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File 161318993295.png - (117.04KB , 1000x900 , a2.png )
134814 No. 134814 ID: eedbeb

I just need a place to put the shitty memes I make about my own quest. I'll answer questions probably.
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No. 134815 ID: eedbeb
File 161319001207.png - (266.43KB , 1300x900 , a1.png )

leelo and stich babyyyyy
No. 134816 ID: 7bb82a

Im glad you made a disthread so i can tell you your quest is a lot of fun and engaging. Thanks.
No. 134817 ID: eedbeb
File 161323421778.png - (124.24KB , 1000x900 , a3.png )

when the readers keep telling you to use a uncontrollable, extremely dangerous time bubble to get to a wedding
No. 134818 ID: e2f5cc

sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do
No. 134820 ID: 12b116

I love your quest and was also hoping you'd make a dis thread so I could tell you that.
No. 134821 ID: 8a51ec

Loving the quest myself, I was anticipating a disthread to express how much I enjoy it
No. 134823 ID: eedbeb
File 161327855476.png - (101.24KB , 1000x900 , a4.png )

i'm gonna give 3ed3c3 everything they want
No. 134825 ID: b1b4f3

Just how late can you possibly be when you have the ability to arrive before you left?
No. 134834 ID: eedbeb

Monty wouldn't be too late if he left right now, but unfortunately he is in prison and cannot leave.

He was trying to make it to the reception the first day, which he has already missed.
No. 134835 ID: eedbeb

"aren't receptions usually after the wedding?"

yes, i don't know how weddings work. assume it's a weird alien custom
No. 134836 ID: eedbeb
File 161331549336.png - (93.39KB , 1000x900 , a5.png )

No. 134847 ID: 60ec92

I prepose the idea that Monty moves to this planet to teach. He can generate fat futopian teacher bux, and also hang with Sal. I’m not sure what, if anything, is keeping him on his old planet. Thoughts?
No. 134851 ID: 07ed53

WOOO Congrats!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! I loved the quest, the art, the characters and the everything else!
No. 134853 ID: f8fa51

A lot of quests with short, simple premises like this don't actually end up finishing this quickly, so congrats on creating a really focused, distilled quest.
No. 134854 ID: 30d7f4

Thanks for the quest, Tippler. I hope you make more quests in the future.
No. 134855 ID: 031458

Any possibility of a sequel following Sal?
No. 134856 ID: eb5783

Congratulations on finishing a quest! Don't Be Late was a lot of fun, great characters!
No. 134858 ID: eedbeb
File 161367397169.png - (117.89KB , 1000x850 , a6.png )

Thank you for the kind words comrades. the quest should be in the archive now. my twitter is @fishsimp2 for really lazy art.

this quest was actually a prequel to a 100pg. sal comic, which should be pinned on twitter
No. 134859 ID: eb1fcc

you never linked a twitter, homie
No. 134860 ID: eedbeb
File 161367761311.png - (120.17KB , 1000x900 , a7.png )


my good sir, i trust you have the technical skill to find my twitter from my username, which i put in the last post.
No. 134862 ID: b1b4f3

Holy crap that comic was a ride.
No. 134863 ID: eb1fcc

my good bitch, I judge thy smarm both unwarranted and self-defeating

verily, I did try, and what I got was some guy's abandoned film review account and a guy postulating about running motor-vehicles on cow urine


as neither of these appear to be a furry posting fun comics about a fish murderer, I do believe my due cause has been paid in attempting to find your work on my own

link your twitter, smartass
No. 134864 ID: cdabe3

gosh what a lewd face

also good fish comic
No. 134865 ID: eedbeb
File 161370864797.png - (108.94KB , 1000x900 , a8.png )


I assume you missed the "@fishsimp2" in the first paragraph. Work on that reading comprehension buddy.
No. 134876 ID: e2f5cc

No need to be such a dick.
No. 134877 ID: eb1fcc

No. 134878 ID: 6c227a

no NEED, but completely entitled to it
No. 134879 ID: 864e49

Bypass the twitters.
Hack the systems.
I'm in.
No. 134880 ID: eedbeb
File 161387992378.png - (117.94KB , 1000x900 , a9.png )

i apologize, dear comrade eb1fcc, i am cruel under the influence of my ego. the link comrade Ass of Hat has provided is the simplest solution.
No. 134886 ID: 0ddd20

Some of us just aren't hip and happening enough to know how to navigate your newfangled tumbler and tweeter "social media" community websites like you appear to be.
No. 135211 ID: eedbeb
File 161678477787.png - (138.60KB , 1000x900 , a17.png )

did a big revamp of comic locations, previous google drive links will not work. you can now find everything here: https://tippler.itch.io/
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