is much the same thing. Just relax. We are not on the ground, which is simply unconscionable, but you don't see me complaining."

"At least it's dark outside." Deem mutters to herself a few second later. And there's no air either, which is also a plus.

"Everyone here is so strange." Moriko says to the talking rock.

"Go on, mingle a little." Deem says. "If you see a monster, it's a costume or they're from a place where it's not a problem. Maybe try the novelty drinks, that's an icebreaker."

"I don't know if I should follow Hin's example. I've heard stories about these parties..." Moriko says.

"It'll be fine. Now let's split up."
No. 136377 ID: eedbeb
File 163520554270.png - (337.47KB , 1000x900 , a19b.png )

Derek is confident in his chances given the high population of canines on this space ship. After the fox takes some candy he slides over to Pascoe to offer the diminutive creature holding an empty flask his wares.

“Soda?” Gerbera offers.

“Eh?” Derek turns to look at the plant, successfully dodging Pascoe’s curious paw. “Are you sure that’s soda, pal? I know potions when I see them.”

“It’s soda.” Dottie says mournfully.

Convinced by the extremely trustworthy fox, Derek takes a flask and swills the liquid around in his mouth.

Rolled: 28

No. 136378 ID: eedbeb
File 163520555977.png - (289.67KB , 1000x900 , a20.png )


Derek has become strong.
No. 136379 ID: ca2950
File 163521065456.png - (187.88KB , 559x701 , Drinkit.png )

Keimi grabs another bottle and scampers up Alex.

Keimi: "If I'm gonna be all messed up, you're gonna be messed up with me!"

Alex: "Hey! Wait a mi-HURGARGL!"
No. 136381 ID: d1c2d5
File 163523060403.png - (40.53KB , 1000x720 , a_very_scary_dungeoneer_pt2_bottle_tendency.png )

Having instructed her denizen to mingle, Deem moves towards where a flower has set up a drinks stand. She drinks some of the infamous MARY KIL’S PARTY PUNCH.

Beware! Deem is extremely drunk!

"Fwwaaah! This is the stuff! So that's soda huh?"

She leans in on the folding table Gerbera had set up, glassware rattling as it wobbles under the golem's unsteady weight.

"You made it yourself?" she asks Gerbera. Without waiting for a reply she goes on. "Hey you ever wanted to live in a dungeon? Gold! Glory! Good fertiliser! Goo! Ger... ga... g-chin scratches! I bet I could smuggle you out and space'd never know."
No. 136382 ID: ca2950
File 163524461790.png - (126.04KB , 641x767 , wearenumber1.png )

Rolled: 1

Gender Swap

Alex: "Ack! What the heeeeeey? What did you.. How did... I need to find a camera before this wears off..."

Keimi: "Oh that's not fair!"
No. 136383 ID: 5c87b4

lmao, Alexa's got the right idea

might be a problem finding someone to hold the camera tho
No. 136384 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163529401230.png - (262.49KB , 1000x1000 , halloween2.png )

Somewhere in the distance, a purple blob makes its way into the ventilation ducts.
Unfortunately, this narrative framing device is much more concerned about the A-plot of this scenario, so instead it's following the other two individuals as they make their way over to the flower who's handing out drinks.

"Awww yeah, free drinks!", proclaims the boisterous bruiser, as she grabs the two containers with the prettiest colours.
Her recoloured friend cries out in protest.
"Argine, wait, those are all unidentified-"
But it was too late, as her friend had already started chugging unknown substances.

Having resigned herself to being the equivalent of a pet-walker walking a creature larger than herself, Diagram selects a transparent bottle, tucking it away somewhere within the folds of her coat.
"Please, a-at least slow down! You don't know what's in those!"

Argine only pauses briefly, coloured fluid dripping down the sides of her lips.
"You kidding? The facility doesn't have anything but water and fruit juice! I'm getting as much as I can!"

Unfortunately for her, 'as much as I can' is going to be far less than what's been boasted.

Argine has imbibed two different potions of random qualities, ignoring standard safety procedure!
Diagram, employing common sense, is instead holding onto her potion for potential future shenanigans!
(Rolled numbers were [25, 19, 10])
No. 136385 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163529404721.png - (300.49KB , 1000x1000 , halloween3.png )

The effects make themselves known almost immediately after Argine downs her second vial.

