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File 162452942558.png - (80.00KB , 500x500 , questdisTopic.png )
135736 No. 135736 ID: afe7de

Since I'm running two Quests I thought, hey, time to make a new QUESTDIS.
For those of you not in the know, I’m EDMANGO, and I’m running CATALYST and SHARDS.

You can read up on my Quests Here

Feel free to theorize and talk about em. I’ll also answer any questions I see here that aren’t too spoilery like on the last thread.

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No. 136073 ID: f4981a

Yeah in it's current iteration I can see Catalyst running for 7 more threads.

There are not too many loose threads in Lyst to bog us down. - Good
We are assembling a crew, which will narrow the narrative focus AND reduce our waffling. -Good
Polyamorous relationships have proven to reduce Coxxwetting - good

Cat is way too powerful. - Bad
The apocalypse was introduced too early. - Very, very Bad

Cat's power isn't scalable with the long timeframe you intended for this quest.
This is exacerbated by the high stakes. Cat MUST use his power. Every day he sleeps with energy remaining is a day wasted.

Once the crew is assembled Cat can worry less about abduction. The anonymous thing shouldn't matter much in the long run.

Over the minimum period of three months, if Cat is being responsible he should have DOZENS of Awakened minor characters and animal familiars. If we take the Awaken items mutation replace some of those with minor artifacts.

At best it's gonna make back end administration a nightmare.
At worst it's going to put us in a "prepping" loop and you'll burn out long before we get to play with the toys.

That said you are on the cusp of having everything you need for a straightforward super-powered dungeon romp, and perhaps a straight forward super hero team adventure after that.

Unless you want to depower Cat (or alter the setting such that his power isn't super useful) I propose that an Asteroid Quest style permanent perspective change. We could play as a character or characters we power up. (You could even kill off or damsel-ify Cat of you wanted to be extra spicy.)

That would preserve the setting and characters, give us suggestors the feeling that our actions paid off, narrow the narrative enough for you to control how long this takes, and maybe change things up enough to stave off burn-out for a bit.
No. 136074 ID: a2493c

I'd argue cats power isn't op given the stakes we're up against. rather, it's as much a danger to us as it is a help thanks to agencies like the guild. like I said on the thread, this seems to be shaping into an intrigue plot thriller.
No. 136075 ID: 031458

>>136073 (me)
Oh the story's deffo shaping up well, and Cat isn't terribly op for US. Not yet at least.
But think of the logistics.
If Cat awakens 1 person/animal/roach a day that's 30 new superpowers he has access to per month. That could easily balloon to hundreds by the time the apocalypse happens. And that says nothing of the item awakening mutation. Catalyst has worked so far because we've been at our absolute weakest and most vulnerable.
Things are going to speed up soon.
No. 136077 ID: afe7de

Speeding up CATALYST is definitely unavoidable id say. I already planned for the dungeon to take place over a few months with each update being a chunk of a day until you beat the final boss, then it would skip around to important events, and prep work for the final boss fight.

I do like the idea of doing a POV change though. Rn I’m thinking finishing this thread and reaching a sort of conclusion on most of the major plot threads you have, or at least enough of a conclusion you feel like you were making some progress.

Then I’ll probably drop CATALYST for a while. POLTERGEIST has that PABE quest he wants to run, so that’ll be Catalyst tangential for a while, and then after I do another quest or two (I wanna do something short text form Tippler style) I can review and see where I can take Catalyst.
No. 136084 ID: e51896

Just gonna drop something I discovered:




particularly the phrase: "MAY YOUR PASSION INCITE CHANGE" said in both these instances.

Maybe Cat is a reincarnate?
No. 136085 ID: f8fa51

Oh snap!

I believe the phrase refers to the fact that karma is gained by having an impactful life, so it's not necessarily directly related to reincarnates so much as someone who knows about karma. Which, admittedly, is probably someone that has something to do with reincarnation.
No. 136091 ID: 96c896

I don't think so. EDMANGO said that Cat's dimension is a shitty one where nobody reincarnates into normally.
No. 136095 ID: afe7de

Yeah most people don't reincarnate into that one, maybe there's a small number cause randomness, but its unlikely.

People could potentially study Karma, and know about that in a macro sense, but actually manipulating it is hard.

If we had to calculate the odds, finding a karma cultivator in this world is like 1/10^1000000000 power or something like that. It's hard to find. And the chance of them being on faunus are even higher.

