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File 161641841153.png - (29.21KB , 800x600 , Discussion thread.png )
135160 No. 135160 ID: f18774

This is the official discussion tread for SubCritical! Feel free to leave any images or criticism relating to my quest here too!
No. 135167 ID: fa2754

For your first quest, I see you hit the ground running! How does it feel being a quest author?
No. 135178 ID: f18774

Honestly, kind of terrifying? I'm constantly worried about being able to deliver a good update, and I worry that I may have taken too much inspiration from TestPattern. Still, it's actually nice to have something that I do every day. Helps me keep some structure in my life (because a biology/chemistry degree clearly doesn't keep me busy enough).

But I also love getting the replies. I can see that other people are actually interested in what I'm doing, and it makes the updates worth it!
No. 135186 ID: 86aaf2

Reference for my latest reply:

No. 135199 ID: f18774


That was a good watch! Something like that could be possible, but you'll have to wait and see!
No. 135257 ID: f18774

Do you guys seriously want to see some action between Toal and A10?

A10 still needs a real name!
No. 135258 ID: 9aaeef

Yeah, but we should know her a little better, I mean she doesn’t even know herself. As a name I propose either Torio or Cesio.
No. 135259 ID: 86aaf2


Maybe in a sequel when it isn't forced!
No. 135260 ID: 1ac550

Yeah but it's weird for a blank slate to name themselves.

I feel like it should be realized through habit, claimed through achievement, or given by someone else.

Or at the very least held off on until we have some more context into this world and our existence.
No. 135283 ID: 34bcd1

Yesss time for tozol and radioactive bro adventures! Seriously, I am loving this so far.
No. 135296 ID: f18774


Really happy to hear that! I'm trying hard to avoid dumping too much information now, since I feel like I may be overwhelming readers with too much information.
No. 135672 ID: 4734c9

It's the internet - people will always be horny.

Anyway, enjoying the quest so far!
Always love me an air of mystery.
No. 135724 ID: f18774

The second thread is live here: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1003418.html

If you lot have any questions about things, feel free to ask here!
No. 135816 ID: 3a67fd

Oh hey, this is here! These two are real cute, and I'm really excited to see where their very safe and not at all life threatening journey takes them!
No. 136036 ID: a3a916

Hope you are doind alright Triti.
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