Argine is absolutely smashed.
"Ooough... that's a lotta colours..."
She sways around and comes to a stop on one of the nearby walls, leaning against it for support.

"Maaaaaaan, Diagram, y-you really gotta try this shtuff."
She hiccups, and a little colour seems to drain from her body.

"A-Argine, what's happening to you?"

"I'm having a good time, that's what, you tomato. Ha ha h-!"
No. 136386 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163529407394.png - (238.12KB , 1000x1000 , halloween3part2.png )

She leans back further, and with the poise of an inebriated bird, falls right through the wall.

"A-aah! Where'd you go?!"
Diagram panics, having lost control of her second charge.
"No, no, no... I promised Jin that I'd watch over those two tonight! What am I going to do?"
She scurries off, in search of her two missing friends.

Argine is now a ghost.
Until it wears off, she'll probably be terrorizing people by accident.
No. 136387 ID: 629f2e
File 163529688420.png - (762.93KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-6.png )

Roger: “Huh? As a Human?

The fox girl nods.

Roger: “...Wouldn’t you rather get a drawing of you the way you look now? You’re way cooler than a boring old human.”
Roger: “Plus, I’m better at drawing things that I actually see. So I don’t know if…”

You pause as her ears fold over and she looks down sadly. Her shoulders tremble- was she starting to Cry!? Abort! Abort mission! You cannot make a girl cry Roger!

Roger: “S-So just you as a human then? Yeah, that’s um… I can probably make it work. So… please don’t get upset.”
Roger: “It won’t be my best work, but I promise to try my best.”

She cheers up quickly, and you wonder for a second if she was being genuine or if you’d just been played for a fool. Oh well, you said you were gonna do it, so it was too late to back out.

Roger: “By the way, what’s your name?”
Dotti: “It’s Dotti.
Roger: “Nice to meet you. I’m Roger."

You flip past the sketches of the bat lady and the big lizard you’d been working on before. Thankfully you’d done enough that you would be able to complete them later. Or... You would be able to if this wasn’t a dream. Darn, and you really liked those sketches too.

It's tempting to just draw a girl from your class in the clothes that she was wearing, but that didn’t seem right. Somehow you needed to make this look like her, but a human.

As you begin to sketch out a base, you try to make conversation.

Roger: “Y’know, I have a friend who can’t eat chocolate either.”
Dotti: “He can’t?! That doesn’t make sense. Humans can eat chocolate. Is he a different kind of human?”
Roger: “No, he’s a regular human. He just has a pretty bad allergy to milk, so he can’t have anything made with it. Chocolate, cheese, butter, ice cream.”
Dotti: “He can’t eat cinnamon rolls?”
Roger: “Nope. I don’t think he can eat nuts either, so he has to be really careful about what he eats.”

Dotti recoils slightly.

Dotti: “That sounds horrible.”
Roger: “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be him. I’d be dead by lunch when I have my PB&J and wash it down with milk.”

It was weird that she wasn’t moving her mouth to talk, you definitely found it off putting at first. But watching her features silently react to you was pretty funny. She was fun to talk to.

As you finish putting detail on the head, you pause and look at her again. Your eyes glance down over her dress.

Roger: “Are you supposed to be Dorothy?
Dotti: “No, I’m Dotti.”
Roger: “Your costume, I mean.”

She looks down at herself, her face scrunching up in confusion.
Dotti: “Costume? These are just the clothes Landi told me to wear. Or are you calling me by my full name now?”
Roger: “Your full name?
Dotti: “Dorothea. But I like Dotti better.”
Roger: “Um. That’s one very big coincidence, but I’m pretty sure Landi based your clothes on The Wizard of Oz. You even have the ruby slippers.”
Dotti: “They’re Magic! I can use them to go home.”
Roger: “That’s what they do in the movie! You’re totally Dorothy!”
Dotti: “What’s a movie?”
Roger: “A story with moving pictures.”
Dotti: “Oh, so an illusion! Oh no. This feels like something Landi would do to mess with me. What was Dorothy like in that story? Was she gross, or evil, or somebody I don’t want to be dressed as? Or… sort-of named after?”
Roger: “You’ve never seen it? It’s an old classic, I thought every kid had heard of it by now.”
Roger: “Dorothy’s not bad or anything, she’s just a normal girl who tries to go home to Kansas. I don’t think it’s a bad costume. And Dorothea isn’t Dorothy’s full name- she’s just Dorothy.”
Dotti: “Oh, that’s good. I was worried Landi was making fun of me again.”
Roger: “Anyways, I brought it up because this isn’t what you normally wear, right? Should I draw you in something else then?”