Also there could be religions that believe in that kind of thing or have that as their tagline. Not Ratiolatry, but maybe the one specific goddess worshiping one. There's many options for what it means and it doesn't directly have to be because of a reincarnate.
No. 136097 ID: afa6f6

Maybe theres more to the whole Goddess thing then we know. After all, people refer to it even in other worlds if Shards is anything to go on. Maybe she just usually doesn't get involved and Cat is an exception.

Anyway, I told myself I wasnt going to do anymore Artifact suggestions until there was a new Catalyst thread and here we are sooo...

High Tier Artifacts:

Liquid Death: The essence of demise and entropy, condensed into a fluid and filtered into an ornate and stoppered black bottle. If you do not wish for something to die, its best not to open it at all. A single drop on any organic matter is all it takes for the affected instantly fall dead, and no amount of resistance or immunity to toxic substances will mitigate it. A drop on any already dead matter or inorganic matter causes it to quickly rot and deteriorate until the point of nonexistence. Allowing any of it to touch bare land will render a sizeable area around the contact point cursed and unable to sustain life for many years.

Your Best Friend: A Homely stuffed doll. When ownership is taken or given, manifests a seemingly imaginary friend, based on traits the owner desires and/or admires, which exists to comfort and protect the owner. Though only visible to the owner, the being is quite real and can interact with the world, though its bound to a certain distance to the artifact. The being manifests powers and abilities based on the owners imagination, and the limit of that power seems to only be the limits of that imagination, so it becomes vastly more powerful in the hands of someone not overly held down by belief in whats possible, like a children. Even beyond the physical protection, it remains a great tool for easing stress, trauma and other mental issues that might plague the owner. The imaginary friend being is linked to the users mind.

Tabula Rasa Device: A high tech, vaguely oval shaped handheld device seemingly similar to a grenade. when held it can be store energy by draining it from the holder.
When powered and thrown, the device releases a weak shockwave and flash of light, the radius of which increases based on the amount of energy stored.
For the entirety of the area touched by the wave released by the device, all knowledge and information is wiped from existence. Minds are rendered devoid of thought or memory, writings, letters and numbers are erased, pictures and paintings are reduced to blank spaces, sculptures and carvings are smoothed to blank nebulous shapes, And computerized devices are rendered empty and unable to function. Other than the device's information wiping effect, which appears irreversible, it appears incapable of causing any kind of physical harm.

Bottle of Ambrosia: An exquisitely crafted bottle of wine. the label bears no name, but has anrand bearing the image of a Satyr surrounded by ivy and grape vines. The Bottle automatically refills itself. Any drinker will agree upon drinking that it is the most delicious and exquisite wine, Ever. Drinking the wine provides numerous effects that differ based on the number of cups consumed in a night.
Drinking one cup alleviates minor physical maladies like minor illnesses and wounds, soothes pain better then drugs, and has a general mood elevating effect.
The second cup can alleviate emotional or spiritual suffering, as well as purge outside magical or psychic influence from the drinker. Its also guaranteed to get you pleasantly and comfortably drunk, without the downsides.
The third cup unlocks powerful psychotropic effects, causing temporary madness as the drinker loses their grip on reality. While under the effects, which can last several hours or until unconsciousness, the drinker will be bombarded with visions, of past and future, sometimes prophetic or illuminating, but can easily be confusing or frightening. Its not unusual for drinker to become violent towards themselves or others during the episode, and the process is often traumatic.
Hidden Effect: Drinking the Ambrosia on a regular annual basis can drastically increase drinkers youth and natural lifespan.
No. 136150 ID: 031458

Aaaand now my sleep is being postponed by the incessant wonderings of:
What shenanigans could an inter-dimensional LINK cause?
No. 136151 ID: f8fa51

Would it even operate properly?
No. 136152 ID: e51896

I was originally going to have Chi [link] with Pon, and Nubs (or someone from DOPUS)

But if Willamina can somehow get Chi to know who she is in her birb form, I'll be all for Chi [linking] with Willamina over Pon right now, if only for weird inter-dimensional shenanigans.
No. 136153 ID: 2f6ee3

Chi can't Link with Willamina, they have no Bond.
No. 136156 ID: e51896


Not yet at least. Reminder, Chi was able to form a strong bond at level four with Marth and William during a dinner event since she knew them in the past life when she met them. It might be the same for Willamina and Chi. She might just form a strong bond with WIllamina in this dream if things go right.
No. 136157 ID: f8fa51

I get the feeling Saba and Willamina (III) didn't have a particularly strong bond in the first place, but I guess it's worth a try.
No. 136161 ID: 2f6ee3

That artificial Bond was created due to a Karma purchase.
No. 136163 ID: 306369

Ah, fair enough.

