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File 161533712622.png - (109.22KB , 1000x900 , a18a.png )
135002 No. 135002 ID: eedbeb

discussion? more like i want to explain to anyone who will listen that i rolled all the cat's genders randomly and got a 3/32 chance of only having one boy
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No. 135004 ID: eedbeb
File 161533723464.png - (129.02KB , 1000x900 , a17b.png )

blah blah extra stuff blah blah. body was going to have a hole in her chest and then i fucking forgot to draw it in her first appearance
No. 135005 ID: eedbeb
File 161533727392.png - (202.54KB , 1000x1200 , a27.png )

extra jadis
No. 135006 ID: eedbeb
File 161533731438.png - (200.70KB , 1000x1300 , a28.png )

extra kibble
No. 135007 ID: eedbeb
File 161533740525.png - (258.43KB , 1000x1100 , a29.png )

kibble again, examining fine literature
No. 135008 ID: eedbeb
File 161533743317.png - (265.44KB , 1000x1200 , a30.png )

body doing repairs
No. 135009 ID: 41cab2

Heya Tippler! A couple of us on the discord thought ooh wow you make some cool stories and it might be fun to have you on the server, it’s


If you’re interested. Loving the new quest and all these cool ladies!!!!
No. 135011 ID: c50ee8
File 161540462929.png - (12.62KB , 535x504 , cry.png )

Please, don't tell me Kibble eats the people she hunts.
No. 135012 ID: 07ed53

Please tell me Kibble eats the people she hunts :y
No. 135013 ID: eedbeb


They get eaten, technically she's not the one doing the eating.
No. 135032 ID: eb1fcc

Choo choo.
No. 135038 ID: eedbeb
File 161585584911.png - (215.85KB , 1000x1100 , a39.png )

to clarify, the interlude is a flashback to jadis' late college days, so ~2 years before meeting evelyn

thanks to everyone who's been reading so far
No. 135039 ID: b1b4f3

I kindof wish we had an opportunity to, you know, keep Evleyn's soul.
No. 135040 ID: e51896

There could be a chance we can still save it. Don't lose hope.
No. 135048 ID: 2a88b2

There’s been a negative comment or two from people following this quest and I just want to say:

Don’t be like that. Delight in consequences, don’t bemoan them. Trust the quest author to try to bring the story interesting places with the suggestions on offer while remaining faithful to their world building and vision for the quest. Remember that few quests will take a path entirely to your preference.

Author, keep up the good work, refine your craft, don’t be discouraged by naysays, etc. You’re doing okay!
No. 135049 ID: 46a721
File 161590834090.jpg - (60.25KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

It was me, Barry!
I made the angel kill Evelyn so you would be mopey about it and not do any of your chores, giving me time to grab the last pack of cheddar cheese from the supermarket!
No. 135055 ID: eb1fcc

I delight in consequences that make sense, this is raw railroading.

Let's go over the stated consequences of the choices presented:

Cut off the angel's head: it doesn't get away, but if we can't manage the scaring of a child as a result we lose out on the string.

Consequences of throwing the angel is not scaring the kid, but the angel probably getting away. Obviously a bad idea, given this angel is able to just mind-control people and is actively going after the one person who can fix this whole mess.

We chose the former, and got the consequences of both, AND now we've lost our soul because the angel that got railroaded into getting away was able to just show up and soul-murder us, and to add insult to injury there it was ostensibly as author-doled punishment for testing the boundaries of our player choice to find a way out of the situation that didn't require A: dying, or B: fucking over Jadis.

That's just bad form as a QM.

To summarize:
Choo choo.
No. 135058 ID: 207f71

just chiming in as a reader and not a participant - this quest is absolutely fantastic and i love love love it!
No. 135059 ID: 5a788d

Not every quest can be minmaxed.
No. 135060 ID: 46a721

>>135055 We also had the choice to "steal" the silk and run. Dunno why it said "steal", we had already paid for it.

I for one, was in favor of shaking the duck furiously like Body did.
No. 135062 ID: 8a51ec

To summarize:
Woooow nothing I could do dude.