She stops to think about it. Then she motions for me to hand over my sketchbook, and draws a dress on a blank page. It wasn’t too bad, I didn’t think she could draw that well.

Roger: “Got it. I just need to draw this over the base then.”

It wasn’t too different from what she was wearing right now that you needed to redo your base sketch. You draw the Polka-Dot dress and apron over it, and clean up the drawing while making more small talk.
No. 136388 ID: 629f2e
File 163529695250.png - (300.63KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-7.png )

Finally, you clean up the last stray lines and flip it over to show her.

Roger: “Is this okay?”

Dotti’s eyes go wide. She grabs the sketchbook and just stares for a minute, completely lost in her own world.

Roger: “Um. I can change it if you don’t like it.”
No. 136389 ID: 629f2e
File 163529698886.png - (1.04MB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-8.png )

Dotti jolts upright and shakes her head in a firm rebuttal. She looks down at the picture, then up at you, but doesn’t- or can’t- find the words. After a moment of obvious struggling, she gives up and launches herself right at you, Hugging as tight as she can.

You don’t scream. The scream travels up your throat, but you successfully cut it off at the mouth.

She’s so warm. Don’t say that. Don’t say she’s warm, that’s rude, or weird, or something. Her fur feels really nice- STOP!

Through the chaos in your mind, one thought bubbles up to the surface.

“This is really nice.”

Oh my gosh, you were becoming a middle schooler. This is how it happens, a cute girl hugs you and then girls are all you can think about. It’s already infected you! You just admitted that she was really cute!

...You’re just standing there. She’s been hugging you for at least five seconds now, and you’ve just been standing there shellshocked like an idiot, haven’t you? Do something!

Roger: “Um-”

NO! Anything other than talking! Do not let any of these thoughts spill out!

In your quest to do something right, you robotically move your arms to wrap them around her, squeezing her back. Not too hard, not too little, a perfectly normal amount. She will think you’re normal if you squeeze her exactly this much, you’re sure of it.

She lets up the pressure, and your mind snaps back to attention. You quickly release her and let her pull back. As she stops touching you, your brain starts to return to its normal functions. In the span of a few seconds, everything has gone back to normal, and you realize that you’ve been acting like an idiot for no good reason. You silently pray that she didn’t notice, that your face wasn’t redder than a tomato, and that you would not be this way with girls any time you were hugged in the future.

Dotti reluctantly hands the sketchbook back, but it’s obvious she doesn’t want to let the drawing out of her sight. She hunches her shoulders tight, trying to form words, but it fails her again. She takes a deep breath, paws clenched in frustration- but then she lets it go in a long, deep sigh.

Roger: “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.”

She looks at Roger and smiles. The faintest scent of cinnamon passes through the air, and the space station’s lights seem brighter, somehow.

Roger: “Here-”

You gingerly grab the page, and tear it out of your book, handing it over to Dotti.

Roger: “It won’t be there when I wake up, and it makes you happy. You should keep it!”

She smiles wide, and clutches it against her chest. Even if she doesn’t say anything, you can tell by the look in her eyes just how much it means to her. You don’t know why, Dotti hadn’t really explained it, but all that matters is that you were able to make her happy. Your art did that. It was a real confidence booster.

...Unfortunately, it’s outweighed by your mind’s repeated play-by-play of that hug, which has you holding your hat over your face in utter humiliation.

Roger has gained 40 Fear, 30 of which spawned directly from the hug.
Dotti has left Roger with “Funny Feelings”, which is going to blossom into interesting tastes when he really starts getting interested in women.
Roger is wishing he was dead right now.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 53/100
Franklin: ???/100 (You haven’t seen him for a bit)
No. 136393 ID: c92a02
File 163531490630.png - (144.19KB , 891x1196 , shes_got_your_back.png )

Everything suddenly gets larger to Trayzeri! All in all, it's still pretty small though. "Thank you, and enjoy the evening." She wanders off to the soda bar, where a strange astronaut is hitting on a sunflower. These potions look kinda familiar... Best not to tempt fate.