Though I was reading through the descriptions of [LINK] again https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html#1008129, and it didnt seem to specify that the person Chi [LINKS] with HAS to be someone she bonded with, just that it is up to 4 kin and it would be bad if she did it without their permission.

Though I think Chi will still need to realize that it is Willamina and explain her innate ability to her first so she doesnt LINK with Willamina without her permission.
No. 136164 ID: 582604

You missed this from the previous post:
>[LINK] I link to up to 4 karmalings that you’ve BONDED with.

It's not impossible for Willamina to manage a very basic Bond with Chi upon recognition, I guess, but I feel like it won't happen since it would throw a monkey wrench into the plotlines of both quests.
No. 136165 ID: f8fa51

SHARDS' plotline is made out of monkeywrenches. CATALYST, on the other hand, doesn't need the added complexity if Edmango's already trying to wrap things up ASAP.
No. 136166 ID: e51896

Ah, sorry about that. I somehow missed that.

I still hope they can form a bond and link if only to help give her the stat boost for the dungeon since Will needs all the help she can get, but if it makes things too complicated, I understand... or you could say [UNDERSTAND] lol
No. 136167 ID: afe7de

I dont wanna ruin y'alls fun, but I'm not gonna let you link. When we have the event happen in SHARDS you'll get some reasoning for it. Update's being delayed by me starting a new job and having weird sleep schedule. Will get back to normal when everythings stabilized. Then when I have a concrete schedule SHARDS will start back up and the other quest I'm doing the art for will happen.
No. 136168 ID: e51896

Take your time! And again, congrats on the job!
No. 136172 ID: 031458

Awww. Though that was expected.
Shenanigans aside, time flows differently in each dimension. (Thanks to update breadth and speed) I think the closest they can get is 45:1? Would be weird.

As for new job and sleep, can we assume that when you do start up again, you won't be updating at night/early morning anymore?
No. 136174 ID: 67ca11

Ive been thinking a bit about a couple of things on innate abilities.

First, do all innate abilities come from eggs within a person's meditative mindscape across all dimensions? Or is that just for Chi? Because if innate abilities come from eggs, maybe one of the prizes that come from the lucky egg in CATALYST could be an innate ability depending on how it is opened or hatched?

Also, it was said that the innate abilities are held in the person's body and mind but not the soul https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html#1004937 though it's interesting that at the start of SHARDS, Saba was able to use [UNDERSTANDING] as a soul in the afterlife. I think maybe because of his karma, he was able to keep his mind in the afterlife despite losing his body and thus keep his [UNDERSTANDING] as a soul.
No. 136175 ID: afe7de

Nah, wont be updating at that time. Or at least I’m gonna try not to. I have to wake up at like 7:30 now, so I’ll probably just start working on the updates earlier. Once my schedule adjusts I’ll probably do two shards updates a week on my days off. Catalyst on off days I’m not gaming to relax, and the other one will be whenever I get around to drawing, sometimes same day as a catalyst update, other times not. Either way updates will definitely be at night, but not at early morning.

The eggs are abstract, its different from person to person an egg just worked for Chi and its symbolic. The LUCKY EGG can be a lot of things, but you need to fuck around with it. If you just leave it as is I’ll have a random table pop out the result, but if you mess with it, incubate it, try to feed it things, whatever, it’ll narrow the range. It could also be a DUD, thats how luck works sometimes, sometimes its luckier for it to be nothing (from a cosmic perspective).

And to your speculation, I’ll say this:

Imagine you are a infinitely small tadpole in a pool of water. And your whole life you’re slowly trying to build a bowl or a plate to carry some water in. Most people just make broken plates and it doesent work. Some people can make a regular plate, others can make a bowl, some can make a tank, others can syphon water from other pools, and some can even keep their bowl as they move from pool of water to pool of water.
No. 136186 ID: 629f2e
File 163081191892.png - (9.86KB , 500x500 , MS-1.png )

Did some fanart of Iraphena from CATALYST. I had a specific image in mind, and wrote a short story to lead up to it. Ed suggested I repost it here, so here ya go.