Jab aimed only at DSP aside, taking the silk and running would've avoided this outcome entirely, so really just poor judgement.
No. 135066 ID: eedbeb
File 161594269613.png - (264.82KB , 1200x1200 , a2.png )

i love you both. never change
No. 135068 ID: e2f5cc

hey, remember that time you tried to be smug and quirky but were actually just a gigantic asshole?

yeah you did it again. also that doesn't address any of the concerns brought up in even a cryptic way, which also doesn't help matters.
No. 135072 ID: eb1fcc
File 161595314171.jpg - (84.42KB , 900x900 , conductor_train_hat_black.jpg )

You don't blame the player for bad game design, homie

I think the whole thing was mishandled, though good point bringing up we didn't even get what we paid for on top of the rest of it

damn, now you're even railroading my love life

Here, let me give you something to commemorate your excellent service to the railway industry
No. 135075 ID: 7f1c09

Hey, not all quests are happy-go-lucky. Sometimes really bad things happen, and sometimes you make decisions that have dire consequences you didnt prepare for. Just gotta pick yourself up and make better decisions and be optimistic good things will haplen later. If you cant handle the bad, then maybe this quest isnt for you. There are many other quests for you to enjoy after all. There is no point in getting angry over one silly quest.

Im patient and willing to see where this goes and im optimistic things will be better as the story continues, keep up the good work Tippler:)(though it probably wasnt nice to bully with that post >>135066)

lets all please be respectful towards each other, author and suggestor alike. Everyone remember to read the rules https://questden.org/kusaba/news.php?p=rules mainly dont be a jerk, dont stir up drama.)
No. 135084 ID: eedbeb
File 161599085911.png - (126.72KB , 1000x900 , a3.png )

i sincerely do not mean to bully anyone and i am sorry that some light hearted teasing was interpreted that way. despite ribbing eb1fcc quite hard in the monty dis thread, i don't have any ill will towards them.

the important decision branch was in fact when Duck was tormenting aaron. i had three different tracks planned, though the head cutting one had the most short term consequences. leaving y'all on a cliffhanger was the result.
No. 135085 ID: e2f5cc

The explanation of your plan was all I wanted, and I commend your ability to back down when things aren't being taken in the way you intended.

gud jorb mr conductor [thumbs up emote]
No. 135094 ID: 9a2966

>We got rail'd
I disagree and I reiterate: Don't be like this.

It's fair obvious there were other choices to resolving the spider thread situation (way more than two imo if suggestors had bandwagoned a good/novel approach). Had I got a post in on time I certainly would not have advocated for duckapitation (though I WAS the blender-suggestor, hello, yes, I'm a monster). I'd also say Evelyn's soul being ate'd by an angel was as much WELP, THAT HAPPENED to me as to you, but I don't - to draw a vague and imprecise parallel - get angry at those who suggested duckdeath as the best of all moves and therefore leading us to a particular consequence.

(And I also really really shouldn't throw blenders in glass houses.)

On the whole, there's not a lot of value in getting angry at a quest because things didn't resolve in the manner you wanted or expected. Nor did it end the quest - and it's hardly the first time a quest author's dropped us off on a cliffhanger - so what's there to truly be upset about? Do you really think there was objectionable levels of railroading? Your ideal options are then to stop reading or caring, or to give the situation some time to see if it's actually as bad-terrible as you think. Certainly rethink doing angry postan.

I'll shut my trap hence and apologies to Tippler for the increasing size of this stupid call-out sidetrack I've laid (choo choo, I are the railroads now). I just didn't want that discouraging note of 'this is bad quest authoring' to go uncontested 'cuz that wudn't how I saw it.

Nice hat, though.
No. 135111 ID: b1b4f3

I wanna take over Duck body with Evelyn's mind and wage war against the Angels.
No. 135248 ID: 1869f4
File 161706530708.png - (409.49KB , 600x700 , i-m-the-conductor-of-the-poop-train.png )

Didn't get to romance the Timmy.

0/10. Railroad. Choo choo.
No. 135255 ID: eedbeb
File 161711297909.png - (192.95KB , 1000x1200 , a5.png )

a few words on the interlude:

le interlude was basically covering everything that I thought up for pt. 1 choice options that y'all didn't choose. If you had hung out with Margot or Kibble, you would have gotten their backstories, if you had visited your sleeping body while you were a soul the first time, you would have seen Body's soul, which used to have a weird design (see attached.)

i also wanted to give a bunch of exposition more actively rather have the characters just tell evelyn everything. it helps to have the experienced character as the narrator, since she actually knows stuff about the magic world.

anyway, now that that's out of the way we can go back to the good stuff, hating duck's head
No. 135267 ID: eedbeb
File 161723661692.png - (322.96KB , 1000x900 , a1.png )

update frequency will be low for the foreseeable future due to the binding of isaac repentance release. i know it's just the antibirth and revelations mods made official but i never played those when they came out so it's good enough for me
No. 135316 ID: 19606d

boy those mobsters sure look familiar, I wonder where I've seen them before

off topic but Stay Inside was a really fun read
No. 135318 ID: eedbeb
File 161793785408.png - (141.42KB , 1000x900 , a4.png )

glad you liked it. stan carl marks

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