The astronaut looks unsteady on her feet, so she puts out a hand to steady her.

:trayzeri: "It is a little early to go home, is it not? You should probably equip your helmet before you go outside. It would be a shame if an... accident were to occur."

She turns her head towards Gerbera. "Nice flower costume. Are you a botanist by trade?"
No. 136394 ID: a7a3a1
File 163534119466.png - (31.79KB , 1080x700 , run_kobold.png )

The cutebold runs. He runs for he knows the vents are no longer safe. He has seen the monster, dripping slime and coiling its amorphous mass between the walls.

And it has seen him.

"Weghhh!" the monster calls wetly, slapping its limbs against the sides of the vents for purchase and hauling itself after him.

The cutebold runs for he knows he is dressed as something delicious.

No. 136395 ID: a7a3a1
File 163534126789.png - (53.98KB , 1080x700 , out_of_shape_alice.png )

If only the kobold would wait!

Alice squeezes her protean body through the vents after the kobold, as it looks like it knows what its doing. It's shaped a little like a xotl. Does it taste like a - no! Alice is supposed to be at a party!

As a quest protagonist stuck trying to escape from an alien base where everything wants to kill her, and someone who has been science experimented into being a flesh eating mutant, Alice cherishes these outings.

Is the kobold a party invitee? Is that why it's dressed as a taco? She has to get to the party. And all her friends will be there because they can appear in crossovers because none of them died and they just got separated.

Alice is amorphous and ill-defined, feeding tendrils fanning out and probing for passages, engulfing anything that looks tasty that's not a person. That's fine this place was abandoned anyway. Her noodliness is getting out of hand.

It's fine, she just has to pull herself together when she finds the party. And figure out a costume. It's fine, everything's going to be OK.
No. 136396 ID: eedbeb
File 163537032739.png - (280.49KB , 1000x900 , a23.png )

Derek flexes his new hands. A strong, metal body! He hasn’t felt this good since he was a young fish throwing sacks of grub eggs around.

“Somebody who is not a child, fight me.” he roars, tearing his 80s costume off with his bare hands. “Also please take some candy.”
No. 136406 ID: 629f2e
File 163541317706.png - (411.94KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-9.png )

Franklin examines the flasks laid out on the table. He’d never had soda out of a containers like them before. They were glass though, so it couldn’t be too different from the glass bottles they have at the grocery store. He looks over at the Flower Girl, engaged in a different conversation. In spite of this, he rudely cuts in.

Franklin: “Trick or treat!”
Flower Girl: “Ah, sorry, I don’t have any candy. Feel free to take some soda though.”
Franklin: “Okay...”

He pauses, lifting his hand to look at a note scrawled on it.

Franklin: “...Can I take Extra for my friend?”
Flower Girl: “Go right ahead.”

The downside to getting soda from flasks is that they didn’t have brand labels. Some of them had boring text labels on their side, but the words were too big for Franklin to read, let alone understand. The liquids come in a lot of different colors, so he thinks to try identifying them based on those.

He picks up a small cup of fizzing green liquid. After giving it a sniff, he looks at it closely.

Franklin: “...This could be Ginger Ale.

Aside from asking the flower lady, which he hadn’t thought to do, there was only one thing to try. So without giving it a second thought, he pours the drink down his throat.
No. 136407 ID: 629f2e
File 163541321901.png - (650.68KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-10.png )

[ 22. Zombification ]

Franklin is brought back from the dead!
No. 136409 ID: 629f2e
File 163541335239.png - (594.72KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-11.png )

As such, he is no longer a ghost.

Franklin: “...Aw. Now I can’t trick or treat. Unless I can find a new costume.”
Franklin: “...Do space stations have bedsheets and scissors?”

Before walking away, he grabs a flask of something red for Roger. It looked kind of like Fruit Punch, Roger’s favorite.

[ 11. Xenomorphine ]

He’s going to love it!