After a long negotiation, Bobby promised you a random artifact in exchange for just one crate of imported slushee syrup. You had no idea what flavor it was, but the sickly black color made you not want to ask. Your Demon Eye Amulet wasn't reacting to it, and that was all you could ask for. (DEA - The sooner it's gone, the better. Trust me)

Once Slurps is gone, you give the mirror he'd handed you a closer look. Your amulet immediately gives you a breakdown on it.

MIRROR SPY - A round hand mirror with a wooden handle. To use, the person holding its handle must say the name of a person they can clearly imagine, while staring into the reflection. As they focus on the glass, they will be shown the person named through the lens of the clearest available reflection, if any are available. This could be another mirror, a metal doorknob, or even another person's eyes. This will only be visible to whoever is holding the mirror. You will be visible in the surface the mirror draws its view from, but only to your target.

You: Huh. That's kind of neat, maybe I should try it out. But on who...?
No. 136187 ID: 629f2e
File 163081194485.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , MS-2.png )


You decide to check on Miss Iraphena. She's less likely to notice you, since you're a blank spot on her Passive Precognition. Passively knowing what will happen around her means she probably hasn't spent much time practicing her PERCEPTION.

Maybe you'd catch her moving some of her artifacts, and get a better read on what all she has? It would be good to know in advance.

Picturing the thicc elf as best you can, you stare into the mirror.

You: Leshanna Iraphena...

The glass begins to cloud, blocking the normal reflection. You lean in closely in anticipation...

The cloudy image swirls, before clearing slightly. The view is still a bit blurry, but through it you can clearly see a figure.
No. 136188 ID: 629f2e
File 163081197332.png - (894.46KB , 1018x1506 , MS-3.png )



A flurry of emotions fills your head, as you spy upon Miss. Iraphena in the shower. An equal measure of guilt and pleasure go to war in your mind.

You decide then and there to be much more careful about your usage of this artifact in the future.


...You set the mirror down a few minutes later.
No. 136189 ID: afa6f6

That comment about scripting pens looking like tattoo needles, and people having both inherent colors, and producing mana, makes me wonder, could you runescript a tattoo onto someone?
What do you think that would do?
No. 136190 ID: 629f2e


Get an absorption rune on your body, and become a mana vacuum. That, or have all the mana in your body drained to support any other runes you've tattooed on yourself. Either way, wouldn't recommend.
No. 136265 ID: 0838d6


Is it possible? Yes! How do you do it without basically siphoning all the mana from a kin? That's a good question!
No. 136270 ID: 96c896

We've seen what happens when an object loses all its MANA. Rune tattoos seem like a real bad idea atm.
No. 136276 ID: db8f8f

We can install a safety cutoff, trigger a null rune to end the enchantment when mana levels are low.
No. 136279 ID: e51896

but what if mana levels don't replenish in the mana veins even if it is cut off after reaching lower levels? still dangerous

If we do any experimentation like this in the future, probably better getting wild animals to use as lab rats instead of ourselves, (we'll eat them after we're done.)
No. 136287 ID: 031458

If we build ourselves a Metered Mana Battery, a mana link, and a Rune Eraser, testing could be made be reasonably safe.
No. 136290 ID: e51896

I was actually thinking about having Chi start the Mana battery project soon. Not this year, as I want to use one timepoint for fun (mainly building bonds, like bonding with Hook, or dating Ignis or William) but I'm going to push for using a timepoint at the start of next year after the classes tps to begin the Mana battery project. The sooner we build the battery, the better as it will help out with a lot of projects, and even get us on track with making a mana pistol!

Especially since we started practicing precision with Nico, and even strengthening our claws so we can potentially mix them for the GUNKATA technique. I feel by the time we get a mana pistol done, our precision will be good enough, especially if we getting started on the battery soon.
No. 136319 ID: 094652

New artifact ideas:
Friendliest Fire
A gun mod which utilizes a complex form of quantum phase transition to disable friendly fire. To use this, select a target with the alt-fire targeting laser, then hammer the trigger until they die. Upon contact with solid matter, any stray projectiles (and the casing, and even the gunpowder) will teleport and reform in a compartment next to the gun mod for quick reloading. The gun mod requires energy proportional to the ammunition used; it will lock the gun if the energy reserves are empty.
The downsides include: you cannot perform trick shots, any stray shots that make contact with an enemy will never deal damage, and you can't reload the gun while bullets are still reforming.
Warning: This weapon modification has never been tested by its maker with magic, or in non-Euclidian environments. There's no telling what will happen if you use this in a magical gravity well.

