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File 159227930137.png - (130.29KB , 390x390 , 7E9C7F75-8671-4DD8-BEAA-B62B68968BAE.png )
133156 No. 133156 ID: a307f1

Discussion Thread for Gay Little Animal’s Day Off, baby’s first quest

The update I’m working on at the time of this writing is taking a little longer and I have a handful of behind the scenes images to share so I figured a discussion thread couldn’t hurt.

I only have one request for you guys and it’s that I don’t want to hear anyone’s little thoughts on the characters’ body types or pronouns, unless it’s a genuine honest clarifying question asked in good faith. But I think questden has grown a lot over time so I’m not Too worried.
Thanx gang.
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No. 133157 ID: a307f1
File 159227953852.jpg - (231.08KB , 1000x1000 , 9E1C9BDF-6DAB-44E0-AE90-F3B0CFABAFB5.jpg )

quest link: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/969389.html

First behind the scenes hot scoop: Ness was originally just a silly character my partner made on their phone and jokingly suggested I add in. Here’s the original Ness Concept Art.
No. 133158 ID: a307f1
File 159227972299.png - (298.31KB , 600x600 , 6E0E2258-010C-46BA-BE4C-D9727BF661C0.png )

here’s what Dee’s dong would have looked like if they had acquired one instead.
No. 133159 ID: a307f1
File 159228092537.png - (276.01KB , 600x600 , EEA99C3E-8DF1-4E95-B2EB-1B7FD763F84D.png )

Here’s the song that was blasting from Ness’s apartment. https://youtu.be/z97qLNXeAMQ

Money Machine by 100 Gecs, in case the link breaks.
No. 133160 ID: 1b6504
File 159230494073.png - (382.16KB , 2000x2000 , laydipogtrns-1.png )

pogchamp but its laydidee
No. 133161 ID: e7c7d3

Missed opportunity of making them blue balled :p

So was it planned for the character's sex be determined by the suggestors, or were they going to be something more specific
(And since I'm very paranoid of saying the wrong thing, I do mean sex as in biological plumbing,not as gender identity)
No. 133162 ID: a307f1


>blue balled
god damn it
wait its not too late it could still happen. maybe their next genitals could be randomized again, if it comes back up.

I actually never considered laydidee's sex/junk situation at all. That's why I had to randomize what their junk would be lmao, because I had no clue what I wanted it to be.

But for the record I think laydidee is genderless, identity-wise. also, I love the name laydidee hopscotch, thank you whoever suggested that its really cute.
No. 133164 ID: a307f1

No. 133172 ID: 8fab7a

You're welcome! It fell right into place after a few minutes of mulling and seemed so perfect for a cutie pie character in a quest with cartoon art/tone. Glad people agreed.
No. 133211 ID: 59c181
File 159277666074.png - (18.02KB , 500x500 , pantlessinseattle.png )

apply pant directly to the animal
No. 133212 ID: a307f1


No. 133240 ID: a307f1
File 159314868809.jpg - (72.08KB , 600x600 , C0822F0A-715E-4D59-9C03-786551B4E494.jpg )

for my maid dress freaks
No. 133244 ID: e7c7d3

Internet vs. IRL
No. 133252 ID: a0dfd2


A modest muffin-top for a modest bunnicorn. Imagine an OK-hand emoji here.
No. 133392 ID: 4efca3

Hell yeah
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