Franklin has gained 10 Fear due to his new inability to not collect candy
Franklin previously acquired 12 Fear on his own through wandering empty halls.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 53/100
Franklin: 29/100
No. 136419 ID: c92a02
File 163556894318.png - (263.18KB , 800x600 , casually_approach_amtsvane.png )

Phew, all this wandering the floor's got me exhausted. This costume's pretty stuffy to boot. I'll just rest against this weird looking pillar and catch my breath.
No. 136420 ID: c92a02
File 163556894714.png - (218.11KB , 800x600 , pause_with_anticipation.png )

Huh, this is different! I feel... bigger? Smoother? Toothier? Everyone's so far away. -Wait, this means... "Haha, I'm the giant one now!"
No. 136421 ID: c92a02
File 163556896158.png - (258.48KB , 800x600 , open_the_door.png )

"Wow, look at me! I'm so adorably tiny!"

:trayzeri: I noticed that, yes. I take it you are the owner of this body?

"Yep! Promise you I'll bring this one right back! Right after I ride some rollercoasters."

:trayzeri: Where would you... Never mind, I am sure you will figure it out.
No. 136427 ID: c92a02
File 163564092955.png - (68.37KB , 1000x662 , amica_sus.png )

"Oh serpent of the vents, what is your wisdom?"

"I can tell you aren't wearing any underwear from down here."

"I- wh- I had a wardrobe malfunction on the way here, alright?!"

"By the way, I'd be careful standing next to that grille if I were you."
No. 136428 ID: c92a02
File 163564093228.png - (208.16KB , 1189x1106 , three_blind_vines.png )

"Huh? -Ah!"

Some part of Alice has found the party! And f- and a friend! And a source of costumes! Really, fate's being almost too generous.

Tineola stays very still so as to not provoke the tendrils. Maybe they're just being friendly.
No. 136432 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163571946908.png - (1.38MB , 1440x1000 , halloweenFIGHT.png )

The ghost of a lonesome soldier wanders these abandoned halls...
Since five minutes ago.

Stumbling through walls, spooking unfortunate passers-by, truly the work of a dangerous spirit.
Dangerously drunk, that is.

Fate however, has certain plans in store for this soldier-turned-specter - as she comes across the first entry on her list of asses to kick.
Another victim of happenstance and haphazard workplace chemical safety practices. From her perspective, it's like the whole room is filled with sizable fish-androids who need to be shown who's boss.
It is like she's talking through a layer of margarine. The words don't quite come out right.
"THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE-one... kind of spooky THING in the uhh, space thinghy. Y-*hic*-you, you and me, let's take it around town, bring it down toni-TONIGHT!"

She puts up her fists, which wobble as she tries to remain upright. It's a wonder she hasn't fallen through the floor yet!
Of course, her challenge does not go unnoticed. Eager to test his new-found, steely strength out - the fishbot prepares for battle - and neither participant is sure about how things'll go.
Who knows if fists can even connect, when one participant is ethereal?
No. 136433 ID: eedbeb
File 163573658940.png - (284.52KB , 1000x900 , a25.png )

Argine may be drunk on mysterious space liquor, but Derek is drunk on his overwhelming power. He swings at the alien, and to his surprise, passes clear through and slams his fist into the wall.

“That all you got you fish? I can take all ten of you!”

Argine jabs at Derek’s snout with a flurry of strikes. Derek shrieks a challenge and responds in kind. Both utterly fail to hit each other.

After a few minutes of wasted violence, Derek’s body beeps in distress. It’s overheating from all the fighting.
No. 136434 ID: eedbeb
File 163573660365.png - (255.57KB , 1000x900 , a26.png )

Derek finally falls, robot body failing internally. Mizz Es appears like a benevolent angel in the hallway to witness his final moments.

“Was I…the best?” Derek says weakly, clutching Mizz Es’ sleeve.

“You did give away more candy than I did, so by your interesting criteria, yes.” Mizz Es replies.

Digital tears leak from Derek’s eyes before his face screen goes dark and his hand drops to the floor with a clank.
No. 136435 ID: cf7ec3

Franklin two-timed and got candy from Mizz E too.
No. 136436 ID: ca2950
File 163576548267.png - (236.11KB , 1024x768 , spook.png )

A swirling, iridescent portal bursts open in the bowels of the station and begins spewing out otherworldly creatures.