Absorbing Coin Maker
A mystic coin minting machine which takes any material whatsoever and makes a coin out of it. Whoever holds this coin will have any of the same material slowly exit their bodies and merge with the coin.
It's a godsend to gelatin-kin, but can be fatal if mishandled, especially if there are materials in the brain.
No. 136450 ID: afa6f6

Well, Considering where Catalyst is at/going, I figure I should go ahead and drop the few Awakened ability suggestions ive been holding onto for likely candidates. I doubt anyone cares too much about them anyway so I might as well.

(Magic Fingers:): The user can summon free-floating hands, Which are initially somewhat nebulous in form but can eventually have more defined form based on the user's preference. Initially, the summoned hands have the same relative size, strength and dexterity as the ability holders real hands, and can either be controlled remotely, or can be set to operate independently via orders. As the abilities' level rises/achievements are completed, attributes such as the size, strength, and number of hands can be increased, as well as the distance and level of dexterity at which they can operate.

(Shadow Mirror):The user can control and manipulate pre-existing shadows, changing their shape and allowing them to interact with physical objects. The relative mass and power of the shadow controlled mirrors that of the shadows host object. The ability holder is able to stretch and pull shadows to a great degree, but cannot detach a shadow from its host object.

(Second Sight): The ability holder can see the aura of all living things within a certain radius of themselves, through walls and obstacles, etc., without the use of their eyes. Anything with a soul will have an aura to observe. The state of a beings aura can inform various information on a target, such as power status, general health, mood, etc. However, that is all based on various fluctuations in the aura that are up to the ability holder to realize and interpret.

(Oathkeeper):User can make a promise, or oath, to complete a single task or accomplish a goal and set a time limit to complete it. Once the oath is made, the user is granted a random skill or ability that will facilitate completing it, though the user has no choice over what they are granted. Generally, the more dangerous or difficult the goal, or the shorter the time frame, the more powerful and high level the granted skill/ability is. Until the oath is completed, the user cannot make another, or be granted another ability.

(Lightspeed):Allow the user temporary transformation into a light energy form and incredible speed, but can only move in straight lines while doing so.

I thought of this one as something that might work for Nipha as a potential healing ability with other uses. Based it off that old myth about cats stealing your breath while you sleep, but could probably be tuned to a kinda Hamon-like ability.
(Breath of Life):The user can inhale/exhale life energy via breathing. Inhaling can draw in life energy from the surroundings or a specific close target, while exhaling can breath that energy into others. Linked to and augments Stamina, and user's breathing ability.

And heres some more artifacts:
Aura Guard: Armguards that turn users Energy/mana into an armor of faint but solid energy around themselves. Aura can be used to boost physical strength, but require either lots of practice or precise control of own energy to utilize.

Spriggan Vest: A hardened leather vest of unknown make and source. Allows the wearer to triple in size, or shrink to a third of their size, with the appropriate alteration of mass.

Juggernaut Mail: A strong set of full body armor, makes it harder push, pull, knockdown, or stop the wearer when they are moving. User gets an additional increasing buff to momentum while moving.

Heartwood armor: A Wooden armor breastplate, which grows plants to cover the rest of the body once put on, therefore will fit most users. Once worn, it can mimic and grow any type of plant the user knows of, as well as mimic their properties and attributes, such as thorns or toxins, etc.

Cast-Off Armor A set of armor made of what seem to be scraps of iron. Great protection, but very heavy. Can 'cast off' the upper layer of the armor leaving only a very thin lower layer, Which somehow greatly enhances the wearers speed above what would be normal even without the armor, but great lowers defense.

other stuff

Uncanny Model: An incredibly detailed, but not alive anatomical model of a humanoid body. Everything from skin to hair and organs is accurate, and it even produces a lifelike amount of body heat. If cut, injured, or altered in anyway, it quickly regenerates over the course of a day to its normal state. Though technically identical to a living being, it's too generic and artificial in features to be mistaken as real. Comes off as unsettling more than anything.