Inky: "Time to enact my devious machinations to bring about the downfall of these fleshy creatures!"

Blinky: "Screw that! Time to start picking them off one by one and murdering them in gross and interesting ways until there's only one left!"

Pinky: "No! We must violate all the pretty girls! And the pretty boys! And the household appliances! And the more interesting architecture!"

Clyde: "I'm going to take a nap."
No. 136439 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163590920330.png - (272.76KB , 1000x1000 , halloween4firsthalf.png )

After a quick bout of helpful suggestions to a nearby arthropod - Amica comes face to face with a fellow amorphous individual slithering around in the vents.

"Hey hey! Come here often?"
Alice's tendrils reach out towards the new person's purple mass, before recoiling in disgust.
Tastes like mercury.
She is bemused by this development, coming back to her senses for a moment.
"You wouldn't happen to have seen a... taco running around, would you?"

Of course, the brief moment she helped adjust the fashion sense of one of the party-goers caused her to lose sight of the prize, of those hard-shelled, fleshy little gremlins running around in the vents. In retrospect, she probably should have asked that pink princess-like individual where the party was at.

"Who, me? I think I remember seeing one go around the corner before."
This was a truth in its own right. Alice attempts to peer around the side, to try and glean the strange snake's full form - but Amica quickly changes the subject, a coy flutter in her eyes.
"But you're looking for the party, right? Head through that vent, I'm sure they're having a lovely time out there."

Alice nods - how'd this strange purple being know where she wanted to be? Doesn't matter. Her friends (and the free food) were waiting for her. In the dark, it wasn't like she'd be able to see her entirety anyway.
"May I ask for your name?"
The mutant responds, somewhat distracted by the thoughts of sustenance. Meat.
"It's Alice."
"Oh, what a nice name! You can call me Amica. But go on without me - I've still got business here."

And so, Alice drops through the vent, a fleshy splat and trail of flesh following her wherever she went.
No. 136440 ID: 5bf1bd
File 163590924180.png - (109.18KB , 1000x1000 , halloween4secondhalf.png )

Once Alice had left, Amica curses to herself.
"Aww. I knew I should've had my head-flower on display, she might've liked that."
She sighs, a grin on her face.
"Heh heh. I wonder if I'll see her again?", the SAI wonders to herself. Her captive squirms around in her amorphous mass - still alive, but now being used as a living battery.
Perhaps she'd follow the one that she saw go around the corner? These little things couldn't escape from her 'hugs', that's for sure.
With her cosplay tucked away in the recesses of her mass - perhaps she'd rejoin the party once she gets her fill.
No. 136441 ID: 629f2e
File 163598772121.png - (1.05MB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-12.png )

While walking down the halls, Franklin stumbles upon the solution to his problems. He reads the labels on the machines carefully.

Franklin: “...Nope. No ghost costumes.”
Franklin: “I guess I could go as something else.”
???: “Mmn~”
Franklin: “...?”

He walks a little closer to the sound he heard, and ends up seeing a big pink Butterfly. She was standing very still, as weird vines crawled along her body, wrapping tightly around her limbs and digging below her scant apparel.

Franklin: “...Can you wait a little. I’ll have a costume on in a minute, and then I can say trick or treat.”
Butterfly: “Ah, sorry, I don’t have any- ah~ -candy.”

She was making a funny face and sweating. Franklin was confused.

There was also a head attached to the vines, and it was just sort of staring at him, its eyes trying to send some sort of message that he just wasn't receiving. He was confused by the head, but mostly because he wasn’t sure if he should also ask whether it had candy or not. Probably not, it didn't look like it had pockets.

Franklin: “...What are you doing?”
Butterfly: “N-Nothing! Don’t worry about me.”
Franklin: “...Okay. What are those vines doing though?”
Franklin: “They’re kind of hovering around places our teacher says not to let strangers touch us on. They aren’t strangers, are they?”
Butterfly: “That’s good advice, but I’m- Mmmmmmmnnnn~”

She moans, panting with breath silently as he just stares at her.

Franklin: “.........”
Butterfly: “You… should get your costume... and leave…”
Franklin: “.........Kay.”

He quickly inputs the number for the Scientist costume on the machine, watching as all the elements to the costume fall out. He collects them into a bundle and gives one more glance at the butterfly lady and vines.

Franklin: “...I guess I’ll go?”
Butterfly: “B-Bye- Mph~”

Her eyes roll back in her head, as she lets out a loud-
No. 136442 ID: 629f2e
File 163598782137.png - (904.49KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-13.png )

You don’t see him, as you hold your hat over your face in ashamed agony, but you hear his footsteps and look up.

Franklin reappears dressed in an entirely different costume. You would have asked about it, but you were more curious about the burning face buried in his hands.

Roger: “Uh… Franklin?”
Franklin: “...PG-13...
Roger: “Huh?”
Franklin: “We should stay around here. The things in that direction aren’t for kids our age.”
Roger: “What are you talking about? Did something happen?”
Franklin: “...”

He didn’t say. You decided you were going to listen to him.

You were still flustered from your experience with Dotti, so you both just stand there with red faces together. Shame liked company, so it was a little better than before at least.

Roger has gained 15 Fear over further stewing on his shame.
Franklin has gained 69 Fear from age-inappropriate content.
Franklin has received “Funny Feelings”, which is going to blossom into Interesting tastes when he finds his first ever tentacle comic from Japan.
Franklin is now a scientist.

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: 68/100
Franklin: 98/100
No. 136443 ID: 629f2e
File 163598789336.png - (1.31MB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-14.png )

When Franklin seems to calm down, he looks at you curiously.

Franklin: “...Didn’t you have fangs?”
Roger: “Huh? Oh, yeah, I forgot I had those and accidentally ate them with my chocolate.”
Franklin: “...Our costumes just aren’t holding up today.”
Franklin: “...Oh right! Here-”

He holds up the kind of flask your teacher uses in science class.

Franklin: “I got some soda for you.”
Roger: “Thanks. What kind is it?”
Franklin: “Fruit punch I think. They weren’t labelled.”
Roger: “Huh… Well the liquid is red.”

You lift the flask up to your lips, letting the liquid pour down your throat.

It dawns on you immediately that this is not fruit punch.

Roger has consumed the Xenomorphine, and will be beset by hallucinations! Suggestions on what those hallucinations are will be accepted here and on Discord. At the end, a hallucination will be randomly selected from all suggestions and a few of the author's.
No. 136444 ID: c92a02

No. 136445 ID: 8483cf

Roger starts seeing in COLOR! How terrifying!
No. 136446 ID: f8fa51

But all the wrong colours.
No. 136449 ID: 1b315e

Everyone is an alien! Especially Franklin.
No. 136460 ID: 11f77a
File 163614064377.png - (634.52KB , 930x725 , halloween_1.png )

Key: "Oh, hey Driga. I thought you had something important going on."

Driga: "It's nothing. I've just been... occupied... all up in my ship. Between jobs, you know. Guess it's been a while since I stretched my legs."

Driga: "A pirate again, I see."

Key: "I never figured you the type to go to parties. Let alone in a costume. What are ya supposed to be anyway?"
No. 136461 ID: 11f77a
File 163614065613.png - (519.41KB , 930x725 , halloween_2.png )

Driga: "Costume?"
No. 136469 ID: c92a02
File 163619208786.png - (91.85KB , 1154x662 , ghosts_of_christmas_impending.png )

Despite having her stature greatly reduced (again), Trayzeri finds her conversational abilities greatly increased as she navigates a forest of easy-to-draw legs and bedsheets.

:trayzeri: "Your jumpsuit is... efficient. I wish this suit had pockets."

:momg_camera: "Thank you. Your costume is... very transformative?"

:trayzeri: "That is certainly one way to describe it."

The pair maintain awkward eye contact for several moments before the peanut gallery chimes in.

"Just kiss already!"
"That's not happening without a ladder."
"Not with that attitude!"
No. 136470 ID: c92a02
File 163619210360.png - (104.67KB , 1000x662 , small_talk.png )

"Oh, hello little soldier bunny!"

:trayzeri: "Hello. I am actually Trayzeri. The owner of this costume is over there, trying not to trip over people."

"Ohhh, Tracy! So glad you could make it! I was just about to grab a drink, want one?"