Java Espresso Maker: A high tech and fancy espresso machine with an incomprehensible brand. Makes Stimulating Coffee once a day, Per person. This coffee increases energy, alertness, enhances stats, and effects fades over the course of a day. Over indulging can have serious side effects.

Broken Boomerang: An oddly shaped, ominous grey boomerang. Its image shifts and breaks at regular intervals, and visual or spatial aberrations appear around it, seemingly like its constantly glitching in and out of reality. When thrown, it constantly pops in and out of position and sight, and things in its path are warped and torn in a disturbing manner. After it reaches a certain distance, it simply disappears and pops back into existence in the position it started in when thrown.
No. 136485 ID: 094652

Plushquest Question: Do plushies need water?
No. 136486 ID: afe7de

Yep! they drink water, but prefer candied or meat filled water. Its something they need to live.
No. 136487 ID: 34dfce

If we have some time at any point, would our knowledge of tension-based traps and spears be enough to innovate a crossbow? Bows are a thing, right?
No. 136488 ID: afe7de

One of the advanced traps you could have made was a hidden hand crossbow, so yes, crossbows are definitely a thing. Also bows are definitely a thing.

With your knowledge of traps and string and tension you can make one with sub-par materials, get some FLEXIBLE/SPECIAL PARTS and you can make a really good one. The only problem is you're not skilled in it so you'd attack with some penalties. And you'd also have to make bolts for it or arrows, which wouldn't take you long, but would require TIME to do so.
No. 136560 ID: 8483cf
File 163816325599.png - (9.27KB , 329x503 , Niphav2.png )

Fanart for CATALYST!
No. 136582 ID: afe7de
File 163842772747.png - (376.88KB , 1000x900 , ed5.png )

> What IS normal?

Basically any form of stuffed person that has normal stitching is “normal”
So half fur, half ash, half cloth, etc all fall within the realms of “normal”
Tentacles like Octopi and Mimi are uncommon, but not unusual
Fish fur kin are uncommon too bc lack of water, but I just think they’re too cool not to include

If you see someone with more than 4 limbs that are functional, typically that’s unusual
If you see someone stitched together strangely, like they were put together from more than one part, half their face is fucked up and from another creature, etc, that’s very unusual
If you see someone coming at you that moves with an unnatural gait and has needles for teeth, run.
I will typically point out to you when something is VERY unusual. All the kin you’ve bumped into at least on the outside look like normal, albeit uncommon races. The buttons for eyes thing is just aesthetic though because the concept looked cool so we kept it (thanks PEA).

> What about the felt?
The felt haven’t been discussed more than briefly by your CLUTCH MOTHER, but they look sorta like these sketches, they’re needle felted abominations, yep that’s totally a slur to call them that, but also they’re cannibalistic, meaning they can eat paperlings but actually mostly eat other stuffies if they can. Oh and to make one you need the stuffing and cloth of another stuffie, then you need to stab it with a wood needle for a while and they can get… wild looking.

They also don’t have traditional blood and are slightly more fragile, but can put themselves back together easier as a result. They’re civilized enough to communicate and have their own civilization, but are commonly distrusted due to their incredibly aggressive and cannibalistic behaviors.

There won’t be any in “THE INVASION OF THE BODY-STITCHERS” But this should give you a clearer idea. I’ll have you talk about it in more detail at some point in the future.


TLDR: As long as it looks aesthetically right it’s typically normal. What you saw or didn’t see at night was definitely out of the ordinary though. Two distinctly different eyes and weirdly shaped head and scar all points to something weird. That is if it was real at all.
No. 136583 ID: 96c896

So, Ashkin are confirmed to blink, despite having what are essentially painted-on eyes. What about other stuffies? Even stuffies that have buttons for eyes?
No. 136585 ID: 0838d6

They blink too. Well, there are *some* cotton-lines that don't need to blink, watch out for those.
No. 136861 ID: 33f0ce

So, are we still planning on becoming a mad scientist akin to Bondrewd/Dr. FRANXX?
No. 136862 ID: 33f0ce

Because I want to make whatever the heck these dudes are as our babies.
No. 136863 ID: afe7de

If we revisit plushquest in the future I'm gonna give you more lore on them, who knows, maybe you'll adopt one of these cannibalistic monstrocities
No. 136867 ID: cdbcf8

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