:trayzeri: "No thank you. Every time someone drinks one, I seem to get smaller."
No. 136471 ID: c92a02
File 163619211153.png - (105.71KB , 1000x662 , smaller_talk.png )

*Rolled 3: GROWTH*

:Trayzeri: "I rest my case."
No. 136475 ID: 629f2e
File 163635066216.png - (271.30KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-15.png )

This wasn’t fruit punch. It tasted like sour watered down lemonade, without even a hint of sweetness to wash it down. You wanted to spit it out, but felt compelled to chug the remainder of the beverage.

As you swallow the last drops of liquid, your eyes start to itch. You put the flask down and start to rub them, but when they open again...

It was... Bright. Almost too bright, your eyes shut again instinctively. You force them open, looking forward again. It’s still too much, but you’re able to just barely squint and try to see. After a few seconds, your nearly closed eyes open wide, taking it all in.

For the first time in your life you understood that you'd been living in the dark. The greyscale life that you once saw color in, filled with hues you’d never before seen. The black and white which gave way to reds, blues, yellows, and so much more.

Roger: "It's... Is this real?"
Franklin: "...?"

You turn to Franklin, staring at him. His shirt was... green. You knew that, but only now could you really see it.

You laugh, it was all so clear. How had you not seen it before? You had known that these walls were red, but only now did you understand what that meant. The dull rusted metal, a color that spoke to you of the passage of time. It was incredible. You wonder if this feeling is anything like when a child first gets glasses.

Franklin: "Roger?"

Franklin gets your attention. That drink- whatever it was- he had to try it. He had to see!

Wait... how do you know that he can’t? After all, just because you couldn't before doesn’t mean he can’t? But how would you even start to ask that?

...You felt weird. It was like your mind was floating-



Roger: "It's... It's just a dream."
Franklin: "...Yes?"
Roger: "This isn't... real?"

No. No! It was more real than anything you'd ever experienced. Not real...? This has to be real. Because you couldn't go back. Not after seeing this!

Roger gains 32 Fear as a result of his hallucination.
Roger’s Fear has hit 100!
Franklin gains 2 Fear out of concern for his friend.
Franklin’s Fear has hit 100!

Party Fear Levels:
Roger: MAX
Franklin: MAX
No. 136476 ID: 629f2e
File 163635073345.png - (284.81KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-16.png )

...Your body felt... heavy...

Roger: "No -N-No! I don't want to go! I can see! I can finally see! I don't wanna- I don't wanna!"

You cry a hopeless rebuke, as your consciousness begins to stir. The ties that held you frayed, before severing entirely.

The last sight to cross your eyes was Franklin's panicked expression. And then...
No. 136477 ID: 629f2e
File 163635090202.png - (643.74KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-17.png )


You were lying in bed. Looking through your regular eyes, upon a regular world. The revelation brought upon by the drink is a distant memory. It was fresh enough to make tears well up in your eyes, but impossible to comprehend as you did in the dream.

You saw color... What did that even mean? You always saw color, were you just not seeing it in the dream? And then like, you saw them again...? It was too confusing.

Quietly, so as not to wake your parents, you crawl out of bed and grab the sketchbook out of your bag. Flipping it open to an empty page, you begin to draw. The memories were already starting to leave you, becoming fuzzy and indistinct, but too many cool things happened in that dream to not draw something. Even just one, just a single good memory.
No. 136478 ID: 629f2e
File 163635097779.png - (545.68KB , 1000x1000 , HalloweenX-18.png )

There was really only one option. Out of all the weird aliens you spent time with, you had the best time with Dotti, even if she did leave you a mess when she departed. Your hand begins moving automatically.

Minutes pass as you toil, finding yourself deep in the zone. The lines seem to come naturally, as you're able to keep every detail about her in mind despite not having her present as reference. Eventually, the finished work stares back at you, a warm feeling filling your chest as you look at it.

You'd never forget completely. Even if you couldn't remember every encounter, or the colors, or if the conversations you had vanished from your head, you would still have this. A memento of a good dream. That's the power of art.

...You were getting too sappy over things that didn't really happen. And was it really this late? Okay, time for artists to go to sleep.

After all, tomorrow was Game Night! You'd have to be rested and ready for all the fun you'd have with your friends.

You can just tell it's going to be a Wonderful day.

And with that, Roger and Franklin are no longer present in the space station to interact with.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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